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Chapter 22

Home Chapter 22

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Major M  – Undisclosed location


I looked at my men and ordered, "Put down your weapons. We are going to surrender."


As I put down my weapons the L.Cpl. complained, "Surrender! Have you lost your mind?"


The Sgt. decked him and put down his weapons as he added, "Sir, I hope this is part of your plan."


I replied, "Right now I'd rather take my chances with Baskerville than the Sedankina twins."


Plus, I hoped to finally get a good look at the vehicle and the drivers. However I didn't count on what happened next.


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Shit! The Major was surrendering! At first I wasn't sure what to do, then I realized this was great for us and our plan because if they didn't have their weapons, then they might not accidentally shoot us. I cranked up the smoke screen, floored my Frankentruck and began circling the Major and his men.


Flashback – Jack  – Undisclosed location


I bailed off the back of the Frankenmonster and realized the Major and his men put down their weapons. Well other than the one of them that was already on the ground. Banzai started circling them (and damn near ran me over). I ran up to the Major first then shocked the hell out of everyone with the Frankenprod, It was satisfying as hell!


Banzai pulled the Frankenmonster far enough away that I could see what I was doing and I started to restrain our men. Banzai came over and said, "Jack, make sure you use thumb cuffs on the Major."


We bagged and tagged them, then we loaded them onto the back of the Frankenmonster and strapped them down just like Ira.


Ira made some noise so I disguised my voice and ordered, "Shut up bitch!"


Banzai took off again and I rode in the back with the Major and the other trash…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Damn now that was fun! Oh I know it was a shitty thing to do to our own men, but the Major had it coming for not getting us out of this fucking desert sooner. Besides, it's not like we really hurt him or had plans to hurt him.


Mira made some noise. I looked over at her and I just couldn't resist…


Flashback – Mira – Undisclosed location


The offspring of a female saluki has placed his phalangeal unit on my lower bipedal unit and is very gently massaging it. I detested it at first but then it began to agreeably affect me and I imagined it being my Sgt. Blaine's hand on my lower bipedal unit.


He moved his hand higher and I…


I was so embarrassed!


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Wow! Mira really got into my leg massage. When I moved my hand higher, she shuddered and I think she had an orgasm. Then I felt badly about what I did so I put my hand back on the wheel and tried my best to ignore her…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed location


Dammit all! I had a hell of a headache, my muscles ached and my ass felt like something big bit it. Plus, I was bound, gagged, my head was bagged and I believed I was on Baskerville. I began to move when someone came over and yelled, "Move or make any noise and I will shock you again."


I stopped moving then I heard the L.Cpl. making a hell of a noise. The voice repeated the warning but the L.Cpl. didn't stop. Then I heard a loud zap and he went quiet. So, these bastards were serious!


This was a fine fucking mess! Yes we had surrendered in hopes of seeing Baskerville and none of that plan worked. I started to mess with my restraints, realized I had on thumb cuffs and knew it was worthless to try to pick them because I couldn't get to the locks.


I just had to wait and hope they would make a mistake that would let me escape…


Flashback – Ira – Undisclosed location


I cognated that Baskerville had captured Major M and his men which confounded me. One of the men would not remain quiet and my auditory units detected a loud zap. The demon with the electronic torture device must have used it to silence the offender. I secretly hoped it was Mira's Major M because he deserved it. It was his fault we were captured and humiliated by this situation. At least he shared in my misery.


The ride of Baskerville was quite harsh and I was thankful for the pad underneath me. Yes our captors treated us very well which further confounded me…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


The damn L.Cpl. wouldn't stop making noise so I shocked him again. He tried to flop like a fish but was restrained too tightly and couldn't move but it did knock his ass out again. I was sure glad Banzai never tested this damn Frankenprod on me!


We were making good time toward the coast and our upcoming exfiltration from this God forsaken desert. I let my mind wander to thoughts of Russian women, vodka, cold damn weather, more Russian women and more vodka. Yeah, it was going to be great getting the hell out of this woebegone country.


Banzai honked the horn which shook me out of my daydreams. What the hell was going on now?


