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Flashback – Ben – Leaving Moscow


I checked the maps Yuri and my comrades left: They are nice as hell and even had directions on them to the last known location of the Chechen bastards. I found the one closest to Moscow, memorized most of the directions, started to drive away from the hospital in the козел and stalled the fucker! It's manual transmission of course and my legs didn't quite work like they normally do. Yuri and the rest of my comrades laughed like hell and gave me shit about it! I started the козел again and this time made sure I didn't stall it as I left. It was hard as hell leaving but what I said earlier to Yuri is more than true: If I didn't escape Moscow now, once Major pain in the ass arrived, I would never be able to pull this off. I had no idea what plans he had for me but he could take his fucking plans and shove them. Thank God it was early in the fucking morning and the unbearable Moscow traffic was almost non-existent. I was making good time, made it to the edge of Moscow and came upon my first checkpoint.


I hoped like hell the documents I had would pass the muster as I stopped at the checkpoint and rolled down my window. The Ефре́йтор (Corporal) who manned the checkpoint promptly saluted and requested, "Documents, Sir!"


I handed him my documents, he then handed them to a Private who took them inside the booth (I assumed to call in and make sure everything was legit) and then made small talk with me when he asked, "Sir, where are you going at such an early hour of the morning?"


I glared at him and barked, "Corporal! My mission is classified and is none of your damn business." Then I got an evil thought in my mind so I opened the door of the козел stepped out and ordered, "Corporal, you and the Private fall in for inspection."


I could tell he didn't expect this when he stammered, "Yes…yes…Yes Sir! Immediately!"


He began to yell for the private to come out of the booth for inspection so the Private ran up like his ass was on fire and fell in beside the Corporal.


I barked, "Attention!"


They snapped to attention and I began my inspection. I had this done frequently enough to me by officers and now I understood better why - it was gratifying to throw around the authority which I now possessed. However, I did feel a little badly about doing it so I wasn't as big a bastard as most officers I knew. I looked them over and ordered, "Both of your boots are disgraceful! You will polish them until you can see yourself in them. There are other uniform violations which at this time I choose to ignore. Private are you finished with my paperwork?"


He replied, "Yes Sir!"


I ordered, "Fall out and fetch it for me so I can continue with my mission."


He ran into the booth, retrieved my documents, ran back with them and handed them to me and saluted. I returned the salute, began to climb back into the козел when the private asked, "Sir, if you do not mind I would like to shake your hand. I have never shaken the hand of a real Russian hero."


I wondered what the hell he was talking about, then I realized that Yuri must have played a trick on me. I figured I would play along so I and turned held out my hand. The Private vigorously shook my hand and stated, "Thank you Sir! Thank you very much."


I finally climbed into the козел, started out this time without killing it and drove far enough away from the checkpoint that they wouldn't see me. I turned the interior light on, checked my uniform and that son of a bitch Yuri! There were two ribbons on the ribbon rack that I didn't recognize because I had never seen them before. What the hell had Yuri done to me?


Flashback – Tatiana – In Moscow


I was not sure what to do other than to wait for Masha and Jack to arrive. Ben's clothes and wheelchair were still in the room so how in hades could he have left unless… I suddenly remembered how much better our lovemaking sessions had been for the last week and wondered something. I ran to the nurses station, grabbed Ben's chart off the chart rack, found Yuliana's report of Ben's physical therapy session from yesterday and gasped when I read: 'Patient displayed greater control over his lower extremities during the post treatment massage than during the actual physical therapy session suggesting that the patient could have some psychological issues connected with his injuries which prevent him from properly moving his lower extremities.'


Psychological issues my ass! Ben had successfully deceived Yuliana, me and the doctors into believing he still could not walk when I was now certain he had recovered his ability to walk. I asked the unit clerk, "Did my patient have any visitors last night or this morning?"


She surprised me when she checked the log and answered, "There are none listed."


I knew better as someone had come into the hospital and helped my Ben to escape. I just bet that Spetsnaz team of his had something to do with it. The problem was they were a close knit group and would never admit they helped Ben to anyone except possibly one of their own like… Jack!


Where in hades were Masha and Jack when I needed them?


