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Flashback – Todd – About another six months later on the island


The absolute worst had happened and my practically idyllic life on this island had turned into shit! Liu went into labor early and though Lin and I tried like crazy to save her - we failed! Yes Liu, wonderful Liu, the woman that I should have grown old with died many years before her time because of her stubbornness. In the end, the only thing we could do was give Liu some medicinal plants to ease her pain and bury her.


Lin held me as I cried and questioned, "Todd, what are your plans now?"


I pulled myself together and signed, "Lin, I am ready to leave this island."


Lin questioned, "Todd, how are you planning on doing that?"


I signed, "I need to find where Liu hid the tubes for the radio then I can call my people and we can leave, together."


Then Lin dropped the hammer on me and made a bad situation even worse when she said, "I am sorry Todd, but I have grown to love this island and I have no plans of ever leaving."


I signed a question, "But what about us?"


She answered, "Todd, someday you will realize what a special place this island is. Once you do you will return and until then I will wait patiently for you."


We easily found the tubes for the radio in Liu and Lin's cave. Because I couldn't talk, I had Lin call my people and deliver a coded message. They were shocked I was still alive and sent a plane for me immediately. I told Lin how to contact me if she ever changed her mind.


I fought with Lin about coming with me until the VTOL plane came, but she would not budge. I waved goodbye to her and as the plane left she smiled and waved back. I wondered if I would ever see her again…


Flashback – Mira, Ira and Safia – About another six months later in Japan


We followed Safia's excellent idea of masquerading as men and entered the martial arts competition. While it was extremely difficult, Ira and I were able to win the competition. Then we revealed that we were actually women but the men whom we had defeated did not look kindly upon the masquerade. They attacked in force and we were forced to defeat them again. When we completed the trouncing of the men for a second time, we had lost hope of finding a dojo in which to be educated when a very old man who appeared to be blind and used a cane to locomotivate appeared. He approached, laughed and stated, "Young ladies, do not be surprised at the ignorance of my fellow countrymen. Our men seem to forget there have been many famous warriors who were women in our past. It is unfortunate for them because they cannot see that you two are indeed warriors."


I questioned, "Sir, you appear to be blind. How is it that you can 'occulate' this situation?"


He continued in his jovial mood and answered, "Like many you assume that eyes are essential for vision."


Ira rashly inquired…


I was slightly annoyed at this old man so I questioned, "Sir, isn't the definition of vision to use one's ocular units to observe?"


The old man turned toward me and verbalized, "That is how the dictionary would define it, however the dictionary definition is incomplete."


I challenged, "If the dictionary is incorrect then describe what I am performing at this moment." I stuck my tongue out at him.


He laughed and answered, "Young girl, or perhaps I should address you as young snake because snakes are renowned for sticking out their tongues."


Safia laughed at his comment and asked…


I liked this old man and while I didn't think the twins realized it, I was sure he had come to offer to train us. I laughed and questioned, "Sensei, why did you approach us?"


He laughed and replied, "Ah, the youngest girl, who did not participate in the contests, is the first to recognize my mission. She might be the youngest; however she might also be the wisest…"


Ira interrupted, "Old man, do not insult me! If you were not blind you would feel my wrath."


He smiled in the direction of Ira and replied, "Ah, it is the angry twin again. It is you who has insulted me by not letting me finish a sentence. And even blind I do not fear your idle threats."


I tried to stop her, but Ira was adrenalized from the conflicts with the men and threatened, "Old man, I would hate to be forced to instruct your corporeal self in marital arts."


He laughed and taunted, "How can one so young teach a master?"


Ira lunged at the Sensei but he easily blocked her attack and the next thing we knew Ira sailed through the air and landed on her posterior. He turned toward Mira and inquired politely, "Do you plan on assisting your sister?"


Mira folded her hands, bowed and answered, "No Sensei, my sister was unwise to attack you."


He returned the bow and questioned, "What is your name young woman?"


Mira replied, "My name is Miranda."


He turned back toward Ira and questioned, "And what is your name young angry girl?"


Ira glared at him but answered, "I am Irina."


He finally asked, "And the youngest and wisest girl, what is your name?"


I smiled and answered, "My name is Safia, Sensei."


He stroked his beard, appeared to think for several minutes then said, "My name is Kwan, and I have decided to accept the three of you as my students if you are interested."


I replied, "It would be an honor for us Sensei, please take us to your dojo."


Ira complained, "Safia does not verbalize for the three of us. I am not certain you are a Sensei."


He laughed and answered, "Yes, this one's eyes give her sight but she cannot see and requires proof. Follow me and I will prove to you I am Sensei."


