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Present – Ben - leaving the cabin


It is good to be on the move again - spending time at the cabin and connecting to Jens are some of the hardest things I have ever done. It reminds me of what should have been until Hussein fucked it up: Jens and I living out the rest of our lives at the cabin, surrounded by children and later grandchildren. To leave the cabin was to permanently leave that part of my life behind me and move on to other things. One part of leaving that part behind me is making it hard as hell for Destiny to find me.


Yeah, I may have told Destiny she could find me however I'm never going to lay down and roll over because I am a Marine. I already cleaned the Barrett and put it back in storage. Boy I wish I could bring it with me but where I am going, it is too heavy and impractical. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to bring a more versatile rifle with me. So I stop by one of my weapons caches to swap my 5.56 M4 upper (which I had also cleaned and oiled) and tactical vest for a M4 upper in 7.62 x 35 (300 AAC1 Blackout) with a suppressor and a new tactical vest which contains both subsonic and supersonic rounds. Even though I always store rifles and uppers in a ready to use state, I still need to verify that I didn't forget anything. First I need to clean the bore so I run a cleaning patch through the barrel (it comes out with a good amount of oil on it) then I visually inspect the barrel and the bolt assembly making sure that the firing pin rattles in the bolt assembly - everything looks copasetic. I lightly oil the bolt assembly, double check the gas block2 to make sure it is set to subsonic (it is). Slap a subsonic magazine in the lower, rack the bolt, take aim and fire one round to foul3 the barrel and prepare the rifle for action. I smile when all I hear is the bolt cycle, the round making a zing sound and then a solid thunk when it hits a rock.


1 300 AAC Blackout – the SAMMI spec round similar to the 300 Whisper mentioned in previous books. You can also read my report about the 300 Whisper vs. the 5.56 on our websites.

2 Gas block – A part of the AR platform that is toward the front of the barrel, the gas tube begins here and terminates in the receiver. An adjustable gas block, like used on this upper, allows you to fine tune the amount of gas from the barrel that impinges on the bolt assembly forcing it open.

3 Foul the barrel or fouling round – The first round through a clean barrel usually doesn't group where the following rounds will. So it is always a good practice to fire one round down the barrel to eliminate possible misses.


I make one more stop by another weapons cache, take out a biohazard suit, slip it on with some biohazard boots and now it's time to get the hell out of Dodge in a different direction than Destiny will assume I am going to head. Still, I can't help feeling that someone is watching me. I scan the hills around me but I don't see anyone…


Present – Destiny – following Ben


I knew when I delivered Ben's message to Jennifer it would shock her and she would not recognize me from the pictures Ivan had drawn. And I left right before Elizabeth, Bernie, Jack Masha and Ivan arrived because I knew many of them they would recognize me from Ivan's pictures. I quickly enter the woods and decide to make a small detour because I left before showing them where the bunker was. I'm the one that needs to turn off the GPS jammer and the Electronic Warfare Module since I saw Ben make all the connections. I find the bunker without problems, open the door, go inside and disconnect both devices from the batteries. Then I leave and immediately detect Ben's scent and follow him. I almost laugh when I see him dress in the chemical suit. I can tell he senses I am watching him, but he will never see me. Then he leaves in a direction contrary to his final destination, but it does not matter because I have already found him. I will follow him for some time, then I will catch up to him. Ah ha! Now this is surprising…


Present – Jens, Stacy, Liz, Bernie, Jack, Masha, Ivan and Samantha - At the cabin


While I have been arguing with Stacy over who is going to fix the tunnels and the cabin, the crazy woman who was with Ben leaves. As far as I am concerned it's good riddance to bad rubbish. Liz walks up and asks, "Jens how are you feeling and what did the lady that is also a wolf say to you?"


Shit! Now I know why she was familiar - she's the woman in Ivan's pictures. What she said about Ben still being in love with me shocked me and as a result I didn't recognize her. Ivan also questions, "Yes Donaldduckson lady what did wolf that is also lady talk to you bout?"


I decide I don't want to repeat what she told me about Ben so I lie a little and say, "I was busy arguing with Stacy and didn't recognize her…"


For some reason Jennifer decided to lie about what the strange woman said to her, but I remember because it hurt like hell to hear that 'Ben sent all his love to her'. I still have hopes that Ben will love me. But I don't understand something so I ask, "What in the hell is this wolf that is also a lady? Are you telling me it was that strange woman who was with us?"


Liz answers, "It's what Ivan calls her. Somehow she could communicate with Ivan when we were in the tunnels and he drew some pictures of her and Ben together."


Jennifer adds, "Yeah, the picture of Ben was so realistic I could feel his spirit."


Liz adds, "And she looked just like the picture too."


