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Chapter 25

Home Chapter 25

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Major M  – USS Connecticut SSN-22


I couldn't fucking believe it! The XO said, "You missed a spot."


I glared at him and complained, "Where?"


He pointed and warned, "The Captain said if you don't do a good job you get to do it again."


I moved the mop over got the mythical spot that I missed and swore under my breath. If I ever got the chance I was going to make sure this Captain paid for making me swab the deck.


This all started when we woke up from being zapped again and Sgt. Reynolds and Sgt. Blaine were magically there helping us but didn't look any the worse for wear. Here I thought the whole time they were dead! I was still pretty out of it when they helped all of us into the zodiac and we sped to the waiting submarine. I did notice Sgt. Blaine smile and wave at Mira as she bailed off her motorcycle and shook a fist at us. Thank God they didn't catch us!


I was awake by the time we got on the sub. We were escorted to a room and I started giving the two Sgts. a ration. In the recesses of my memory I knew this sub's name sounded familiar. Just as I was letting the Sgts. have it, the Captain walked in. He listened for about five seconds then he ordered, "Major stop bothering the Sgts., since they have important jobs to do. And I hope you realize a Marine Major on a submarine is about as worthless as tits on a boar."


So Sgt. Blaine headed up to work the sonar (I had no idea when or how he learned that skill) and I sure as hell didn't know where Sgt. Reynolds went. Then I was told to swab the fucking deck. Yeah, I remembered too late where I heard about this damn sub - it was the one that the then L.Cpl. Blaine used to return the rescued Seal team. Yeah, he was a real fucking hero to all the crew on this sub and I had fucked up when I gave them a measure of crap! 


That's okay, because sooner or later we would be off this damn sub and then the Sgts. would pay…


Flashback – Ben  – USS Connecticut SSN-22


The Captain had me take over the sonar and I was even running it by myself. I guess when my Frankentruck hit the ocean, the cold water made the rocket motors explode. Riggs had shut off the over volume safeties on the sonar and the explosion had screwed up his ears.


But I couldn't help but laugh about Major M. The Captain was pissed that the Major was giving us shit so he had him swabbing the deck. The only problem was I was sure the Major would find some way to make Jack and me pay.


I needed to talk to Jack and we needed to come up with a plan…


Flashback – Jack  – USS Connecticut SSN-22


The CPO and I were in a hell of a cribbage game. I didn't know about this on our first trip or I would have challenged him then. He was damn good, the best cribbage player on the sub, and we were neck and neck.


We'd play a hand then laugh our asses off about the Captain making the Major swab the deck. I made sure to sneak in when his back was turned and got a couple pictures - they would be priceless.


However he was not just an officer, he was our commanding officer and I feared some serious retribution when we hit port. I was distracted thinking about it when the CPO laughed, "Damn that was a boneheaded play, your mind must be somewhere else."


I answered, "Yeah the Major is going to be majorly pissed and he's going to make us pay when we get to a port."


The CPO grinned, "Shit! Don't worry about him. I will have a talk with the Captain and he will cover both your asses."


That made me feel better so I concentrated on the game and finally won.


I was basking in the glory of my victory and asked, "So what's the Captain going to do?"


The CPO replied, "Let's go and tell him about the problem and let him figure it out."


I laughed, "Yeah that's one of the few things brass are good for."


The CPO laughed, "You got that right."


We took off to find the Captain…


Flashback – Major M  – USS Connecticut SSN-22


I was finally finished and was resting when the XO came in and announced, "We're going to rendezvous with a helicopter that will transfer all the Marines to the closest base."


This was music to my ears because I had some asses to chew! I jumped out of the bunk and followed the XO to the bridge. Everyone else was there. The Captain was congratulating all of them, but when he saw me he grinned and said, "Major you're welcome on my submarine anytime - just make sure you bring Sgt. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds with you."


I noticed the two Sgts. carried some paperwork. Although I was curious I didn't dare ask about it here. We surfaced and Sgt. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds got a hell of a sendoff while I and the rest of my men were basically ignored. Just wait, their time was coming.


