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Chapter 26

Home Chapter 26

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Byron – At the cabin


Thom suggests, "Sirs, I think Mabel was going to prepare a meal, we should go in and eat."


Glen asks, "Didn't you just return from eating?"


I answer, "Yes Sir, we did but with Mabel cooking, I could eat all the time."


We head into the kitchen and everyone has started eating already, Glen looks around and asks, "Where's Evelyn?"


Liz answers, "She got mouthy with Mabel and got chased out of the kitchen."


Glen says, "Not again! Mabel may I please have a plate for my wife."


Mabel smiles at him, "Well sweetie since you asked so nice, you most certainly can." She hands Glen a plate of food and he goes to find Evelyn.


Present – Jack – At the cabin


I finally get Masha and Ivan calmed down and say, "Masha I will have a talk with everyone about their language around Ivan."


She states, "Jack if you do not succeed then Ivan and I will have to leave."


I begin to smell some food and quickly change the subject, "Hey something smells really good."


Masha smiles and agrees, "Yes, since I am eating for two I am a little hungry."


We head into the kitchen, take the last two free seats and the new cook puts some food in front of us. It looks like some sort of beef stew - I take a bite and I'm in heaven! I watch as Masha takes a bite, smiles and compliments Mabel, "Ma'am this is very good food."


The new cook replies, "Thank you, and please call me Mabel."


Present – Linus – At the cabin


I've been taking care of Maria but I smell something really good and my stomach begins to growl. Maria laughs and comments, "Linus, I'm hungry too. Should we see what's being cooked?"


I help her up and we head to the kitchen. As we arrive, we notice the table is full and there's a new cook. Jens and Liz see us and Jens offers, "We've finished eating so you two can take our place."


We no sooner sit down, than there's food in front of us. I take a taste, smile and say, "This is the best damn food I've ever eaten."


The new cook snatches the plate away from me and scolds me, "Listen here, if you want to eat in my kitchen there will be no swearing."


Masha agrees, "Thank you Mabel, my son Ivan is at the age when he repeats any bad words he hears."


Mabel looks at me and threatens, "I should throw you out of my kitchen since you should know better."


I'm damn hungry so I apologize profusely, "Sorry Mabel, it won't happen again."


Maria adds, "It had better not happen again around Ivan or you will be sleeping on the floor."


Everyone begins to laugh as Mabel gives me my food back and I dig in…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


Liz and I head outside and I see Anastasia the fox eating Sharik's food. I look at her and laugh, "What did you do, chase him off?"


Sharik comes running in, Anastasia takes off and Sharik falls at my feet exhausted. I look at him, lean over to pet him and scold, "You should know better than to chase her - she will run you to death."


He thumps his tail, I feel badly for him so I pick him up and carry him into the house. Liz questions, "What are you going to do with him?"


I answer, "Well first we're taking a shower together, then he's going to rest on our bed."


Liz reminds me, "I thought Zarika was staying with you tonight."


Rats, I'd forgotten about that! I answer, "Well she's just going to have to understand that Sharik is sick and needs the bed more than she does."


Liz laughs, "Jens there's no way in hell she's going to understand this."


I answer, "Well then that's Evelyn's problem to deal with."


Present – Liz – At the cabin


I'm not sure Jens realizes what this is going to do, but hey, I tried to warn her so there's nothing else I can do other than be there when the fur flies. Plus it might be a good thing for Evelyn to have to deal with this since it could prove interesting.


Oh I've already determined that Yasmeen is the little princess that Evelyn always wanted Jens to be. Which means Zarika is the tomboy that Jens really was. Yeah there's going to be some fur flying before this cat fight is done.


But my job, as it always has been, is to support and protect Jens. Calling Glen to deal with Thom was a great idea, but getting Evelyn to take care of the girls was a big fucking mistake. Evelyn is still the mean manipulative bitch she's always been, but she might have met her match with the two girls. At least I hope she has…


Jens carries Sharik to her room and I leave to try to find Bernie. I haven't seen him in forever…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


Sharik is one tired puppy! I bring him into the shower with me and he doesn't even snap at the water like before. I wash him, check his feet and notice he even has some blisters on them. I scold, "Sharik, you should know better." I continue to wash him, but when I touch his side he moves away. I carefully touch it again (it was where he was shot) and I suddenly realize something…


Present – Liz – At the cabin


I can't find Bernie anywhere, then it hits me: I don't remember him going on the run this morning. I walk into the guy's room to verify his bed had been slept in. Where the hell is he? I head to the kitchen where I find Matt and Jim just finishing their meal and ask, "Have you guys seen Bernie?"


