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Chapter 23

Home Chapter 23

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Byron – At the cabin


Now this should be great! He walks up to the driver's door opens it and yells, "Sgt. get your ass out of that car right now!!"


I fight back a laugh when Thom flies out of the car - yeah, even though he's not in Army anymore, when a General (or former General in this case) gives you an order you still follow it.


Man, Jennifer didn't play fair! She called in her dad, and her dad called in Thom's old Captain and they start reading him the riot act.


Glen yells, "Just who in the hell do you think you are to cause such dissension in this team."


The Captain adds, "I should have court-martialed you when I had the chance - you were always too big for your own britches. Now look what you've done!"


Thom sputters, "But Sirs!"


The Captain interrupts, "I don't want any of your lazy-assed excuses. Now if someone did that on your team how would you treat them?"


Thom answers, "I would…"


Glen cuts him off, "When we want you to talk, we will tell you what you can say." He looks at the Captain and asks, "What do you figure, KP for a month?"


The Captain nods his head, "At least. Plus, I think he should have to lead PT everyday too…"


Present – Thom – At the cabin


Shit this isn't fair! Jennifer called in the brass on me and they are chewing my ass. I need to think fast and save what little bit of ass I have left. Then I come up with a hell of an idea.


I interrupt, "Sirs! Permission to speak concerning a matter which could impact Ms. Donaldson's life."


That gets their attention and Glen threatens, "Sgt., this had better not be one of your hair-brained tricks because we were just getting started. Permission granted."


I state, "Sirs! I'm not sure if Ms. Donaldson informed you about how Megan attempted to kill her in the psychiatric hospital."


I notice confusion and concern cross Glen's face and he admits, "No Sgt. this is new information for us, please elaborate."


I tell them (making sure not to exaggerate because brass can smell lies) the whole story. I finish it by suggesting, "Sirs Jennifer wanted to use us to help track Ben Blaine, but she already has Matt, Jim and Linus for that mission. I think Byron and I would be better used to track down and take care of Megan."


Present – Byron – At the cabin


Shit! Thom has volunteered me to help him track down and 'take care of Megan'. I was really looking forward to some down time in the library especially since we now have Mabel, the new cook.


I can tell it's already too late (and Thom has wormed his way out of another sticky situation) when the Captain asks, "Does 'take care of Megan' mean what I think it means?"


Thom smiles and states, "Sirs I respectfully refuse to answer that question."


Glen and the Captain begin to discuss Megan then they turn, look at Thom and announce, "We agree with you and want you to leave in the morning."


Present – Thom – At the cabin


I reply, "Yes Sirs! It will be best if we both rest here tonight and then leave first thing in the morning."


Then something happens that I didn't count on as the Captain says, "No you will leave right after PT."


I begin to complain, "But Sir…"


He cuts me off and declares "Look Sgt., you owe Jennifer Donaldson a day of PT for missing PT this morning."


Then it gets even worse when Glen commands, "Byron, while you two are on your mission, I think it would be good for you to lead the Sgt. in PT every morning and report his progress back to us."


Byron happily replies, "Yes Sirs, that is an excellent idea."


I could kick his ass for that…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


I remain in the shadows and listen to the whole thing. I wasn't upset when Thom suggested they go after Megan because I was going to reassign them anyway. But the overriding concern is because I’m not sure that Thom could follow orders about not confronting Ben. Thom is a loose cannon and there are better things for loose cannons to do than covert surveillance. However I do need to make one big change to their plans. I step out of the shadows and interrupt, "I like this plan except for one aspect of it. I do not want Thom or Byron to 'take care of Megan'. I want them to find her and then notify me."


Thom asks, "What if she tries to kill us?"


The Captain laughs, "Since when did you become afraid of a woman. You will follow these new orders Sgt. We expect you to capture Megan without injury and then notify Jennifer Donaldson."


I add, "And while they are at it I want daily reports on their progress."


Thom complains, "Daily reports! What do you think I am, a REMF?"


I laugh, "No, otherwise I'd only send Byron. I want the detailed daily reports including your PT so I know you two are actually working and not out goofing off."


Thom slaps his forehead and complains, "Detailed daily reports including our PT, I'm not going to do it!"


I grin at him and remind him, "Thom if you want the funding for the TSIFFTS to continue at its current level, then you will do as ordered."


Present – Thom – At the cabin


Shit! Things have gone from bad to worse to nearly intolerable. How the hell did Jennifer know I was planning on taking a good long time to find Megan? I look at Byron and he's grinning like a mule eating briars, the bastard.


Jennifer does have us over a barrel since she has funded the hell out of the TSIFFTS and if we lost that funding we would have to cut back on operations - and I'm sure she would let everyone know it was 'my fault'. She's a smart and sneaky little bitch and has put one over on me for right now. I look at her and complain, "I sure as hell don't like this, but we agree to your terms."


Jennifer questions, "Who's this new lady."


Byron answers, "This is Mabel our new cook."


I add, "She makes the best damn food I've ever eaten and can cook anything."


Jennifer grins, "Welcome Mabel, we can talk about your pay later, but right now we have a bunch of people that are hungry."


Mabel states, "Just show me to the kitchen and give me about thirty minutes."


Present – Yasmeen – At the cabin


I wake up and some strange lady is helping to clean my room. The room smells very bad and I question, "New lady, what bad is smell."


She turns toward me and answers, "Yasmeen, you should not have used Zarika's clothes as a bathroom."


I sit up in the bed and complain, "New lady, that do I not. I make mess but not do bathroom."


The lady argues, "Yasmeen, if you lie to me again I will wash your mouth out with soap. Now come over here and help me clean up the mess you made."


