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Chapter 27

Home Chapter 27

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Erast – Four additional days later (one week total) at Bob's Country Bunker – Same timeline as everyone else


Bob notifies me something is wrong with Anastasia and I beat feet up to our room (that we never ended up sharing). I knock on the door and hear, "G-G-Go away!"


I knock again and say, "Anastasia, it is Erast! What is wrong and let me in."


She replies, "The door's open."


I open the door and she looks like a real mess! She's been crying, her makeup has run all over her face and it's red as hell. I fight back a laugh because she looks like a clown - but this isn't the right time for comedy. She jumps up from the edge of the bed, runs to me, throws her arms around me and begins to cry. Shit! I hate crying women! I sort of hold her and ask, "What's wrong?"


She burbles, "Ben, I'm all alone!"


I shake my head, "I do not understand?"


She burbles some more and says, "Ben I'm all alone in the world."


I ask for clarification, "Anastasia, I still do not understand."


She pulls away, looks at me and declares, "Ben, the bastard Guy caught my parents and tortured them to death!"


That pisses me off so I promise, "Stacy, we're going to catch the bastard and make him pay."


She sobs, "Ben, I wish we could but George killed Guy and then the news team killed George." She bawls, "And now I'm all alone in this world!"


I finally hug her and promise, "Like hell you are! You still have me!"


She pulls away, smiles and shocks me, "Ben if I do have you then I want you to make love to me right now."


I pull back give her a dirty look and argue, "Stacy, we've been through this before. You're a hell of a woman and a great friend but I'm not going to take advantage of you, not in your present condition."


She drops to the floor, begins crying anew and says, "Yeah my condition. That's a big problem too."


I sit beside her on the floor, put my hand on her leg and say, "I don't understand. Is something wrong with you?"


Present – Anastasia – Bob's Country Bunker


There was a big reason I wanted Ben to make love to me, and I sort of let it slip out. He is right, he's the only one I have now so I have to trust him. I look at him and explain, "Hell yes Ben, I have a huge problem! That fat dope smoking bastard got me pregnant."


Ben looks at me, I can see the anger in his eyes and he declares, "Damn him to hell! I wish he was still alive because I would torture his ass for so long he'd wish for death!"


I smile because Ben does care for me in his own twisted way. I inform him, "Ben, George did to Guy what Guy did to my parents and tried to do to me. Remember all the yelling when the news team was there and we escaped from the bunker? That was George raping Guy to death."


Ben smiles, "Well I guess it's a good thing I never killed that damn monkey." He looks a bit funny and says, "Hey wait a minute! Y-y-you were trying to trap me into marrying you - that's why you wanted me to make love to you."


Damn it, sometimes he's too damn smart! Guilt spreads over my face and I admit, "I'm sorry. I did think about that at first, but I know now it wouldn't be right."


Ben surprises me when he says, "Damn straight it wouldn't be right. Stacy you need to seriously consider if you want to have that fat dope smoking fucker's baby. He was so messed up there's no telling how messed up a baby of his would be."


I nod my head in agreement, "Yeah Ben, I've thought of that too, but I just don't know…"


Present – Erast – Bob's Country Bunker


Damn I dodged a big bullet! What is it with women always trying to trap a man? I regain my normal thought processes, realize something and say, "Stacy, I know things look really bad for you right now, but you've forgotten something."


She looks at me and questions, "Ben I think I've thought of everything."


I smile and say, "No, you've looked at all the bad things. You've forgotten to look at the positive things. For one, you're rich again! And second you don't have to run away from your parents. You can go home!"


She smiles, "You're right, I can go back home. But Ben will you come with me?"


I shake my head, "Sorry Stacy, while you no longer have your parents chasing you, my problems haven't disappeared."


She looks sad, "But we could find someplace together to hide."


I answer, "It wouldn't work. You're a celebrity and no matter where you go the paparazzi are going to hunt you down and find you. And then there's Ms. Donaldson. She's still looking for me and if she finds us together she might try to hurt you."


She questions, "So what are you going to do?"


I smile and explain, "What I've always done - stay one step in front of the ones that are chasing me."


She surprises me when she says…


Present – Stacy – Bob's Country Bunker


Damn! Ben's right, I have only looked at the negatives. Yeah I hated my parents! Well that's not true, they were never really parents to me, I just felt badly because I knew what a terrible way it was for them to die. And I do have all of Grandmamma's money. But he's also right that he can't stop running, that bitch would surely catch him.


I get a great idea and say, "Ben, I can finally do something for you."


He gives me his funny look (damn I'm going to miss that look) and questions, "Stacy what are you talking about?"


I smile and explain, "I'm going to get that damn news team off your back." Then I explain my plan to him…


Present – Samantha – On the way to Bob's Country Bunker


I look at Frank and Emanuel and use my best 'I Told You So' look, "I told you something funny was going on at Bob's Country Bunker."


Frank replies, "How do you figure? Stacy Summers just called us and told us she showed up at the Country Bunker."


