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Flashback – Ben – Leaving Moscow


We were headed to Oleg's house so he could use his tools to fix the trigger on the PTRD. It was a slow assed trip because we were behind Sergei in the kamaz. Oleg was driving my козел so I decided to call Yuri because I forgot to ask him something but while I dialed the call I thought of a couple more questions. Yuri answered his phone and I first asked, "Yuri, how did Jack do today?"


Yuri laughed, answered and then teased, "Ben my friend do not worry. He survived but he did not excel like you did. However, he will be able to fit into his blue uniform for his wedding… So tell me comrade, did you like your medals?"


Hells bells, I couldn't complain too much about them otherwise Oleg would understand what I was talking about so I answered, "Yuri, you and I will have a 'serious talk' about this if I get back from this mission."


He laughed and answered, "Ben, the whole team understands 'serious talks' is your expression for kicking our asses and that is why we all decided to give you those medals. Believe me, we had to pay very many bribes to get those forged onto your record. So comrade, enjoy them in good health with all the many benefits you will discover go with them."


I wasn't getting anywhere on my complaint so I asked Yuri the question I originally called about, "Yuri, did you get the trust fund setup for the widow and her son like I requested?"


He became serious as he answered, "Yes Ben, we did and I wanted to thank you for the whole team, you were very generous. The entire team went to the widows flat and told her the 'good' news, she cried profusely and thanked everyone."


I closed the phone call with, "Thank you for taking care of this Yuri however this still does not absolve you from the trick you performed on me."


His laughter rang in my ears as I hung up the phone and furthered my resolve to kick everyone's ass when or if I got back. I looked up and was shocked! We were driving into a gordok (small village) and it appeared the whole damn village turned out. They lined the edge of the street, waved Russian flags, cheered and clapped. I looked over at Oleg and asked, "Oleg what is this?"


Oleg laughed and answered, "Comrade Captain, it is not every day we have such a hero arrive in our little village. Sergei made a call on his cell phone and we decided to honor you like the hero you are."


I was going to read him the riot act then I saw the look of respect on his face, remembered that he wasn't long for this world and came up with a great idea, "Comrade, the only way I will allow this honor is if we include all the men of the town who were in the Great Patriotic War."


Oleg coughed, I caught him as he wiped some blood from his mouth on a handkerchief, then answered, "Comrade Captain, Sergei and I are the only ones left, all the others have passed. However, we will be honored to share this occasion with you."


He began to wave at the people while I did the same and I realized two things: First I was witnessing a dying village - there were very few young people left in this village and the ones I did see sure as hell didn't look like they wanted to be standing alongside the road. Second, and even worse, the world was slowly losing all the survivors of World War II (the Great Patriotic War) along with their memories and experience.


Our two vehicle parade continued through the gordok and we reached the end of the very short main street. The kamaz stopped and Oleg said, "Excuse me Comrade Captain, I will return shortly."


It almost seemed there was more spring in his step as he walked up to the kamaz. Sergei opened the door, they began to talk, Oleg returned to my козел, opened the door and requested, "Comrade Captain, if you would not mind, we would like for you to ride on the back of our Kamaz as we travel back through our town."


I answered, "Only if you and Sergei will stand on the back of the kamaz with me."


Oleg smiled at me and once again excused himself, "Again Comrade Captain let me inform Sergei."


He attempted to run to the kamaz and it made my back ache just watching him. Sergei and Oleg had an animated conversation, I watched as Sergei pulled out his cell phone and made a call, then Oleg came back and informed me, "Comrade Captain, it would be an honor to stand beside you on the kamaz - we are waiting for my granddaughter Oksana to drive the kamaz."


As we sat around and waited, Oleg pulled out a pack of smokes and gave one to Sergei. They both lit up with matches and Oleg offered, "Cigarette Comrade Captain?"


That was one vice I never partook of because I saw what it did to both my Mother and dad. So I waved it off and answered, "No comrades, I do not smoke." My back had started to bother me so I asked, "However, since I am not working today, I wouldn't mind a shot or two of your vodka."


I no sooner asked than it appeared. I unscrewed the lid, took a big swig and remarked, "This is good vodka, but what brand is it?" I had to ask because there was no label on the bottle.


Oleg smiled and bragged, "Comrade Captain, there is no label on the bottle because it is vodka that I made. Out here in the frontier vodka is very expensive so we must be prudent and resourceful."


I continued by taking another big swig and complimented, "This is some of the best vodka I have ever had - you could sell it."


He laughed and answered, "If I did that the FSB would visit our little village and ruin what little fun we have."