Flashback – Masha and Jack – In Moscow


I wanted to leave sooner than we were able because Tatiana needed my support. But Jack was so depressed about Ben that my first responsibility was to him and I knew what he needed to cheer up - the best way was sex! We finished another glorious romp and Jack said, "Thanks Masha, sorry if I wasn't my best like last night but I'm distracted about where the hell Banzai went."


I held him, kissed him and told him, "Jack my love, you were great last night and great today. Making love to you is like a smorgasbord because you know so many different ways I do not think I will ever grow tired of you. Now let us shower, go to the hospital and see if we can determine where Ben is or how he escaped."


We took a hot shower together, helped to dry each other then we each got dressed, me in a nice pink blouse, black skirt and high heels. I was a little shocked when Jack put on his service uniform instead of his Spetsnaz BDU's and questioned, "Are you wearing those because Major M is arriving today?"


I felt sorry for him because he was having troubles buttoning the uniform, so I went over and helped him while he replied, "That's right, Major fucking M comes back today and then he will have my ass for not keeping an eye on Banzai."


That reminded me that I never told Jack my plan. As I continued to help him with the buttons (Ben was right my Jack had gained weight and I decided he would eat more healthy food from now on) I revealed my plan to Jack. When I was complete he smiled at me and questioned…


Masha came up with a hell of a plan which could actually save my ass. When she was done I smiled at her and asked, "Masha honey, do you think it will work?"


She returned her wonderful smile and replied, "I think it will depend on how it is 'sold'. I have some colleagues at the hospital who should be able to insert the needed documents into Ben's chart to ensure our plan is believable."


I became a little concerned because the documents could very well end up in Banzai's permanent record so I asked for clarification, "Masha I know you want to help me, however we can't do it at the expense of wrecking Banzai's career."


As we were ready to leave, she touched my hand and simply asked, "Jack do you trust me?"


I nodded my head and answered, "Of course I do."


Things were fine until we reached the hospital and then all hell broke loose.


Tatiana ran up to Masha, got into her face and began yelling at her in Russian.


Masha backed up yelled something back at Tatiana and then slapped the hell out of her. And I don't mean a simple smack on the face; it was a resounding slap so hard I was amazed Tatiana didn't spit out some teeth.


Instead of Tatiana recoiling from the slap, she jumped on Masha and the fight was on! And I was very concerned about both women because they seemed as serious as a heart attack! The punches and kicks they were landing had to hurt like hell!


I needed to do something so I motioned to an orderly standing behind Tatiana what I wanted to do. He nodded his head in agreement. We saw our opening when Masha and Tatiana separated a little so I ran up behind Masha and grabbed her in a bear hug as the orderly did the same to Tatiana.


Masha fought like hell and yelled, "Let me go so I can teach her a lesson in humility!"


Tatiana added, "Let me go so I can show Masha how to fight!"


I kissed Masha on the neck and whispered to her, "Masha honey, this needs to stop because we are not doing anything to find Banzai."


She tried her best to head butt me but I dodged it and decided I needed to get her attention. So I squeezed her as hard as I could, picked her up off the ground and stated, "If you try to head butt me again I will drop you, and your lovely ass, on the floor."


She finally calmed down until Tatiana KOed the orderly with a head butt and charged toward us. I spun around with my back facing Tatiana, gave Masha a good push that sent her flying and turned just in time because Tatiana threw one hell of a punch at me. I easily blocked the punch. She then tried to kick me which I also blocked. Yeah, I was as surprised at myself as you all must be - I guess I must have learned a few things from the fights I lost to Banzai. Tatiana threw another punch, I reached out, grabbed her by the arm and twisted it up, around and behind her. Yeah, I had her in a hell of an arm lock. I put my free hand on her shoulder to keep her from flipping up and over me to get free and to also keep her from getting too close to me and stomping on my feet or head butting me. I twisted more and increased the pressure on her arm until I heard her scream, "Jack stop, you are breaking my arm!"


I kept her in the arm lock and answered, "Tatiana, you stop fighting or so help me God I will break your arm."


