Chapter 13

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Present – Jack – In the tunnels


Fuck me - Todd was right! He had shared with me earlier, when we worked on the generator problem, how we had way too much infighting between us over too many stupid things (I personally think it's because we have too many women involved, but would never tell anyone - especially Masha). Now I'm right in the middle of some asinine argument between Jens and Maria about whether Glen could have helped his wife Evelyn escape from the mental hospital. Now I sure as hell don't like Glen, but from all I know that's the last fucking thing he'd do.


I use my command voice and order, "There is no 'I' in 'team' but there are three 'U's' in 'shut the fuck up!!!"


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


Did Jack just tell us to shut the fuck up? I glare at him and counter, "Who's the fucking boss around here?"


Jack smiles evilly and reminds me, "If my memory serves me right, you made me the boss. Now that I have your attention we need to deal with a huge fucking problem."


I sarcastically answer, "The only problem I can see is someone who is too big for his britches."


Jack yells, "You don't see the huge fucking problem because you're a part of it! Now shut the fuck up and listen for once or I will kick your ass from here till next Sunday!"


I'm pretty sure I could take Jack, but he's fired up so I decided to not challenge him - for now.


He continues, "Listen, we are getting our ass kicked because of these petty little disagreements between us which turn into what you all perceive to be major problems! They cause us to lose focus! Now you decide what the hell you want us to focus on: Finding Ben, finding Megan or scratching our fucking asses…"


Present – Maria – In the tunnels


Wow the Old Fart is more pissed than I've ever seen! It's funny when he threatens to kick my Princess Boss's ass because I'm not sure he could do that. For once my Princess Boss is smart and doesn't accept the challenge and keeps her mouth shut. He then reiterates what Todd had said earlier so I comment, "Jens, this is twice we've heard from different people that we need to focus on one problem. I personally think they are both right."


Jens answers, "Jack, it sounds like you've been talking to Todd and I agree with both of you. Our primary mission has always been to find Ben but we've become distracted and I'm to blame for that."


I interrupt, "Jens the blame isn't totally yours. I also got distracted, in Texas, when I went looking for Linus and his team. Do you know what our problem is?"


Jens looks at me and admits, "Yeah, we get too emotional about things and then we lose our objectivity." She turns to Jack and says, "Okay. I made you the leader, so lead."


Jack replies…


Present – Jack – In the tunnels


Well that went better than I thought it would however I do have one big question that needs answered. I look at Jens and ask, "Jens, what about Glen?"


Jens answers, "Jack, I put you in command and I want you in command, however I'm not sure the Marines will follow you over Daddy. Besides, Todd is worried that Daddy might be a 'Manchurian Candidate' and might pose a threat to me."


Maria adds, "Plus, we need to vet each individual Marine who's here. Hammer already discovered one man that wasn't a Marine."


This is surprising as hell to me so I ask, "Okay, both these so called facts are new news to me so I need a sitrep."


Jens and Maria give me a hell of a sitrep. When they are done even I question Glen and I know I'm going to be looking over my shoulder at each 'Marine' who's here.


Maria finishes with a suggestion, "Jens, I think we need to tell Glen that you put Jack in charge and he needs to follow Jack's orders."


I laugh, "Do you really expect the Old Man to take orders from a sergeant?"


Jen thinks for a few moments then says, "Maria, I like the hell out of that idea and Daddy can either follow Jack's orders or he can leave."


There's a knock on the door, Maria points her weapon at the door and we hear, "Matt and Jim reporting for duty."


I look at Maria and she explains, "Jack, it's my duty to protect Jens and since we don't know about the other 'Marines', she's not going anywhere without body armor, a helmet and armed escort."


She continues, "Open the door slowly and come in guys."


I comment on her action, "Now that's the kind of thinking we need around here; Maria, good job taking the initiative to protect Jens."


The guys come in and Maria begins to give them a sitrep while I talk to Jens, "Okay Jens, your first duty is to talk to Glen and make sure he understands who is in charge."


She salutes and replies, "Damn Skippy SIR!"


I began to complain about the 'SIR' when there's another knock on the door and the doorknob begins to turn. Maria, Matt and Jim cover the door with their weapons and Maria orders, "Halt and be recognized!"


Present – Masha – In the tunnels


I locate the room where Jennifer and Jack are located, I knock on the door, begin to open it and hear Maria yell, "Halt and be recognized!"