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Shit! This was the last thing I wanted to happen and of all the bad luck! Here we were in the middle of no-fucking-where and we chance to meet another convoy! Oh I could kick in the rockets and outrun them, but after our last problem with the tie rod, I don't want to chance a wreck, not with Mira, Ira and everyone else on board.


I honked the horn to alert Jack and hope he figured out what I wanted…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


I slipped on my thermal goggles and saw a fucking convoy. I jumped up, grabbed an RPG and let fly at the first truck. It hits home and stopped the convoy. Then I moved over to the machine gun, strapped myself in and begin to fire.


At least this convoy didn't seem to be a trap like the last one. But I wish Banzai would get this Frankenmonster moving! I know why he won't - he's worried about hurting one of our passengers.


I'm not sure what happened, but something made Banzai kick the Frankenmonster in the ass and now we flew.


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed location


It had been interesting as hell hearing Baskerville attack something. But I wasn't that impressed because we seemed to be moving much slower than I imagined. I heard an RPG, then what sounded like a Russian fifty caliber machine gun.


Something else happened because suddenly the noise level became overbearing and Baskerville practically leaped ahead!


Flashback – Mira – Undisclosed location


My captor stated, "Don't worry, we are attacking a convoy."


His voice, there was something about it…


My auditory units detected the sound of an RPG then machine gun fire, however Baskerville did not seem to be proceeding with any apparent velocity.


Then my captor yelled, "Shit! Hold on to your ass!"


My auditory units were assaulted by a fearful cacophony and Baskerville leapt into action…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Shit! I guess all convoys now had some sort of air support. A couple of Hind gunships popped up from behind a big dune and I was forced to floor it and begin dodging like crazy. One let go with some rockets which I barely dodged and I yelled one word to Jack, "Hinds."


I headed right at the Hinds in hopes they couldn't get their noses low enough to fire more rockets…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


Banzai yelled, "Hinds!" Then he began juking the Frankentruck around like crazy. Some rockets impacted the ground first to the right and then to the left side of the Frankentruck and I jumped into action. I grabbed a manpad, fired up the battery, scanned the area and finally got a lock. I fired and grinned as the manpad didn't miss.


After we passed under the second Hind, I grabbed another manpad but the battery was dead on this one. Shit! This was our last manpad…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Jack took out the first Hind, but didn't fire at the second one so I wondered what the hell was wrong. I knew it was something bad when the fifty started firing. But a fifty against a Hind, that wasn't going to do jack unless he hit the rotors and that was a big if.


I looked at the switches on the dash, and thought what the hell. If we can't fight it at least we can outrun it. I flipped a switch and was pressed back into my seat…


Flashback – Ira – Undisclosed location


The battle with the Hinds was most enlightening. They used a manpad to destroy the first one, however they moved over to the fifty caliber machine gun which would not decimate a Hind.


Then I heard a very loud whoosh and Baskerville accelerated at an extreme rate. I smelled the smoke from a rocket motor and my earlier suspicions about Baskerville were confirmed…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed location


I couldn't believe they we're fighting a convoy, but it did give me some insight into the vehicle and the crew. The driver yelled, "Hind." The gunner used a manpad to destroy the Hind but I still heard the familiar rotor beat of a second Hind. The gunner switched to the machine gun and I became worried, because it would not stop a Hind.


Then something happened and Baskerville accelerated at an extreme rate. This was how they outran our camera in the satellite. I wasn't sure but I think I smelled the exhaust of a solid rocket booster…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


The first rocket motor began to burn out. I wanted to fire another one, but I only had one left and that was needed for something else. When the speed approached 'normal', I pushed in on the clutch, shifted into high, slowly let out on the clutch and floored my Frankentruck. I guess we were lucky because the Hind didn't follow us, but I still kept the pedal to the metal because I wasn't sure the Hind wouldn't call in reinforcements.


There was a good sized bump ahead - I grinned and knew what was coming next…


Flashback – Mira – Undisclosed location


I was joy overed when Baskerville decreased velocity. The accommodation was uncomfortable when it was going at the extreme rate of speed. Additionally, I was astonished the driver could control this behemoth at such a velocity. I had just relaxed when we impacted a huge bump and Baskerville departed terrafirma. Then we impacted the ground with such force it made my neck hurt.


