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Chapter 18

Home Chapter 18

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Erast – At Bob's country bunker


Shit! I hated to fire those two shots, but the damn banditos had already seen me. It would have been better if I could have slipped back to the Country Bunker and sounded the warning. Once again I'm dodging like crazy, trying to keep trees between me and them. As rounds whistle past me, I mark the location, put the Winchester over my left shoulder, put my right hand on the butt stock and use my left thumb to pull the trigger.


I know I might get lucky and hit someone but I'm mostly hoping to slow them up some. I fire four times and hear one yell (yeah I did get lucky). I flip the rifle upside down, grab six more rounds and start reloading.


When I'm close enough to the sleeping guards I begin to yell. One of them wakes up and demands, "Why in the hell are you making so much noise."


I stutter, "S-S-Santa Ana's army is here."


He blinks his eyes and yells, "What the fuck are you…"


He never finishes because I think he sees them. He jumps up, wakes up the other guard and says, "We need to get the hell out of here!" Then they run away.


I yell, "D-D-Damn cowards!"


When I enter the guard house, I see they left their weapons. So I pick up the M-16, duck and begin to return fire. This is going to be a short as hell battle if I can't find some way to alert the compound…


Present – Rex – Taking in the prisoners


Shit that was a hell of a thing! I was heading towards Austin to deliver the three fake Rangers I have in the back of my truck, when I round a bend in the road and run right into a damn bandito convoy. But this one had two major differences from the normal banditos: First it was big as hell and second I was damn sure I saw some Federale vehicles in it.


I reached down, put my Dodge Ram Truck in four wheel drive, headed off the road and floored it. The big V-10 in my Dodge roared. I crashed through the underbrush and a few small trees (hey if you can't Dodge it ram it) and finally found a small road.


Oh they sent some vehicles after me, but I'm a native Texan and I've been driving these little back roads long before it was legal for me to drive. I knew the bastards were headed toward the Country Bunker. They hated that place because Bob delivered his own brand of Western justice on any banditos that were caught (he liked to think he was Judge Roy Bean and said he was the law East of the Pecos). I get to a place where I think I can relax a little and I pull out my cell phone to call the Bunker and warn them. Son of a bitch I don't have any signal! Then I remember the Feebs were coming down here to look into someone destroying the cell phone towers. I guess I need to drive like a bat out of hell until I get to someplace with some reception…


Present – Erast – At Bob's Country Bunker


I feel and hear the bolt lock back on the M-16, look down for more ammo and see a big red button. I figure ‘what the hell it can't hurt’ so I slam my fist down on it. At first nothing happens, then I gradually hear the old style air raid siren start warming up. It reminded me of the damn one they had next to the school - I hated it when I was a kid and they tested it each month. I reload, rack the bolt and begin to fire.


I see a truck headed toward the front gate when Bob runs up and yells, "Sheeit! Where 'r my damn guards."


I reply, "They ran away. We cannot let that truck reach the gate."


I put the M-16 on full auto and begin dumping rounds into the truck. Bob picks up the second rifle and does the same but he's not very accurate. The driver’s now dead, I take out the tires and the truck finally stops and then there a big fucking explosion which throws us both to the ground.


Bob questions, "What the hell was that?"


I reply, "That was an ANFO truck bomb."


Bob replies, "Like the one in Oklahoma city? Well these mesicans are playing dirty this time. How many of them did you see?"


I give him the truth, "If you have some way to evacuate the women, I would get them out of here."


He says, "Damn that many."


I look up, I see something and question, "Is that a fifty caliber browning machine gun in the tower?"


Bob says, "Hell yes, she's a real beaut."


I continue, "Does she work and do you have any ammo?"


He laughs, "Hell yes she works like a sewing machine and I have about oh 20 or 30 ammo boxes full. Do ya know how to work one of those?"


I reply, "Hell yes I do, now keep me covered."


I jump up and I'm amazed because now there's about fifty guys fighting, many of them look like they are nursing hangovers. I get to the tower, start up the ladder and the bastards start firing at me.


Present – Anastasia – At Bob's Country Bunker


I'm having such a great dream when I'm startled by, "Wake your ass up and join the fight if ya don't want the mesicans doing things to your body that ain't never been done before."


I open my eyes and question, "What!"


She laughs and says, "Shit missy! We're under attack from the mesicans and it's every girl for herself."


