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Chapter 14

Home Chapter 14

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Liz – At the cabin - Run


Running with Mira is a joy. She is quite the runner and makes it look effortless. Someday I need to challenge her to a race, but not until I've put a few more miles 'under my belt.' When we hear a hell of a noise behind us, amazingly Mira spins around and runs backwards without losing a step. I crane my neck around just in time to see Byron, then Jens, Sharik, Zarika, Maria and Linus blow past us. Jens yells, "I'm gaining on you?"


Byron laughs, "Not for long! Then he pulls away."


I look at Mira and say, "You think we can catch them?"


She frowns and states, "Most certainly I could catch them. If your corporeal self contained less adipose tissue then you might keep up with them, however I beg you for my sister Ira to not pursue them."


What the hell! Did Mira just call me fat? Oh well, I have put on a few pounds but hey, I'm much better than most American women. But I wonder about Ira so I question, "Mira what is wrong with Ira?"


Mira spins back around and explains, "Ms. Morgan, one of her lower bipedal units sustained injury when she extricated her corporeal body from the Kamaz."


Then I remembered Ira telling us that last night. I crane my neck again and see Ira and Alexi behind us and offer, "Mira, since everyone else is gone, let's all run together."


Mira smiles in gratitude, "Thank you Ms. Morgan, that would be sublime."


Present – Mira, Ira, Alexi and Liz – At the cabin - Run


I am extremely pleased when Ms. Morgan and Mira reduce their speed and we join them. I have an overwhelming desire to run beside my sister again.


Mira questions, "Irinka, how is your mono-pedal anguish?"


I force a smile and reply, "Mirika the discomfort is manageable. Thank you for returning beside us."


Ms. Morgan is analyzing me and queries, "Ira, did you have a doctor look at your leg?"


I reply, "No Ms. Morgan. There was not sufficient time because my first priority was to reunite with my family."


Ms. Morgan gives me a very stern look and orders "Well that's all I need to hear! We're putting a stop to this run right now and walking back to the cabin. Then I'm going to have a look at that leg of yours. And tomorrow, we're going into Denver and take you to the best orthopedic specialist that we can find."



I watch my sister Ira crimson slightly. I know Ms. Morgan's desire to care for her has slightly embarrassed her. We are not accustomed to our benefactor caring for us thusly.


Alexi declares what Ira and I can not find the words to say, "Thank you very much Ms. Morgan for the wonderful care and concern you show my sisters. It will not go unrewarded."



Yeah, there's no way in hell were running on Ira's injured leg since we could be causing it further damage. We all stop running, turn around and head back toward the cabin and I ask, "Ira you never did finish your story last night."


I am amazed as she continues…


Present – Jens and Byron– At the cabin - Run


I sure as hell don't know how someone his age can run so damn fast, and the old fart is teasing the hell out of me! He slows up and yells, "What's wrong? Do you run like a girl?" Then when I'm almost to him he sprints away. Damn, it's just like Ben used to tease me only it's worse now because he's an old fart.


I change strategy, drop my pace just a touch and yell at him, "Yeah well I can keep this up all day."



Now this is fun as hell! Jennifer is really quite a runner and it's all I can do to keep ahead of her, plus I'm sure as hell not used to running at this altitude and I'm really sucking wind. I sense that she slows up some and know she's going to let me exhaust myself, so I take the offensive. I slow up to a manageable pace and yell, "Well, I think I showed you. Just let me know when you want a rematch."


She comes up beside me, grins widely and asks, "How did you get so fast?"


I reply, "I don't know, I've always been able to run fast. But this altitude is kicking my rear."


She giggles, "Yeah I'm having problems too."


Zarika runs up and adds, "Fun this was."


Jennifer looks at her and says, "Wow I'm impressed you kept up with us."


Zarika answers, "Yes I good woman and run well."



I'm amazed that Zarika kept up with us and never would have guessed it. I smile at her, reach into my pocket, hand her another kiss and say, "You deserve this."


She smiles and replies, "Thank you Jens lady, I paper not throw on ground."


Byron complains, "Hey how about one of those for the winner of this race."


