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Chapter 03

Home Chapter 03

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Samantha – In the woods


I see the smoke coming from the direction of the bunker and point it out to everyone. Emanuel looks around and questions, "Who's watching the bunker and the news van?"


I think we all realize at the same time the answer is nobody. Emanuel orders, "Double time back to the bunker." He and the team take off and leave me to push Frank's ATV wheelchair. I don't mind because it give us some 'alone' time. While traveling with a group of soldiers, there's not much of that.


I just begin flirting real well with my new husband, when we round a corner and I can't believe what we see. Frank orders, "Samantha, leave me and save yourself."


I answer, "Like hell!" Then we prepare for a different kind of battle…


Present – Stacy – Stacy vs. the News van


Ha, ha! They left their precious news van unguarded now they will pay for messing with my pack. I ride Patches close, jump off her back, pick up a big rock and throw it at the window. It bounces off the window, hits me in the head (and hurts like hell) and Ben starts laughing like crazy.


Ben remarks, "Stacy I think that's bullet proof glass."


I give Ben a dirty look and whine, "Stop laughing and help me."


He complains, "We don't have time to be wasting on this."


I see something on his tactical vest and order, "Ben, give me one of those fire grenades because I have an idea."


He looks puzzled, then asks, "You mean a WP grenade?"


I put both hands on my hips and answer, "Hell yes that's what I mean."


He tosses one to me and remarks, "Just make sure you can get away when you pull the pin."


I head to the back off the van, crawl underneath, wedge the fire grenade against the gas tank and remember Ben's admonition about being able to 'get away' when I pull the pin. I make sure I'm not caught on anything, pull the pin, slip out from under the van look at Ben and state, "Let's get out of here."


We take off like our asses are on fire (and mine still feels that way).


Present – Ben – Escape from the bunker


It is funny as hell watching Stacy when the rock smacks her on the head. She is one of the most accident prone women I've known (shit all women except one seem to have that problem). And like the rest she has no sense of humor about being laughed at. But she did have a great idea with the news van, that WP grenade will burn right through…


We hear the start of explosions behind us and Stacy interrupts my thoughts, "Ben what's all that noise behind us."


I reply, "Well that's probably the news van and the ammo that's left in the bunker."


She states, "I was worried it was the news team chasing us."


I answer, "Oh I'm sure they have bigger problems to deal with other than chasing us."


Present – Emanuel – At the bunker


We arrive at the bunker and it's what I was concerned about: Both the news van and the bunker are engulfed in flames and the ammo is starting to get hot enough that it's cooking off. We move back a safe distance, I begin to read my men the riot act when we hear gunfire coming from our previous direction.


One of my men questions, "Do you think that Ben and Stacy headed toward your brother and Sam?"


I reply, "Who knows but we need to see what the hell is going on with them." Then we race back toward the sound of their gunfire.


Present – Samantha – In the woods


We hear some gunfire from the direction of the van and bunker. Frank says, "That doesn't sound right for gunfire but right now this tiger is a bigger concern."


Yeah, we came right around the corner of the trail and now are face to face with a tiger that looks hungry.


He's beautiful so I question, "Honey do we really have to kill him?"


Frank glances at me and answers, "Well, it would probably be the best thing…"


I make up my mind and open fire…


Present – Ben – In the woods


We slow up a little as we approach the top of a ridge, and I see something that gives me another idea so I order, "Stacy, we're stopping here for a bit."


She complains, "That's good because my ass hurts like hell. But are you sure they aren't going to catch us?"


I point to the structure and say, "You taking out their news van has given me an idea. If I can take that out then we will slow them up even more."


Then like the dumb female she is she questions, "Just what is that little building with the tower and antennas?"


I want to scream but instead I just answer, "It's a cell phone tower and if I destroy it then there's a good chance they won't be able to use their cell phones."


Then she questions, "Just how in the hell are you going to destroy it. It has a fence with barbed wire around it."


I grin at her and say, "The way I always destroy things, grasshopper. Watch and learn…"


Present – Samantha – In the woods


My plan to scare off the tiger works. I fire in the ground at its feet and it takes off running. Frank swears, "Dammit you missed and now he's gone."


I smile at him and lie, "Yeah sorry about that. I guess I was more scared than I realized." I get ready to say more when we hear gunfire and incoming footsteps from a new direction.


