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Chapter 21

Home Chapter 21

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben – At Bob's country bunker


Something tugs at my attention and I order, "Stacy stop firing."


She stops and now there's very little firing at all going on - and most of it is from us. What the hell are the fuckers doing now? I call Bob on the radio, "Bob, I don't know why but they've stopped firing at us."


Bob questions, "I hope they aren't regrouping?"


I begin to scan the area with the rifle scope and notice for the first time that trucks are rolling past the road leading into the compound. Shit! The bastard banditos aren't after just us, they are after Texas! I order, "Bob, I think this is an all-out attack on Texas and my guess is we've put up a big enough fight they're going to ignore us for now."


Bob asks, "So what are we going to do?"


I reply, "Well, I think I'm going to see if I can't get their attention."


He questions, "Do you think that's wise?"


I answer, "Hell yes! If we end up behind enemy lines they can take their time to kill us."


I wait until I see another big assed moving truck then I put a couple of rounds into the engine and it stops (yeah, that's the great thing about the .338 Lapua - it's good for anti-personnel and anti-material). Then I begin firing into the back of the truck and this time it works just as I hoped…


Present – Major "MadDog" Murdock


We make our video pass, climb and head to the south when I look at the damn road and call, "Mother Hen this is Tango Uniform we have an issue…"


Mother Hen replies, "Tango Uniform report."


I reply, "Sir there are more vehicles headed into Texas all the time and some are beginning to disperse on the side roads. It looks like they are after more than Bob's Country Bunker. I would say this is another invasion of Texas."


Mother Hen orders, "Tango Uniform, get back here with the video ASAP."


We do a quick 180, head back along the road while making sure we film everything. As we get close to Bob's Country Bunker, there's a huge fucking explosion that shoots debris into the air. I call my wingman for confirmation, "T, I would say we've just been fired on."


He agrees, "Yes Sir."


I call Mother Hen, "Sir we have just received fire from the ground and request authorization to return fire."


Mother Hen replies, "Negative on that, you need to get back here with the video."


I reluctantly reply, "Yes Mother Hen." But then all hell breaks loose. 


Present – Ben – At Bob's country bunker


Yeah, I blew the hell out of the moving truck, and it was massive! The trees were flattened for a couple hundred yards around the area, it blew I don't know how many banditos to hell, blocked the road with a shitload of crap and shook the hell out of the tower. But the biggest thing was that it got the banditos attention and we were back at war with them.


Stacy began firing the fifty again while I looked for targets of interest. Then something shocked the hell out of me!


Present – Stacy – At Bob's country bunker


Well, Ben blew up a truck and that got the banditos pissed at us again and they attacked. So I began firing the fifty again. I had seen the girls in the bikinis shooting some sort of bombs at the banditos with a big slingshot and it looked like a lot of fun. But then I had a more important job, and I really liked this big machine gun.


I was doing a great job when…


Present – Major "MadDog" Murdock


My threat assessment console lit up and I swore, "Mother Hen, don't you have anyone watching for bogeys?" Then I ordered my wingman, "Evasive maneuvers."


Mother Hen replied, "Sorry, they must have been below radar. You have permission to go weapons free."


Yeah we had four hostile aircraft on our six. We broke for the ground, started a tight turn and buzzed the hell out of the tower at Bob's Country Bunker. Then we climbed to see if we could shake these four bogeys.


Mother Hen announced, "Tango Uniform, be advised we are scrambling aircraft to assist."


Present – Ben – At Bob's country bunker


The damn aircraft buzzed us so close it shook the tower and knocked us to the ground. Right on their asses were four… shit, four aircraft from the Mexican air force! I yelled, "Stacy try to shoot down the four aircraft following the leading two!"


She swung the fifty around fired a long burst and remarkably one of the Mexican aircraft began to smoke. How the hell did she do that? Sometimes she amazes me…


Present – Stacy – At Bob's country bunker


Ben wants those aircraft shot down - that's what I'm going to do. I figured it was like shooting skeet: You needed to lead the aircraft. Plus they were headed away from us which made the shot easier and since every ten rounds or so is a tracer round, I can see where I'm firing. At first I'm behind the airplanes, then I adjust a bit, and that plus some of Ben's luck and I actually hit one of the aircraft! It begins to smoke, turns and heads toward the south.


Ben yells, "That was damn good shooting! Now let's get back to work."


 I look around and realized there are more banditos than ever and they are on all sides of us.


I yell to Ben, "Don't let them take me alive!"


Ben yells back, "We're not fucking dead yet…"


Present – Major "MadDog" Murdock


One of the bogeys breaks formation and heads back south, the only thing I can think of is the gunner in the tower did some damage. We keep the bastards from getting a missile lock on us, until help arrives then they turn tail and try to run. The wing that came to assist, chased them down while we headed back to Bob's Country Bunker and bombed the hell out of the area.


It was a hell of a fight! Once the Mexicans determined we were a threat, we became targets and they even fired some SAMs at us.


We got an AWACs into the air to direct the traffic and went to work. Several wings flew border patrol to prevent hostiles from entering our airspace and they had their hands full because this was an all-out assault on the US.


One wing took out the road behind the convoy cutting them off from escape and resupply. The rest of us took out the convoy and I made certain to help out at Bob's Country Bunker as much as I could - I owed someone down there.


But without air support, the convoy was an easy target. When they figured out they couldn't get back to Mexico we could see them abandon the vehicles and take off on foot.


By then the Army had joined in the fight so we had to be careful we didn't take out our own men…


Present – Ben – Hours later at Bob's country bunker


You never notice how tired you get from fighting a big battle, until it's over and you can relax. Oh there were still some banditos lurking around the outskirts of the fence, but if they got close enough to do anything we could see them.


The Air Force finally got into the fight and they opened up a can of whoop ass on the banditos around the compound using cluster bombs and even several loads of napalm. Dusk started to fall and I could see a line of fire that stretched south along the road as far as I could see.


Stacy is slumped against the other side of the tower fast asleep. I look at her hands and see they are raw from firing the fifty. I move my shoulder, yeah it is a bit sore from all the rounds I'd fired in the .338. I hear Bob on the radio, "You guys doing okay in the tower?"


I reply, "Yeah, we're just tired as hell."


He says, "Well come on down and rest."


I look at Stacy and answer, "Shit Bob, I think we're too tired to climb down the ladder."


I see a Humvee approach the front gate and order Bob, "Have your men hold their fire."


It stops, a man gets out, uses a megaphone and says, "This is Captain Pike of the Army, permission to enter the compound."


Bob says, "What should I do?"


I answer, "Shit Bob, the last thing I want is the Army to find Anastasia and me. Get one of your other men up here to take over on the gun while we take off."


He laughs, "Yeah I thought you two might be in this country illegally. But shit we owe you big time. You two come down and we will hide you."


I wake Anastasia and say, "We need to hide because the Army is here."


She's so tired she doesn't even complain. I help her climb down out of the tower, someone else takes our place and Bob whisks us away and into hiding.


He comes back about an hour later with some food and beer, sits with us and explains, "Well the Army and the Air Force were sure interested in who was responsible for directing our fight."


I take a sip of my beer and ask, "What did you tell them."


He laughs, "I told them you two jumped on some horses and hightailed it out of here when they showed up."


I hold up my beer and say, "Thanks for covering our asses."


He answered, "They seemed more upset they couldn't thank the two of you, especially some Air Force Major."


I reply, "Well thanks. If you don't mind we'd like to rest here until morning, then we will leave."


Bob surprises the hell out of me with what he says next…