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Flashback – Ben – Leaving Moscow


I was having a hell of a dream about - no that was not right since it was a hell of a nightmare: Jack the old fucking fart decided to retire from the Marines! He ended up sitting around the house on his ass getting fat, harassing everyone on the computer (including me) and basically pissing off Masha until she was ready to leave him. Worst of all I was stuck without a spotter. Then I heard a funny noise, began to wake up and realized it was the wolf whining. I snapped awake, quickly grabbed my AK from the gun rack on the passenger side of my козел, watched as she took off like her tail was on fire and realized she warned me because I had human company. Yeah, a large and noisy flatbed Камаз (Kamaz, a big Russian truck) was driving toward me. I was not sure who the fuck it was but I was not going to wait around in my козел like a sitting duck to see. I opened the driver's door, stepped out with the AK held in a high ready position and waved. The камаз stopped a respectful distance away from my козел then two old as hell men got out of the truck and glared at me, then the driver shook his fist and complained, "What are you doing at our quarry? Are you the дурак (durok – rhymes with Barack and means fool) who destroyed our gate?"


Shit, I guess this quarry wasn't as abandoned as I thought it was. I slowly lowered the AK and apologized, "Yes, I destroyed the gate and I am sorry but I thought the quarry was abandoned. I will pay for fixing the gate."


The passenger appeared less angry as he asked, "What are you doing here?"


I thought for a quick moment and decided it couldn't hurt telling them the truth so I answered, "I am on a mission, had driven all night and was tired and hungry. So I made a meal and took a nap. And now if you don't mind I would like to use your quarry to sight in my rifle before going after the Chechen bastards who attacked the school in Beslan, North Ossetia."


When I mentioned the Chechen bastards both the old men turned their heads to the side and spat on the ground in disgust. It was a bit cold so I leaned my AK against the козел, reached inside, grabbed my jacket and put it on. Then I picked up my AK, all while keeping an eye on the two of them. The minute my jacket was on, they looked at each other and begin to whisper - I sure as hell didn't like it so I brought the AK back up to ready position.


They both noticed the movement of the AK, held up their hands in surrender and the driver said, "Do not worry about the gate. It is an honor having you here Sir! Is there any way in which we could help you?"


I looked down, and noticed the fucking Russian field jacket had a smaller version of the ribbon bar that was on my other uniform (damn Russian uniforms revealed too much information!). I also realized they saw the fucking mystery medals Yuri gave me and reacted like all the guards at the many checkpoints I passed through on my way here. Yeah, again with the fucking 'Sir'. I wasn't sure which was worse, being a Captain and all the 'Sir' bullshit or the fucking medals. No, after only a little thought, I decided the medals were certainly the worst. It renewed my resolve to kick Yuri's ass when or if I ever got back to Moscow.


They continued whispering to each other and the driver again asked, "Sir, is there any way in which we could help you?"


It was time for me to fish or cut bait - to trust these two old men or to just kick their asses. I felt bad about the gate anyway so I said, "I damaged your gate so of course I will pay for fixing it. Just let me sight in my rifle and then I will stop interfering with you and be on my way."


I proved my trust in them when I slung the AK over my shoulder, turned my back on them and walked to the back of my Козел. I opened it up, slid out the big wooden crate, which was heavy as hell, and strained a bit as I sat it on the ground. I noticed the two of them had come around the back of my Козел, but not so close as to be a threat. The passenger said to the driver, "Look Sergei at the markings on that wooden crate - that is a PTRD-411. I haven't seen one of those since the Great Patriotic War."


1 PTRD-41 A bolt action anti-tank rifle firing the potent 14.5mmx114mm cartridge.


Sergei (at least I knew the driver's name) replied, "Yes, I remember you firing one at the German Panzers."


I looked at them and realized I was lucky as hell to run into them in the middle of nowhere and it was a good thing I didn't kick their asses. I stood up, smiled and asked, "So you two were in the Great Patriotic War? And did one of you use a PTRD like this one?


Sergei replied, "Yes 'SIR', my friend Oleg and I fought the German bastards during the siege of Leningrad. Oleg was an expert with the PTRD while I helped to carry the ammunition. However we are not heroes like you are."


It was the damn rank and medals again! I needed to nip this in the bud so I said, "Please, I am just a soldier like you two were. I am Captain Anatoly Andreev Alexandrov, please call me Anatoly Andreev. And Oleg, since you are an expert on the PTRD would you like to help me with it because I have never fired one?