We climbed up on deck, the chopper was waiting for us, we were pulled up using the cable, secured and we headed toward the base.


I looked at Sgt. Reynolds and demanded, "What are the papers you're carrying."


He stated, "I don't know Sir! The Captain told us to give them to the base Rear Admiral."


I questioned, "The base Rear Admiral?"


Sgt. Blaine added, "Yes Sir! I guess the base Rear Admiral is meeting the chopper."


Suddenly I didn't like the sound of this one bit, and I was sure something fishy was going on. I ordered again, "Let me see one of those packets."


Sgt. Reynolds declined, "Sorry Sir, I can't do that. We were given specific orders to hand-deliver them to the base Rear Admiral."


I countered, "But I'm your commanding officer."


Sgt. Reynolds stated, "Sorry Sir, but a Navy Captain outranks a Marine Major so we must obey his orders."


Dammit! I hated it when the Sgt. was right. A Marine Major was an O-4 while a Navy Captain was an O-6. The worst part was he sat there with just a touch of a smirk on his face. I promised, "Just so both of you know, this isn't close to being over."


Sgt. Blaine answered, "Sir we have no idea what you're talking about."


I looked at them and fumed, then I watched as they flashed some hand signals…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed location


My sister Ira rode up and stated the obvious, "Mirinka once again you missed the opportunity to say farewell to your Sgt."


I sat on the sand and declared, "However this time I did acquire a goodbye kiss."


She painfully reminded me, "But Mirinka, you were unconscious."


I licked my lips hoping to savor a slight taste of the kiss but it evaded me. I decided I would tease her and told her about my Sgt. Blaine's hand on my leg and the response it elicited.


Fecal Matter! My sister Mira is like a moonstruck korova (cow) concerning her unworthy Sgt. Blaine. I can not believe she became so physically aroused from him caressing her leg.


I needed a distraction so I suggested, "Mirinka, there is no longer any need for us to remain in this barren wasteland."


Mira agreed, "Yes Irinka, shall we signal our benefactors and arrange for extradition?"


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


Oh yeah, the Major had his panties in a bunch so I signaled Banzai to not upset him anymore. I wasn't sure what sort of shit the Captain gave us to deliver to the base Rear Admiral, but I did have my orders and I was going to follow them to a T.


The Major questioned, "Just how did you two happen to find us."


I answered, "Sir, it's like I explained before. We lost our jeep and our radio was damaged so we could only receive messages. When I saw that you had finally arranged for the exfiltration, Sgt. Blaine and I headed toward the coast. We just happened to find the three of you restrained in the desert and then freed you."


The Major questioned, "What about Baskerville?"


Banzai opened his mouth and pissed the Major off even more, "Wasn't that the demon dog in a Sherlock Holmes novel?"


The Major glared at him and fumed, "It's also the codename for a vehicle the General sent us to investigate."


I tried to calm him, "Sir we don't know anything about any damn vehicle. We were lucky as hell we found you before Mira and Ira did."


He softened a little but still threatened, "This isn't over by a long-shot. I expect full written reports from both of you."


I inwardly smiled because Banzai and I had worked on this story until we could tell it frontward, backward and even sideways if we needed to. There was no way he was going to mess us up.


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


BASKERVILLE! How in the hell did they come up with that lame-assed name for my girl - she was the Frankentruck and certainly not a dog. Oh she was a dog when I first got her, but not for long. I wanted in the worst way to tell the Major everything, but I knew he would give us a punishment worse than death. As it was we were in deep shit and I tried to talk to Jack about it but he told me the sub Captain took care of things for us.


But I wasn't sure we weren't going to end up in Thule…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed location


The chopper finally landed and the base (pain in the) Rear Admiral was there to meet us. We snapped to attention, he looked at us and said, "At ease Sgts." They relaxed and he left me standing at attention.


He immediately questioned, "Are those the documents from the Captain?"


Sgt. Reynolds handed them to him and replied, "Yes Sir!"


He looked them over, then looked at us and I couldn't believe what he said next…