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Chapter 103

Home Chapter 103

Copyright 2012 - 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Glen – At the cabin


I heard some rumors of what happened and I couldn't fucking believe it - it sounded like some weird science fiction novel. I want to hear it from my own daughter's lips so I ask, "Jennifer, what the hell has gone on here and were you sure you needed to use the doomsday device?"


Jennifer replies, "Daddy, we've had a hell of a battle here. First it was the Columbian drug lord's army that attacked us; then some sort of remote control grizzly bear; then I guess a remote control cougar; then rats that were trained to only eat human flesh; then killer bees and cockroaches; and finally this last wave of the drug lord's army. The cabin was inhabited by dead and half dead rats, killer bees and cockroaches and I was sure there was no way to effectively clean it other than purging it by fire."


I look and can see she's tired as hell and silently curse myself for not getting here sooner. I want to clear up one more thing so I ask, "So what got the Columbian drug lord so upset at you?"


It's good to see fire in her eyes when she confirms, "Daddy, it was my fucking so called best friend Megan! She left after she tried to kill me at the mental hospital and now she works for him. I have heard she is using her psychological training to add compounds to his drugs that make them even more addictive."


Maria adds, "Sir, we sent a team down there to capture Megan but all the members were killed except for three."


This jibes with what I have heard so I question, "Which three survived?"


Jennifer answers, "Thom, Byron and some woman named Inga - I think she's a friend of Masha's."


I continue to assess the situation, "Tell me, are Jack and Masha here now?"


Maria replies, "Yes Sir, I just left Jack and Masha at the workshop door."


I further explore for verification, "And is that Byron the Marine that looks like Santa Claus?" (And yes, I do keep track of some former Marines.)


Jennifer confirms, "Yes Daddy it's that Byron."


I order, "Okay Jennifer, I assume you have a meeting room somewhere in the tunnels. We need to have a meeting in thirty minutes. I want your whole team there." Then I look at my men and order, "And I want twenty of my men to circulate and gather any thoughts or questions because we will address those in the meeting."


I smile at Jennifer and ask, "When was the last time you ate?"


A large black lady walks out and states, "Not for a long time Sir, but you can be sure I'll have food for everyone in thirty minutes if I can borrow a few of your men."


I order, "Okay. anyone that's helped cook before can volunteer to help..." I look at her and apologize, "Sorry, I don't know your name."


She replies, "It's Mabel."


I finish, "Tell them to help Mabel. And thank you very much as we're all tired and hungry."


Present – Maria – At the cabin


Well King Boss (my new nickname for Jens' father) isn't anything like the stories I had heard. I was impressed as hell how he came in, took change and gave my Princess Boss a break. I looked at Jens noting her hair was a mess, she was dirty as hell and for the first time I ever remember she smelled - and I don't mean like a daisy. I was pissed at myself for not being here for her, since she was my primary job, not chasing all over hell and back after Linus.


I grab my Princess Boss's hand and order, "We need to get you cleaned up before the meeting."


She follows me into the tunnels and I ask, "Where's your room."


The response I get surprises the hell out of me…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


Maria asks me where my room is and I realize my room, my wonderful room that I was going to share with Ben is gone! I burnt it up to kill the rats and the bees and the yucky cockroaches! Oh, it can all be replaced except for one item - Ben's Hero Of the Russian Federation medal. I'm sure he will hate me when he finds out. I remember him telling me that was the only medal he ever got that was worth a damn.


I collapse to the floor and begin to cry…


Maria helps me up and says, "Jens come on, things are over now and King Boss is here to help."


I look at her, wipe my nose and question, "King Boss? Who the fuck is that?"


Maria laughs, "Well if you're the Princess boss then…"


I giggle, "Daddy is King Boss!"


Maria walks me into one of the sleeping quarters, helps me off with my clothes, puts me into the shower and turns it on. I complain, "Maria this is cold as hell because someone shut off the propane tank."


She replies, "Should I have someone turn it back on?"


I answer, "Not right now, I need to turn off the doomsday device first."


Maria says, "Jens, Todd is here and signed that he can turn it off if you would like and start the water heater."


I wonder how the hell he knows how to do this but then he's always been a mystery so I yell, "Yeah if he can do that it would be great."


Maria says, "Todd also signed he's going to shut down the whole security system because with this many people around it will cause problems."


