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Chapter 29

Home Chapter 29

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Samantha – At Bob's Country Bunker


Liz immediately agrees to the terms of Stacy Summer's interview (we have to take her and her horse trailer to the closest large city) and I get an exclusive with her. Boy, do I have questions to ask her!


I nod at Frank, he turns on the camera and I begin…


Present – Liz – At the cabin (finally the same timeline as Ben and Stacy)


I sit beside Jens and hold her hand for support: She has a bowl of her favorite chocolate cookies in her lap, Sharik is on the other side of her and she has her dreaded foam brick to throw at the TV.  My fiancé, Bernie, sits on the other side of me and holds my other hand (Yeah, we're engaged so live with it!). Mira, Ira, Alexi, Jack, Masha and Ivan are all in the room too. Samantha starts her interview…


Present – Samantha – At Bob's Country Bunker


I start, "Hello America, this is Samantha Cohen reporting from Bob’s Country Bunker in Texas for the Truth Network. Tonight we are excited to bring you an exclusive interview with the billionaire, and formerly missing, heiress Stacy Summers. Tell me Ms. Summers, how are you?"


She replies, "Excuse me I think you mean millionaire."


I correct her, "No Ms. Summers, since you've been missing your businesses have done very well. You are now a billionaire and one of the richest women in the world."


She looks a little startled, catches herself and comments, "Well my Grandmamma always did make wise investments. Thank you for asking I am doing well considering everything I've been through."


I continue with another question, "Would you care to elaborate on your ordeals?"


She gets a determined look on her face and states, "Yes, I would like to clear the air about some things that have happened. Many people think I disappeared because I couldn't stand the responsibility - that's a huge fallacy! I left because my parents wanted to get me committed to a mental institution."


I ask, "Why would they want to do that?"


She answers, "Because they wanted the inheritance from my Grandmamma all for themselves. You see they had already used up their inheritance and then wanted mine. Then they hired a couple of goons to try to kill me."


I query, "Obviously they failed, what happened?"


Stacy answers, "Well I'm alive aren't I? Yes Ben Blaine rescued me from their evil clutches."


I try to get more information, "Was that the couple that were found dead at a bus stop?"


She smiles and evades my question perfectly, "I don't know what you're talking about. All I know is Ben rescued me…"


Present – Liz – At the cabin


Jens throws the foam brick at the TV, nails Stacy and begins to yell, "He should have let you die you horrible woman (she almost said bitch but Ivan and Masha were in the room)!"


Sharik runs and fetches the brick.


I say, "Jens, shush. We can't hear the interview."


Samantha continues, "Can you tell me more about your time with Ben Blaine?"


Stacy smiles again, "Samantha, I already told you I will not discuss my time with Ben with you. However, I will say he's the most wonderful man in the world."


Jens yells at the TV, "Damn right you female dog and much better than you deserve!"


Sharik begins to bark and I scold her, "Jens, there might be important information that she gives us so shush!"


We missed the question because of Jens' and Sharik's ranting and hear Stacy answer, "Samantha I don't understand your question."


Samantha repeats, "Well we have heard that you and Ben Blaine were all over Texas and waged your own private war against the banditos. Is this true?"


Stacy smiles and asserts, "If you continue to attempt to link Ben Blaine with me then this interview is over…"


We watch as Stacy begins to look a little sick and asks, "Samantha will you please turn off the camera for a moment."


I wonder what the hell is going on. It seems like it takes forever and when the camera finally comes back on and Stacy apologizes, "Sorry about that Samantha, but I'm pregnant and…"


We never get to hear the rest because Jens goes ballistic! She throws the glass bowl with her cookies at the TV. It smashes the screen, smoke boils out of the innards, Jens jumps up and yells, "I'm going to kill both their asses!"


Ivan yells, "Goggie asses." Which pisses Masha off and all hell breaks loose.


Present – Samantha – At Bob's Country Bunker


I reply and then ask for confirmation, "That's fine Stacy America doesn't need to see you get sick. You told me you're pregnant because you were violently attacked."


Stacy gets a hard look in her eyes and declares, "That's right, the same man that killed my parents also raped me and now I'm pregnant as a result of the rape."


I comment, "Stacy that seems improbable."


She says, "Oh yeah, well look at this!"


She takes off her tactical vest, turns her back to the camera and removes her shirt. Everyone can see the letters G-U-Y crudely branded into her back. She puts her shirt back on, looks at me and states, "I showed you that brand because I want you to know I'm going to use part of my money to setup a clinic for women that have been abused."


I follow with another question, "How will your clinic be any different than the hundreds of other clinics which already do this."


She smirks and has a ready reply, "Because my clinic will concentrate on teaching the women what Ben Blaine taught me: How to defend yourself and prevent the attack in the first place. And to fight like hell when they are attacked."


I wonder, "Won't that make some women want to take revenge?"


She smiles and agrees, "Yes it certainly will, and I would say it's about time."


Present – Liz – At the cabin (finally the same timeline as Ben and Stacy)


It seems that Samantha already knew about Stacy being pregnant but she didn't bother to tell me? Had I known I sure wouldn't have let Jens watch this interview. Jens is more angry than I've ever seen her - she's ranting and raving about killing them all and letting God sort them out.