Ivan dances around and says, "Unca Ben and wolf that is also a lady puff and huff and blow all the bad men down until they leave. Then wolf that is also a lady bring me to mama and papa, she take most good and excellent care of me. Papa I learn many new and tricksy things from Unca Ben and cannot wait to show you."


Wow that kid could talk! I notice Wojtek coming back and begin to wonder because when she walked up Wojtek ran away while Bo and Patches became skittish; now all three of them are fine. I wonder…


 I sure as hell don't know what Ivan is talking about but I'm glad as hell to be out of the shackles and even happier that the fucking greenies and Mike are gone. But with them gone, the Marines have some immediate needs so I state, "I think this mythical topic can wait until later. What are we going to do about a place to stay tonight, food and water?"


The woman who is with Jennifer (I assume it's Stacy Summers) answers, "I have a contracting team coming to work on the tunnel entrances and the house. By the way that reminds me, the strange woman who was here said to be careful with the Port-a-potties and the entrances into the house because Mike has booby trapped them. Soon some trailers should arrive which we can stay in for the night: One is also a mobile kitchen stocked with food but we will need someone to cook the food."


Mabel walks up and offers, "Don't worry I will cook you a meal you won't believe. After eating those nasty military rations it will be great to finally whip up some real food!"


I realize I need to inform the men about the traps (I'm a little pissed at Jennifer because she forgot to mention it) so I give Masha a kiss and say, "I need to go inform the troops about the traps, please watch Ivan for me."


She gives me another kiss and says, "Jack, promise me you will not get hurt working with the traps."


Hells bells sometimes my wife is too protective! I smile and answer, "Yes Masha, I will be extra careful…"


I kneel on the ground next to my son and ask, "Ivan, tell me more about this woman that is part wolf and part woman?"


He smiles at me and answers, "Mama, she is very good woman and never ever use bad words like Donaldduckson lady or other lady that use so many bad words my ears hurt. She come to me in my dreams at night and dreams during day when mind wander and tell me things, like… like… like you and Papa are fine and good. And then after Unca Ben rescue me, she hold me every night to keep safe and keep warm while in small hole in ground with many blinking lights. She also know where bad men were and keep us from getting caught by them."


I question my son, "Ivan, could you draw me a picture of her?"


He smiles and replies, "Yes but first I need to draw many pictures for Donaldduckson lady, she want to put on wall and not on refrigerator."


Jennifer adds to my son's comments, "That's right his drawings belong in a museum, not on the refrigerator."


Elizabeth agrees, "Yeah, your boy has an incredible talent."


I look at my son Ivan, stare at Jennifer and Elizabeth and wonder if the time in the tunnels has affected their minds because my son's artwork has never been exceptional in quality…


I motion to Stacy as she moves to the side of the group with me and I question, "Stacy, were you able to do anything with the videos?"


I smile as Stacy replies, "Hell yes Sam, I sent them to the Truth Network where they edited them and then had me do the dialog to describe what was happening."


This sounded interesting so I continued my questions, "How in the world were you able to do that?"


Stacy answers, "It wasn't as bad as you think. They told me what was going on and as I remembered it from being here I was able to describe the action. They even gave me some of the dialog."


Liz walks up and has a fit!!!


Samantha and Stacy begin talking about the Truth Network away from the group and that attracts all my attention away from everything else. I move closer to them and I sure as hell don't like hearing that Stacy Summers was acting as a reporter! Hell, she doesn't have any experience and I'm not sure what credibility she has with the American public. I have heard enough, walk over and confront her, "What the hell are you talking about! Who the hell made you a reporter on my station?"


At first Stacy looked shocked, then she recovers and challenges me, "Your fucking station manager did! So if you have a problem with this you can kiss my fucking ass!"


Samantha also retaliates, "Liz, I thought you were going to cease and desist with the fucking queen bee routine. That's what we agreed was necessary for me to come back to the network."


I get ready to continue with our verbal sparring when Jens interrupts…


I remember the counterproductive arguing that has been occurring ever since I brought this team together and Jack is right, it needs to end! It's time for me to get on my high horse so I yell, "All right you three cut this the hell out unless you can explain to me how this is helping to find Ben - which, after all is our primary mission!"


Ivan complains, "Mama, Donaldduckson lady use a bad word."


I look at Masha and request, "Masha I'm sorry but until we finish this discussion could you please remove Ivan. I have a feeling that he will hear many more bad words if you do not."


Masha smiles and answers, "Jennifer, thank you for your concern. I will do that but first I would like to say something, do I have your permission?"