Damn! I owe Todd big time and will have to figure out a way to repay him. I answer, "Tell him he's in charge of control of the house and to do whatever he needs to do."


Maria questions, "Do you have any clothes down here?"


I reply, "There's a supply room that has MCCUUs1 in a variety of sizes."


1 MCCUU – Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform


She states, "I'm getting some for the both of us and I will be back to make sure you're okay."


To be truthful I was glad she was gone since all I wanted to do was to be alone…


Present – Todd – In the tunnels


I was extremely pleased to be placed in charge of the whole house and planned to make some changes. First on my agenda I turn off the alarm system and later I plan performing some serious modifications to its programming; we have enough Marines here right now that we don't need the security system and I'm not going to let that thing go crazy and try to kill me or anyone else again.


Then I turn off the doomsday system on the upstairs part of the house, I head outside to turn the propane back on and I see something that I hadn't thought about: I need to get back inside and warn everyone as soon as possible!


I run back into the house, hurry to the first terminal and I execute a command. Now to find Jens and explain what I just did and why…


Present – Maria – In the tunnels


I haul ass out into the hallway and finally find the supply room my Princess Boss told me about.


Linus comes up and asks, "Hey sweetie do you have some time for me?"


I give him a kiss on the cheek and say, "Hey lover, not right now. My Princess Boss is trying to have an atomic meltdown and I need to take care of her. By the way you're expected to be in a meeting in…" I check my watch and say, "Shit twenty minutes."


I sprint toward where I left Jennifer, enter the room, go into the shower and fuck! She's sitting on the floor and hasn't done anything.


I strip off my clothes, walk over to her and yell, "What the fuck is my Princess Boss doing sitting on the floor!"


That wakes her out of her stupor and she answers, "What the hell did I tell you about calling me that?"


I counter, "Well, we have twenty damn minutes to make you presentable for the King Boss. Something tells me you better not be late or he just might put you over his knee and spank you."


I begin to help her wash and curse that I wasn't here to help, then the fucking water turns off…


Jens complains, what the hell is going on now?


Present – Todd – In the tunnels


I run to the room that Jens is using and pound on the door. Maria comes to the door in a bathrobe and complains, "We don't have any water."


I nod my head and sign, "Yes I turned off the water because until we can have the well tested, we can't be sure the drug lord didn't poison it."


Maria yells, "Jens do we have any water stored in the basement?"


Jens comes to the door wearing a bathrobe and says, "Damn Skippy we do! Why?"


I sign again, "Jens, until we can get the well tested, we cannot be sure that the drug lord's army didn't poison the water."


Jens says, "Shit, I didn't think about that! Fuck! Mabel is cooking and probably using the water. Todd you need to stop her because she tastes the food as she cooks. Maria you need to spread the word to everyone else about not drinking the tap water."


I run to the kitchen, get there just as Mabel is bringing a spoon toward her lips, I nock and arrow, fire and knock the spoon out of her hands. She turns with an angry look on her face and yells, "What in the world did you do that for?"


I sign, "Sorry Mabel, but we cannot be sure the water wasn't poisoned. You will need to destroy all that food and use the water that Jens has stored here in the basement."


She says, "Well, I've already tasted some of the food."


I drop my pack, pull out my small medkit, take out the bottle of syrup of ipecac and sign, "Drink this and I will try to find the doctor."


Present – Linus, Jim and Matt – In the tunnels


Maria is running down the hallway in a robe and I tease, "I could help you off with that robe."


She states, "Linus, not right now. We need to tell everyone not to drink the water because Todd thinks it might be poisoned."


I look at Matt and Jim and order, "This is serious and we need to get the word to all the troops as soon as possible."


Jim says, "I'll take the front of the house."


Matt says, "I'll take the workshop entrance."


And I decide to cover the rest of the tunnel complex, which is awesome! I could only dream of having someplace like this.


I decide to head to the meeting room…


Present – Glen – In the tunnels


Well it's been thirty minutes: I'm here, my twenty Marines are here, Jack and Masha and their cute little boy are here, Liz and Bernie are here… But where the hell is my little Princess Boss and the rest of her crew? Someone has been thoughtful and put out pitchers of water. I pour some into a glass get ready to take a drink when Linus runs into the room, yells "No!" Then dives across the table and tackles the hell out of me…


Present – Linus – In the tunnels


I barely stop Glen from taking a drink of water and the next thing I know I hear about twenty Marines yell, "Slowly, get the hell off our General."


