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Chapter 24

Home Chapter 24

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Erast – Three days later at Bob's Country Bunker


After I finish my nightly gig with the band, I sit at Bob's table sipping a cold one, relaxing and watching Anastasia dance and serve drinks. We have both worked our asses off the last three days but I suppose I need to explain why. Bob realized that we had been responsible for saving Bob's Country Bunker and offered me a job as head of security and leader of the band. I asked about Anastasia and he said she could be a bar tender/dancer - I verified that it was without 'benefits'. We shook on it and we both had jobs.


Handling the band was no big deal because I was the best player of the group. I just needed to make sure they showed up for practice and didn't get so drunk they couldn't play when they were on or off the stage.


The head of security was a different story. The first thing I did was divide the men into two separate and equal teams and explained to them one team had to stay sober while on duty and the off team couldn't drink four hours before their shift. That went over like a lead balloon until I kicked some asshole butt and even fired two of them. Then the rest settled down and toed the line.


I ran into more issues when I instituted PT. But again, might makes right and after opening up a can of whoop ass on them they obeyed but they sure didn't like it. In fact they hated my guts but I didn't fucking care - we were lucky as hell the Air Force stepped in otherwise those the banditos didn't kill would be singing Himno Nacional de Mexico (Mexican National Anthem).


Consequently I never got a chance to rest: I was playing or practicing with the band or training one team while the other was resting. And when I took time off like right now, I had to watch my back to make sure one of the fuckers wasn't going to shoot or knife me.


Anastasia had her own set of issues which she'd handled very well. At first the patrons thought she was 'fresh meat' and got frisky with her. That was until she kicked some serious ass and left several cowboys with sore as hell balls. The word spread that she was 'looky but don't touchy'. Yeah, I was damn proud of her: She kicked ass, took names and even inspired some of the other women to not 'put out'.


I watched her dancing with the other women on top of the bar and smiled, yeah there were some new cowboys that would be sore as hell later tonight…


Present – Anastasia – Bob's Country Bunker


Damn, I don't know what's harder - dancing, serving drinks or keeping the cowboys from getting fresh with me. Because this cowgirl ain't going to put out for anyone but Erast and he's been so busy I hardly see him. We are like two ships that never pass in the night. I secretly think he's planned it this way because he's afraid I might try to get him drunk again. Shit! He doesn't have to worry about that, because other than when he's playing in the band or tonight I haven't seen him drinking - in fact I've barely seen him at all.


One of the new cowboys at the bar grabs my ankle and yells, "Hey you little filly, you're coming with me upstairs." Damn, won't they ever learn? I kick him in the face with my free foot, he falls to the floor like a ton of bricks and the bouncers run up to take care of his friends, yeah they will get a good education tonight about touching me. I did notice Erast had jumped up from his table. Yeah, even though I don't see him much, he still takes care of me…


I see Bob walk over to talk to Erast. Erast gets a concerned look and motions to me - so I know it's important. I jump off the bar, the normal cowboys know better than to give me shit so they give me a path toward Erast's table.


I get to the table and ask, "Erast, what's going on?"


Bob answers, "Anastasia, there's a news team at the front gate asking about the big battle."


Erast stutters, "W-w-we need to hide."


Bob states, "Don't worry missy, I've already told everyone to tell them you two left already."


We head to our hiding place, get there, Bob leaves and I can't believe what Erast tells me next…


Present – Samantha – Bob's Country Bunker


We are still hot on the trail of Ben and Stacy when we hear about the battle at Bob's Country Bunker.  Frank and Emanuel are convinced that Ben had something to do with it. So we drive to the front gate but instead of being let right in like before, we are forced to wait. My reporter's instinct is going crazy - something is going on…


Finally the guard says, "Sorry for the wait, but we have new security procedures since the last attack."


I question, "Who instituted these new security procedures."


He answers, "Bob did."


That sure didn't sound like the Bob I knew from before since he was really laid back. We drive inside the compound, park the new news van, Emanuel orders two of his team to stand guard (yeah the new van is never left unguarded) while the rest of us head for the door. Bob meets us at the door, smiles and greets us, "It's always a pleasure to welcome the Truth Network into my 'stablishment."


Frank and Emanuel point out the new guards to me so I question, "Your security is different than before."


He laughs, "Yeah, them damn mescians put the fear of God into us when they attacked. But come on in, have a beer or two on the house and then I will answer all your questions."


We head inside and the place seems a little different but I can't quite put my finger on it. However, my reporter's instinct is going crazy since something doesn't seem quite right.


We join Bob at his table, beer shows up and I ask my first question, "Bob, do you mind if we interview you about the battle?"


He grins and replies, "Sure thing little missy, ask away."


I nod to Frank, he pulls up the camera, I wait for the red light and begin:


"Hello America and the world this is Samantha Cohen reporting for the Truth Network. Tonight we are in a real Texas honkytonk known as Bob's Country Bunker which three days ago was instrumental in helping to defeat the bandito army which invaded America. We have the pleasure of interviewing the owner of the establishment, Bob. Bob, in your own words please describe the battle for us."