I question, "My brother."


She laughs, "He's kickin' ass! Now get your princess butt out of bed and help us."


I jump up, the room spins a little, the woman hands me a shot and says, "Take this, it's hair of the dog what bit ya."


I slam down the shot, it burns like hell and I promise, "I'll be right out."


I throw on my shoes, and then I do what Ben taught me: I check my tactical vest, grab my assault pack (which Ben never let me mess with), grab two rifles and head out the door.


Erast needs my help…


Present – Erast – At Bob's country bunker


I get to the top of the tower and notice they did one thing right as hell, they mounted the fifty on a tripod in the middle of the tower. But then they fucked up and built a roof over it and I could only fire the fifty towards the gate. I do a quick threat assessment and realized we are royally fucked! I thought there were several hundred banditos, but a quick estimate puts the number at well over a thousand. And they are being smart as hell this time, they are keeping us busy at the front gate while there's even more trying to get to the back fence.


I haven't closed the hatch yet when Bob runs over and yells, "Is everything okay and do you need anything?"


I reply, "Bob send half the men on the front gate to the back fence because they have a bigger force there. And bring me a damn chainsaw."


He takes off, I take the cover off the fifty, do a quick assessment and function check - Bob's right this is one fine machine gun. I see two ammo boxes (which won't be enough) pop one open, load the fifty and begin to rip on the front gate. Yeah this is one nice machine gun.


Most people think with a machine gun you hold the trigger down – what I like to call the spray and pray (that you hit something) technique. It's much more effective to acquire a target, fire a short burst then find a new target, not only do you conserve ammo, you also keep the barrel of the machine gun cooler.


Present – Anastasia – At Bob's country bunker


I run outside to find it's a war and we're right in the middle of it! It seems like everyone is confused about what to do and they're all running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Bob runs past me and says, "Eras' is in the tower with the fifty."


I take out my tactical radio and call, "Erast do you need some help?"


He rudely replies, "It's about damn time you woke up! Give your tactical radio to Bob so I can tell him where to send his men then find someplace to hide because I don't have time to take care of you."


Bob runs past with a chainsaw and I wonder if this is going to be a remake of the Texas Chainsaw massacre. I run after him, hand him my tactical radio and say, "Erast said to give this to you so he can tell you where to send your men."


He mounts the earpiece and says, "Thanks missy, I'm taking this chainsaw to him right now so just follow me."


We run toward the tower, but they are shooting at us so I begin to zigzag like Ben taught me…


Present – Erast – At Bob's country bunker


I hear Bob's voice over the radio, "Erast, the chainsaw is ready for you to haul up. Plus I have your sister with me."


I open the hatch in the floor and I see they have a pulley and rope (hooked to the roof) they use to pull things like the ammo boxes up to the tower. I'm a little pissed that Anastasia didn't follow orders again but I figure this time I can use her because we can't afford for the fifty to be out of action for the length of time it's going to take me to fix this fucked up tower. I reply, "Send my sister right up and tell her to move her lazy ass."


I continue firing but I'm damn sure Bob tells her exactly what I said because she flies up the ladder like her ass is on fire. She gets into the tower and starts to complain, "Lazy a…"


But never finishes but asks…


Present – Anastasia – At Bob's country bunker


I get into the tower begin to yell at Erast, then I look around and I see that we are surrounded and that we're not doing a very good job. I remember studying about the battle of the Alamo and wonder if this will be the new Alamo. I ask, "What can I do."


Erast says, "Watch how I fire the machine gun and then copy me while I cut the top off this tower with the chainsaw."


I watch, he aims at a target, pressed the thumb thingies, the machine gun fires two or three shots then he lets go of the thumb thingies.


I nod, "I understand."


We switch places, I begin to fire the machine gun, Erast hauls the chainsaw up to the tower, starts it up and begins to cut…


Present – Erast – At Bob's country bunker


The first thing I do is cut the rope and pulley assemble from the roof of the tower, we are going to need more ammo and that's the best way to get it up here. I know better than to try to rip right through the four posts holding up the roof or I will bind the blade on the chainsaw. So I nibble and notch into each post. Finally one post is barely holding the roof on. I order, "Anastasia, duck down."


She ducks, I clear the fifty, take her off the mount and set her on the floor. I look at Anastasia and say, "Come here and hold my belt very tightly."