I look around and see all of them are pointing their M4's at me and I explain, "Sorry about that but I had to keep Glen from drinking the water since we're not sure the drug lord's army didn't poison the well."


Glen squirms out from under me and orders, "Stand down men. Damn, I didn't think about that but it's a real possibility. Who can we thank for coming up with that idea?"


I rise, help Glen up and answer, "Todd did. Until we have the water tested we need to use the water that Jens has stored here in the basement."


Jack says, "Damn that's another one we all owe him. He was smart enough to cover the door into the cabin while the rest of us were at the workshop door."


Masha adds, "Yes, his forethought in this situation has been excellent. I am embarrassed I did not perceive the risk."


Glen asks, "So where are Jennifer and the rest of your team?"


I reply, "Maria, Jim and Matt are telling everyone about the water. I'm not sure where Jens is."


Glen orders, "Well, what are you all doing standing around. We need to get the word to the rest of the Marines as soon as possible. We also need to arrange to have some water hauled in here."


The Marines take off Glen looks at me and says…


Present – Glen – In the tunnels


I shake Linus's hand and say, "Thanks, I owe you another one."


He replies, "Another one? I don't understand."


I smile and explain, "Listen, I know all you've done to help my daughter. You have been more than a good friend to her, you've been like a big brother. Now if you could go find Maria and have her make sure Jennifer is okay I would appreciate it."


Linus blushes and says, "Yes Sir!"


Linus leaves, I decide I need to make a call so I head outside and start to dial…


Present – Linus – In the tunnels


I rush out of the room before I get too damn emotional! Damn, Glen sure has changed from what he used to be. I remember when he was a bastard to everyone, especially Jens. Jens always blamed her mother for her influence over Glen. If it's true then he should have done something about it years ago.


I see some Marines gathered around someone on the floor – oh hell no!


Present – Masha and Jack– In the tunnels


Jack's old General leaves as does most of the room so I lean over and whisper, "Jack what is wrong."


He states, "Masha, not here. We need to find a room for a private chat."


We leave the conference room, find an empty sleeping room, close the door and Jack confides, "Masha, I know that everyone loves the hell out of Glen being here, but I have a fucking hard time forgiving him."


This is surprising so I request an explanation, "Forgiving him for what?"


Jack spends the next ten or more minutes relating to me how Glen had messed up his and Ben's life because of Jennifer's love for Ben. He culminates by saying, "But worst of all, he never mounted a rescue attempt when Banzai was captured. Yeah, he broke the cardinal rule of no man left behind. In fact, I blame him for most of what has occurred since then. Hell, Banzai and Jens should have been married by now and living a happy life."


Ivan and I hug Jack and I say, "My love, I understand if we must leave."


He looks me in the eyes and declares, "And leave Jennifer alone with him? Hell No!"


Present – Zarika – At the cabin


The nice doctor taking care of Yasmeen says, "Damn, she's going to need surgery."


He looks at some of the men around and orders, "We need to carefully move her outside so I can get a medical plane in here."


They begin to carry her and I ask, "Please doctor do not let her die."


He says, "Don't worry, I've taken care of many Marines with worse injuries than hers."


Then, what he tells me next makes me cry…


Present – Alexi, Mira and Ira– At the fertility clinic


My sisters have uncovered a factoid but I am not certain of the nature so I pursue an explanation, "My sisters what do you mean?"


Ira displays more anger on her face than I have ever seen and exclaims, "Alexi, we have deduced whose inferior male creation component was substituted for the one we brought."


Mira is even more angry than Ira and further expounds, "Yes, it was such a diabolical and evil exchange! Irinka, I wish to obtain one of your edged weapons."


Ira hands Mira a short sword then Mira stalks to the evil fertility doctor waving the sword and threatens, "This edged weapon is so keen that I can flay miniscule pieces of skin from your corporeal self. Even though we have deduced this information, inform me now of my so called benefactor's name."


He sputters and starts to complain when Mira uses the short sword to flay a miniscule piece of flesh off his right ear. He screams in pain, "What did you do that for?"


Ira has retrieved another sword (it is a mystery to me where she hides all of them on her corporeal self) and threatens, "Mira, perhaps he requires a matching wound on his opposite external auditory canal."


I laugh as the doctor wets himself and I suggest, "Doctor, they will flay pieces from you until you answer their question. If you value your corporeal self it would be wise to quickly tell them everything they wish."