Jim says, "Oh yeah, we forgot to tell you. He said he needed to go into Denver and do some things and would be back later."


I question, "What sort of things?"


Matt answers, "He didn't say."


This isn't like Bernie! I leave the kitchen, pull out my phone to call him but it goes right to voicemail - so I leave a message.


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – At the cabin


My sister Ira's lower bipedal unit is improved after my ministrations. She has been telling us about her ordeal and now her obvious fear is explicable. I silently scold myself for not being with her and ascertain that I owe a debt to her which is not compensable.


Alexi states, "My sisters, my nose detects a delicious fragrance."


Ira concurs, "You are correct Alexi, shall we traverse to the kitchen and acquire sustenance?"


We walk into the kitchen where there is a large dark skinned lady cleaning up. She notices us and says, "You three are lucky because I saved back a little food from Matt and Jim - those two are eating machines."


Alexi responds, "Thank you Ma'am, I am Alexi and these are my sisters Mira and Ira. We noted the smells emanating from your kitchen and hunger overtook us."


She replies, "My names Mabel and this kitchen is now mine. Sit at the table while I serve you."


We sit at the table as she places bowls of a meaty concoction in front of us. Alexi samples it, smiles and states, "Ms. Mabel this food is indescribably delicious."


Ira and I each partake of the sustenance and Ira exclaims, "Yes Ms. Mabel this food is vastly superior to most culinary experiences we have had."


She smiles at us and asks, "I gather you three are not from around here?"


I am a little puzzled so Alexi answers, "You are correct Ms. Mabel, we are from Tajikistan."


She answers, "Land sakes, I have no idea where that is."


I answer, "It used to be part of the Soviet Union and is located north of Afghanistan and Pakistan."


Ms. Mabel states, "How would you three like some borscht tomorrow for lunch."


Ira smiles and states, "Ms. Mabel, we have not experienced borscht for an extended period of time."


Alexi adds, "Most Americans do not know how to properly make borscht."


She laughs, "Honey, I can make anything!"


Alexi bravely inquires, "Can you make blini?"


She grins, "Of course I can! Do like meat or cheese in yours."


I reply, "We would just be happy to have any blini since it has been very long."


Mabel states, "Well just make sure you're here for lunch tomorrow."


Ira states, "We will attempt our best but I require a visit to the doctor tomorrow."


Ms. Mabel questions, "What's wrong girl, you look fine to me?"


Alexi proudly answers, "My sister Ira was wounded in combat."


Mabel makes noises like a chicken, "Land sake a pretty young girl like you in combat. I find that hard to believe."


So Alexi explains how Ira sacrificed her wellbeing so we could escape…


Present – Liz – At the cabin


I walk into the kitchen and find the twins and Alexi have just finished eating, Alexi is telling Mabel about Ira and the twins are actually blushing.


Mabel says, "Son are you pulling my leg?"


I interrupt, "No Mabel, Mira and Ira are my body guards."


Ira asks, "Ms. Morgan can we arrange my doctor's appointment so we can abide here for noon repast?"


Alexi adds, "Yes Ms. Mabel is going to make us borscht and blini."


I smile and answer, "Well if Mabel is going to make special food for you three then we will certainly be here. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed borscht too."


I add a question, "If you three are through eating, I have a question for you."


They smile and Mira answers, "Yes Ms. Morgan we have partaken of the proper amount of sustenance and will accompany you back to our accommodations."


We get to their room, I close the door and ask, "Do any of you know where Bernie is?"


Alexi answers, "I observed him taking a taxi very early in the morning before PT."


Mira continues, "However we do not know the destination of the vehicle."


Ira questions, "Is there a problem which we need to address?"


I reply, "No, he just left without telling me and that's not like him."


Present – Bernie


I had something I needed to do and I sure didn't want anyone knowing about it or following me. So I called a cab, it came, picked me up and took me to Denver. Now if I can just find what I'm looking for.


The cabbie finally takes me to a suburb in the south of Denver called Greenwood Village and I finally find what I'm looking for. I make sure it's just right and take a cab back to Jens' cabin. I can't believe this has taken me all day, I wonder if I've been missed…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


Sharik is back to his old self when I use my hairdryer on him, he snaps at the wind and howls. Zarika sticks her head in the bathroom and questions, "You hurt Sharik dog?"


I laugh, "No he doesn't like having his hair dried after his shower. I'm glad you showed up because Sharik is sick and will be sleeping on the bed tonight."


She questions, "Bed not too small for three us?"