She grabs my belt, I stand on the side of the tower in one of the windows, put my hands against the roof and push with all my might. The roof cracks and creaks so I push even harder by straightening my arms and using my legs. The roof finally lets go and heads over the side of the tower. I yell, "Timber!"


Now we will have a three-hundred and sixty degree field of fire with this machine gun which is what we're going to need if we're going to survive. I begin to setup the fifty, and Anastasia announces, "Erast, Boo-Boo is downstairs."


I look, see him and decide to try something, I yell, "Wojtek we need more ammo."


He salutes, then begins to run around in circles and groan. Anastasia says, "He does not know where the ammo is."


I yell, "Wojtek find Bob", and he takes off.


The fifty is back in operation, I shut the hatch, spin it around and work on the back fence where they seem to be concentering their forces.


Anastasia questions, "Erast what's my job."


I reply, "First you need to make sure any brass that falls into the tower is removed because we can't be stumbling on it. Use your rifles to provide support and make sure you take your time and finally, keep an eye out behind wherever I'm firing."


I hear a noise and say, "Duck."


Present – Anastasia – At Bob's country bunker


Wow Erast gave me many jobs but this might finally be my chance to prove to him I'm more than just a pretty face and great body! I am going to do such a good job he will forget all about that Mira bitch he told me about then perhaps he will 'train' me like he 'trained' her.


There's a whoosing noise, like I remember from the bus battle. Erast yells, "Duck." So I do.


He yells, "Where did that RPG come from."


I point where I saw the smoke, he spins the machine gun around, finds the bandito and when he shoots - there's an explosion.


Present – Erast – At Bob's country bunker


Well I had hoped they didn't have any RPG's but I should have known better. But for them to take this long to get them here, meant they were still more banditos coming than what I had originally seen and that they are being resupplied.


I find the bastard with the RPG (I guess they didn't learn to fire and run before you reload) and take him and the extra rounds out.


I hear Bob yelling on the radio, "Eras' what did you tell this damn crazy bear?"


I reply, "Bob, show him where the ammo is for the fifty. And it looks like they are now focusing their attack on the eastern fence so move your men."


I add to Anastasia's work by saying, "Anastasia, somewhere there is someone watching this battlefield from a high point. They are directing the banditos and we need to find that person. Also if you see anyone carrying anything bigger than a rifle I need to know."


Present – Stacy – At Bob's country bunker


Fuck this Russian princess shit! I need to be Stacy for now because it's too damn distracting and I'm busy as hell. The machine gun does a good job of throwing the brass out of the tower, but my rifle is a different story, so I fire some then I throw out the brass while trying to grow eyes out of the back of my head and now Ben adds one more job to my ever growing list. Anastasia would have complained, but I say, "Okay Ben." And I begin to check the tops of the hills.


I notice another vehicle headed towards the gate and say, "Ben there's a truck headed toward the front gate."


He spins the machine gun around and this time he presses and holds the thumb thingies…


Present – Ben – At Bob's country bunker


Stacy does a hell of a job seeing the truck early because it's a big moving truck liked used at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. I fire the fifty until the truck is totally dead and wait for the kaboom but it doesn't come. I guess we got lucky and the detonator is fucked.


I feel the tower shudder, wonder what's going on when Stacy says, "Ben, Wojtek is here."


I open the hatch and he's hauled five ammo boxes already. I call Bob, "Hey Bob can you help us get some of the ammo boxes into the tower."


He replies, "I'll be right over, you two need anything else."


I look at Stacy and say, "How about something to eat and drink and if you have a big assed bolt rifle with a scope on it that might come in handy."


Stacy adds, "I need more ammo too."


I add, "How about a couple more M-16s and mags."


He goes, "It will take a couple trips to get all this."


I state, "We need the fifty ammo now."


He says, "I'll be right over."


Bob shows up, and I order, "Stacy take the fifty."


She takes over, Bob hooks up the ammo box, I pull on the rope and realize how hard this is going to be. I ask Bob, "See if Wojtek will pull the rope end that's on the ground."


Bob and Wojtek look like they are arguing for a little bit but finally Bob puts the rope in him mouth and mimics what he wants Wojtek to do, Wojtek grabs the rope in his mouth and easily pulls the ammo box to the top of the tower. I order, "Okay Bob have him stop."