I knew I had done a great thing when Oleg smiled at me and answered, "Yes Sir, it would be a great honor to help you with the intricacies of the PTRD. Would you mind if I removed her from the box?"


I stepped back, motioned toward the wooden crate with my hands and said, "Be my guest."


I saw a few tears in Oleg's eyes as he reverently walked up to the wooden box that contained the PTRD, laid his hand on it, turned, looked at Sergei, smiled and said, "Sergei, I never dreamed I would ever have this honor again. And to be allowed this honor by a great warrior of Russia means even more."


I was tired of this hero worship bullshit so I ordered, "Sergei and Oleg attention!"


I was impressed that despite all these years after being in the Great Patriotic War, they both snapped to the best attention they could, given their advancing age. I looked at them attempting to stand at attention and it sort of scared me. Hell, neither one of them could stand straight even though they both tried their best. Just watching them made my back ache and I wondered if I would be able to even stand when or if I reached their ages.


I addressed them, "Comrades! Please do not insult me further with the 'hero worship'. Both of you fought in the Great Patriotic War in one of the most brutal sieges in the history of mankind and are heroes in your own right. Now as you were."


I could tell that my words had the effect I wanted on them when Sergei reached inside his coat, produced a bottle of vodka and suggested, "Perhaps we should all drink as comrades?"


He handed me the bottle, I unscrewed the cap, took one small drink and said, "Okay, but only one because I have work to do."


Oleg had taken the PTRD out of the wooden crate and was admiring it. It was a thing of beauty. He racked the bolt, checked the barrel and remarked, "She has never been fired. How were you able to discover a virgin PTRD?"


Sergei took a drink from the bottle, handed it to Oleg and answered, "Oleg, you insult the Comrade Captain by asking that question."


Oleg set the PTRD on the wooden crate and apologized, "Yes Sergei you are correct - please forgive me comrade Captain." Then he took a hell of a slug from the bottle.


I gently reminded him, "Oleg do not become too intoxicated otherwise you cannot show me the intricacies of the PTRD."


Sergei snorted and answered, "Comrade Captain, during the siege of Leningrad we lived on vodka, moldy bread and rats…"


Oleg interrupted, "But mostly vodka. It was so damn cold it was all that kept us from freezing. Thank God the German bastards didn't have vodka or they might have taken Leningrad."


Sergei added, "Oleg you old liar, you know the women helped to keep us from freezing too."


Oleg laughed and agreed, "Yes comrades, those were the good days." Oleg took another big drink of the vodka, handed it to Sergei who took a big drink then I said, "Okay Oleg, let's get to work on the PTRD."


Oleg began to manipulate the PTRD with the finesse that only years of use and intimate knowledge of the rifle would bring. He dry fired it a couple times looked at me and suggested, "Comrade Captain, the trigger on this weapon is really terrible and I would love to fix it for you but I do not have my tools in the truck."


He handed the rifle to me, I dry fired it and agreed, "Yes the trigger is abysmal. How are you proposing we fix it?"


Oleg offered, "Comrade Captain, if you would come back to my house I could fix the trigger for you today and then we could come here tomorrow and I can teach you all about this beauty."


I knew the offer was not made lightly and I also knew to reject the offer to come to his house would be a huge insult. I carefully considered the offer and answered, "Oleg I would be honored to come to your house while you fix the trigger on the PTRD."


A huge smile crossed his face, he tried to stand at attention again and saluted me. I returned the salute and he began putting the PTRD back into the wooden crate. Sergei motioned to me. We took a few steps away from Oleg. When we were out of earshot Sergei looked down, shook his head and confided, "Comrade Captain, you do not understand the honor you have given my good friend - unfortunately he does not have much time left above ground."


Sergei looked at me, I could see the tears in his eyes for his friend so I asked, "What problem does he have?"


Oleg answered, "The cancer got him and there's nothing left the doctors can do. So he came back here to live out his remaining days in peace with his friends and family."


I understood the feeling and hoped that someday I would have friends and family to grow old and die with. I noticed Oleg was finished but he tried to lift the wooden crate and couldn't so I came over, and suggested, "Comrade, let me get that for you."


He moved over, I lifted the fucking wooden crate and slid it back into place. I picked my stove up off the ground because it was now cool, packed it away, closed up the back of my козел and suggested, "Perhaps Oleg, would like to drive my козел while we follow you Sergei."


Oleg questioned, "Comrade Captain, are you sure about this?"


I laughed and threatened, "Don't force me to make it an order."