I reach in my pocket, hand him two chocolate kisses and state, "You might have won today, but I want a rematch."


Present – Maria and Linus – At the cabin - Run


Uhhh. Suddenly I don't feel very well and I know what the hell is happening. In my haste to leave I didn't prepare for it. I run up to Jens and ask, "Jens can we stop and can I talk with you in the bushes over here?"


She gives me a funny look then says, "Sure everyone take five."


Linus asks, "Maria, is something wrong?"


I snap at him, "Not now honey, give me a minute."



I stop beside Byron, he looks at me and asks, "What's wrong with Maria?"


I shake my head and answer, "I don't have any idea, she seems like she's in pain."


Present – Maria – At the cabin - Run


I get Jens to the side and explain, "Jens, Aunt Flo is coming and I forgot to bring anything."


She gives me a worried look and asks, "Maria are you sure it's just Aunt Flo?"


I nod my head, "Yeah Jens, I am."


Jens takes off her pack, gives me the supplies I need then turns away. I take care of things then I ask, "Jens do you really mind if I bail on the rest of the run?"


We head towards the rest of the group and Jens replies, "Sure Maria, why don't you and Linus head back to the cabin.


Linus questions, "We're headed back to the cabin? Why?"


I blush, grab his hand and say, "Not now honey, I'll tell you later."


Jens yells, "We'll see you two later."


Present – Zarika, Jens and Byron – At the cabin - Run


I have not seen Yasmeen the annoying. Knowing her I bet she is back at the cabin house sleeping. So I question, "Jens lady? Yasmeen where she is?"



Zarika is right. We've been stopped long enough that everyone else should have caught up with us and no one did. I look at Byron and ask, "You think something has happened to everyone else."


He thinks for a moment, then begins to laugh…



Damn him! He played us perfectly and I hate being played. I laugh and say, "Jennifer we've been played by Thom and I bet he's back at the cabin right now sleeping."


Jennifer gets a fiery look in her eyes and snaps, "If he is I'm going to make him regret it."


Zarika questions, "Yasmeen where?"


I add, "I think she went to cabin with Thom," which further inflames Jennifer.


She yells, "Okay we're headed back to the cabin to take care of those two malingerers."


I smile and think, now this should be good! I wonder how she will handle Thom because he can be a real handful…



The Jens lady is very upset at the old Thom man and Yasmeen. Again I was wise to not associate with either one of them. We run back toward the cabin and the Jens lady is saying bad words in a low breath. Then she gets quiet which gives me much concern…



Damn it all! I need to nip this insubordination in the bud before it grows into a full fledged flower. Yasmeen I would expect this from and I have ways to handle her. But Thom, that's a different story. At first I let my anger control me, then I calm down and think about ways to handle Thom and come up with a hell of an idea that will even work on Yasmeen…


But where the hell are Matt and Jim? They were supposed to keep those two in line. Don't tell me I'm going to have to kick their asses…


Present – Matt and Jim – At the cabin - Run


Shit we did all we could to get Thom and that mouthy little girl to leave the cabin and follow us but it had no effect. I looked at Jim and suggest, "We'd better go find Jens and tell her about this."


Jim states, "Yeah, I'd hate to be those two because she's going to be pissed."


We take off down the trail, and after about thirty meet Maria and Linus. I ask, "Where are you two going."


Linus says, "Maria's sick so we're done for the day. Where are Thom and Yasmeen"


I notice Maria blush and wonder what the hell's going on with those two. Jim replies, "They both went back to the cabin and hit the sack. Why don't you two see if you can get their asses out of bed?"


Linus waves his hand and says, "Sorry that's Jens' problem. Hey have you guys seen Jack and Masha?"


I reply, "Hell no we haven't seen them."


A few minutes later we meet Liz, her two body guards and Alexi. I ask, "You guys done for the day?"


Liz says, "Hell yes. Ira's leg is injured and we're not running until I have it looked at. Let Jens know about our decision if and when you catch her."


Jim questions, "How will we know which trails to take."


Liz answers, "That's easy, if you come to a fork in the trail always take the right one and eventually you will loop back to the cabin."


They keep moving, I look at Jim and ask, "Is your GPS on?"