He pleads, "Okay, just please don't cut me anymore. I will tell you. His name is Akhmed."


Mira cries, falls to her knees and wails, "I knew it wasn't my Ben's progeny! However, I am thankful I expelled the fetus of that foul, fetid, fool."


Ira swears, "That dirty, despicable, diabolical asshole! He always wished to impregnate one of us and produced this elaborate farce to secure the means to his ends."


I stare at Ira because I have never heard her use a real swear word.


Ira continues slashing the air with her sword threateningly in front of the doctor, "I should separate your cranial carapace from your body."


The doctor begs, "Please, I might be of some use to you."


 I suggest, "Doctor, what you choose to do next will determine whether you continue to live…"


Present – Ben – On the road


Parsimonious Paul has shown me the fucking angel picture that Stinky Pete drew of me, explained about some crazy assed TV show where a bunch of damn bikers run a town (now how fucked up can Hollywood get, trying to turn bikers into heroes?). Then he drops a bombshell on me, "I guess you don't know that the places along your route where you saved the truckers from the fucking bandits between Dallas and Austin have been turned into shrines?"


I sputter, "What the hell are you talking about?"


He laughs and explains, "Hell, look in the photo album on the dash."


I grab the photo album and look at the cover with the title 'Trucker's Angel Sites'. I open it to the first picture - I remember that place well and fuck me! There's the car nose down beside the road, half buried with a cross hanging on it and that damn picture of me (less the face thank God). I flip to the next page and I have to ask, "Don't tell me?"


PP looks over and laughs, "Yep, that's a bunch of us praying at the shrine."


I complain, "I sure as hell don't know whose fucking idea this was but I'm sure as hell not a saint and never claimed to be."


PP laughs, "Yeah, spoken like a true saint."


Then he explains, "Oh, some of us pray to God for your safety and some pray right to you. Now those are the ones I worry about. I mean they have actually deified you."


I turn to the next picture and gripe, "What the hell is she doing?"


PP looks at the picture and laughs up a storm, "Well, whether you know it or not you have a hell of a lot of groupies wanting to bump nasties with you! She's getting your angel picture tattooed on her ass. But don't worry, we refuse to let your face be shown."


This has snowballed and gotten way out of hand so I plead, "How in the hell can I stop this?"


PP explains, "Now, I have a few years on you so let me explain something son. You don't mind if I call you son?"


I reply, "Hell, you're old enough to be my grandfather so I guess your years have given you that honor."


PP continues, "Son, even if you could stop this, there's no way in hell you'd want to stop it. Look, you've have taken a bunch of broken down, worn out truck drivers, most of them with families, who never knew if the next run would be their last. You've given them not just their hope back, hell you've given them back the life they love. You see truckin' gets in your blood: Being your own boss and setting your own hours is addictive.  But, you do need to be careful of a couple things."


I question, "And those things are?"


PP answers, "I mentioned first, the crazy assed bastards that pray to you, and second the groupies. You'll see what I mean about them when we pull in at the next truck stop."


I'm pissed as hell, but I need to think so I say, "I think I'm going to kick back and take a nap."


PP says, "Yeah, you need to think about all this and get ready for when we stop at the first truck stop. By now they will all know we are coming."


I lean back in the seat and wonder if it was such a wise idea catch a ride on a truck…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – Austin


I finish my piece on the Mossad and can't wait until it's released and Liz sees it. I walk over to Stacy and say, "Thanks for the video equipment and the theater location. Now when are we going to find Ben?"


Stacy looks surprised as hell and lies, "Samantha, I don't know what the hell you are talking about."


I grin and answer, "Come on Stacy, I may be young but I know why you have this team here and I guessed why we came to Austin.  We're here because Ben is or was here."


Bill walks over and asks, "Ms. Summers, do we have a problem?"


Shit! Samantha figured out what I was really doing and there's no hiding it from her. Bill walks over and for a moment as I think about ordering him to take her somewhere and not let her go. Then Samantha says, "Stacy, you don't have to have your body guard detain me. I don't have any intention of telling Liz or Jennifer Donaldson where we are or what we're doing."


I ask the next logical question, "And how can I trust you?"


Samantha answers, "Well, I will let you control all my phone calls and also approve all the reports I release."


Then she adds, "Listen, next to Ben you're the best story in America right now. So I would be a big fool to lose the chance to interview you. And you saw how terrible I made the Mossad look. I can make you look very good."