I climbed into the passenger seat, stowed my AK in the gun rack as Oleg started my козел and we followed Sergei through the gate. I looked at the time, knew that Yuri would be done for the day so I pulled out my mobile phone and gave him a call…


Flashback – Major M – at his hotel


Hells Bells! That was the last thing I expected but I sure as hell hoped for something like this! The interview with Victoria started with her flirting the hell out of me and the next thing I knew the vodka came out, the clothes ended up on the floor and we ended up in bed. I was already tired from the trip and after our lovemaking session I was totally drained. There was a knock on the door so I started to get up and answer it but Victoria ordered, "Major, do not bother yourself. I will dismiss whomever is at the door."


She got out of bed while I ogled her beautiful body until she covered it with the blanket off the bed. She slinked to the door like a cat stalking its prey, turned to make sure I was watching her, let the blanket slip some to show me her lovely ass and giggled like a schoolgirl. She covered her assets again, walked the rest of the way to the door, answered it but I couldn't tell what she said. However, I could tell by the tone of her voice she was giving them hell.


She walked back toward the bed and I asked, "Who was that?"


She smiled at me and answered, "Major, that was another woman who wanted to be your translator but I made sure she knew I was already your only interpreter. You must be careful my Major because many women will be coming out of their crevices offering to be your translator." She dropped the blanket, sat on top of me and pretended to scold me. She lightly slapped my face as she said, "However Major, I am your only translator and I do not want you to forget that."


I was ready for another go at it but we just got going when there was another knock on the door. Victoria said something that I was certain was a swear word, jumped up from our bed, covered herself again with the blanket and went to the door. She opened it and then I heard a hell of an argument between Victoria and a man. I grabbed the sheet, covered myself, jumped up from the bed and dashed toward the door but it was already over. Victoria hauled my big bag into the room and I said, "Damn that bellhop found my bag, how much to I owe him?"


Victoria smiled at me and answered, "My Major, you are like a child in my Russia and are very naïve. The bellhop was the individual responsible for your bag being stolen; unfortunately it is a very common practice. I informed the man who took your bag and worked with the bellhop that if anything else of yours was taken I had a friend in the FSB who would look into the matter. Now you should ascertain that none of the contents were pilfered."


I asked, "But what about what we were doing when he came?"


Victoria giggled and answered, "My Major, we have all night for that now please inspect your bag."


I opened my bag and it was a fucking mess! I was sure the fuckers had dumped the contents on a bed and looked through everything.


Vitoria saw what a mess my bag was, spanked me on the ass and scolded me, "My Major, we must teach you how to pack your clothes properly so they do not wrinkle."


I spanked her ass and countered, "Victoria, my bag was packed fine but the fuckers messed it all up."


She spanked my ass even harder and said, "Well my Major, we must put your clothes away. Do not worry if any of them are wrinkled since I will iron them. Now you go rest on the bed and restore your energy for later."


She winked at me, I understood what she said, went to the bed and watched her put most of my clothes in the dresser, some on the floor - all while she was nude. She teased the hell out of me with my underwear by pretending to model it. By the time she was done, I was certainly ready for her again…


Flashback – Jack and Masha – At Masha's flat


After the training day from hell, the only way I made it up the stairs to Masha's apartment was fortifying myself with some of the vodka Yuri gave me. I knocked on the door, Masha flung open the door, took one look at me and gave me a hell of a hug. I complained, "Masha, please don't. I sweat like a pig today and I will get you dirty."


Masha hugged me even tighter and said, "My Jack, I do not care how you smell. What I care about is how you feel. Please tell me, do you have any injuries?"


I shook my head and answered, "No injuries - other than those to my pride."


Masha pulled back looked into my eyes and asked, "Jack I do not understand. How did the Spetsnaz break your pride? I will go with you tomorrow and kick Yuri's rear..."


I kissed Masha on the lips to silence her, walked into the apartment, smelled something wonderful cooking and explained, "Masha, injuring someone's pride is a figurative term. Hell Masha, I thought I was in pretty good shape, but today’s training proved to me how old and fat I've become."


Masha scolded me, "Jack, you are not old, you are just not used to the conditioning methods of the Spetsnaz. Now sit at the table since I made a big meal for you."


I smiled at her and asked, "You didn't make me a salad tonight? How did you know?"


I took back some of my bad thoughts about Tatiana when Masha told me...