I whined a complaint…


My captor apologized, "Sorry for hurting your neck."


When he began to massage my neck, I resisted the indignity at first but then I relaxed and it felt very good and somewhat familiar…


He stated, "Soon we will release you and your sister."


This was a symphony to my auditory units and overworked cranium, but was most puzzling. Why would they capture us and then release us?


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


We were getting close to the coast and it was time to finalize our plans. I found a ravine, pulled Baskerville into it, hopped out of the cab and motioned to Jack. When we were far enough away that we couldn't be heard I asked, "What the hell happened with the second Hind."


He said, "The damn battery was dead on the manpad."


I thought for a moment and stated, "That's okay. I will replace one of the spent manpads on the Frankentruck with it because it will make things even better. When do you think we should call for exfiltration?"


Jack replied, "Let's take care of our passengers first, then make the call."


I looked at him and questioned, "Don't you think that might be cutting in a bit close?"


Jack made a point, "I'd rather cut it a bit close than make them wait."


I nodded my head, jumped onto the back of my Frankentruck, switched out one of the spent manpads with the dead one (the battery was still good on the spent one). Then climbed into the Frankentruck and headed toward location one.


Flashback – Ira – Undisclosed location


We stopped and one of the men did some work on the vehicle, then traversed for another thirty minutes. The vehicle stopped and I could discern the harlequins relocating masses of gear around. Then one of our captors informed me, "We are going to switch locations between you and your sister."


When he began to loosen my bindings, I attempted to kick him but the other captor caught my legs and scolded me, "If you do that again I will spank you. Now be a good girl."


They took me off the vehicle, then I, Aiiii!!!!!!


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


We setup all the gear and a little tent for Mira and Ira, took them off the truck then I shocked the hell out of them with the Frankenprod. Banzai gave me a dirty look and whispered, "You didn't need to enjoy that so much."


I replied, "I sure as hell did! I figure we're now even for all those times Mira kicked my ass."


We removed the restraints, put them in the tent, I called for exfiltration, then we beat feet back to the Frankentruck and this time Banzai drove like his normal crazy-assed self.


We stopped on a large dune over-looking the ocean, hauled Major M and all his team off the Frankenmonster, then it was Banzai's turn to zap them. He zapped the hell out of them, went over and lovingly touched his Frankenmonster, reached inside, flipped two switches on the dash and we watched as the Frankenmonster flew into the ocean.


Banzai came over and we began to take the restraints off Major M and his men. I sure as hell hoped the exfiltration team got here before Mira and Ira did…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed location


Fecal matter! My cranium pounded, my bodily contractile organs ached and my derriere was on fire in another location. My captor had applied his evil weapon to me again! I opened my eyes and saw my sister Ira and noted we were no longer restrained. I reached over, shook her, she awakened and yelled, "Male offspring of a female saluki! Where are we?"


I replied, "We are inside one of our tents. Our captors released us as they promised they would."


She questioned, "Mirinka, what is that missive on your bodice?"


I reached down, acquired the note, opened it and read:


Mira I'm sorry that we had to capture the two of you and treat you the way we did. However we could not let you kill Major M and I wasn't so sure you wouldn't kill me if you saw me again.


By the time you read this we will be gone. However I will always remember the kiss I shared with you when you were unconscious. Perhaps the next time we meet things can be different.




I looked at Ira and complained, "Irinka, the harlequins were Sgt. Blaine and Stinky Sgt. Reynolds."


Ira's eyes glowed with anger, "Mirinka, we should teach their little red wagon a lesson."


I argued, "Irinka, you are incorrect! They could have killed us but they did not. I do however wish to capture my Sgt. Blaine because there is some unfinished business between us. Quick to our motorcycles!"


We acquired our motorcycles posthaste and followed Baskerville's tracks. They terminated at the top of a tall sand dune.  While we helplessly occulated, down below we watched as five people entered a vulcanized boat. I drove my motorcycle like never before, but I acquired the beach too late to stop their departure. However I did see my Sgt. Blaine - he waved as the vulcanized boat headed to a waiting submarine… FECAL MATTER!