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Chapter 07

Home Chapter 07

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


As I finished my second beer, I thought about finding the rest of them and polishing them off, but I didn't want to piss Banzai off even more. After I teased him about how he fucked up (because he didn't screw) the Old Man's underage daughter, he wandered off and I hadn't seen him for a few hours. I did notice his rifle was gone, so the little fart at least had the good sense to take a weapon (damn I trained him well!).


I climbed out of the ravine, looked around but didn't see him - in fact I didn't see much of anything at all. Everything in this fucking desert looked the same to me…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Damn I hated it when Jack was right! I really should have slept with Maria (the Old Man's daughter) and Mira too. What the hell was wrong with me? I listened to Anna and she mind-fucked me, that's what! I've since remembered a pearl of wisdom Jack shared with me (not that I would ever admit it). He said to me, 'When you get older, your biggest regrets aren't going to be the things you did, it's going to be the things you didn't do'. And I regretted the hell out of not 'doing' those two.


I made a decision! The old Ben was back - the heart breaker and life taker!


An unusual noise suddenly snapped me out of my thoughts. Now what the hell was that?


I dropped to the ground and crawled toward the top of a dune to see what the hell caused that noise since I couldn't immediately recognize what it was…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


I decided since Banzai was gone, I was going to mess with the radio and might even see if the Major has sent us any messages. I fired up the radio, went to check the messages but couldn't believe what I found. Damn this was a fucking goldmine! Now where the hell did Banzai go?


I headed out of the ravine but I didn't have a clue for direction because the damn ever present wind had obliterated his tracks…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


I got to the top of the dune and cursed myself for not having my assault pack with me. If I had brought it I would have my periscope, but instead I had to risk exposing myself. I slowly slipped my head above the dune, then just as quickly pulled it back down. I couldn't believe what I just fucking saw. I needed to get back to Jack ASAP.


I turned around to head back when I realized I didn't know where the hell back was! I could see a few footsteps but the rest were gone. I looked for landmarks and cursed myself again because I never turned and looked at what was behind me.


Most people in this situation panicked and thought they were lost, however I was not most people. I slid back down the dune, faced the direction I just came from and started walking backwards. Yeah this worked, even distracted as I was I still kept a mental image of my route.


I tripped over a damn root and cursed. Walking backward was going to take some time to get back to camp and I sure as hell hoped I had that much time…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed location


Ira surmised the harlequins, who we determined operated Baskerville, had been secretly directed by Massively Malodorous Major M to terminate us. This factoid I had never considered and when she posed her supposition things began to logically coalesce. I remembered when the harlequin had attempted to terminate me with his Kamaz, an occurrence which incredibly incited my ire. And the insipid Major's avoidance of contacting us further concreted my belief in my sister Ira's supposition.


Who does Malodorous Major M suppose himself to be, trying to terminate us – we can not be kvetched to the curb like terminated terriers! I yelled again, "Fecal Matter! Does Major M assume we were birthed the previous day in an animal outbuilding? And further, does he cling to the belief that we cannot comprehend his simplistic plans?"


Ira replied, "My sister, of that I have no cognition. However do not forget that Major M has relocated to this forlorn desert and we are ordered to aide and assist him." Then she slipped even further away from me.


I yelled, "Aide and assist him my derriere! Irinka, you are correct! He is presently desert-ed and we will terminate two reticulated reptiles with one boulder!"


I moved toward my sister. I am concerned about my sister Mira since she is extremely agitated to an extent which I have not previously viewed. As she approached me, I tried to judge her attitude and quickly recognized her fully-joyed state so I met her and we exchanged a hug. Then she informed me of her plan which caused me also to be fully-joyed! If we succeed then Major M will no longer represent a problem for us.


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed location


I recounted the plan in my mind: First avoid the Sedankina bitches at all cost! To meet them was as good as signing our death warrants. Second, try to determine where Baskerville was going to strike next and be in place to intercept the vehicle. Now the biggest problem: What to do with Baskerville once we have located it.


Locating the Sedankina bitches was easy, I simply asked my Mossad friend (via the computer) and received their coordinates. He asked me when I planned to join with them and I pretended I had computer problems and couldn't reply.


We pored over the maps trying to figure out Baskerville's next target and to be frank, had no luck. There wasn't enough information on its previous targets to surmise what its next target could be. I looked at my men and stated, "Okay, we're getting nowhere, it's time we come at this from a different angle and think outside the box. Has there been any commonality in the appearances of Baskerville."


My Sgt. stated, "Sir, you're not going to like this, but I think the damn vehicle has something to do with the motorcycles because it first appeared when they were being chased by the Hinds. It appeared again when it chased them. So if we find the motorcycles we might find Baskerville."


I can't believe I missed the obvious! Shit! It's only because I don't want to be anywhere near the motorcycles! But he's right…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


I heard Jack as he yelled. I turned and saw him at the edge of the ravine. Thank God I made it in time. I ran toward him got close as he yelled, "Damn it's…"


He saw me motion for him to shut the hell up and for once did what I told him. I ran up to him and we simultaneously said, "Do I have news for you!"


I looked at Jack and stated, "Mine is mission critical."


He answered, "Well so is mine."


I stated, "Well mine concerns our next target which we need to roll on right now. You can tell me yours after we’re moving."


Jack questioned, "Next target? I thought we were taking the day off?"


I replied, "This is a target we can't let get away. I just hope to hell I can find it again. Now let's roll!" We tossed the camo net off the Frankentruck - she looked beautiful with her new set of teeth. Jack climbed into the cab and I ordered, "Man the gun."


He complained, "Already? What about my news?"


I answered, "Hell yes already, because it's not that far away. Your news can wait."


I watched Jack as he hooked up the harness. I made sure I was in stealth mode, fired up the Frankentruck and we slipped out of the ravine…