Tatiana slowly stopped fighting so I gradually decreased the pressure on her arm but I did not release the hold. Then I heard Masha say…


I was amazed at my Jack for successfully controlling an enraged Tatiana without becoming injured himself and I was sure he could and would break her arm (which would not be a good thing) so I said, "Jack, thank you for defending me but I believe the crisis is over."


Jack didn't immediately release his hold on Tatiana, instead he questioned, "Tatiana, what will you do if I release you?"


She sobbed her answer, "I will apologize to Masha. I was just upset that Ben was gone and that both of you took so long to arrive. Masha please forgive me and please have Jack release me."


I smiled at my Jack and said, "Tatiana I accept your apology, Jack please release her."


Jack very angrily threatened, "Okay I will release her, but if she tries anything next time I will break her arm!"


He released her, Tatiana continued to cry and I suggested, "Let us move our activities into Ben's room."


We moved into Ben's room then Tatiana sobbed, hugged me and said (surprisingly in English), "Masha I think I discovered two things: First I am sure that Ben could walk and second I believe the Spetsnaz helped Ben get out of the hospital. Do you think Jack could talk with the Spetsnaz and reveal where Ben went?"


Jack answered her, "Tatiana, I know where Banzai went - he left to kill the rest of the Chechens responsible for the murders at the school. I will try to speak to the Spetsnaz but I don't think it will do any good because they consider Banzai one of them while I am just an outsider."


Tatiana wailed, "My Ben will be killed by the Chechens!"


I looked at Jack for assistance and thank God he figured out what I wanted him to do. He quickly added, "Tatiana, if it was anyone but Banzai I would say that your analysis would be correct. But hell, this is Banzai we're talking about and I figure we have a damn good chance of him making it back here alive and uninjured."


I needed something to distract Tatiana and I knew exactly what that something was. I continued, "It is really unfortunate that when he does make it back here he will be arrested and sent to prison."


Tatiana stopped crying and stammered a question, "What…what…what do you mean?"


Now that I had her attention I informed her, "Ben has gone AWOL which in both America and Russia is a serious military offense for which they will severely punish him. Not only that the Major returns today."


Tatiana gave us a very sad look and questioned, "Masha, is there nothing we can do?"


I answered, "Well I do have a plan but we will need to work very quickly…"


Flashback – Jennifer – At the military hospital


I was elated about Ro-fricken-bear being arrested and danced around the room like the girl from Flash Dance until Katie, my nurse, walked in and declared, "Jennifer, you, your father and the JA just made the biggest mistake in the world."


I stopped dancing, looked at her and questioned, "What in the heck do you mean!"


She glared at me and answered, "I just got off the phone with Olga and I told her about Robert being arrested. She's going to cancel the performance of Swan Lake because she says there are no other male dancers who could dance his part."


That was the best news ever because now I wouldn't have to dance that part. I crossed my arms and challenged, "So what if it gets canceled."


Katie mimicked my posture and retaliated, "So what! I will tell you so what young lady! I have invested many hours of my time and many dollars of my own money in this performance."


I interrupted her, "Don't you worry about your money and time, I will pay you for both!"


She glared at me and yelled "Shut up until I am finished! I also have many of my old friends and colleagues coming to watch the performance and if it is canceled it will reflect badly on me."


I decided if she could play tough, so could I so I answered, "Well that's just tough beans, isn't it?"


Then I found out just how tough Katie was willing to play when she announced, "You know I was going to drop the child abuse case with the JA against your mother, but after what you just said you can forget about it. Say goodbye to your mother because she will be going to jail!"


I was in shock and never dreamed she could be such a wicked witch! She turned and left the room before I could say anything. When I came to my senses, I knew I needed to talk to Daddy so I called him…


Flashback – Glen – At the military hospital


The JA and I were in the cafeteria drinking a cup of coffee (spiked with a snort of bourbon from a flask in the JA's briefcase) and celebrating two successful victories today: Getting Evelyn into the therapy program and arresting the snot-nosed little son of a bitch that had been stalking my Jennifer. When my phone rang I looked, saw it was Jennifer I told the JA, "It's my daughter give me a minute."


I answered the phone and Jennifer immediately informed me, "Daddy, I think I really messed up this time."


The JA's phone rang; he answered it and began to frown.