Just as our own personal party got rolling Oleg's granddaughter arrived. She got out of a car which somehow looked familiar. I blinked my eyes a couple of times and finally realized where I had seen her and the car before: She was the drunken chick from last night who damn near ran me over. It took me a bit to recognize her because she looked totally different. Instead of looking like a cheap-assed whore in a dress that was too tight and too short. She looked like the girl next door who wore traditional Russian clothing for this area in Russia1.


1Russia spans nine time zones and in spite of typical American beliefs, it is very ethnically diverse.


She took one look at me, blushed like crazy and Oleg ordered, "Oksana, come and meet our new friend, Comrade Captain Anatoly Andreev Alexandrov."


She demurely walked over to me, kissed me on both cheeks2 and whispered, "Please do not tell my Прадед (great-grandfather) about last night."


2 A typical Russian greeting.


I smiled at her and whispered, "Your secret is safe with me."


She saw the bottle in my hand and asked, "I could really use a drink since I have a terrible headache."


I kept the bottle and answered in a whisper, "I would say that you deserve that headache. What the hell did you think you were doing picking up a total stranger on the road."


She gave me a wicked smile, suggestively licked her lips and answered, "Because you refused my offer, you will never know what I would have done."


Oleg finally questioned, "Are you two going to talk all day or are we going to have a parade?"


Oksana answered, "Прадед of course we will have your parade, I was just welcoming our hero."


I whispered what has become my most frequent curse to her, "Shit don't tell me you're going to start with the hero crap."


She giggled and headed to the driver's seat of the kamaz, I walked to the back of the kamaz and relatively easily climbed on the back. Oleg and Sergei came over, I gave them my hand and pulled like hell - shit they were heavier than I thought and after I got both of them on the kamaz, my back felt like shit. I opened the vodka, took a hell of a swig from it, returned it to Oleg, then he took a drink and passed it to Sergei who took a big swig.


I reached behind me, massaged my back and Sergei asked, "Comrade Captain, what is wrong."


I kept up massaging my back and complained, "Sergei, it is nothing just an old wound that sometimes bothers me."


Sergei handed me the bottle of vodka and said, "Hopefully it is nothing that some more vodka will not cure."


I laughed and answered, "There are very few things that enough vodka will not cure." I took another big swig and by now was feeling damn good - other than my back which felt like someone was beating on it with a hammer. Oksana started the kamaz with a jerk that damn near made all of us fall on our asses. Oleg swore at her like a fucking sailor, she stuck her hand out the window of the kamaz, waved and apologized, "Sorry, I am not used to this clutch."


Oleg looked at me, shook his head and sadly said, "She's a good girl and came back home to help take care of me after my wife died. But I worry for her because this is no place for a young beautiful woman."


Sergei laughed and chided, "Oleg do not be so morose, she is here because she loves you and then sometimes interesting strangers, like our Comrade Captain, find our little village. Perhaps someday her Prince will come."


Oleg looked at me, smiled and answered, "Yes Sergei that is true. In fact perhaps her Prince is already here." They both laughed and looked at me like I was the main course in an Oksana dinner.


I didn't like where this conversation had headed so I informed them, "Oleg, I am sure Oksana is a wonderful woman, however I already have a woman in Moscow."


Thank God I was saved because we headed back through town and were busy waving at the citizens. We finished the pass through town and Oksana yelled, "Прадед we need to go to the house so I can finish cooking dinner for our guest."


Oleg praised her attributes, "Did I mention Comrade Captain she is an excellent cook?"


That reminded me of the bullshit lie that Tatiana and Masha pulled on me - I was still fucking pissed off about it. I didn't respond instead I yelled my request to Oksana, "Please take me back to my козел."


She waved out of the driver's window to acknowledge she heard my request, turned the kamaz around (which took all the road and both the shoulders) and took me through the cheering villagers back to my козел again. I hopped out of the kamaz while she came around and helped me get Oleg and Sergei off the back of the kamaz. I was damn thankful for her help because helping them off the back of the kamaz was almost as bad as helping them up. By the time I was finished my back was thoroughly fucked up and unfortunately I had finished off all the vodka.


I reached back and tried my best to massage it but Oleg saw me and offered, "Comrade Captain, if you are lucky, after dinner Oksana might give you a massage. She is very good with her hands."


I replied, "Sorry Oleg, after dinner I think I just want to get some sleep."


I headed to my козел, Oksana followed me and I asked, "What do you think you are doing?"


I was shocked with her reply but that was just the beginning…


Flashback – Major M – at his hotel


I had never known a woman like Victoria in my life! Hell, if Sergeant Reynold's fiancée was even half the lover Victoria was, I understood why he wanted to marry her. But the big question I had continued to bother me: If she was even half the lover Victoria was how in the hell did the old fucker keep up with her? I was years younger than him and was exhausted!