I reiterated, "Sensei, where is your dojo?"


He laughed and answered, "The world is my dojo."


I discovered later that it was true! We wandered throughout Japan with Sensei, stayed in houses that gave us shelter, ate in houses which gave us food (and sometimes went hungry). However we all grew to love him (including Ira) because he was an excellent Sensei…


Flashback – Alexi – About another six months later at the laboratory


The psychologist had finally 'resolved' things with my 'parents' and today was a happy day for them and a different type of day for me. Yes, I was going back to their house to be their 'son' again. I had relented because I had grown bored of living in the laboratory. Yes, at first it was fun, but then I realized that no one would take me anywhere in the evening because no one worked at night.


I smiled and cherished the knowledge that I could begin the dog ruse anytime I wanted to move back into the laboratory. Plus, I had talked the psychologist into having my 'parents' remove the most onerous of their annoying rules: I was to have my own computer and my own television in my room.


I sat in the back of the car and waved at the psychologist as we left…


Flashback – Jennifer – About another six months later at the home


I ran around the house like crazy, made sure it was clean and just finished dumping the last of Daddy's alcohol down the kitchen drain.


Daddy walked into the kitchen, saw me holding the empty bourbon bottle and complained, "Jennifer, what in the hell are you doing?"


I turned around, glared at him, stamped my foot and answered, "Daddy, you know Mother is coming home today and because of that we can’t have any alcohol in the house."


He sputtered defensively, "Yeah, but I meant to take that to work like the others."


I laughed and answered, "Well you're too late now because I fed it to the rats in the sewer."


He shook his head and said, "That was much too good for the rats." But he smiled and continued, "So are you ready to go get Evelyn?"


I smiled and answered, "Give me a minute to change clothes and put on some makeup."


I ran into my room, put on a dress (hey it was a special day), put on a little makeup and ran back downstairs. Daddy took one look at me, laughed and asked, "Didn't you forget something?"


I smiled, thought a bit and answered, "I can't think of anything."


He pointed to my feet. I looked down and realized with horror that I still had on my slippers. I giggled and answered, "Thanks, you're right."


I dashed back to my room, put on some shoes, came back downstairs and we went to the hospital and picked up mother.


Mother told me how beautiful I looked. I wanted to warn her not to get too used to me wearing dresses, but I didn't want a fight today. We got in the car and on the way home I realized that Mother had changed…


Flashback – Ben, Jack and Masha - About another six months later on the flight back to America


I wasn't happy at all, we were supposed to stay in Russia for another six months, but the General recalled us early for some sort of 'super-secret-special mission.' A hell of a lot of things went on during the past six months, but not enough of the things that I wanted to happen had happened.


Oh Jack and Masha had what appeared to be a great life together which almost made me jealous while Tatiana and I were just getting comfortable with each other again. She cried like crazy when the orders came through. I thought about asking her to come with me until I remembered how hard it was for Jack to get permission for Masha to come to America.


She did give me a couple of great parting gifts - no I don't mean sex this time. First, she introduced me to the Orthodox religion and unlike other religions it made a hell of a lot of sense to me. We went to church every Sunday and I even sang in the great choirs. Right before we left, I became Orthodox. You might ask how I could do what I do and still be Orthodox? Well the Spetsnaz team sure didn't seem to have problems, hell we even had an Orthodox Priest on the team who held services every Sunday. It didn't bother them so I figured I wouldn't let it bother me.  Tatiana and I also took a week off and traveled to the little town (150,000 people) in Siberia she was from. It was great since I got to meet her family but of course had to deal with the fucking hero worship again. Tatiana was a hell of a woman and in another time or another place I might have asked her to marry me. Which was the only way I could have brought her to America.


Things had certainly changed in my life during the time in Russia, but not as much as they did for Jack. I was lucky and got one of the normal seats that Jack and I liked on the flight - in the back of the plane. I smiled as I watched Jack and Masha…


I couldn't fucking believe how hard it had been to get a visa for Masha! Hell, I had thought that when we got married, she would just automatically get American citizenship. Boy was I ever wrong! If it wasn't for some strings the General pulled, Masha wouldn't have gotten a visa at all and I would have had to leave her in Moscow. Even though we were married, it would have normally taken at least a year to get the visa. When I found that out at the US embassy, I almost went ballistic and kicked the shit out of the fucking pencil-dicked-pencil-pusher who laughed at us. Luckily Banzai was there and calmed me down. He called the General, and talked to his Russian Colonel friend, told them what the problems were and they pulled some strings and we had a visa for her. I still wasn't totally happy because it was restrictive as hell. Shit she couldn't travel out of the country and couldn't be a citizen for two fucking years! Damn pencil-dicked-pencil-pushers!


