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Chapter 30

Home Chapter 30

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed base


We'd just finished a great (for us) meeting with the base Rear Admiral where the Major had his ass majorly chewed. We walked outside, I looked at the Major and questioned, "So I heard something about Russia?"


He looked at me and I wondered if I fucked up when he said, "Yeah I hear Siberia is lovely this time of the year."


I was sure Banzai was crazy because he began to laugh. The Major glared at him and ordered, "Sgt. Blaine what's so damn funny about Siberia."


He smiled and replied, "Well Sir unless you've greatly changed the mission you had planned the Spetsnaz aren't in Siberia so I know Jack and I won't be going there."


That really got the Major fired up…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


I stopped, turned to Sgt. Blaine and demanded, "Just how in the hell do you know what my mission plan is for you and Sgt. Reynolds in Russia."


He gave me that irritating smile of his and answered, "Because Mira told me all about it when we were at the spy school."


I was shocked! Someone had leaked the information and I had a good idea that someone was the L.Cpl. in the infirmary. I needed to go have a serious talk with him because he was going to be reassigned to a place worse than Siberia.


I looked at the two Sgts. and threatened, "This isn't over by a long shot. Sgt. Reynolds you and Sgt. Blaine arrange transportation for the four of us to get back to Washington DC."


Sgt. Reynolds questioned, "Sir, don't you mean five?"


I stated, "No the L.Cpl. isn't coming back with us."


I turned and left to go 'interrogate' the L.Cpl…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed base


I looked at Jack, he slapped me on the back and said, "Damn that was well played in the Rear Admirals office. And then you handed the Major his ass again out here."


I had other concerns and voiced them, "Jack what's going on with the L.Cpl. and why isn't he going back to DC?"


Jack said, "I sure as hell don't know, but that's the Major's problem not ours. Now let's go see if we can get off this rock because I can't wait to get to Russia. By the way just what is our mission?"


I laughed, "Jack I don't know. I just took a wild assed guess it had something to do with the Spetsnaz because it was the only thing that made sense. Why else would you send a sniper and spotter to Russia unless it was to spy on the competition?"


He smiled at me and I knew exactly what he was thinking…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed base


Damn did I ever teach Banzai right - I was damn proud of him because he was totally right. Why else send a sniper and spotter to Russia.


I stated, "Well I hope we can find a plane that's leaving this rock soon. I can't wait to change out of these piece of shit Iraqi uniforms because everybody's giving us the stink eye."


Banzai teased, "Well that might be because you stink. And we could always get you a cute little sailor outfit."


I gave him a dirty look, "Hell no! Those transfer papers are as close to becoming a sailor as I ever want to get."


Banzai decided, "Jack you find us a plane while I go do something else."


It was my turn to tease, "Okay but don't get lost. The Major will be pissed if we have to come looking for you."


He bitched, "Jack, you know I never get lost." Then he took off.


I headed to the airfield to find us a ride back to DC and debated about giving Anna a quick call to see if she was busy.


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed base – a few hours later


Dammit! I'd done everything I could, tried every damn trick in the book but it still didn't work. Let me explain: The Rear Admiral's private jet was headed back for some upgrades, but I couldn't get us on it. Instead we were flying on a C-fucking-130. I hoped like hell the Major hadn't heard about the Rear Admiral's jet or he was going to lay into me.


To top it all off, Banzai was MIA since he took off and wasn't back yet. Oh shit! Here was the Major and his trained bulldog (the other Sgt.).


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


I walked toward Sgt. Reynolds and immediately I could tell he was trying to hide something. I remarked to my Sgt., "This should be interesting."


I reached Sgt. Reynolds and questioned, "Are we ready to go?"


He waffled slightly, "Yes Sir! I have transportation for us."


I grinned, "I hope it's the Rear Admiral's jet."


He stated, "Sir I tried my best but..."


I interrupted, "Sgt. Reynolds, there had better not be any buts. Now why couldn't we hitch a ride on the Rear Admiral's jet?"


He looked past me and I wondered who was coming up behind me. I turned to see it was Sgt. Blaine. He had changed out of his Iraqi uniform, had on BDU's and was accompanied by a female Navy Cdr. We snapped to attention and saluted. She questioned, "Sgt. Blaine, are these the other Marines that want to fly on my plane."


He replied, "Yes Sir they are."


She returned the salute and said, "As you were, you're welcome to fly on my plane to the mainland however you need to know Sgt. Blaine will be on the flight deck with me. Do you have any issues with this?"


I questioned, "Sir! I didn't know he was flight qualified?"


She grinned at him and said, "Oh he's qualified all right." And I understood what she really meant. She continued, "Well come on boys, let's not keep me waiting."


She turned and slinked toward the Rear Admiral's jet with us right behind her. Sgt. Blaine dropped back by Sgt. Reynolds and they began to whisper…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed base


I dropped back by Jack and he angrily whispered, "Thanks a hell of a lot."


I questioned, "What the hell has your panties in a bunch?"


He stated, "You know how much I hate this damn uniform, plus the Major was giving me hell about not being on the Rear Admiral's jet. It would have been nice if you had told me about this."