I say, "Samantha, let me talk this over with Bill for a moment."


Bill and I move away and I ask, "What's your take on this?"


Bill pulls up his phone, looks at it and advises, "According to the voice analyzer, she's telling the truth. And let's face it, if she can make you look half as good as she ripped the Mossad it will be priceless."


I state, "I agree, however I want all location services disabled on her phone."


We walk back over, I look at Samantha, hold out my hand, we shake and I say, "You've got a deal, now Bill needs to look at your phone."


Samantha hands it to him and replies, "Don't worry, all the location services are turned off."


Bill states, "Samantha we are going to do some special things to this phone so they can't even find you by using cell tower triangulation."


Samantha says, "Good because I sure don't want the Mossad to find me."


I laugh, "Yeah, after what you said about them, I'm sure you're now a target."


Samantha replies, "Stacy, can we talk in private?"


We move away from Bill and what Samantha says next concerns me…


Present – Liz and Bernie – At the cabin


I look at Bernie and say, "Bernie, it's fucking time I do my job and report on this fucking mess at the cabin."


Bernie agrees, "Hell yes it's about time! Let me go get the small digital camera."


I am glad we always keep a small portable camera in my purse. Bernie heads back into the tunnel, I notice a bunch of Marines milling around a trailer, walk over and… There's a television and Samantha's on. She's just started doing a report on… The fucking Mossad that helped her. Now this is interesting.


Samantha floors me when she reports, "All of America needs to know the Mossad team is here under false pretenses. They told me they were here to help eliminate the illegal aliens that are invading Texas, but I have verifiable proof they are actually a death squad who were sent here after Ben Blaine. Not only that, there are serious questions as to whether they might be here illegally."


Samantha pauses, sadly looks down, then looks back into the camera with more anger than I'd ever seen her display. Then she announces, "And I am ashamed to report that my former husband Frank is a bigamist! He told me the love of his life had been killed in a bombing; however he was actually married to her the whole time."


This fired the Marines up, they begin to shout and I can't hear the rest of Samantha's report.


One says, "Hell, we might be pissed at Ben but we sure as hell aren't going to let a bunch of fucking Mossad bastards kill him, he's a Marine!"


Another Marine adds, "And I can't believe the one fucker was already married when he married Samantha. Hell, I'm going to castrate the bastard when we catch them."


I decide I need to talk to Samantha to make sure she's doing okay, I pull out my phone and call her…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – It's raining hell on the drug lord


I wake up, Inga smiles at me and I threaten, "The next time you knock me out..."


Inga giggles and interrupts, "Yes, I just might take advantage of you."


Byron states the current situation, "Thom, General Donaldson approved of all our actions to date and has deployed a Recon team to assist us in either capturing or killing Megan."


I question, "I thought he retired."


Byron gives me the same hackneyed line, "Once a Marine, always a Marine."


Then he gives me a sitrep on all that's gone on at Jennifer's cabin. It made me fucking sick until he adds, "I hate to tell you but they took out one of the TSIFFTS semis."


I complain, "What the hell? How did that happen?"


Byron explains, "It looks like they've recruited the Zetas2 and MS-133 who brought some serious firepower to the fray. They blew it and part of a team to hell with an anti-tank round and damn near got General Donaldson."


2 Los Zetas Zetas, Zs) is a powerful and violent criminal syndicate in Mexico, and is considered by the U.S. government to be the "most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico." The origins of Los Zetas date back to 1999, when commandos of the Mexican Army's elite forces deserted their ranks and decided to work as the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, a powerful drug trafficking organization. In February 2010, Los Zetas broke away from their former employer and formed their own criminal organization.


3 Mara Salvatrucha (commonly abbreviated as MS, Mara, and MS-13) is a transnational criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles and has spread to other parts of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. The majority of the gang is ethnically composed of Central Americans and active in urban and suburban areas. In the U.S., the MS-13 has an especially heavy presence in Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California; the Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas of Fairfax County, Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Prince George's County, Maryland; Long Island, New York; the Boston, Massachusetts area; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Houston, Texas.


That really pisses me off - the thought of taking out one of the semis. I promise, "This means fucking war! I want that bastard's head…"


I request an explanation, "Byron, Thom what is the TSIFFTS?"


Thom looks at me and says, "Inga, if I told you I would have to kill you."


I laugh and tell him what I already know…