Rats I really hoped she'd understand. I answer, "Zarika we're going to need to find you a new place to sleep tonight."


At first she looks really angry, then she begins to cry and says, "You not nice lady." She turns to run and bumps right into Liz. Liz grabs her and asks, "What's going on?"


I explain to Liz and add, "Zarika, tomorrow I need to take Sharik to the vet, the dog doctor, because I think he might still have a bullet in him where he was shot. Would you like to see?"


She comes over touches Sharik side, Sharik whines in pain, she pulls he hand quickly away and says, "Dog has very bad hurt. I sorry for him."


Liz saves me and says, "Zarika, since your room is a mess, you can sleep with me tonight."


I continue, "And tomorrow we will give you your own room and go shopping for new clothes for you."


She smiles and says, "Thank you nice Jens and Liz lady."


The intercom for the gate rings so I jump up move to the wall and say, "Who are you and state your purpose."


Bernie answers, "It's me. Will you let me in?"


Liz gets all fired up and says…


Present – Liz – At the cabin


I yell in the intercom, "It's about damn time you showed up! I've been worried about you."


Jens punches the gate button, I look at her and announce, "I'm going to go give him a piece of my mind!" As I head toward the front door, Jens, Zarika and Sharik tag along. Just who does he think he is… Taking off, leaving me and not telling me where he's been all day!


We wait outside. When the taxi finally pulls up, it seems like it takes forever for Bernie to pay the driver. He steps out of the cab, smiles at me, walks toward me and says, "Hi Liz what's wrong?"


I start, "Well you left and didn't tell anyone where you went and then…"


Present – Jens – At the cabin


I'm fighting back laughter because Bernie walked up to Liz and planted a big kiss right on her mouth. At first she fights, then she seems get right in the spirit of the thing.


But I'm shocked as hell when he pulls away, drops to his knee holds out a box and asks, "Liz will you marry me?"


Liz begins crying like crazy and finally blurts out, "It's about damn time you proposed, I've been waiting for years! Of course I'll marry you!"


He puts the ring on her finger, she pulls him up and begins to kiss the hell out of him again. I look at Zarika and Sharik and suggest, "Let's head back inside."


Zarika questions, "Liz now wife of Bernie?"


I shake my head, "No they are engaged which means they are planning to get married. It's the first step of getting married, there are still very many plans they need to make."


We head back inside to leave the two young lovers alone while Zarika continues her questions…


Present – Liz – At the cabin


I can't believe after all these years Bernie finally asked me! Men can be so dense sometimes. Didn't he realize that this whole time I've been waiting for him to ask me? I pull away and Bernie says, "I can't wait to sleep with you tonight."


Shit! I tell Bernie, "I hate to do this to you, but I promised Zarika she could sleep with me in my bed tonight after Jens had already kicked her out of her bed. I really don't have the heart to throw her out of our bed." (I did like the sound of our bed).


He looked so sad I needed to do something so I said, "However that doesn't mean we can't find another place…" I grab his hand and we head to the basement…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


I saw Bernie and Liz sneaking off to the basement and knew what they were going to do. Damn almost everyone around here is having fun, except for me. Well I'm going to end one couple's fun because I need Maria to do the job I'm paying her for. Yeah I know Aunt Flo is visiting her, but I also know there are other ways to make sure your man is happy.


I walk up to their door, pound on it and announce, "Maria, I need you."


It takes a few seconds and I hear her reply, "Give me a minute."


I reply, "If you're not in the library in five minutes, I'm coming into the room."


I giggle and head toward the library. I can be a real little bitch when I need to be…


Present – Maria – At the cabin


Damn what's lit a fire under my Princess Boss's ass? The way she banged on the door scared me and I almost hurt Linus. I hurry, finish with Linus and head toward the door. He says, "Thanks Maria, you're a hell of a woman." Then I watch as he turns over and I know he will be asleep by the time I get back.


What is it with men? They always seem to want to sleep after… Oh well, now that Linus is calmed down, I can take my time with Jens and hopefully calm her down but in a different way.  


Present – Byron – At the cabin


I announce, "That's checkmate again."


Thom gripes, "Damn you Byron!"


Jennifer walks into the library and asks, "Did you beat his ass again?"


Thom answers, "Yeah he got lucky."


Jennifer states, "Not as lucky as you are because I'm not going to be here in the morning to kick your ass during PT."


I ask the obvious question, "We aren't having PT in the morning?"


She laughs, "Oh yeah there's PT but I'm not going to be here to lead it."


I offer, "Well I can lead it if you want."


