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Chapter 11

Home Chapter 11

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jens – At the cabin - PT


After removing the malingering Yasmeen from bed and dragging her almost kicking and screaming body into the front yard, I take over and finish PT.


Since I am the DI, I watch everyone like a hawk to determine their weaknesses: Everyone did great except for two - Thom and Yasmeen. Of course I knew those two would give me problems. I silently chuckle as I consider that in some ways the two of them are alike. I should really make them bunk together, now that would be funny as hell.


The big surprise is Zarika, she worked her ass off.


I announce, "Okay we're done." Yasmeen, turns and walks toward the house and I continue, "Yasmeen, where the hell are you going? Get back in formation."


She glares, flips me off, keeps walking so I command, "Sharik, fetch!"


Sharik goes after her like crazy - he runs in front of her, growls and snaps. She screams, and runs back into line as everybody else laughs.


I state, "I was proud of most of you today except for two and I want to give those of my team that did a good job a kiss."


Liz complains, "Jens, what if we don't want a kiss?"


I smile, walk up to her and reply, "Oh you'll want this kiss." I hand her a chocolate kiss, she grins and says, "Now these kisses are the best of all."


I continue down the line…


Present – Yasmeen and Zarika – At the cabin - PT




The very mean Jennifer lady makes her dog herd me back into the line as if I am a sheep. It is terrible. But it becomes even worse as everyone laughs at me. I am very embarrassed and angry especially at Zarika because I hear her laughter over the top of all others. It sounds like the annoying braying of a donkey. I will make her and the very mean Jennifer lady pay a huge price.


I watch as the mean Jennifer lady hands out something she calls a kiss. They are in silver foil wrappers and as she gets close to me, I hold out my hand. But she glares at me and says, "No kiss for you today because you were late and didn't work hard enough."


I think about showing her the finger again, but her terrible dog is with her…




I work very hard today because I want to show this Jennifer lady that I am better than she is. When she announces we are finished, I almost leave with Yasmeen, but I wisely do not because no one else leaves.


The Jennifer lady is handing out chocolate kisses. As she gets to me, she gives me two and says, "Zarika, I was proud of how hard you worked today."


It makes me feel very happy inside. I look at the kisses and I am not sure what to do with them. Then Alexi kindly shows me how to unwrap them. I unwrap mine, throw the wrapper on the ground and the Jennifer lady complains, "Zarika, do not throw the wrappers on the ground unless you want to clean up the whole ground."


I remember how bad it was cleaning the kitchen and do not wish to clean the grounds. I pick up the wrappers, put them in my pocket and say, "Sorry Jennifer lady."


She smiles at me and says, "It's okay you didn't know any better. And you can call me Jens."


I smile and say, "Thank you Jens lady."




Zarika the pig gets two pieces of the chocolate kisses and doesn't even share one with me! And I am very hungry this morning because the food last night was terrible. And I did not even get to eat because I threw it all on the ghost of the dead sister.


Zarika throws the papers on the ground and the very mean Jennifer lady yells at her and I think she is in trouble but somehow she doesn't get in trouble.


I am wondering what we will do next when the very mean Jennifer lady orders, "Time for a little run."


The old man Thom beside me groans, "Not a run! I'm too damn old for this BS."


I think it is okay to complain so I add, "Yes. Run is for children not women."


The very mean Jennifer lady glares at us and orders, "You don't have a choice. Everybody on my team runs - especially you two malingerers."


Present – Liz – At the cabin - PT


Yeah, I knew the run was coming and I was looking forward to it. I miss the running I did on the track team in college and now that we're here I was looking forward to getting back into it.


Jens orders, "Liz you know the way so take the lead, Sharik and I are going to make sure we don't have any stragglers."


I question, "How fast do you want to go?"


Jens grins, "Since this is our first run and since some of us are carrying weapons, let's take it easy."


I take off at an easy lope.


Present – Mira and Ira – At the cabin - PT


We start the run, I glance at my sister and remark, "I desired that we would have worked harder today."


She smiles at me and answers, "Mira, you must remember that Ms. Donaldson needs to accommodate everyone with her workout. For instance, Alexi is slightly fatigued."


I reply, "Thank you my sister I was distracted and did not notice."


She answers, "Yes Mira, I recognized your mind was on vacation. However today we must stay alert as there are numerous locations where someone could ambush us."


I answer, "Yes Ira you are correct and our two major responsibilities…"


She finishes, "…are Alexi and Ms. Morgan."


I continue, "…and in that order. Ira, I will remain close to Ms. Morgan…"


Ira finishes, "…and I will defend Alexi."


I ask my sister Mira, "Please dissuade Ms. Morgan from proceeding at too rapid a pace."


She questions, "Ira, if your lower bipedal unit pains you that much perhaps you should not run."


I smile at my sister and remind her, "Mira, suffering is terror departing the corporeal self."


Mira smiles and states, "I will also observe you and should your suffering become overly intense I will put a stop to this run."


She easily catches Ms. Morgan and I do battle with the pain hoping that someday I will again run like the wind with my sister.