I answered, "Jack calm down, I have a set of BDU's on the jet for you and I was busy negotiating with Amelia so we could ride on the Rear Admiral's jet."


He grinned and requested confirmation, "Was that horizontal negotiations?"


I smiled, "Yeah, I guess I had to take one for the team."


He elbowed me, "That's bullshit! She's built like a brick shithouse."


I shot him down, "Yeah but she's an officer and used to giving orders."


He grinned, "Yeah I can only imagine how terrible that was."


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed base


Well, well, well (and I don't mean three holes in the ground), it looked like the old Banzai was back and up to his old tricks. Only this time I sure as hell didn't mind: He got me out of a real jam with the Major. I just hoped his shenanigans with Cdr. Earhart didn't end with a plane crash. Then it struck me and I began to laugh, the Major asked, "Sgt. Reynolds is something funny."


I walked up beside him and whispered, "Sir, didn't you see the Cdr's. last name."


He thought as I continued to chuckle. The Cdr. turned and said, "Would you Marines care to share the joke with me."


The major said, "No Sir."


I lied, "What joke Sir?"


Then Banzai piped up, "Amelia, I think they're laughing about your name." I could have killed him!


She grinned at him and ordered, "Sgt. Blaine beside me." He damn near ran up beside her and she continued, "Well Sgt. Blaine what do you think their punishment should be? Perhaps we'll make them take the C-130."


He grinned at us and said, "Ameilia, I mean Sir, I think they are starting to look a little weak to me."


She gave us an evil grin and said, "Sgt. I like your style and I do believe you’re right. All right Marines, drop and give me fifty."


Damn him, I'm going to find some way to get even.


The only good thing about it was I kicked the Major and his trained bulldog's asses. The Cdr. asked, "Now does anyone else have anything else they'd like to say about my name?"


Banzai piped up again, "I think it's a great name especially since you're actually related to her."


She grinned, "Sgt. are you sure you don't want to join the Navy and become my copilot?"


He looked at us, grinned and stated, "Well Amelia, I mean Sir it's a tempting offer but I'm happy where I am."


She stated, "Well that's the Navy's loss. Come on I want to get airborne."


She turned and we followed her…


Flashback – Major M – Rear Admiral's Jet


I thought, 'drop and give me fifty' - the fucking bitch! Some women officers – no most women officers had a fucking chip on their shoulders the size of a telephone pole. I sure wouldn't want to be Sgt. Blaine because she was going to call all the shots. Then again, he deserved it because of the shit he pulled in the Rear Admiral's office.


But what was it with Sgt. Blaine and the Navy? It seemed like he got along way to well with them. It was the whole Seal rescue he did, now he's some sort of living hero to all of them. He'd better watch his step or I will transfer his ass to the Navy. Now that would be funny…


We arrived at the jet, boarded and my anger at Sgt. Blaine lessened - this was one nice jet and beat the hell out of a C-130.


Now, how to deal with the stranglehold the two Sgts. thought they had on me…


Flashback – Jack – Rear Admiral's Jet


Damn now this was traveling in style. I found the BDU's headed to the head, changed and made sure to separate myself from the Major and his trained bulldog. I took the rearmost seats, kicked back, fell asleep and had a hell of a strange dream about Russia…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed base


We exfiltrated posthaste like a scalded dog's tail between its legs. We had not only failed our mission, we had disobeyed orders and now it was time to reimburse the flautist. The Beast was coming to inflict severe punishment on both of us.


As we began to unload our equipment Mira opened her storage locker, picked up a device and questioned, "Ira is this what I cognate it to be?"


I acquired it from her hands, studied it and answered, "Mira this is an American field communication device. How did it collocate in your storage locker?" I attempted to actuate it but it was inoperable.


Mira smiled and answered, My Sgt. Blaine ascertained if our mission totally failed we would receive the harshest punishment. He must have given it to us."


The Beast walked up and declared, "Girls I am very upset with both of you."


We both cowered. I held the device toward him and offered, "Sir, the mission was not a total failure. This is an American communication device which we were able to acquire."


He snatched it from my hands, tried to actuate it and stated, "Well it doesn't operate, but that's okay. Our engineers will love to get a look at it. So my girls, I'm glad your mission wasn't a total failure however there is still the matter of not following orders."


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed base – hours later


I comforted Ira as she awakened. The Beast's punishment was exceptionally cruel and unusually long. I was the primary target so I had already revived and commenced tending my wounds. My sister Ira precipitated something to increase his ire because he was even more brutal with her. He tossed her in our cell and yelled, "If she ever does that again I will kill her!" I collocated to her side and began my ministrations to her. She awakened and I questioned, "Irinka, what aggravated the Beast so?"


She smiled and stated, "Mirika, I applied my dental units to his tool."


I held her and scolded, "Irinka someday he will terminate you."


She laughed, "Not until his tool heals."


I added, "Irinka you are playing a dangerous game of feline and rodent."


When the door opened, I was concerned the Beast had returned to terminate my sister. Then I heard…