Thom gives me a dirty look and Jennifer says, "That's a great offer but you still have your arm to deal with. I'm going to have Matt and Jim lead it. I was wondering if I can have the library for a little bit."


Thom says, "Yeah I'm tired of all these silly games and think I'll mess around on the computer."


Jennifer announces, "The download sites you like have all been blocked - I won't have that sort of bullshit surfing on my network."


Thom looks at me and says, "Byron, let's hop in the car and go to the truck stop."


We head toward the car and Thom complains, "Thanks a hell of a lot, offering to lead PT."


He can't see me so I grin and say, "Hey I'm just trying to be helpful…"


Thom mimics me, "I'm just trying to be helpful…"


I think, yeah beating you in the next game is going to be such sweet payback. Yeah 'payback's a real bitch and it's going to bite your ass.'


Present – Maria – At the cabin


I tentatively enter the library and ask, "Jens are you okay?"


She grins at me and says, "Hell no, I'm fantastic. But I really need you because there are a bunch of things that need to be done tonight and tomorrow and with Liz being out of commission it's up to us."


I sit down, open my notebook and question, "What's wrong with Liz."


Jens smiles, gets a faraway look in her eyes and explains, "She's engaged."


I drop my pen, shake my head and ask, "What? Who?"


Jens giggles, "Bernie. She's been waiting for him for-fricken-e-ver!"


I am flabbergasted and state, "I didn't even know those two were…"


Jens giggles, "They weren't until this morning, then Bernie spent all day in Denver and bought her a huge rock! It must be three carats."


I'm a little jealous and ask, "Where did he get that sort of money."


Jens answers, "He's a part owner of the Truth Network too. Enough of the chit chat - pick up your pen and let's get to work. Here are the things you need to do tonight: First we need to find the best damn vet in Denver and make an appointment for tomorrow morning. Tell him I think that Sharik still has a bullet in him that needs removed."


I say, "Got that, next?"


Jen continues, "Liz was going to take Ira to a doctor for her leg. But with her being distracted I bet she won't do that. So call and setup an appointment tomorrow morning with the best orthopedic doctor in Denver."


I question, "Jens, we might not be able to do that in one day."


Jen says, "Tell the damn doctor it's an emergency and we will pay him for the whole day. That should make him clear his schedule."


I love that the old motivated Jens is back, she continues, "I'm not going to be here for PT in the morning. Go tell Matt and Jim to lead PT and make sure they know they'd better kick some ass."


I question, "Is that all?"


She's on a roll and says, "Not hardly. Go ask, don't tell, Jack that after PT I'd like for him to start training Linus, Matt and Jim for their assignment on tailing Ben."


I interrupt, "Jens, can I help with this."


She looks at me and asks, "Are you good at being sneaky?"


I laugh, "Hell yes I am a woman and I did get into Masha's purse."


She laughs and continues, "While you're at it tell Thom he's to roll out right after PT with Byron to go look for Megan. Remind him that we expect daily written reports."


Yeah now that assignment I'm going to love.


Jens says, "Shit I forgot all about Mabel, where's she sleeping tonight? Find her a room for tonight and offer her a great salary."


Jens takes a deep breath, "Finally Zarika is sleeping with Liz tonight but find her a new room tomorrow."


I knew that Evelyn and Glen didn't share a room so I grin and suggest, "We could put her in with Evelyn?"


Jens giggles, "I'm not sure I'd even wish that on Zarika but I will leave that decision up to you. Well I'm tired, I need to do some things on the computer and then get to sleep."


I jump up and say, "Thanks Jens, it's really good to have you back." I take off and start working my ass off even though I'm distracted by the thought of Liz getting engaged. I sure hope that I don't have to wait as long for Linus as she did with Bernie.


Present – Jens – At the cabin one week later – same timeline as Ben and Stacy


What a hell of a long, busy and productive week. Liz and Bernie are happy as hell as an engaged couple (was I ever that annoying when Ben and I were first engaged?). Sharik is still recovering from his surgery - the vet removed a bullet from his side. I took the bullet and made him his own little dog HOG tooth that he wears on this collar. Ira had a torn ACL but thank God didn't damage the meniscus (rest of the cartilage in the knee). The doctor fixed it while Mira and Alexi watched and Ira is on the road to a full recovery. Evelyn is having her ass handed to her by the two brats - she tries to pawn them off on me but Maria keeps her out of my hair. Thom and Byron are off trying to find Megan and remarkably I am getting daily reports. And Linus, Matt and Jim are somewhere in Texas looking for Ben, now if we only had some news from Samantha that might help…