I said to Victoria, "I need to get some sleep tonight because I have work to do tomorrow."


She gave me a predatory smile and asked, "My Major, what work is more important than what we have been doing?"


My mind suddenly and unfortunately flashed back to my time in Thule living with the boney bitch and I answered, "Work that if I don't accomplish will have me sent far away from here."


She gave me a sexy pout and answered, "Well my Major, if that is the case then I suppose you need to get some sleep. But let us see how you feel about sleeping if I do this?"


I couldn't believe what she did next and I forgot all about sleep…


Flashback – Masha and Jack – At Masha's flat


My Jack barely stayed awake during dinner, in fact I had to feed him several times to make sure he stayed awake and ate all the food I prepared for him. I definitely owed Tatiana for talking me into making my Jack 'real' food tonight and not a salad. I was happy that we had Victoria taking care of the nasty Major tonight so he wouldn't interrupt us because I had plans to show my man how much I loved him. After we finished dinner, Jack looked at me said…


Masha fixed me a hell of a meal tonight, I just wished I wasn't so damn tired and could have enjoyed it more. Hell, I was so damn tired I almost fell asleep a couple times - Masha woke me up by feeding me like I was some sort of child. I finally finished, looked at Masha and said, "It's time for me to get the hell out of these clothes and take a shower."


I was shocked when Masha offered, "Jack, do not worry about taking a shower tonight as I am going to give you a bath."


I began to complain, "But Masha, I'm stinky as hell…"


She silenced me with a kiss on the lips and countered, "Jack, you are my fiancé, you had a terrible day and need to totally rest tonight. I am going to give you a nice warm bath and you will not resist my efforts. Now, take these pills and I will prepare your bath."


She handed me a couple of pills, I looked at them and asked, "Masha, what the hell are these and where the hell did you get them?"


Masha smiled at me and answered, "Jack, they are Vicodin that Tatiana gave to me because she believed you would be sore tonight. If you take them they will help you sleep tonight and feel better in the morning."


I continued to question, "What about all the alcohol I had tonight."


Masha became a little upset and demanded, "Jack you will be fine. Now take the… the… the damn pills!"


I was shocked that Masha actually swore in English (I am sure that she swore some in Russian) so I popped the pills in my mouth and swallowed them with last of the wine we had with dinner. Masha headed to the bathroom, I heard the water running and the next thing I remembered was Masha waking me up. She said, "Jack, come on your bath is ready."


I opened my eyes and they about popped out of my head! Masha, my Masha, was standing there without a stich of clothing on. I blinked my eyes and asked, "I thought I was taking a bath?"


She smiled at me and answered, "I decided we will take a bath together if you don't mind."


What the hell was she thinking? 'If I don't mind' taking a bath together! I practically jumped out of the chair, grabbed her hand and we headed to the bathroom together and had a hell of a bubble bath. Shit, I never knew baths could be so much fun - especially when Masha seemed to drop the soap and I had to 'hunt' for it so often. I hated to cut things short, but the pills and the alcohol started to take effect and I yawned as I said, "Masha, if I don't get to bed soon, I'm going to fall asleep right here."


Masha smiled at me and answered, "We need to rinse off first." Her suggestion made me happy as hell because while taking a bath with her was great, I never felt really clean when I took a bath. She pulled the drain plug, we stood up and she started the shower - and the shower was almost as much fun as the bath.


She dried me off, took me to bed, I tried to stay awake but I just couldn't…


It was fun taking care of my Jack tonight. I just wished he wasn't so tired and we could have had one of our 'normal' nights. I tucked him in, went into the main room and called Tatiana…


Flashback – Tatiana and Masha – In Moscow


Oh! What was that noise and where was I? Ah, it was my phone. I must have fallen asleep in my bed while I hugged Ben's scrubs. I jumped out of bed, ran to the phone, answered it and Masha said, "Tatiana, I want to thank you for cautioning about making good food for Jack tonight. You were correct he came home, was a smelly mess and definitely needed a good meal."


I yawned and answered, "No problem Masha, do you have any information on Ben yet?"


Masha paused for a couple moments then answered, "Sorry Tatiana, I haven't had time to task the team to look for him. I will do that immediately after I finish talking with you. Now tell me the truth, how are you feeling…"


I was more concerned for Tatiana than I had ever been in the past! She had worked for me for many years and I had never known for her to fall for any man, let alone fall as hard as she had fallen for Ben. I asked her how she was feeling, she took entirely too long to answer then said, "Masha, it is my fault that Ben left and I am not sure how I will get through this."


