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Chapter 45

Home Chapter 45

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Samantha – At the truck stop


We gradually start building some rapport with the deputies and the truckers when all hell breaks loose! The damn Prima Donna bitch rides up on one of her fucking horses and begins to yell, "It's a trap! It's a trap! They are after Ben, your Trucker's Angel!"


That lights a fire under the truckers and the next thing we know…


Present – Stacy – Escaped


The stupid guy they had guarding me didn't pay enough attention to the inside of the trailer, which is what I hoped for. I slowly slipped the saddle on Patches and I even had room in the trailer to get on her back. Then we lit out like our asses were on fire as I headed towards the truck stop and a date with that boney bitch!


I rode up where the skeletal skank was talking to some people and began to yell, "It's a trap! It's a trap! They are after Ben, your trucker's angel!"


I smile as the truckers pulled their guns and train them on the Samantha and her husband. I move closer and taunt, "Well, well, well, who is holding who hostage now."


One of the truckers demands, "Just who the hell are you?"


I reply, "I am Stacy Summers, the billionaire heiress who was traveling with Ben, your trucker's angel.  That is I was with him until these two and their team chased him off."


Another trucker questioned, "What team?"


Then they found out all about the team…


Present – Samantha – At the truck stop


We are thoroughly fucked! Stacy somehow escaped and alerted the truckers to who we are and what we're doing and now we're the prisoners. She grins at me and says, "So bitch, how…"


She never gets to finish because Emanuel drives up in the van, the team boils out and the next thing I know Frank has me in his lap and we are rolling away like crazy as bullets are flying everywhere.


Then something totally shocking happens…


Present – Stacy – At the truck stop


There's no way in hell that boney bitch is escaping! Her husband has her in his lap and is rolling towards the van. I giddy-up Patches, we catch them and I make Patches bump the hell out of the wheelchair which sends them flying. I laugh as they roll on the ground but my laughter is short lived when the boney bitch's husband points a pistol at me and yells, "I've had enough of your shit!"


My short life begins to pass before my eyes as I hear his pistol bark and then…


Present – Jens – PT the next morning at the cabin


After seeing what the twins and their nasty brother are wearing and carrying, we all head back to the cabin for weapons. We just start our PT when the twins give some sort of weird-assed cry and begin to fire their weapons. Their fire is returned and the next thing I know we are in an all-out firefight.


I run for cover, note that Alexi grabs Ivan and heads towards the house, and realize that cover sounds like the best idea to me so I yell, "Retreat to the house."


Yasmeen runs like crazy toward the house, Zarika falls in beside me and declares, "Jennifer lady, I will help you to cover while others get to the house."


Jack and Masha make it to the house then I order, "Come on Zarika, it's our turn. We will fall back together." Then Zarika surprises the hell out of me…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


The rehearsals start and where else in Texas other than Austin could you hear an opera - the very famous  Tchaikovsky opera Eugene Onegin1 - presented not in English but in Russian.


1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugene_Onegin_(opera)


They start at Act 1 Scene 1 where the Larin sisters (Olga and Tatiana) sing while their mother and the maid Filippyevna listen. I'm impressed with the quality of the singers and it's every bit as good as the Marinski theater in St. Petersburg Russia. They are so good they must be native Russians.


Thoughts and memories of my time in Russia flood back into my mind. Things are going great until he comes onto the stage! I don't know where in the hell they found the singer playing Eugene Onegin but he makes an obvious mistake in his part, stops and begins to throw a fit at Tatiana, "You stupid bitch, you made me miss my line again."


I watch as she stands there with her head lowered and takes the abuse. Her face flushes and she begins to slightly cry. I decide to do something about it so I stand up, walk toward the stage, begin to clap and yell, "Tatiana, you were great. The pompous asshole who is playing Yevgyéniy (Eugene in Russian), who can also barely sing, missed his line and blames it on you."


There is a collective gasp from the players and the orchestra! Then Yevgyéniy proves he is not only and asshole - he is a stupid asshole. He storms off the stage screaming, "I don't have to take this sort of abuse."


The conductor orders, "Get back here or you're fired."


He shouts back, "You can't fire me, I quit!"


Their argument continues as Tatiana comes over to the edge of the stage and says (with a definite Russian accent), "Thank you for having the courage to say what no one else would. You are my knight in shining armor.


I reply in Russian, "I'm not a knight, just a former musician who appreciates good music."


Her face lights up when she hears the Russian. She is ready to reply when the conductor storms over and yells, "Just who the hell are you and why are you in a closed practice? You must know you've cost me a whole day of practice."


I look at him, look at Tatiana and I make a decision…


Present – Byron – on a chartered jet headed towards Venezuela


Yes, Thom is still locked in the head as we land. Inga is in the back row of seats and reminds me of a cougar waiting to pounce. This has been a fun trip! Thom likes women, but only when he can chase them - once they start chasing him, he takes off like a scalded dog.


The plane touches down and Inga announces, "Thom you must come out of the water closet so we can leave together."


The door slowly opens, Thom steps out and Inga grabs his hand and orders, "Hurry we must make haste."


They sprint past me, I jump out of my seat but barely manage to keep up with them. We run down the stairs and into a waiting car.


Then I can't believe what Inga does…