Masha is scolding the hell out of her and Ivan and things are totally out of control! Suddenly we all hear a huge horn which scares the hell out of everyone as Jack yells, "Everyone shut up and sit down."


Jens begins to complain and Jack pulls out the biggest rubber band rifle I've ever see and threatens, "I spent a little time in the workshop and whipped up this bad boy in response to your lame pistol. Now do you want to be the first one I test it on?"


Jen angrily flops on the couch, but keeps quiet.


Masha complains, "Jack… Ivan."


He looks at her and says, "Masha whether we like it or not Ivan is going to hear swear words. If not here he will learn them at school. I know you think you need to scold him every time he uses one but right now it's just become another game for him to see if he can get you upset. So my lovely wife you sit down too."


She sits down, Jack considers things and orders, "Liz get Samantha on the horn and let's see why the hell she didn't break this news to us in private."


Ivan giggles and yells, "Hell."


Jack honks the horn and scares the crap out of Ivan! Ivan begins to cry while Jack states, "That's how you handle that."


I begin to call Sam while thinking we're going to be hearing Jack's big horn a hell of a lot.


Present – Samantha – At Bob's Country Bunker


My phone is buzzing in my pocket like crazy but I'm not going to answer it - this interview is too important. I continue, "So you're advocating that women who are attacked respond with violence toward their attacker."


Stacy grins and explains, "That's right! For too long we've been told to not resist because if you resist it will only be worse. I was so drugged I couldn't resist and look what it got me and if your reporting is accurate my parents were both treated the same way. Did not resisting save them or keep me from that vile bastard?"


I attempt to argue, "But this goes directly against what the police…"


Stacy interrupts, "Hell yes it does! And it's about time that when a rapist looks at a woman he will think two or three times and wonder if she's going to kick his ass or castrate him. I know the men you travel with are IDF and I'm willing to bet we could find some out of work female IDF troops who would love to train women."


Things are a little out of control so I decide to get them back in control, "Stacy, how did it make you feel when you found out the gorilla killed Guy?"


She looks at me like I'm crazy, then answers, "To be truthful I was upset because I didn't get to do it myself, but you know what upset me even more?"


I didn't like it when she asked me a question, but I answered, "No please tell America."


She gives me a hard look and says, "I was more upset that your team killed George the gorilla. Did you know he figured out what Guy did to me and was trying to keep others from being hurt?"


I backpedal, "No! All we saw was a large gorilla that just killed a man."


Stacy gave me a dirty look and declared, "George the gorilla was more a real man than Guy Fawkes ever was. He spoke excellent sign language and helped rescue Ben and me a couple times. Listen, I'm tired now and this interview is over."


I try to save the interview by saying, "Thank you Stacy Summers for the interview. America has been concerned about your disappearance and it's great to have you back. America, we will be transporting Stacy and her two horses to the nearest large city and she's agreed to more interviews on the trip. This is Samantha Cohen signing off.


I get ready to give her hell when my phone rings again. I see it's Liz and figure I'm in big trouble. I answer the phone and Liz says, "Why didn't you tell us Ben knocked up Stacy?"


I answer, "Liz didn't you see the whole interview? She was raped by Guy Fawkes. But while I've got you on the phone you're probably not going to like the whole interview since Stacy's upset that we killed the gorilla."


Stacy yelled, "You're damn right I'm upset and I'm going to raise some hell about it."


Liz says, "Sam, do what you can to calm her down and be confident we have the tapes that show you all did the right thing. Now we have a major emergency here that I need to deal with."


Present – Liz – At the cabin (finally the same timeline as Ben and Stacy)


 I hang up the phone stand up and announce, "Jens if you hadn't gone nuts and destroyed the TV you would have heard that Guy Fawkes raped Stacy. So it's his baby and not Ben's. I've had my fill of everyone tonight and we're going to get some sleep!"


The room looks stunned as I storm out of the room dragging Bernie along…


Present – Ben – Somewhere in Texas


I turn and walk away before they can see my tears. Yeah Stacy is a pain in the ass but I've gotten used to her being around and I am going to miss her. I get a short distance away, hear a hell of a noise behind me, turn and see Wojtek chasing me while carrying both sets of saddlebags. He runs up to me, puts them on the ground, stands up and salutes.


I smile at him and say, "Wojtek, you've spent your whole life locked in a cage doing tricks for everyone else and living the life they want you to live. It's about damn time you live for yourself!" I reach up, remove his collar, fasten it to my pack and order, "Go on now! Take all the food in these saddlebags, be a normal bear and do all the normal bear things like shitting in the woods."


He runs up, gives me a hell of a hug, grabs the saddlebags and heads off.


I hit the road, begin to walk and ponder how much Wojtek's old life and my life were the same… Yeah it always seemed like someone was telling me what to do or having me perform 'tricks' for them. I decide that bullshit is going to end right now! I am going to do what I want to do…


I continue walking while hoping to flag down a car or a truck. I round a bend in the road and what the hell!!!