That was what I was concerned about: Tatiana was foolishly blaming herself for Ben leaving when it was Ben's craziness which was to blame. But while I cooked tonight's dinner I had devised a plan. I had already executed the first part when I disappointed Tatiana by not doing anything to find Ben. Now, I needed to execute the coup de grace so I gave Tatiana the initial part of her new assignment, "Tatiana I have arranged for you take a week away from the hospital."


Tatiana yawned again and stated, "Masha why did you do that? I need my work to take my mind off Ben."


I had anticipated she would complain, so I next told her, "Tatiana, tomorrow you report to the office and your assignment next week is to manage the search for Ben."


I could tell my plan worked when Tatiana exclaimed…


I…I…I could not believe what Masha did for me! Not only did she give me a week off work, she assigned me to head the mission that looked for Ben. I jumped up and down and practically yelled into the phone, "Masha, thank you so much but I'm not going to wait until tomorrow! I'm changing my clothes and going into the office tonight."


Flashback – Jennifer – At the military hospital


I went to the nurse's station to report that my back was bleeding but I couldn't find anyone there so I went looking for someone. All I found was a man in a room who was worse off than I was - in fact he was really angry at the nurse.


I left his door, walked back toward the nurse's station and just then the night nurse walked out of the nurse's station and complained, "What are you doing out of your room at this time of the night?"


I didn't like the fact no one was at the nurse's station, I liked the night nurse's fricken attitude even less so I became a Princess Bitcherina, put both my hands on my hips in a defiant position and complained, "I don't know where in the fricken-fracken heck you were because the nurse's station was abandoned! But I have an emergency and need help!"


I was shocked when the night nurse answered in a sarcastic tone, "You do know, don't you, I have other patients to take care of besides your royal princess ass? I was doing my job and taking care of them. Now what is your emergency, oh wait I bet you broke a nail!"


I thought to myself I will show her. So I turned around and answered, "No I didn't break a nail, but my back began to bleed."


The nasty night nurse came up to me, pulled off the sheet and yelled, "What in the world did you do to yourself? Let's get you back to your room while I go call a doctor."


I sat in the bed content that I had shown the nasty night nurse who was boss until the doctor walked in and then something really bad happened…


Flashback – Glen – At home


I had just gotten home and to sleep when the phone rang! This had better be good. I answered the phone, couldn't believe what I heard and answered, "I will be right there."


I got dressed and headed back to the hospital…


Flashback – Alexi – At home


'Mother' dropped the rolled up magazine she had used to beat me and retreated to her room because I told her I would tell the psychologist about what she did. I knew I had won, but I just couldn't resist. I reached down, picked up the rolled magazine, unrolled it and began to shred it as if I was a dog…


Flashback – Mira, Safia and Ira – in Israel


My sister Ira had traversed the mark! Akhmed thumped her to the ground as he fled my antagonism. I shot her again with the bb-gun of retribution then fell upon her and began to assail her to assuage my anger.


I was shocked when Safia arrived and began to wail upon my corporeal self with a practice katana, she yelled…


I was tired of the twins fighting because I wanted to get out of this house and travel to Japan like they promised. So when Mira decided to attack Ira, I ran to the practice room, took a wooden practice katana, ran back to where they were fighting and began to beat, mostly on Mira, but I also hit Ira several times and yelled, "What in hell is wrong with both of you? You are my sisters and shouldn't be fighting like this especially over something as stupid as roleplaying Sherlock Holmes! Both of you should grow up because we need to finish here and get to Japan."


I was sure that the twins would beat me for this but I didn't care. They couldn't tell me, but it was time for us to leave.


Mira stopped hitting Ira and I stopped hitting both of them. Mira stood up, reached down helped Ira up as I dropped back into a defensive position and waited for the onslaught. Ira surprised me and said…


Mira helped me up after Safia had castigated us. I looked at Mira, then looked at Safia, looked back at Mira and said, "Mira, please forgive me. Safia is correct in asserting that we are sisters and I should not have allowed Sherlock Holmes to separate us."


Mira smiled at me and replied, "It is good to have my sister return." She then looked at Safia and added, "However, I do feel that our youngest sister requires some instruction in the proper usage of a practice katana."


I grinned at Mira and affirmed, "Yes, I do feel a serious lesson is appropriate."


Safia turned and ran. However, she was not fast enough and we were able to quickly overtake her. We were…


Flashback – Todd – On the island


Things on the island were idyllic until one day when Lin came to me and signed. I didn't understand her so I signed in return, "Please speak to me in English since I did not understand what you signed."


She smiled, patted my hand and said, "I signed you that Liu said she is late and you are going to be a father."


I quickly signed (displaying the chaos in my mind) and then Lin answered, "Todd, you are not dense so I am sure you know where babies come from."


I panicked because the last thing I wanted was for Liu to have a baby on this God forsaken island! I had to find some way to contact the agency…