I pull the ammo box inside, and order, "Let's do the rest."


The others come up much faster, the problem is we have a small tower which the five ammo boxes have made even smaller, I call Bob, "Is anyone down below us?"


Bob replies, "Hell no."


I say, "Keep Wojtek back because I'm throwing the empty boxes over the side."


Stacy announces, "Ben the machine gun just ran out of ammo."


I grab that box and the other empty box and throw them over the side. Bob says, "I'll make sure Wojtek knows those are empties and I'll be back with the other things you want."


I pop open the next box of ammo and notice all the tips are light blue and laugh, I never thought I would get the chance to use incendiary rounds against living targets. This is way outside the Geneva convention but like Jack used to say, 'Fuck the Geneva Convention!' And it's not like they don't know where we are as they fire at us all the time. There's another whoosh, we both duck, Stacy pops up and begins firing toward the smoke trail.


I spin around and decide to give her some help…


Present – Stacy – At Bob's country bunker


I'll teach that bastard for trying to shoot us with one of those damn rockets, I pop up after he misses and fire at him. Then Ben fires the machine gun and this time it looks like it's spitting fire out of the barrel all the way to the target. He hits the guy and not only does it blow him in two, it sets him and even the woods on fire.


I yell, "Ben that was really cool!"


He answers, "Not if we burn down the compound it won't be. Cover me - I need to change the ammo again."


Present – Ben – At Bob's country bunker


Yeah I hadn't counted on it setting the woods on fire, at least it's on the downwind side of us. But I know Texas is like Colorado and the wind direction changes all the time. I begin to reload the fifty with standard ammo.


Bob calls, "I'm back with the things you asked for."


I open the hatch and Wojtek has done a hell of a job moving the ammo cans. Bob has a bag hooked up to the rope, I can pull this one up and when it gets up to the tower I smile and say, "Bob you outdid yourself. Now have Wojtek take a break because we can't fit anymore ammo boxes up here right now."


I think for a moment and ask, "You wouldn't by any chance have some explosives hanging around?"


He laughs, "Hell yes this is Texas. I've got some C-4 and some dynamite."


I question, "And blasting caps?"


He brags, "You bet sonny."


I look at Stacy and order, "You've got the fifty and the tower, I need to go explain to Bob what I want done."


She fires a few bursts and declares, "Don't worry these fuckers don't know who they're messing with. Not only didn't I get enough sleep, I have a hell of a hangover."


I encourage her, "Thanks, you're doing a great job."


I grab the ladder, don't bother with the steps and slide down to the bottom. I explain to Bob exactly what I want with each explosive, then I say, "But I sure as hell don't know how we're going to throw the C-4 far enough to do any good."


Bob thinks for a moment and says, "You leave that to me, I have the perfect plan."


I reply, "Make sure that whoever throws it gets it over the fence and put enough time on the timer so they don't blow themselves to hell."


He replies, "Sure thing! Don't worry about it!"


I hear the sound of a small aircraft and ask, "What's he doing here?"


Bob replies, "He's been watching the battle all day."


I swear, "That son of a bitch. Look I need to get back into the tower."


I hurry back up the ladder…


Present – Stacy – At Bob's country bunker


Yeah Ben's trusted me with the machine gun and I've kicked ass and taken names. I hear him yell, "Stacy open the hatch I'm coming up."


I open the hatch, Ben starts up the ladder and the bastard banditos are firing at him so I give them something else to think about. I stand at the edge of the tower and show them my tits. It works, Ben scrambles into the tower and I slam the hatch.


He questions, "Why did they stop firing?"


I reply, "They were too busy looking at my tits."


Ben complains, "You're lucky they didn't shoot those tits right off your body."


I grin at him and say, "You eat first then me."


He answers, "No way in hell, first I need to shoot down a damn airplane."


Present – Rex – Taking in the prisoners


I finally get to a place my cell phone works, make a call to the acting Governor of Texas and give him all the details that I know. He promises he will call Kirkland and see if the commanding General will send some aircraft to at least check it out.


I think to myself - damn, I hope the kid makes it through this one but I sure don't like the odds…


Present – Major "MadDog" Murdock


My CO calls, "Tango Uniform we need a sitrep."


Yes we've been flying a medium altitude surveillance mission over Bob's Country Bunker which is under attack from a large group of hostiles.