Frank my loving husband orders, "Quick on the ground."


Yeah even though we're sure it's Emanuel coming to see what we were shooting at, I still know the drill and I hit the ground.


The steps get closer, we hear the passphrase and know it's Emanuel. He runs up and questions, "What were you firing at."


Frank answers, "You'd better let the rest of the men know there's a tiger on the loose. Sam fired at it and missed."


Emanuel gives me a dirty look and questions, "You missed?"


Yeah, he's seen me shoot before, but I continue with my story and go on the offense, "Yes I missed, I guess I was scared. Are things okay with the van and bunker, because I heard and still hear gunfire?"


He looks down at the ground and explains, "Hell no, the news van is totally destroyed and the bunker's on fire. What you're hearing is ammo exploding from the heat."


Frank complains, "Damn we're stranded out here. Now I really wish you hadn't missed that tiger."


Yeah I will need to figure out some way to make it up to him, but not right now. Now it's my turn to complain, "We lost the news van! Oh boy Liz is going to be pissed about that. I'd better call her and see if we can get a replacement."


I pull out my mobile phone, notice I don't have a signal and ask, "Hey something's wrong with my phone, can I borrow one of yours?"


Frank take his phone out and states, "Well, it looks like I don't have a signal."


Emanuel adds, "Yeah neither does mine." Then he hits his forehead and states, "Damn him."


I question, "Damn who?"


Emanuel finishes, "Damn Ben Blaine. I bet the other firing we heard was him taking out the cell phone tower."


Then I get a great idea…


Present – Stacy – In the woods


Ben takes out one of his rifles (I say one because there are so many rifles on and around Bo it looks like Bo has antennas) and begins to fire. Bo moves and Ben complains, "Bo dammit stand still because I missed that shot."


Ben finishes and I question, "Do you want me to use my cell phone to see if it worked."


Then I can't believe Ben…


Present – Ben – In the woods


I find out that Stacy has carried a mobile phone this whole time and erupt, "What the hell! You have been carrying a mobile phone this whole time."


She grins and gives me a smart-assed answer, "Of course. You know how we girls are with our cell phones."


I question, "And you don't know they can use those to track us?"


She replies, "I've heard that old-wives tale. Besides it's not like I use it every day."


I demand, "Give me that damn mobile phone right now."


She vacillates, "Ben I don't want to."


So I give her and ultimatum…


Present – Stacy – In the woods


Ben is bonkers! He demands, "Stacy either give me that damn mobile phone or you're on your own."


I guess he's so old he's forgotten how important cell phones are - its become an extension of my life. I complain, "But Ben you're going to destroy it and it has my life in it."


He says, "No I'm just going to take the battery out of it."


I reply, "Ben this one doesn't have a removable battery."


He smacks his head and answers, "Don't tell me it's one of those Crapple phones."


I laugh at his misuse of the brand name and reply, "Of course it is. I'm the best so I bought the best." Then I whine, "But Pleeeeeaaaassssseee don't destroy my phone."


I see his eyes soften (wow I didn't really think whining would work with Ben) and he relents, "Okay you can keep it, but you do need to ask me before you turn it on."


I decide that I can live with Ben being the cell phone Nazi so I happily reply, "Okay Ben I agree."


We hear a new noise and Ben says, "Shit! What the hell is that?"


I complain, "What the hell is that smell."


And the horses begin to get skittish…


Present – Samantha – At the bunker


We head to the bunker, but not too close because there is still ammo exploding. I look at the news van and nothing's left but a smoldering wreck so I ask, "Emanuel, please tell me that one of your men is still carrying the portable satellite uplink."


He replies, "Fortunately we do still have it. What are your plans?"


I smile and say, "Well we are going to document this. Then I plan on using the uplink to send this to the station and request a new news van."


Frank says, "That's a great idea, but since it won't get here tonight, we need to setup a camp."


Emanuel orders the men to start getting the camp set up. Frank helps me record the video and then we send it to the station but we have no idea of when the news van will arrive. We combine all the food in the packs for a dinner, then bed down for the night.


I'm beside my loving husband, decide I need to make up for my lie earlier and begin to hum a song. He looks at me and asks, "What's that song?"


So I begin to softly sing:

"The stars at night, are big and bright,

Deep in the heart of Texas.

My husband Frank, is built like…"


I never get to finish because the sentry begins to yell…