He nods his head, "Of course, the last thing I want to do is get lost."


Present – Jack and Masha – At the cabin - Run


I don't want to get Masha upset. Especially not after how we've been getting along - I feel closer to her than I've ever felt. But to be truthful, we're lost. Yeah it's embarrassing as hell: A Recon getting lost. We even turned around and headed back toward what we thought was the cabin but dammit all nothing looks familiar.



I am quite sure we have lost our way and my wonderful loving husband is not telling me because he does not want me to worry. He does not need to worry because I am cognizant of our location and the route back to the cabin. However I must find a way to let 'him' discover the way so I do not damage his frail male ego.


We reach a fork in the trail, Jack looks both ways and finally admits, "Masha I'm not sure which way we go."


I suggest, "Perhaps if we face the previous direction the trail will be obvious."


We turn around, he is still going to take the wrong trail so I suggest, "My loving husband call it intuition of women but I think we need to take the other trail."


He listens to me, which makes me happy and I hug his arm even tighter…


Present – Jens and the gang – At the cabin - Run


Matt and Jim are approaching us and I demand, "Where the hell are Thom and Yasmeen."


Matt explains, "They are both sleeping. Thom told me where I could put my head."


Jim answers, "And Yasmeen told me to eat shit and die and then bit me."


Matt questions, "Have you seen Jack and Masha?"


I answer, "Weren't they at the cabin with everyone else?"


Jim replies, "Hell no, we thought they would be with you two."


I swear, "Well today's run has turned into a huge MCF1. Thom and Yasmeen are going to rue the day they fucked with me."


1 Mongolian Cluster Fuck


Byron asks, "Jens how do you plan on handling Thom."


I grin at him and state, "I am going to call in my secret weapon. Matt and Jim, take two hours and see if you can find Jack and his family, if you can't, then call me." Matt and Jim take off at a trot…



Now this is interesting! Jennifer has a 'secret weapon' to use against Thom. This I need to know about so I question, "A secret weapon?"


She replies, "Byron you're the last person I would tell because loose lips sink ships."


I get incensed and defend myself, "Jennifer, I resent that remark! Thom may be my best friend but he deserves whatever comes his way for heading back to the cabin and sleeping. All I'm going to ask is that you let me be a fly on the wall when you 'launch' your secret attack."


She giggles, "Oh I think everyone will hear my secret attack."


Now she's really piqued my curiosity.


Zarika questions, "Jens lady, about Yasmeen what?"


Jens smiles, "Oh I have another secret weapon for her."



The Jens lady has secret weapons which I do not know about? I must watch very carefully to learn about those weapons. Because I do not want her to use secret weapons against me when the time is right for my plan…


Present – Matt and Jim – At the cabin - Run


We get to the first side trail, turn left and head down it. It's not very long until we see Jack and Masha. I run up and say, "Are you two lost?"


Jack looks embarrassed, Masha gives me a cold hard look and coldly replies, "No Sir! We are taking the scenic walk."


I decide for my health I'd better drop it and say, "Jens along with everyone else is headed back to the cabin. So, do you mind if we follow you?"


Jack answers, "Well, we're moving slower than you two so how about we follow you."


We're far enough ahead that Masha can't hear us and Jim says, "Damn Jim did you ever get the evil eye from Masha. I thought she was going to kill you."


I answer, "Yeah I guess she doesn't have a sense of humor."


Jim states, "At least not when it concerns Jack."


I wonder, "How do you think Jens is going to take care of Thom and Yasmeen."


Jim laughs, "I sure as hell don't know since Thom doesn't listen to anyone."


Present – Yasmeen – At the cabin


My beauty sleep is finished. I arise and know I must find someplace safe in which to hide. Soon Zarika, the very mean Jennifer lady and her terrible dog will be home and they must not find me.


Present – Jens – At the cabin


We get to the cabin, I stop to make a quick phone call and then smile. That is until I walk into my room and son-of-a-bitch!


Present – Zarika – At the cabin


I am tired as we arrive at the cabin house. I drink a big glass of water then go to the room I share with Yasmeen. She is not here, but my bed and clothes… I can not believe it…