I was sure Jennifer was overreacting to something so I calmly asked, "Tell me what you think you did wrong this time?"


She began to cry and told me all about the fight with her nurse Katie and how she still planned to press charges against Evelyn. I was floored; I thought we had solved this problem. I told Jennifer, "Don't worry, my little girl I am with the JA and we will be right up to take care of this."


I hung up the phone about the same time as the JA hung up his phone. We both looked at each other and blurted, "We have a problem!"


I continued, "Don't tell me! That was Katie and she wants to continue to press the charges against Evelyn for hitting Jennifer."


He nodded his head and confirmed, "That's right, do you have any idea what prompted her to continue with the charges?"


As I relayed what Jennifer told me his face grew glummer then I asked, "So do you have any ideas on what we can do to prevent this from happening?"


He shook his head and answered, "Sir! She really has us over a barrel."


I suggested one of my favorite ways to deal with things, "How about if I shipped her ass off to Thule?"


The JA shook his head and answered, "Glen, you can't do that this time because it would almost assure a guilty verdict during the trial."


The word 'trial' shocked me and I asked, "Well then what the hell can we do about this?"


He answered, "Like I said before, she really has us over a barrel because I already have her complaint in my briefcase."


I shook my head and questioned, "I suppose losing the complaint is an impossibility?"


He agreed, "That's right because she has a copy of the complaint. The only thing I can suggest is that we have a long talk with her and see if we can reach an agreement without giving up too much."


I hesitated for a moment then decided to ask, "Just what do you mean by 'give up too much?'"


What he told me confirmed my fears. I said, "Well, I need to go and have a talk with Jennifer."


He caused further concern when he said, "Sir! You need to prepare her for the worst."


Flashback – Glen – At the military hospital


Daddy walked into my room and by his glum look I could tell something was very wrong. I jumped off my new clean bed, hugged Daddy and asked, "Daddy, what's wrong?"


He pulled away from me, shook his head and answered, "Jennifer, your Nurse Katie really has us between a rock and a hard place. The JA informed me with the evidence he has against Evelyn, if your mother goes to trial over hitting you, she will lose and we will either lose custody of you or Evelyn could go to prison."


I was shocked and now I wished I had not antagonized Katie. I fought back the tears and asked a very hard question, "Daddy is there anything that we can do? Like ship her to the cold place that you like to send people to?"


He looked at me and answered, "That won't fix the problem this time. Jennifer, you're a big girl now and I'm not going to lie to you, the JA and I are going to negotiate with her after her shift is over to see if we can come to an agreement. We're not sure what it will take but we hope she will listen to reason."


I bit my lip, thought for a moment and then decided, "Daddy, I am willing to help out in almost any way that I can."


Daddy smiled at me, I felt better and he said, "Thanks Jennifer, I knew we could count on you."


We waited impatiently for Katie's shift to end...


Flashback – Alexi – At home


I finished eating my dinner of pelmini off plates on the kitchen floor. 'Father' left, most likely to hide and observe me, and I came up with another great idea. I ran into my room, grabbed the terrible cryptex torture device my 'parents' had given me, ran into the living room, spun around three times, lay on the rug, held the cryptex between my two hands like a dog would hold a bone and began to chew on the cryptex.


As I assumed, it was not very long until 'father' came and questioned, "Alexi, what are you doing?"


I stopped chewing on the cryptex, looked at 'father' and answered, "I am chewing on the chew toy you and 'mother' gave me."


He calmly walked over to me, sat on the floor beside me and reached for the cryptex. I growled at him and snapped at his hand. His hand recoiled so fast I had to fight dissolving in laughter. He then asked, "Alexi, might I see the cryptex?"


I quickly glanced between my 'father' and the cryptex several times and answered, "Only if you promise to return it to me when you are finished."


'Father' assured me, "Alexi, why would I want to keep your cryptex when your mother and I gave it to you as a gift?"


I panted like a dog and answered, "I don't know. Why would you?"


I could tell he was becoming annoyed at me because his face reddened slightly. He stated, "Alexi, I am going to borrow the cryptex to show you something then I will give it right back."


I covered the cryptex like a dog protecting its favorite bone and inquired, "You promise?"