I assumed that we would take the back row of the airplane like Banzai and I preferred, but Masha told me she didn't like the back because she could smell the toilets. Hell, they never bothered me. She was already stressed about the visa situation and having to pack all her clothes. Thank God the airlines gave soldiers a 'free ride' on how much luggage we could haul otherwise I would have had to ask Banzai for a loan to pay all the extra baggage fees for the eight fucking large suitcases! I tried to get Masha to cut down some on her clothes but fucking Banzai ruined it when he told her the airlines would let us bring as much as we wanted, then the fucker even bought all the extra suitcases. Hell, it took all three of our carry-ons (Masha, Ben and I) but we even hauled her Lomonosov china set with us. I had no idea where in the hell we were going to put everything, let alone where we were going to live. But Masha was both concerned and happy at the same time.


I almost forgot to mention, she had a hell of a fight at her work before we left...


I was very concerned and could not let my husband Jack know about it. I had a huge fight with my superiors at work because I would not give them any information about Jack or Ben and told them I was finished working for them. They threatened to retaliate and terminate me, however I showed them the incriminating information I had on all of them and informed them if anything happened to me, Jack or Ben the information would be released to all the international news agencies. They were not happy and countered with an arrangement where I could be called upon occasionally to perform some tasks in exchange for their continued support. This was what American's called a win-win situation so I jumped at the opportunity.


It was such a struggle for us to get the paperwork for me to come to America. I was very worried I would have to stay in Russia while Jack left me. Once again Ben came through and negotiated a solution for us.


Talking about Ben, I had hoped he would marry Tatiana but their relationship was still a big mess from everything which happened and he never became comfortable enough to ask her. Secretly she told me that she would have said no anyway.


Jack and I had a huge fight about what I wanted to bring to America: He wanted me to bring almost nothing and I wanted to bring everything. Ben informed me of the no luggage restrictions policy and I won. However, I was sure something was wrong with Jack's attitude concerning me winning this conflict.


We were finally on our way, the fasten seatbelt sign was turned off and Jack said, "Masha, I'm going to check on Banzai."


I answered, "Good, I am going to the bathroom then I want to take a nap."


Jack headed to the back of the airplane and I headed to the front bathroom...


I walked back to visit with Banzai and ask him a question. He saw me, grinned and teased, "Looks like the old ball and chain won again."


I knew he was referring to where I sat with Masha so I swore, "Shit Banzai, you and the luggage SNAFU is a big part of my problem. What the hell were you thinking telling Masha there were no luggage restrictions and then buying her all the damn suitcases."


He smiled and me and put me in my place, "Jack, stop complaining and put yourself in her shoes! You've uprooted her from her home country, hauled her to a foreign country where you might not realize it yet but the fucking American women are going to hate her, and then you gave her shit about what she wanted to bring! Jack, what she brought wasn't just for her comfort it was so she could make you a comfortable home. So get your head out of your ass and count yourself lucky she even came at all."


Hells bells, Banzai was right on most things (and certainly about this) but I didn't understand one thing so I asked, "What do you mean the American women are going to hate her? Why would they do that?"


Banzai sneered at me and explained, "Jack, I guess you don't understand shit about differences between foreign women and American women. The American women are going to hate her just for being Russian - they will never accept her. In fact, be prepared for them to call her many nasty names to her face and behind her back."


I shook my head and asked, "Are you sure about this?"


Banzai nodded his head and answered, "Hell yes I'm sure about this - I've seen it happen too many times."


I looked in disbelief at Banzai then I said, "Shit Banzai, I don't have any idea where in the hell I'm going to put all the shit that Masha brought."


Banzai glared at me and countered, "First Jack, stop calling it shit or I will kick your ass. And second, I was thinking ahead and have once again covered your ass."


Again I didn't understand so I asked, "What the hell are you talking about?"


Banzai shook his head and replied...


Shit I wondered if Jack was getting senile! He didn't bother to find a place for him and Masha to live but I rectified it. I answered, "Jack, I pulled some strings and you and Masha have a nice as hell house close to the base so you can set up house."


Jack gave me a stupid look and replied, "Shit, why didn't I think of that?"


I laughed like crazy and teased, "Probably because you were too busy getting it from Masha." Then I added, "Your bride is back, I would suggest you go to her because she is worried."


I watched as Jack left and knew that things would never be the same. Then I remembered back to my nightmare and realized something I should have known immediately – shit it was probably a premonition...