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Chapter 17

Home Chapter 17

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Zarika – At the cabin


I can not believe what Yasmeen the very annoying did! I must tell and show the nice Jens lady immediately. I dash down the hallway and call, "Jens lady help! Jens lady help!"


Present – Jens – At the cabin


That sneaky little bitch came into my room, threw all my clothes on the floor and even stole my picture of Ben from the nightstand. I am losing my patience with her and if she keeps this up she's not going to survive…


Zarika is yelling about needing help. I hope that Yasmeen and she had a fight because that would be something I'd even pay to watch. I grab a rifle, head into the hallway, Zarika runs up hugs me and begins to cry because she's so upset.


I ask, "What's wrong?"


But she's so upset she just blubbers at me.


Present – Thom – At the cabin


Byron noisily comes into the room and slams the door. I complain, "Damn, you sound like a herd of elephants." Then I grin and tease, "So how was the run?"


He laughs, "Thom, cut the crap we all know what you did."


I sit up and bed and begin to craft my lie, "We got separated…"


Byron interrupts, "Thom, don't try lying to me, because I'm not buying it. What you did was bullshit and if someone on our team did it you'd dress them down, but good."


He was right and I did feel a touch of remorse. I ask, "So how pissed is Jennifer?"


He grins at me and I immediately get a bad feeling, "Oh she was ready to kill you at first."


I nod my head, "Yeah, that I expected."


He continues, "But by the time we got back here, she was remarkably calm."


I question, "So do you have any idea what she's going to do."


Byron laughs, "She cautioned me with, 'loose lips sink ships.'"


Now I start to worry so I sit up and whine, "Come on Byron, I thought we were friends."


He moves over close to me, looks around then whispers, "Okay, she said something about a 'secret weapon.'"


I look at him and question, "What sort of 'secret weapon'?"


He answers, "I have no idea. I need to hit the shower."


Shit what the hell does she have planned…


Present – Byron – At the cabin


It's all I can do to keep from laughing my ass off. Thom and all his, 'payback's a bitch' threats - well he's met his match here. But I need to get some payback too, so that's why I told him about the 'secret weapon.'


Hell, I have no idea what it is, but the thought of what she's going to do, and the worry it's going to create in Thom will keep him busy all damn day. So I can clean up, have a good breakfast and settle down with a nice book or two…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – At the cabin


I am providing a vigorous and strong digital manipulation with my phalanges and upper appendages to my sister's injured lower bipedal unit. Her face contorts and I question, "Is the anguish level created by my ministration too intense?"


She smiles and answers, "If your ministration could be less robust I would appreciate it."


I am not happy! Irinka's lower bipedal unit is lacking much motion of range. The injury she sustained was greater than she revealed even to me. I comply with her wishes and mouth a silent prayer that the surgeon will be able to assist my sister.


We hear Zarika in the hallway caterwauling, "Jens lady help!"


Irinka begins to rise but I countermand, "No Irinka, we are not completed yet." I look at Alexi and request, "Alexi will you ascertain what is bothering Zarika."


Alexi smiles and questions, "Do you feel I need a weapon?"


I reply, "No, not inside the cabin."


He leaves the room and I continue my ministrations…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


Alexi, opens the door, steps out, closes it very quickly and asks, "Ms. Donaldson might I be of some assistance?"


I look at him and say, "Something has happened which has Zarika extremely upset and I can't understand what she is saying."


He listens for a moment, then speaks to her in a different language. She starts waving her arms around and yelling. He replies with something else and she finally stops yelling. He looks at me and says, "It would appear that Yasmeen has fouled her clothes and bed and she would like for you to come and inspect it."


I question, "Was that Farsi you used to speak with her?"


He answers, "Yes it was, how did you recognize it."


I answer, "First, tell Zarika she is not alone because Yasmeen messed up my room and even stole my picture of Ben. And second, I spent some time in Iraq and Afghanistan."


He informs Zarika, she takes my hand and we walk toward her room. Then Alexi asks, "Sometime, if you would not mind, I would love to hear your stories of that experience."


I get ready to reply but as we get into the girls room I fight to control my rage! I thought my room was bad, but at least Yasmeen didn't use my clothes and bed for a toilet.


I look at Zarika, then give her a big hug and say, "Well, I think we should leave this mess for Yasmeen to clean up. Will you sleep in my room with me tonight?"


Alexi translates, Zarika smiles and says, "Kind Jens lady, thank you. I sleep on floor like dog."


I scold, "Like hell you will! I've got a big bed and you can share it. Now get showered and we will find you some clothes to wear."


She smiles, "Thank you most kind Jens lady." Then she leaves for the bathroom…


Alexi pulls me aside and whispers, "Ms. Donaldson, I would caution you from becoming too emotionally attached to Zarika."


I blink and question him, "Why's that."


He simply states, "Do you not see that she is preparing herself to take your place?"