Alexi smiles as I run beside him and he questions, "My sister Ira, how is your discomfort?"


I smile and reply, "It is bearable."


He remarks, "Thank you for watching over me."


I smile at him and state, "We are family and we always take care of one another…"


Present – Byron and Thom – At the cabin - PT


I do the PT as well as I can with my still injured arm. There is no way in hell I am going to complain or be a malingerer - Marines don't do that.


I am shocked when Thom doesn't complain during the PT, but then he blows it when Jennifer announces the run.


I grin at him as I eat the kiss then he promises, "You just wait, payback's a bitch."


I laugh, "Thom you use that phrase so often you're going to wear it out. Come on let's run."


We take off at what's an easy pace for me and I start to laugh my ass off. Thom questions, "Just what the hell is so damn funny?"


I remark, "You are. You run like a girl."


Jennifer yells, "Hey I heard that 'run like a girl remark.' I'll kick your ass running any day of the week."


Thom laughs, "Come on Byron are you letting that challenge go unanswered?"


I say, "Hell no! You're on missy! Catch me if you can!"


And we both take off like crazy…


Present – Zarika – At the cabin – PT


I am following the Jens lady when she has some words with Byron. Then Byron starts to run really fast and the Jens lady begins to chase him. It looks like fun (and I do want to impress the Jens lady) so I begin chasing her…


Present – Maria and Linus – At the cabin - PT


Linus is still being a huge pain in the ass about me working out so finally I move away from him. Even when I was a drunk, I still kept myself in okay shape and if I am pregnant I'm sure not going to sit on my ass all day and get fat.


He comes over after the exercises and apologizes, "Maria, I'm sorry for being such an asshole. It's just that I've never been a father before and before I met you I never thought I would have the opportunity. Now that there's a chance I might be, I don't want to lose it." Then he gives me his chocolate kiss.


I smile at him and say, "Linus, you're forgiven but please understand that I'm not sitting on my ass all day. It's big enough as it is."


He grins at me and declares, "I think it's perfect!"


I blush, punch him in the arm and say, "Linus there are children here. Come on, let's run."


We take off running and are surprised as hell when Byron, Jens, Sharik and Zarika blow past us like their asses are on fire. We hear Thom yell, "Kick her ass Byron."


I look at Linus and say, "Shit, I need to try to keep up with her."


He questions, "Why's that?"


I answer, "Because I'm her body guard."


I start trying to catch them while Linus stays right by my side. I look at him and question, "What are you doing?"


He smiles and explains, "If your Jens body guard, then I'm your body guard."


His comment gives me butterflies...


Present – Jack and Masha – At the cabin - PT


It was great watching Sharik and Ivan play, but even better was watching my still hot as hell wife. She had on a skin tight suit and teased the hell out of me. She'd been trying to get me to work out again and made sure I enjoyed myself today. Shit by the time we were done, I had adjusted myself several times.


But the run was coming and I wasn't looking forward to carrying Ivan because it had been awhile since I'd run. Masha must have read my mind and stated, "Jack, I checked the stroller. It is built like a Kamaz and I think we should use it."


I look over the stroller and she's right. I separate Ivan and Sharik, Ivan complains, "Want play with doogie."


After Masha says something to him in Russian, he's happy and we begin our run. It's a great pace and Vanya's looking around and pointing at things. I smile at Masha and state, "We need to spend more time outside, just look how Vanya loves it."


She gets ready to answer when Byron, Jens, Sharik, Zarika, Maria and Linus blow past us like we're standing still.


Masha looks at me and says, "I wonder why they are running so rapidly."


Present – Matt and Jim – At the cabin - PT


PT was quite easy, I think Jens was taking it easy because it was our first day. We fell in, at the middle of the pack for the run, and I ask Jim, "You think one of us should be keeping an eye on Jens?"


He looks around and answers, "Shit Matt, with Linus, Liz's two bodyguards, Byron and Thom here I would feel sorry for anyone who attacked us."


He is right. I relax until Byron sprints past us; right on his tail are Jens and Sharik. She orders, "You guys make sure there are no malingerers." Then Zarika, Maria and Linus fly past us.


I look at Jim and say, "Well it looks like we have our orders."


Jim states, "Yeah and it looks like Maria and Linus are keeping an eye on Jens."


I look behind us and question, "Shit! Where the hell are Thom and the young girl?"


Present – Thom and Yasmeen – At the cabin - PT


I love it when a plan comes together. I know both Jens and Byron are competitive as hell (hey they are Marines!) so it was easy enough to get them racing each other. Once they're gone, I turn and start walking back toward the cabin and see Yasmeen right behind me.


She asks, "What to do old man?'


I ignore her 'old' comment and say, "While the cat's away the mice will play."


She looks confused and asks, "Where are cat and mice?"


I smile at her and lie, "Back at the cabin where I am going."


If the old Thom man is going back to the cabin then I am following him. I was happy when the very mean Jennifer lady got angry with the old Papa Smurf Byron and started to chase him. Her very terrible dog follows her so now she will not scold me. And once back at the cabin I can get some beauty sleep and also plan my revenge…