I reply, "Mother Hen this is Tango Uniform, the battle is still in progress however I'm not sure how long they will be able to hold out. The number of hostiles is staggering and is growing bigger all the time." I stop and say, "Hold on a minute sir, there's some new things going on."


I watch as the light aircraft that has been buzzing the area all day starts to smoke and goes down, then there's a pretty big flash in the woods that looks like artillery.


I continue my report, "Sir, it would appear they have just shot down and unmarked civilian aircraft and there are some explosions now which resemble artillery shells."


He replies, "Can't you be more descriptive."


I answer, "Not without going below the floor you set."


I wait for an answer and he finally says, "Your operating floor is now set to two-zero-zero-zero feet."


What I really want to do is get on the deck and kick some ass - shit it's what we're trained to do. I ask for clarification, "Sir the rules of engagement?"


He replies, "Only return fire if fired on first."


We nose our planes into a dive, level off at two-zero-zero-zero feet and prepare our cameras for the first run. We fly over Bob's country bunker and I can't believe what I see. My wingman T asks, "Sir, are those women in bikinis with some sort of big slingshot causing the explosions?"


I chuckle, "Yes T, they are. I now think I have seen everything."


I notice as we fly past the tower, the guy stands and salutes. The girl with him flashes us her tits. My wingman says, "Now that was a salute!" I return the salute and wish I could do more, but orders are orders.


We make our pass, climb and head to the south then I look at the damn road and call, "Mother Hen this is Tango Uniform we have an issue…"


Present – Ben – Bob's country bunker


Some F-16s buzz the bunker. I salute hoping it will catch their attention and one of the pilots returns the salute. I hoped we would have some help, but they continue on to the south.


My improvised artillery shells are working great, I had them take about a baseball sized piece of C-4 pack it full of nails and other shit, then set the timer and deliver it. However Bob's idea was fantastic! He’s using the women and the water balloon slingshot to deliver the shell. They were damn good at placing the rounds and were blowing the hell out of things.


Now the sticks of dynamite I had covered with pitch then rolled in glass and a blasting cap inserted in each one. I told Bob to disburse them evenly around the perimeter of the fence and told Bob they were our last line of defense. If the banditos were that close to the fence we would shoot the dynamite which would detonate it.


I finish my lunch and say, "Okay Stacy I will take over."


She says, "Ben I'm doing really good with this, why don't you mess with that new rifle. Damn sometimes I swear she's inside my head! I pick up the rifle: It's a Sako TRG in .338 Lapua., the scope is a nice Vortex 6x24 and it's .mrad not MOA. I call Bob, "Nice rifle you have here, what's it sighted in for."


He replies, "That's a thirty MOA base and it's sighted in for three hundred yards. By the way I have another five hundred rounds when you use up the five hundred I sent with the rifle."


I load up the two mags, slap one in the rifle and say to Stacy, "Time for me to do the voodoo I do so well."


Present – Stacy – Bob's country bunker


Yeah fighting and dying beside Ben - I couldn't think of any better way to go. Yeah, even I've realized it's a losing battle, there are too few of us and too many of them.


Ben pulls some gear out of his assault pack and begins firing the new rifle. When he fires it, it shakes the tower a little.


Present – Ben – Bob's country bunker


It takes me two rounds to dial in the rifle, then it's time for me to see if I can find the bastards on the ground controlling the men. I begin to scan the trees, looking for anything that looks like someone on a radio, finally see one, range him, put the distance into my ballistic computer. I settle down, take my slow breath, pull the trigger and the bastard's head explodes. I say, "AMF."


Stacy questions, "AMF?"


I grin, "Adios Mother Fucker!" I just took out a ground commander. I slam another two rounds into the radio so they don't get any more bright ideas.


Stacy fires the fifty and yells, "AMF!"


The brass is getting a bit out of control the in tower, I open the hatch and push it all out.


Damn I sure hoped those fly boys were here to help, but I guess this isn't their war.


I take a moment to do a quick tactical assessment and notice we're some men down and more women are fighting, I call Bob, "So how many casualties do we have?"


He says, "We're down ten men, four outright dead and six wounded."


I order, "If the wounded can still fire a rifle get their asses back on the lines."


Bob questions, "Don't you think this will end soon."


I answer, "Bob this is a hell of a long way from being over…"