I answer, "She was lying through her teeth, I can tell. I just hope like hell Ben's still there."


Emanuel declares, "Yes I owe him for destroying the old news van."


I pick up my phone and make a call…


Present – Liz – At the cabin (same timeline as Ben and Stacy)


I'm lying on the bed admiring my huge engagement ring. My phone rings, I notice it's Samantha's number and answer, "Hey what's going on?"


She bubbles, "Liz you aren't going to believe what just happened. Stacy Summers has finally shown up and we're on our way to interview her."


I jump up out of bed and question, "What about Ben?"


She says, "Stacy wouldn't talk to me over the phone so we don't know yet. But you can bet the guys are going to turn the place upside down looking for him."


I question, "Which place?"


She giggles, "Sorry I forgot to tell you - it's a Texas honkytonk called Bob's Country Bunker."


I ask, "Wasn't that where they had that big battle?"


Samantha answers, "Hell yes it was! And I'm sure that Bob lied to us when he told us about the Russian man. I think it was Ben and Stacy!"


I question, "Yeah, wasn't it some funny name like Erast…"


Jens walks by my room and comments, "Erast Petrovich Fandorin, that's a character in one of Ben's favorite Russian books."


I'm so shocked that…


Present – Samantha – On the way to Bob's Country Bunker


Liz's phone goes dead, I look at the guys and plead, "Can't we get there any faster?"


Frank replies, "Not and survive."


Present – Ben – Bob's country bunker


I shake Bob's hand and say, "Bob, you have a hell of a place here."


He answers, "Sheeet Ben, if'n it wasn't fer you and Stacy I wouldn't have a place. Are you sure you won't change your mind?"


I shake my head, "No Bob, it has to be this way. I have to go."


I look at Stacy, she runs to me, gives me a hell of a hug and a huge kiss. I pull away and say, "Thanks for everything Stacy."


She fights back the tears and says, "I need to thank you for the best adventure of my life and for the many times you've saved my life. If you ever get tired of traveling or if you need anything just call me."


I smile and answer, "Thanks, you're a great friend."


Now it's time for the hardest goodbye of all. I walk over to Bo, he nuzzles me and I quietly say, "Now you need to take care of Stacy and Patches for me. I'll be back someday to see you."


He nickers and noses me, but I answer, "No, you need to go with Stacy, I'll be fine."


I throw my pack on my back, hand Stacy the Winchester Centennial '66 and the Ruger Vaqueros and say, "These were always lucky for me, I hope they are lucky for you as well."


I turn away from them, before they can see the tears as I walk out the gate…


Present – Samantha – At Bob's Country Bunker


We finally get to Bob's Country Bunker and this time they let us right in. I comment, "See I told you something was going on last time."


Bob greets us and offers, "Welcome back Missy. Boy howdy was I 'prised when Stacy showed up here. Come on inside. We got her in the office waitin' for ya'll."


I question, "What about Ben Blaine?"


He grins and blatantly lies, "Ain't seen him - she showed up here alone."


I question, "You mind if the guys have a little look around while I interview Stacy."


He answers, "Sure, they is more than welcome."


Bob leads us to the office, Frank and I rush in and there she is - Stacy Summers! She looks really good, possibly a little sad and is wearing a tactical vest, two cowboy guns and is holding a golden rifle. She rises from the chair, smiles at us and says, "Hello, Samantha. Thank you for reporting so well on the death of my parents."


I smile and respond, "Hey I was just doing my job."


She continues, "No, you chose not to sensationalize it which is different from what most news reporters do. That's why I'm granting you this exclusive interview. However before I let you interview me I have a request to make."


She tells me her request and I answer, "I have to call my boss and okay this with her."


I call Liz and hear, "Sorry Sam I dropped the phone."


I reply, "I wondered what was going on. I'm in an office with Stacy Summers and before she lets me interview her she has a request."


Liz questions, "What is it?"

I answer, "She wants us to use the news van to take her and a horse trailer with her two horses to the closest big city."


Liz says, "Is that all? Tell her yes as long as you can use the travel time to interview her more. Has she said anything about Ben?"


I answer, "Not yet."


Liz says, "Well do your best to see if she will tell you anything at all about him…"


Present – Liz – At the cabin (finally the same timeline as Ben and Stacy)


Jens is pacing the floor like crazy as I talk to Samantha on the phone. Yeah, I dropped the phone when Jens told me about Erast Petrovich Fandorin because I was so shocked. The back came off and the battery popped out. I put it all back together and was just getting ready to call Sam when she called me.


I finish the call and Jens asks, "Well Liz?"


I reply, "Sam is with Stacy but we don't know anything about Ben yet."


Jens comes up with a plan, "Come on, let's go watch the interview on TV."


We walk into the living room but Yasmeen is there infecting her mind with music videos. Jens orders, "No more of this crap for you, I'm putting parental controls on the TV starting tomorrow."


Yasmeen storms off while Jens and I sit in the chairs and flip to the Truth Network.