Bob goes into a long soliloquy describing the battle. I watch as Frank's and Emanuel's eyes grow big telling me they are really impressed. He finishes with, "Thank ya Samantha, I guarantee you that more than once I thought we was goners, that our goose was cooked."


I reply, "But having talked to the Army and the Air Force they said that your tactics for defeating the banditos were almost perfect. I wasn't aware you knew military tactics."


He grins and offers, "Well, we had some unexpected help."


I look at Emanuel and he nods his head. Ah ha, I knew it! I start my follow up, "So someone else directed your men?"


Bob replies, "Yes Samantha, we had some help from this Ruskie man and his sister." He leans closer and says, "I think he was one of them Ruskie Green Berets but he wouldn't answer that question."


I ask, "Do you mean Spetnaz?"


He answers, "Yeah, that's what the man said when I called him a Green Beret."


I look around and ask, "Well are they here? Because I'd like to interview them."


Bob shakes his head sadly and answers, "Sorry Samantha, but he and his sister lit outa here like their asses were on fire right after the battle."


I continue, "I notice you have new security…"


He interrupts me, "Sorry Samantha but I can't discuss our new security with you because them damn mescians might be watching."


I'm frustrated, so I slide a couple pictures to him and ask, "Are these the two that helped you?"


He looks at the pictures and answers, "This ain't them. Hey ain't this that Ben and Stacy that everyone's looking for?"


I reply, "Yes it's them, did you by any chance get the names of the two that helped you?"


He grins, "Well the big feller was named Eras' and his sister was 'Stasia."


I ask, "Do you mind if we ask some others if they've seen Ben and Stacy?"


He smiles and offers, "Sure, knock yourself out. But you will find out there ain't no one here seen 'em because I know everyone that enters my bar."


I look at the camera and say, "Well, America, now you know about the Battle of Bob's Country Bunker. We will endeavor to acquire more information on the mysterious Russians which were instrumental in directing the battle…


Present – Erast – Bob's Country Bunker


I look at Anastasia and say, "My sister we need to leave?"


She really liked being here so she questions, "Erast why?"


I explain, "I am sure Samantha has pictures of us which she will show to Bob and others so our identity will be compromised."


She knows Erast is right and says, "I will begin to ready the horses."


I state, "I will slip in the back door and get our gear."


She reminds him, "Please don't forget my pack."


We both take off for our individual duties.


Present – Anastasia – Bob’s Country Bunker


I look at the horses and see they've become fat from not being ridden enough. I almost have them ready when Bob walks in and says, "I thought I might find you here."


I look at him and say, "Yes kind Bob, we need to leave."


He looks at me and grins, "Anastasia or Stacy, your secrets are safe with me and the rest of the Country Bunker. Do ya think I'm so dense I didn't recognize ya when you first came here. Oh it took a bit for Ben, but you with that blonde hair was a dead giveaway. I made sure everyone knew ya two saved our asses and that they'd better not rat you out."


Erast comes in with the gear and orders, "Bob, please move out of my way."


Bob says, "Now don't go flying off half-cocked. Just like you and Stacy saved our asses, I've saved your asses. That damn nosy news reporter ain't gonna get anything out of anyone."


Erast looks at him and states, "Bob if you're wrong I will personally make sure your life is a living hell."


He laughs, "Yeah, I read about you and I'm sure as hell not going to cross you. Why don't you two wait in here and see. If'n ya don't like what's goin' on then lite out of here. But if'n the news team leaves, this will be the safest place for the two of you because they won't come back looking for you."


Erast stutters, "O-o-okay, but I d-d-don't like this."


He laughs, "You can drop the act Ben."


He leaves, I look at Ben and ask, "What do you want to do?"


Present – Samantha – Bob's country bunker


We interview the hell out of everyone, show them all Ben and Stacy's picture and get the same story. They never saw the two of them - it was some really big Russian man and his sister and they 'fought like wildcats.'


Bob comes up and grins, "Well did you get your story?"


I reply, "Well we got part of our story, but I was hoping to find Ben and Stacy."


He answers, "Well I hate to disappoint ya, but don't say I didn't warn ya."


I offer, "Thanks for the free beer and for letting us have free run of your establishment."


He laughs, "Hell missy, this is free 'vertising and after you air this story I might have to build a bigger place."


We head out to the van and I say, "I don't know guys, something sure doesn't feel right to me."


Frank says, "Honey, I think you're being paranoid. Everyone we asked had the same story. Do you really think that many people would lie?"


I shake my head and say, "It's not likely, but you never know. I guess I need to call Liz and tell her we hit a dead end on finding Ben and Stacy…"


Present – Ben – Four more days later (one week) at Bob's country bunker


I'm just getting ready to play with the band as Bob rushes up on the stage and says, "'Eras', you need to go find your sister right now, I think she's in your room."


I question, "B-b-bob, what's wrong."


He says, "You ain't been watching the TV."


I swear, "I hate TV."


He says, "Well, what we just saw is going to 'ffect both of ya."


I look at the band and say, "You guys have to play without me tonight."


And take off to find what's wrong with Anastasia…