I pause for a moment. Could he be right? I need to ask Liz about this.


I reply, "Thank you Alexi. However I am not sure that you are correct."


He smiles at me, "Yes Ms. Donaldson. You have doubts because of my age. I would suggest you ask your friend Ms. Morgan and perhaps verify the information with my sisters."


I ask of Alexi, "Tell Zarika through the door that I will bring her some clothes and then have her come into my room when she dressed because we need to clean it up."


He begins to tell her, then someone comes to the door…


Present – Thom – At the cabin


I finally find Jennifer in the girl's room which is a stinking mess. I ask, "What the hell happened here?"


She turns, I see fire in her eyes and she states, "Well it looks like your friend created a bunch of mayhem when you brought her back to the cabin. Didn't you know you needed to watch her?"


I answer, "I thought she was sleeping and it's not my fault she did this."


Jennifer gives me a funny grin and counters, "It sure as hell is your fault. You left a teenage girl alone to run amok in my cabin. We're probably lucky she didn't shoot herself."


I try to apologize, "Listen, I'm sorry about the run. I know it was a chicken shit thing to do and I'm ready for whatever punishment you deem necessary."


She gives me an evil grin that puts fear into me all the way down into my boots and simply states, "Don't worry Thom, I'm not going to punish you. Now I need to get back and clean up the mess Yasmeen made of my room." She and Alexi walk past me and I wonder… What the hell game is she playing…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


We leave Thom in the room and I'm happy because my plan is working. Alexi smiles at me and states, "Ms. Donaldson that was masterfully played."


I know what I did, however I want to see if he really knows so I question, "What do you mean Alexi?"


He states, "You have recognized that to Thom the suspense of an upcoming punishment is worse than any punishment he could receive."


Damn for a young boy this kid's sharp but he missed this one a little. I state, "Alexi you are incredible. However you made one slight error in your assessment."


He gives me an incredulous look and says, "I am sorry Ms. Donaldson, I have failed you."


I take his hand and explain, "No Alexi, you don't know the punishment I have coming for Thom. If you did you would know it's much worse than any suspense."


We are at the twins room and he says, "Thank you for your instruction on this Ms. Donaldson. I will endeavor to never make such a mistake again." He opens the door, quickly slips into the room and I think… perhaps he's right about Zarika. I need to find Liz…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – At the cabin


Alexi slips into the room, I motion for him to not speak loudly and whisper, "Irinka is sleeping."


He looks at me and smiles, "You administered a sedative to her?"


I answer, "Yes the pain was too great from her injury. I can not abide the wait to escort her to the doctor tomorrow. So my brother Alexi, what information have you acquired for our use?"


He informs of the putrid situation in Zarika's room, how it was worse than the mess for Ms. Donaldson so I question, "Why would you suppose Yasmeen would inflict greater damage upon Zarika? She should see Ms. Donaldson as her primary adversary."


He smiles and states, "Zarika did not have issues touching the clothes, even those which were soiled with bodily fluids. That would likely not happen if the fluids were from someone else. So I feel Zarika soiled her clothes and bed in hopes to increase the ire of Ms. Donaldson."


I question, "And how did Ms. Donaldson react?"


He replies, "She had a brief flash of anger and then seemed very sad."


This seems unusual so I continue, "Was there any mention of the retribution she has planned?"


He replies, "Might I possibly make an assumption?"


I state, "Yes please proceed."


He replies, "Thom came into the room seeking information on his punishment and Ms. Donaldson told him she was not going to punish him. When asked, I explained to her how the fear of the punishment will be greater than the punishment she has planned for him. However she corrected me and told me the punishment will be even greater than the anticipated fear."


I hold his attention and I delicately instruct, "Alexi, your analysis is excellent. However I would like to offer a suggestion."


He says, "Yes my sister Mira, I am listening."


I warn, "You must not expose your training so openly."


He looks at the floor, "I apologize my sister Mira, my error was due to excitement because it was the first mission you entrusted to me."


I remember back in the early days of our missions, how the Beast would have beat us for such a mistake. I rise, hug him and continue, "Alexi all is forgiven. But remember right now the adults view you as a child and they will say things while you are around that they would not mention if they knew of your skills."


He pulls away and seeks confirmation, "So my youth is my camouflage?"


I tousle his hair and affirm, "Yes my brilliant brother - now go play with Ivan and perfect your camouflage."


He salutes me, I giggle, Irinka moans and he scolds, "Mira you told me to be quiet."


Present – Jens – At the cabin


Suddenly, I realize I'm missing my faithful sidekick Sharik since he did come back from the run with us. Now where the hell did that dog go? I wander into the kitchen but he isn't there. I head to the library and see Byron stretched out in a recliner snoring with Sharik fast asleep on his lap. When did those two become friends?


Oh well they can have some guy time together and I'm not worried because I know Sharik is my dog prince.


