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Chapter 10

Home Chapter 10

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


I yelled at Banzai, "Just what is this target that's so damn important?"


He hollered back, "It's a damn big convoy which looks to be hauling WMDs out of this fucking desert."


I complained, "It would be nice if we had some sort of radio so I didn't have to yell at you. So what's the plan?"


Banzai stated, "We're going to 'Rat Patrol' them."


I questioned, "Are there any other vehicles besides trucks."


Banzai replied, "They have some tanks but they're on trailers."


Suddenly I didn't like the sound of this and questioned, "Do you think it could be a trap?"


He yelled, "Oh I'm quite sure they're expecting us."


I scrambled to get some other weapons ready…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Jack had a great idea about an intercom between us, it would make us even more effective. And yeah I was sure they hoped we would attack them because I saw some crews on and in the tanks. Plus, it didn't make sense moving the tanks. It was a ploy - we would attack, they would roll the tanks off the trailers and come after us.


Yeah the bastards had gotten sneaky, but they were expecting the GAZ not the Frankentruck and we were going to blow them back to hell where they belonged.


I made sure I had the rifles and extra magazines ready…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


I was concerned that Banzai had lost it on this one. I mean who intends to actually waltz into a trap? But if you know it's a trap, then is it really a trap or does it give you the upper hand? I had faith in my partner so if we were going after this target, knowing what we know, then it must be worth it.


I readied a bunch of RPGs and manpads (you never know, they might have some air support). As Banzai started a looping turn I yelled, "What's the plan?"


He yelled back, "We're going to first hit them from the front so you can take out the lead vehicle. Then we'll move along the side of the convoy and concentrate on the tanks."


I yelled, "You do remember the RPGs won't take out a tank don’t you?"


He yelled back, "Yeah, but you might blow the treads off them."


He yelled a final time, "Here we go!"


Then he took the Frankenmonster out of stealth mode, put on The Battle of New Orleans (damn now that's fighting music) and floored it but didn't turn on the smoke screen. I guess he wanted me to be able to see what the hell I was firing at. I grabbed an RPG, rested it on the gun mount and when we got close enough, let her rip and blew the hell out of the lead truck.


I saw Banzai pump his fist, then all hell broke loose. It reminded me of the time I shot a hornet's nest with a shotgun but this was even more deadly…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Jack blew the hell out of the lead vehicle which was like flipping a switch - all the trucks stopped and troops started boiling out of them. I grabbed a rifle, propped it on the window and started firing as I heard the fifty letting go behind me. We were doing a hell of a job and the bastards were falling like blades of grass to a weed eater.


We got close to the first tank, and sure enough, the bastards were trying to get it off the trailer. When Jack fired a manpad at it, not an RPG, I thought he'd fucked up. He hit the tank, it detonated and the whole fucking tank exploded in a massive fireball complete with flying metal. I swerved the Frankentruck further away from the carnage and kept firing my rifles.


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


Holy shit! I decided I wanted more firepower against the tank so I tried a manpad which did lock up. When it hit the tank, I wondered if it was such a wise idea since the whole fucking tank blew up and shook the hell out of me. Banzai swerved the Frankenmonster further away from the convoy and I readied the next manpad.


I touched this one off but it wasn't as dramatic, it just blew a big hole in the side of the tank. There was one more tank left, but the bastards had gotten it off the trailer and it was moving. It fired at us, but of course missed. What the fuck, Banzai charged right at the tank.


We swerved past it, I got ready to fire when the smoke screen came on. I had a lock and fired anyway.


This time I was ready so I reached down, grabbed my thermal goggles and put them on. The world became nice shades of gray. Banzai put us in stealth mode and yelled, "Jack this was a bigger fucking trap than I thought, we have a couple fast movers after us."


Fuck me, they brought in their air force for this but that explained the smoke screen. I began scanning the skies hoping I could make them out with my thermal goggles. I heard automatic cannon fire which thank God missed us, then I scanned the skies and saw the red hot exhaust of the jet. I readied a manpad, it locked up and I fired.


Then things really went to hell…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed location


The Old Man contacted us and ordered us to investigate what appeared to be a destroyed convoy. I silently cursed! What in the hell did he think he was doing running this mission, then I realized this must be what my Sgts. felt like when I told them what to do. No wonder they were such a pain in the ass. I sure as hell didn't like the idea of heading to the site of a battle because if there were any survivors, they might think it was us that rained damage on their convoy.


We loaded up the Humvee, entered the coordinates into the GPS unit and carefully took off.


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed location


We received notification of an altercation which destroyed a convoy, several aircraft and numerous helicopters. I looked at my sister Ira and stated, "This must be the work of Baskerville and co-located with Baskerville…"


My sister smiled and finished, "we will find your Major M."


I glared at my sister, "He is not my Major M." Then I teased, "Perhaps he is your Major M because it was your ham he rescued."


Ira stated, "We are wasting time and need to traverse to the site post haste."


I smiled at me sister, "Yes finally Ira you vocalize something of value."


My sister Mira is volatile as benzene and I must remember our 'normal' banter many times just served to aggravate her. We acquired our motorcycles, put on our cranial carapaces and sped toward the coordinates…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


The RG threw everything they had at us: Troops, tanks, their air force and even some attack choppers. And we survived, but just barely. There weren't any huge heroics this time, it was a case that we were both scared as hell and fighting for our lives. But that's the thing about Marines, we don't really begin to fight well until it looks hopeless. And fight we did - we kicked ass and took names.


I leaned back in the chair (where the hell did Banzai find these), took another drink of warm beer (hey warm beer is better than no beer at all) and began to laugh. Banzai looked at me like I was crazy and questioned, "What the hell is so damn funny? We almost died!"


I continued to laugh and explained, "Two things: First we sure cheated the hell out of death today; and anytime I can beat the grim fucking reaper is a great day."


Banzai held his bottle towards me, we clinked the bottles and said, "Ohrahhhhhh!"


He questioned, "What's the second thing."


I grin, "Oh I'm wondering how the Major likes this fucking desert."


Banzai queried, "Jack what the hell are you talking about?"


I said, "Oh shit! In all the excitement I forgot to tell you. I was messing around with the radio…"


Banzai interrupted, "Jack if you contacted Major M I'm going to kick your ass."


I told him, "Now just simmer down, I didn't contact him. I was messing around with the radio and discovered the Old Man sent Major M down here to find something called Baskerville."


Banzai laughed so hard I thought he was going to die, then he began to choke on his beer so I slapped him on the back. He finally caught his breath and said, "Damn I love it when plan comes together."


I laughed too when I finally figured out what Banzai's plan was. Then I complained, "Well you sure should have told me about this plan of yours."


Banzai stated, "I would have told you if you hadn't been so bitchy lately."


I thought for a bit and decided he was right about this too. I answered, "Yeah, knowing there isn't an exit strategy for us has me pissed off and I shouldn't take it out on you."


I thought for a few moments and came up with a hell of an idea. I looked at Banzai, described my idea, he laughed like crazy and said, "Hell yes, let's do it!"