I get out of bed and hate touching the clothes because someone went to bathroom on them - then I realize it was Zarika. I begin to complain, "Nice New lady, I think Zarika did bathroom on her clothes."


The new lady scolds, "Okay since you persist in this lie we will wash your mouth out with soap."


I move away and say, "No, sorry nice new lady. Name what you?"


She smiles at me and says, "I am Evelyn, Jennifer's mother."


I begin to help with the very nasty clothes, somehow I will make Zarika pay for this…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


I walk into Yasmeen and Zarika's room, see Evelyn helping with the mess and complain, "Evelyn, she should have to clean those up by herself."


Evelyn icily replies, "Jennifer you called me here to handle the situation and I'm handling it. Now if you don't like what I'm doing I can leave."


Damn I thought Evelyn would give Yasmeen the same sort of hell she gave me when I was growing up but now they seem like the best of friends.


She shocks me when she compares us, "Jennifer, have you ever noticed how much Yasmeen is like you when you were younger only better? She's much more ladylike."


I stammer, "Evelyn, what the hell are you talking about."


She scolds me, "Jennifer, that's no way to speak to your mother and is a bad influence on Yasmeen. Please leave."


I turn and practically run out of the room before Evelyn sees me cry. Liz is there, it's obvious she's heard everything, she grabs me and orders, "Jens, let's talk." And she takes me back toward my room…


Present – Liz – At the cabin


Well what I worried about happened: Jens plan with Evelyn backfired. Damn Evelyn, if she wasn't still somewhat disabled I would kick her ass! I can't believe how badly she still fucks Jens over and I need to do some serious damage control. I take Jens to her room but Zarika is in there so I order, "Zarika we need this room for our discussion, go back to your room."


She starts to complain, "But Liz lady…"


I nip it in the bud, "Zarika I mean now or I'm going to call Sharik." She takes off like her ass in on fire. I sit on the edge of the bed and watch as Jens tries to hold back the tears. I begin, "Jens it was a mistake to bring Evelyn here."


A few tears trickle out down Jens cheeks and she asks, "Liz why???"


I smile at her and answer, "Jens, because you've never fit the mold of what she's wanted you to be and you never will."


Jens questions, "Should I send her and Daddy away?"


I grin at Jens and say, "Hell no! I think it's time that Evelyn has to live with her decisions."


Jens replies, "Liz I don't understand."


I explain, "Jens let her stay and deal with Yasmeen and Zarika because it will keep them out of your hair."


Jens begins a smile, "Liz that's a great idea."


I grin, "Yeah mess with the best…"


Jens finishes, "…Die like the rest."


I smell something and ask, "Who's cooking because it smells wonderful."


Jens answers, "Thom found us a new cook."


I reply, "Well if the food tastes half as good as in smells then she's going to be a big hit. Let's head to the kitchen."


Present – Zarika – At the cabin


I go into my old room after the mean Liz lady makes me leave my new room I share with the Jens lady. There I see some strange lady helping Yasmeen to clean up her mess. I question, "Who is your name and what you are?"


She gives me a mad look and says, "I am Jennifer's mother Evelyn and Yasmeen's friend. I am here to help."


I question, "We friends also too?"


She scolds, "Mercy child can't you speak English. Tomorrow you and Yasmeen are taking English lessons. And I am not sure if we are friends since you act like too much of a tomboy for my liking."


I ask, "I not know boytom?"


She scolds, "If you cannot speak English correctly then do not speak at all!"


I do not like this Evelyn lady, so I leave the room and smell some wonderful food so I walk to the kitchen.


Present – Yasmeen – At the cabin


I am happy that this Evelyn lady sees how much better than I am than Zarika. I run and give her a big hug, she hugs me back and says, "Yasmeen you are the nicest young lady I have met in a very long time. How would you like to call me mother?"


I have a mother but I know this is make Zarika very angry so I say, "Yes like I much mother."


I smell something, my stomach growls and the Evelyn lady says, "Someone has made something in the kitchen and it smells wonderful. Let's go see what it is."


When we arrive in the kitchen, everyone else is sitting at the table and I realize the new cooking slave is here. Good, now I can make sure she cooks the food I like.


I order, "Nubian slave, make me a damn sandwich bitch!"


Present – Jens – At the cabin


Yasmeen insults Mabel our new cook and the kitchen becomes instantly silent. Mabel spins around with a big spoon in her hand, looks at Yasmeen and yells, "What did you call me you mouthy little girl?"


Yasmeen stands up and repeats, "Nubian cooking slave, make me a damn sandwich bitch."


I am shocked that a lady of Mabel's size can move so quickly! She heads toward Yasmeen shaking that spoon at her and yelling, "I'll show you Nubian slave! Get out of my kitchen before I turn you black and blue with my spoon!"


Yasmeen figured out she made a mistake and takes off running. Then Evelyn complains, "I guess you can't find good help these days."


Mabel, shakes the spoon at her and yells, "I'll show you good help! You can leave my kitchen just like that mouthy little girl of yours!"


Evelyn makes a mistake and argues, "You wouldn't dare hit me with that spoon!"


Mabel smacks the hell out of Evelyn and she takes off like a rocket yelling, "I'm going to sue you."


Mabel stands there, shakes the spoon at the rest of us and says, "Now does anyone else have something to say?"


We all look at each other, I begin to clap and everyone else joins me. Mabel looks confused and I say, "Thank you Mabel for taking care of Evelyn and Yasmeen."


Everyone else joins in the praise, Mabel smiles and says, "Well I hope you all are hungry because I made enough food for an army."


I laugh, "Mabel, you haven't seen how Matt and Jim can eat - they eat enough food for two armies."


She smiles, "I love men that love to eat."


And I know that Mabel is going to work out fine for our team…