I nod my head and Masha continues, "Jennifer is correct, if the primary mission is to find Ben then these petty arguments do not further that mission and should be terminated. Ben was here so there is an excellent chance that he could still be close enough to be found. And instead of going after him, you are standing around and arguing. I have said my piece now I will leave with my son."


Masha leaves with Ivan, Stacy looks around and agrees, "Hell Masha is correct, why are we wasting time when we could be going after Ben. I'm taking off immediately on my horse to see if I can catch him."


Liz adds, "And I will talk with Jack to see about having some of the Marines search for Ben."


Finally we are working like a team, even though I am not excited about Stacy using her horse to try to find Ben, I assume I just need to trust her.


Just as the team begins to listen to me, we are interrupted by…


Present – Todd, Mira, Ira and Alexi –


We are in the middle of lunch when the hotel manager walks up and informs us, "Sorry, but your room has been canceled today so you will need to vacate after you finish your lunch."


I seriously reprimand myself since I was distracted by the girls and this excellent lunch and had lost concentration. I do a quick tactical assessment of the area and note our guards are finally gone. I sign, "It is true our guards have left."


Mira jumps up and states, "We can finally translocate to the cabin where I will find my Ben."


Ira complains, "Mira, it would be wise to partake in this repast to maintain our energy."


Alexi adds, "Yes Mira, with the starving children in Africa it would be criminal to dispose of this food. Besides, we still need to pack our clothes."


I am not surprised when Mira declares, "I for one am packed and Alexi if you have such strong feelings for the children in Africa, I would suggest you send the food to them. Now I am leaving without or with you."


She leaves as I look at the others and sign, "As much as I hate to let this food go to waste, I also cannot be sure that this isn't some sort of trap of Mike's doing. Therefore we must leave with her."


Alexi gulps down his food, Ira smiles at me and compliments my actions, "Todd, thank you for showing such concern for our family. However, how will we transverse to the cabin?"


Alexi solves that problem by saying, "Ira, with our diplomatic passports we can 'borrow' an automobile without fear of undue repercussions."


We leave the table, hurry back to the room and find a big surprise when we arrive…


Present - Zarika and Yasmeen – In Juvenile detention


Ms. Horning comes into my room and states, "Zarika you had your chance. Yasmeen told us everything. Now she will go free and you will go to a woman's prison."


I grin at her and ask, "Gee Ms. Horndog, what did she tell you?"


She falters and lies, "Uh… she told us you did everything."


I decide to have some fun so I challenge her, "She told you about how I had sex with all the men in the hospital?"


The lying bitch answers, "Yes that was one of the things she mentioned."


I laugh and say, "Ms. Hornyhog why don't you go tell your lies somewhere else! I never did anything like that and Yasmeen would never tell you anything about me."


Ms. Horning threatens as she leaves, "Time doesn't matter to me because I'm not locked up so I have all the time in the world. Sooner or later one of you will crack and tell me what I want to know."


I am sure she is leaving to talk with Yasmeen…


Ms. Horning walks into the room but I don't give her a chance to say anything as I begin to sing (to the Beatles tune Mean Mister Mustard),


"Mean Ms. Hornhead sleeps in the park
Shaves in the dark trying to save paper
Sleeps in a hole in the road
Saving up to buy some clothes
Keeps a ten bob note up her nose
Such a mean old bitch
Such a mean old bitch

Her sister Pam works in a shop
She never stops, she's a go-getter
Takes her out to date a queen
Only time she's ever been had
Always shouts out something obscene
Such a dirty old bitch
Such a dirty old bitch"


I watch her face turn red with anger as she leaves the room…


Present - Thom, Byron and Inga - at the cabin


We arrive at the cabin and there's a real hullabaloo going on! I am shocked as hell since the once beautiful cabin site (which I would have loved to retire in - except for the fucking snow) is being turned into a fucking mobile home park! I look at Byron and he demands…


While I've lived in trailers before I never did it in a mobile home park. I look at Thom and complain, "What the fuck is going on? They are ruining this place."


Inga who was on the phone, finishes her call and reports, "Friends, do not worry. I just talked to Masha and all this is temporary because they cannot stay in the cabin as it was destroyed by fire. In addition, the entrances to the tunnels were also destroyed. However, I need to find Masha as there is a problem with Jack!"


Inga takes off running toward the fucking mobile home park and I look at Thom and say, "I still don't like it: In this ecosystem it will take years for the native grasses to grow back to hide the impact of this fucking mobile home park."


Thom looks at me and adds further to my concerns when he mentions, "Byron, I like it even less than you because this arrangement of trailers is vulnerable to attack."


I look at it, nod my head and agree, "Yeah, we need to have a talk with whoever is in charge and find out what the hell they were thinking."


Our discourse is over so we follow Inga's path toward the fucking mobile home park.