He wakes up, sees me, begins wagging his tail and somehow slips off Byron without waking up. He comes over and I ask, "Did you have a good nap?"


He stretches and I decide that must be a yes, so I say, "Okay I need to get us some food." But for once he doesn't seem excited about eating…


Present – Yasmeen – At the cabin


I hear everyone come back, however no one has bothered to even look for me which makes me very sad. Now I am getting very hungry and I need to see if there is any edible food in the kitchen.


I climb up on the counter, open the doors and begin looking through everything. But I don't understand what many of the things are. Finally I find some cookies like I saw on television so I take the whole bag and go back into hiding…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


When Sharik and I walk into the kitchen, the cabinets are open, everything's been moved around and dammit! My private bag of chocolate chip cookies is gone. I look at Sharik and say, "I think a little mouse has been in the kitchen."


He begins searching around on the floor like he's looking for a mouse which makes me giggle, "No Sharik, not a real mouse, I meant someone has stolen our cookies (yeah he loves chocolate chip cookies too)." He puts his feet on the counter, I begin to complain, then he howls and takes off like a bloodhound.


Liz comes in, we fly past her and she exclaims, "What the hell?"


I yell, "Come on Liz, we're in hot pursuit of a cookie thief."


Present – Liz – At the cabin


Damn I wonder who was brave enough to steal Jens cookies! Even Ben never took her cookies. It's been this little quirk in Jens character for as long as I have known her and she hates when anyone even brings it up (that's why no one has mentioned it before). Sharik is howling like a bloodhound and tearing down the hallway. He reaches a closed door and howls directly at it. Jens says, "Ah, the culprit is in the basement."


She throws open the door, Sharik flies down the stairs howling like crazy, then begins to bark and we hear a lot of yelling.


Jens grins, "Shall we see who he treed?"


We head down the basement steps and I fight to keep from laughing my ass off! Sharik has chased Yasmeen to the top shelf of a set of storage shelves.


She cries, "Jennifer lady please call off Baskerville dog." Then it hits me, she's shining a flashlight into his eyes so they look like they are glowing.


I figure Jens is going to kill her, but she simply says, "Good job Sharik now back off."


Sharik comes and sits beside us and Jens asks, "Did you eat all the cookies?"


Yasmeen says, "No Jennifer lady, just four. Sorry about room am I."


This was new news to me, I will need to ask Jens about it later. She instructs Yasmeen, "Give me the rest of the cookies, come on down and I will make you some breakfast."


Yasmeen questions, "Not angry with me?"


Jens explains, "Yasmeen I am very disappointed with what you did to my room and I want Ben's picture back. However, I am mortified at what you did to Zarika's clothes and bed. Young ladies in America do not use other people's clothes for toilets."


Yasmeen questions, "Jennifer lady not I understand you speak too fast."


Jens is remarkably calm (too calm?). Yasmeen is on the ground, Sharik growls at her and she cowers. Jens says, "Yasmeen, you need to apologize to Sharik because they are his cookies too."


She says, "Sharik dog I sorry I take cookies." Sharik rolls over and Yasmeen giggles.


Jens grins, "Yasmeen, let me show you a trick I taught Sharik."


She takes a cookie out of the bag, Sharik sits down, she sets the cookie on this nose and he just holds it there. Jens whispers, "Yasmeen, tell Sharik 'okay'."


Yasmeen says, "Okay."


Sharik flips the cookie up into the air, catches and devours it."


Yasmeen giggles and Jens says, "Let's eat, then Yasmeen you need to clean up the mess you made of Zarika's clothes, which means I will need to teach you how to use a washing machine."


Present – Yasmeen – At the cabin


I do not understand why the Jennifer lady is not angry with me about her room and what did she mean about Zarika's clothes? She was more angry about cookies and her devil dog scared me so bad I almost went to the toilet which I need to do very bad.


We get to the kitchen I ask, "Jennifer lady, toilet please?"


She gives me a funny look and says, "Haven't you gone to the toilet enough today? Oh well, let me show you."


I do not understand her words, but I am happy to be able to use the toilet. And I am very confused by the Jennifer lady's actions toward me. Perhaps she is not as terrible as I thought she was…


Present – Liz – At the cabin


Yasmeen is off to the bathroom, I grab Jens by the shoulders and ask, "What the hell is going on? Did I miss everything?"


She smiles, begins to cook some eggs and says, "Yeah you sort of did. By the way where were you?"


I blush a little and say, "Not now, I want to hear what I missed."


Jens tells me everything, then grins at me and says…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


"Alright Liz spill it?"


Liz blushes again and lies, "Jens I don't know…"


I interrupt, "Come on Liz, someone got lucky. I can tell."


She blushes again and declares, "Jens, not this time. I'm not going to kiss and tell."


That makes me wonder more than ever who the heck it was. My thoughts are interrupted as the kitchen fills up…