I quickly step to the side of the door, shield Ivan with my body and reply, "It is Masha and Ivan Reynolds, is my husband here?"


Maria answers, "Enter the room slowly so we can see your hands."


I stay at the side of the door, open the door wide then slowly step into the doorway where they can see me and Ivan. Ivan squirms and says, "Gapa!" I let him go, he runs to Jack while I enter the room and question, "What is the meaning of the increased security?"


Jennifer explains, "Hammer discovered one of the 'Marines' wasn't really a Marine. So until Daddy vets everyone, everyone is a threat."


Maria adds, "And my job is Jens' security."


I think for a moment and comment, "Yes, it is wise to assume that some of the men here are not Marines and might pose a security risk. I do have some information that, if it is accurate, might add to the security risks. That is why I'm here."


Jack smiles at me and says, "Okay soccer mom, what do you have?"


I smile back and begin, "Megan is no longer in Venezuela, and we wonder if perhaps she might have come back here and been instrumental in the release of Jennifer's mother, Evelyn, from the mental hospital."


Jennifer questions, "How did you know about Evelyn? And who is this 'we'?"


Jack saves me by saying, "Jens, just as Masha has never asked me for information, we do not ask Masha where she gets her information. Okay, let's suppose that Megan did aid Evelyn's release, why would she do that?"


I answer, "That is easy. It is because Jennifer's mother knows more about Jennifer than anyone else. So, if you were planning to target someone, that information would be invaluable."


They all nod their heads and Jack continues, "Masha, I've been put in command and our primary mission is finding Banzai so we don't have the resources to expend on this. Is there any way you could help?"


This is a change since Jack has never directly asked me for help. I will need to clear this with my one superior but I'm almost certain with what Megan has done to enhance the addiction potential of the product the drug lord was supplying, it will be approved. She is a truly dangerous woman. I answer, "I believe I have access to some resources which will assist in this task."


Jack delegates, "Good Masha, then Megan and Evelyn are your problem unless you tell us you can't help."


I wonder how Jennifer's father will react to finding out my Jack is in charge? This should prove interesting and I will need to speak with Jack before he has a confrontation with Glen. However there's something I want to do first so I question, "You mentioned a man had been captured who is not a Marine? What has been done with him?"


Jennifer answers, "Todd and Linus took him to another room and are interrogating him."


I smile because if Todd is interrogating him, we will get every useful piece of information from him that's possible. I request, "Well if you don't mind I would like to observe the interrogation. I might glean useful information which will aid in my assignment."


Jack agrees, "Masha that would be great, but first I want a kiss."


I go over to my Jack and he delivers a kiss which makes me weak in the knees. Then he pulls away and whispers, "Honey, don't worry about Glen. Your talk with me has changed my attitude and it's Jens' assignment to tell her father that I'm in command."


I whisper a reply, "Jack, let me know how this goes and if you need any help."


Jack says, "I need to go get some sitreps since I feel like I'm out of the loop."


He leaves while I retrieve Ivan and we depart to locate Todd, Linus and the prisoner…


Present – Todd and Linus – In the tunnels


I can see the medicinal herbs have taken effect but while I attempt to start the questioning, there's a knock on the door. I nod to Linus who approaches the door with his weapon and challenges, "Who's there?"


We hear, "Masha and Ivan Reynolds, I would appreciate the opportunity to view the interrogation."


I nod, Linus opens the door Masha walks in. She evaluates the prisoner and says, "It looks like I arrived in perfect time."


I nod, we begin the questioning and then…


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


I complain, "Maria, I can't move with all this shit hanging on me."


Maria commands, "Jens, shut the fuck up. You're going to wear your body armor and helmet and we're not taking no for an answer!"


I glare at her, "I'd be careful who you're telling to shut the fuck up - I'm getting damn tired being told that. Remember I can and will kick your ass."


Maria smiles, "I don't think you can kick all three of our asses."


I look at Matt, Jim and Maria then I decide discretion is the better part of valor besides I'm hungry so I surrender, "Well, I'm too hungry to kick the three of your asses right now so instead, let's go get some food."


We leave the room and it's like a fucking convoy: Matt and Jim are up front while Maria is behind me. I complain, "Don't you think this is going to attract too much attention?"