I let him take the cryptex from me and it was sad how he patiently explained how it worked, "Don't you remember Alexi? You turn the letter wheels until you determine the correct code then it will open." He practiced turning the first wheel several times to show me.


'Father' handed it to me and said, "Now you try it Alexi."


I put it back between my hands like I was a dog holding a bone, chewed on the end of it, then looked at 'Father' and said, "Thank you 'father' this is an excellent chew toy."


He gave me a look of total disbelief, stood up, muttered to himself and left. As he left I again questioned, "Might I be able to play with Chowmein?"


I realized I had perhaps gone too far when 'Father' yelled, "No, you may not play with Chowmein!"


Flashback – Safia – in Israel


I had shot Akhmed in his gross stomach, he had screamed like a little girl, his fiancées confronted Mira and Ira (in their respective roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson) and then the fiancées of Akhmed attacked Mira and Ira - which was a lost cause because they were no match for them. It was only a matter of time until either Mira or Ira became pissed enough to really hurt one of the young girls when Akhmed surprised us all by when he said, "Future wives of mine, stop fighting before you become injured."


They stopped and he continued with something that was totally shocking, "Sherlock Holmes if you really feel I am the evil Professor James Moriarty then I totally submit myself to your will. You may examine me anyway you choose even if it is by means of an autopsy. Just please do not hurt my future wives and also if you do kill me please make sure to take care of them because they have been greatly wronged in my household."


Sherlock looked at Watson and commented...


Flashback – Mira and Ira – in Israel


I looked at Dr. Watson and questioned, "Dr. Watson, do you feel the evil Professor James Moriarty would be capable of such a selfless act?"


Dr. Watson responded, "Sherlock, he is not known for his compassion, in fact he is renowned for the opposite behavioral characteristic: Ruthlessness."


I then proposed an action utilizing some of the harshest words my character could utter, "Then Watson, perhaps we have made a mistake."


Dr. Watson belligerently retorted, "No Sherlock, I was merely following your lead. It is you who has made the mistake. You wrongly assumed Akhmed was the evil Professor James Moriarty when indeed as we both now occulate, he is only Akhmed the Obese." Then once again Dr. Watson deviated from his character when Ira continued, "This would not have occurred if you had relinquished the role of Sherlock Holmes as I entreated."


I glared at Ira and demanded, "Do I need to teach you a lesson once again?"


Ira teased...


I teased Mira my sister, "If the lesson illustrates how to distinguish the evil Professor James Moriarty from Akhmed the Obese that is a lesson I already comprehend."


Then I added kindling to the inferno, "Perhaps your magnifying optic clouds your vision?"


Mira responded with a terrible insult, "And perhaps you are the south end of a north bound mule."


I continued the verbal assault, "No, I could be wrong." I then suggested thoughtfully, "Perhaps your stupid deer stalker hat fits too tightly for your pride-fully swollen cranial carapace?"


Mira commanded, "You must reverse that statement or face my ire?"


I laughed and taunted, "I will not willingly retract anything! You must force me to recall my words."


Then our primary Baker Street Irregular did something which amazed and upset both of us...


Flashback – Todd – On the island


We had rescued the captured women and had just started to release them when one of them asked, "Sir, are you an American and do you speak English?"


I was shocked and attempted to reply but all that came out were some caveman sounding grunts. Liu said something to her and as nearly as I could determine she explained that I couldn't speak because of my recent injury. The woman put her left hand on my hand then said, and signed, at the same time, "Then I will teach you sign language."


I made some of the signs Liu taught me, the lady smiled and said, again while she signed, "I see that you have learned some Japanese sign language probably from this other lady? You should know that unlike American Sign Language which for the most part directly correlates to the American language, Japanese Sign language is its own language."


I wished like hell I could talk to her and explain what I felt! Somehow, she must have sensed my stress and stated, "You must have recently lost the ability to speak because I can see the frustration in your eyes. Do not worry as this is normal. When we are finished with your lessons, you will be able to communicate again."


I pointed to Liu and tried to speak. The lady smiled at me and answered, "Yes, I will also teach you Japanese sign language."


That day marked a big turning point in the road to my recovery.