I was very happy that I listened to Tatiana's instruction about tonight - my Jack looked (and smelled) terrible. I was not sure what tortures the Spetsnaz did to my fiancé but they had to be very intense. I hoped when I told Jack how I knew to cook him a big meal tonight he would lose some of the animosity toward Tatiana. So I informed him, "Jack, Tatiana told me about the information Ben gave her on how the Spetsnaz treated him and suggested that you would need a very large meal tonight. I just hope I made enough food for you."


Jack smiled at me, took another drink from the bottle of vodka he carried and answered, "I guess I owe Tatiana one because I'm hungry enough to eat a horse."


I was shocked by what Jack said and replied, "Jack my love, I'm sorry but I did not cook horse for you tonight..."


Jack interrupted me with his wonderful laugh, "Masha, that also is an expression - one to tell you how hungry I am. While I have probably had horse meat in the past, I certainly do not want any of it tonight."


I giggled and said, "Jack that is a good thing to know because I am not sure I could find horse meat in Moscow. Please sit at the table and I will bring you your food."


Flashback – Tatiana – In Moscow


I finally arrived at my flat, opened the door, walked in and put my large purse on the table. I walked over to the divan and sadly sat down. I could not remember a time I had ever felt so alone and lonely. Ben was gone and Masha would be busy taking care of Jack so I could not call her. I walked back to the table, pulled the scrubs that Ben had worn out of my big bag, put them up to my nose and enjoyed the smell Ben left on them. I wandered into my bedroom, lay on the bed and…


Flashback – Jennifer – At the military hospital


My burns bothered me more than ever tonight. Not only did they hurt, but they also started a new and even more terrible game - they itched like crazy! I didn't remember having done it but my night nurse told me I had taken all the pain medication I was prescribed and had to wait two more unbearable hours. I tried my best to ignore the pain and itching but unfortunately with the new problem I couldn't get to sleep even as late as it was. I tossed and turned and then wiggled on the bed - ah that's what I needed to do! Wiggling on the bed scratched the burns and they felt better… But not for very long then they itched again. I kept wiggling on the bed then I felt something catch. I sat up as it felt like I tore something off my back and hurt like crazy. Then I turned to look and my bed had blood on it.


I pressed the call button for my night nurse and waited but she didn't come. I reached my arm around, touched my back and my scrubs were wet. When I pulled my hand back around, there was blood on my hand!


I pressed the call button again, this time several times, but still no nurse came. Where in the fricken-frack was she! I guessed she must be on break or something. I hopped out of bed, started to go to the nurses station and then I felt something hot and sticky running down my leg. I looked down and saw blood, my blood, as it dripped on the floor. I reached over, grabbed the sheet off my bed, wrapped it around my back, tied it very tight, opened the door and marched to the nurse's station. I was going to give her a piece of my mind! I arrived, looked around but no one was there so I walked into the nurse's station, and noticed a light board on the back wall of the nurse's station where my room number flashed.


The place was totally empty and it made me feel really creepy - like I was in some sort of a hospital horror movie and my imagination started to go crazy. I kept looking everywhere because I figured the hospital zombie that had already killed and devoured the nurses would jump out from somewhere and attack me next. Then a buzzer went off and scared me so badly I jumped about ten feet. I looked at a board on the back wall of the nurse's station and another light lit up.


I hadn't explored this floor as much as I wanted to because when I tried the nurses always gave me problems. I decided I would wander down to the room that just rang their call button and see what was going on.


I walked up to the closed door, knocked on it and a male voice complained, "When the hell am I going to get something for pain?"


I answered through the closed door, "I'm not the nurse and I don't know where she is."


There was a huge crash and the person began to swear, "That fucking bitch told me she'd be here thirty minutes ago with my shot. Now she can clean up the shit from the bedpan that I just threw at the door."


He was certainly more upset than I was and I didn't want any of it so I said, "I'm going back to the nurse's station to see if she's back." I started to walk toward the nurse's station when something really bad happened…


Flashback – Alexi – At home


I couldn't believe it, 'mother' just hit me with a rolled up magazine for pulling on Chowmein's tail. In response, I dashed into my room, hid under my bed and growled at her. Then 'mother' kneeled down, looked under the bed, shook the rolled up magazine at me and demanded, "Alexi get out here and take your punishment for hurting Chowmein."


I came up with a great idea so I slid out from under the bed, stood there and 'mother' began beating me with the rolled up magazine. I mustered as much shock in my voice as I could and questioned, "'Mother', what terrible act did I perform to incite you to strike me?"