Then Sharik takes off like his ass in on fire and I further complain, "Hey, where the hell are you going?"


Maria states, "Jens, stop complaining. If anyone has a right to complain, it's me."


I question, "What the hell do you have to complain about?"


She laughs and comments, "Well, unless you're the lead dog, the view never changes."


I realize she's right. All I can see are the backs of Matt and Jim in front of me, so I counter, "Hey I'm in the same boat as you are."


Matt complains, "Jens, stop looking at my ass, I'm a happily married man."


Jim laughs and says, "Now that's the biggest oxymoron I've heard today: Happily and married."


Maria commands, "Cut out the idle chatter you two."


They sarcastically reply, "Yes Sir!"


I laugh and add, "Damn Skippy, Sir!"


Maria answers, "Okay Princess Boss, and her two trained flying monkeys…"


I stop, turn and face her while Jim and Matt complain, "What the fuck did you just call us?"


I add, "Yeah, what did you just call me???"


She grins and teases, "What's wrong? Don't you like it when the shoe is on the other foot? I can trade names with the like of you three all day long."


Jens laughs, "Okay Speedy, so can I."


Maria reminds all, "We need to stop this before it descends into a pissing match. Now let's hit the mess tent."


We head outside toward the mess tent when… Oh Hell No!!!


Present – Liz and Bernie – At the cabin


We step out of the TSIFFTS semi-trailer, I call the twins phone again but this time Mira answers and questions, "Ms. Morgan, are you currently protected in safety?"


I answer with a question, "Mira, what is going on at the fertility clinic?"


Mira responds, "Ms. Morgan, why ask such a question?


I answer, "Well, the local news station is reporting that a huge altercation occurred, in fact they called it 'Terror at the Fertility Clinic'. I know it's the clinic that you are using and I wanted to make sure all three of you are safe."


Mira states, "Ms. Morgan, I can not reveal what has happened over a non-secure phone. Thank you for expressing concern over the three of us but we are rain as right."


Alexi corrects in the background, "Mira, that's right as rain."


I add one more question, "When will the three of you return here?"


Mira replies, "We have a few more tasks to accomplish, then we will return…"


Then something terrible happens and we lose the call.


Present – Mira – In the Bentley


The phone call prematurely terminates with Ms. Morgan while the last thing I heard was a very loud noise.


Ira questions, "Mirinka, what has precipitated the look on your façade?"


I state, "Irinka, I fear we might have been too focused on my problems and have wavered in our primary mission."


Ira asks, "Sister, please elucidate for us?"


I explain about the call's premature termination with a loud noise. Alexi reiterates the situation, "My sisters, we have the information we require, we possess the remainder of Ben Blaine's male procreation component, and any existing embryos produced from said component have been terminated. Could not the next part of the mission be placed on hold until we verify that Ms. Morgan is safe?"


We both state, "Yes Alexi, you are correct!"


I continue, "Alexi, please convey us to the cabin haste of post."


Alexi smiles and says, "With pleasure my sisters…"


Present – Masha – In the CCC tent


Once again I wait for a computer. I just acquire safe admittance to my network when something terrible happens and I lose the connection…


Present – Zarika – In the mess tent


I take the nice nurse's advice and go to the mess tent to get some food. The nice Nubian lady Mabel questions, "Zarika honey, how is Yasmeen?"


I reply, "She will live and seems to be happy."


Mabel continues, "Now Zarika I can tell that there is more to this story than you're telling me. Come on and let's talk while you eat."


She takes me and a plate of food to the table and then she says, "Okay Zarika, spill the beans."


I become confused for a moment because I do not have any beans on my plate, then I realize what she was asking so I tell her all about Yasmeen's injury and possibly not being able to have babies. Then I question, "Ms. Mabel, Yasmeen told me how horribly painful it is to have babies and now well…"


I look down and Mabel comforts me, "Land sakes child! Yes it's the most painful thing that a woman will endure however when you hold that little baby in your arms, you will forget all the pain."


I feel better about having children, Ms Mabel leaves, I am finished eating and leave the tent, then something terrible scares me so I run towards the medical airplane…


Present – Ben – On the road


The truck begins to slow which immediately wakes me, then Gus says, "Hey, you might want to see this."


I stretch, yawn, open my eyes and see a hell of a fight going on between some truckers and my guess is hijackers and swear, "The fuckers have changed tactics."