'Mother' stopped hitting me with the rolled up magazine and demanded, "Alexi, you do not remember pulling Chowmein's tail?"


I gave 'mother' my best 'I don't believe you' look and said, "'Mother' have you lost your mind! You know I would never do that to Chowmein. So please tell me the truth as to why you beat me, I need to know so I will never perform such and act again."


'Mother' looked flummoxed and answered, "Alexi, do you not remember acting like a dog?"


I gave her my best skeptical look and answered, "'Mother' why would I act like a dog when I am your 'son'? I must tell the psychologist about your behavior tomorrow, perhaps he can uncover why you beat me today."


'Mother' gave me a concerned look and asked, "Alexi, perhaps we could keep this between us?"


I vigorously shook my head and answered, "I am sorry 'mother' but since you cannot inform me what action I performed to precipitate your violent response I must divulge the situation to the psychologist. I know he will interrogate you until he discovers the truth."


'Mother' dropped the rolled up magazine on the floor and ran from my room. I took one look at the rolled up magazine and knew what I was going to do next…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – in Israel


Mira had terminated the game of Sherlock Holmes in a huff with the idle threat of consuming Amynthas. However, I had not had sufficient time in the role of Sherlock Holmes to nourish my ego. Akhmed the Obese commented, "Thank God! It is about time that the foolishness of Sherlock Holmes has departed my house."


I occulated him and stated, "Not so fast Dr. Watson."


The new Dr. Watson sputtered, "Ira, now wait a minute…"


I picked up the bb-gun of retribution aimed it at his bulbous self and presented him a choice, "Become Dr. Watson and assist in my endeavors or face retribution."


Dr. Watson relents, "Ira I relent, please do not shoot me again."


I glared at him and questioned, "How did you address me?"


He raised his hands in surrender and answered, "Excuse me Sherlock, what is our first mission."


I smiled and stated, "Dr. Watson, we must meet with the imposter who claimed to be my sister to ascertain why she terminated the game. Here, you take the bb-gun of retribution." I placed the bb-gun of retribution in Dr. Watson's care and we hastened after the imposter who swore to be my sister…


I shed my Sherlock Holmes accoutrements and I was finally free of the fictional character which my sister Ira used to harass my corporeal self. Let her see if she could pretend to be Sherlock Holmes without a Dr. Watson! I was relaxing by the pool of swimming in Akhmed's house and contemplated how we needed to terminate our mission in Israel and depart. My solitude was interrupted when I heard, "Dr. Watson! We have discovered the imposter who claims to be my sibling."


I occulated Ira and was shocked to see she had enlisted the help of Akhmed the Obese to perform the role of Dr. Watson. I yawned, glared at them and remarked, "I grew tired of this foolishness and no longer care to participate in this silly game."


Ira commanded and answered, "Dr. Watson do not be deceived by this charlatan, make sure to keep her covered with the bb-gun of retribution. Imposter, perhaps it was because your portrayal of Sherlock Holmes was inferior?"


I did not care for Akhmed pointing the bb-gun of retribution at my corporeal self so I countered, "Akhmed, cease and desist in pointing the bb-gun of retribution at my corporeal self."


Ira countered, "Dr. Watson do not abide in this witch's conversation."


I glared at Ira and questioned, "What vile nomenclature did you just use to refer to my august self?"


Ira ordered, "Dr. Watson, fire your weapon."


Akhmed hesitated which was all I needed! I jumped to the side and covered the distance between us before he could cock the bb-gun of retribution again. My speed startled both of them so I snatched the bb-gun of retribution from Akhmed's trembling hands, flipped it around, cocked it and fired at Ira striking her in the side.


Ira screamed, "Be quick about it Dr. Watson, we must escape!"


They both ran from the room and I gave pursuit. I was amazed by the speed of Akhmed. While in hot pursuit, I cocked the bb-gun of retribution and shot Akhmed in his massive derriere. He screamed, grabbed my sister Ira and pulled back on her. As she fell to the floor, I cocked the bb-gun of retribution again and shot her again. Then I fell upon her to deliver the beating she richly deserved.


We were both shocked at the person who terminated our conflagration…


Flashback – Todd – On the island


With the masked men and Chinese soldiers being gone, the days on the island fell into a routine. Liu and I would hunt and she worked with me to improve my bow skills and my woodcraft while Lin minded the camp. Then Lin and I would practice both ASL and JSL. Of course both women wanted some time alone with me, which I didn't mind in the least. Everything was going smoothly until one day when…