Gus states, "They sure as hell have!"


I open the sliding window in the back of the cab, grab my rifle, begin to crawl through and Gus demands, "What the hell are you going to do?"


I laugh, "You just keep this truck on an even keel, I'm going to do the voodoo I do so well…"


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


Bill comes outside and suggests, "Samantha, Stacy could really use a friend right now."


I head inside, see the examination room is empty but I hear the shower running. I knock on the bathroom door and ask, "Stacy are you okay???"


Damn I hoped I could hide out in this shower, if not forever, at least for a few hours. Samantha's at the door so I answer, "Well, Sam…"


I never get to finish because she barges into the room, throws back the shower curtain, turns off the water and declares, "Stacy, I know you're hurting like hell right now but I also know you made the right decision. If we're going to catch Ben then you can't afford to spend weeks recuperating from a C section."


I question, "What's this 'we' crap? I thought it was just me?"


Samantha smiles at me and explains, "Look Stacy, you might not know it but you're my best friend and I'm going to help you find Ben."


I question, "What about your bosses at the Truth network, especially Jennifer Donaldson?"


She shocks me when she says, "Fuck Liz and double fuck Jennifer Donaldson! I've been doing their dirty work on finding Ben when neither of them really did half the things for me that you have in the last few days. Liz has a hell of a research team and could have discovered the information about my bastard ex-husband and the Mossad death squad if Liz had ordered it. So like it or not Stacy, I'm now helping you find Ben."


I begin to cry and shiver…


Oh no! What's wrong with Stacy, she starts crying and shivering? I step into the shower with her towel, wrap her in it and ask, "Stacy, what's wrong?"


She sniffles and stutters, "Sam… Sam… Sam, I haven't had a best friend since my Grandmamma died."


I hug her in the towel, and wonder, how can a rich girl like Stacy not have friends? I begin to dry her and say, "Bill is ready to leave, so let's finish your shower and get moving to find Ben."


That motivates Stacy and she says, "Thanks Sam, I can finish from here. Did Bill bring my new clothes?"


I affirm, "Yes he did, they are right here." Then I add a question, "Aren't these military clothes?"


Stacy answers, "Yes, we're all going to wear camouflage because that's what I wore when I was with Ben. You need to ask Bill for some clothes for yourself."


I smile and agree, "Let me go get them and get changed…"


Samantha leaves but she doesn't fully realize how lonely I've been since Grandmamma died. I want to believe that she truly wants to help me find Ben, but I still worry that she is just using me to find Ben for the Truth Network…


I know that Stacy doesn't really trust me, however what I told her is the truth. I am going to help her find Ben! Yes she is my BFF (Best Friend Forever) but I also know what a great report it will be when I reunite the two of them.


Present – Thom, Inga and Byron– It's raining hell on the drug lord


We hear the fifties barking behind us and for once it's music to my ears – mostly because I'm not firing one of them so they're not bruising the hell out of my shoulder. I question, "Okay team leader, what now?"


He says, "We double time it to the compound."

I ask if that’s really a good plan, "Do you think the double time is such a good idea? We already ran into one trap and can be sure there are others."


Inga adds, "In this case, I feel that Thom is correct, we should not underestimate the drug lord."


The team leader states, "Well, we don't have all night to get to the compound, so we have to double time."


I taunt, "Yeah, and haste makes waste."


He states, "Listen, as far as I'm fucking concerned you can stay the hell here. The rest of us are double timing."


I look at Inga and she says, "Thom we need to follow, but keeping a short distance behind them."


They take off, then we begin to follow. Suddenly the fifties stop, I call Byron on the com but don't get an answer.


Hell, we just saw something that is going to be a hell of a problem. We try shooting the shit out of it but it has too much armor so we decided to bug out and find a new location. Thom calls me but I sure as hell don't have time to answer right now…


I don't get and answer from Byron, then something automatic and big starts firing from the compound. Even as far away as we are it still hurts the hell out of my ears. I yell, "What the fuck is that."


Inga answers, "That is a 14.5 mm heavy machine gun, probably mounted on a ZPU-4 anti-aircraft gun."


The team leader says, "You're fucking with me."


Inga replies, "No Sir! And as we get closer we will need to avoid it at all costs."


He replies, "Hell yes we will!" Then he calls Byron and the other snipers but doesn't get a response…