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Chapter 31

Home Chapter 31

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Byron – At Houston Intercontinental airport


I look at Thom and question, "You know what this means?"


He responds, "Hell yes! I need to call Jennifer."


He takes out a throw-away phone and dials Jennifer…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


I destroyed the TV after thinking Ben knocked up Stacy and feel like hell. I look at everyone, swallow my pride and apologize, "Gee guys I'm sorry for overreacting."


I expect to be blasted but Masha simply comments, "Jennifer your outburst of anger was understandable however it was also caused by poor judgment. I could have informed you that your Ben did not impregnate Stacy Summers. You really must learn to control your emotions before they injure you or someone else."


I prepare to answer when my phone rings. I look at the caller ID and inform everyone, "It's Thom, he might have a lead on Megan."


I answer the call, "Okay Thom, what did you find."


Thom replies, "Jennifer, Megan fled the country to Venezuela and they don't have an extradition treaty with the USA."

I hear Byron in the background correct him, "Thom they do have an extradition treaty, but the current regime ignores it."


Thom adds, "I guess we've hit a dead end."


I say, "Hold on for a moment, let me run this past Jack and the team."


I look at Jack and Masha and ask, "It looks like Megan is in Venezuela. What do you think we should do?"


Jack says, "Have them go after her! After what she did I wouldn't leave her running around loose."


Masha adds, "Yes Ms. Donaldson, she is like a putrefying wound which needs to be lanced."


That was exactly the way I felt, (even if it should have been 'a festering sore that needs to be drained') so I order, "Thom and Byron, you're not going to like this, but you two need to go after her."


Masha queries, "Ms. Donaldson, might I have a word with Thom before you hang up?"


I order, "Thom, hold on, Masha wants to talk to you."


I hand the phone to Masha…


Present – Masha – At the cabin


I acquire the mobile phone from Ms. Donaldson, move away from everyone else for privacy and question, "Thomas, to which city did she arrive?"


He replies, "Caracas."


I continue my interrogation, "Do you still have connections in the DEA?"


There is a short pause and he says, "Masha I might, but why do you ask."


I answer, "Contact them and see if they will infiltrate you into Aruba. From there you can take a ship into Caracas. I would also make sure they supply you with weapons."


Thom answers, "Do you think we will need them."


I reply, "You will most certainly need them because she will have found undesirable associates who would not think twice about eliminating you."


Thom answers, "Gee thanks."


I reply, "You are most welcome."


I disconnect the call, walk over, hand the phone to Ms. Donaldson, look at my husband Jack and mention, "I think I need to spend a short amount of time on the computer."


Present – Jack – At the cabin


I and everyone else heard enough of Masha's conversation to confirm that she's not a soccer mom (if there was any question left), but hell I don't care anymore! She's hot as hell, loves me from the bottom of her heart, gave me a great son and is carrying my child – I'm sure as hell not going to complain that she was or is a spy because she's never asked me anything out of the ordinary.


We head to the room and I question, "Are you going to make sure Thom and Byron have some help?"


She smiles at me and confirms, "Most certainly my husband. It is good that things are finally out in the open."


She gets on the computer, I put Ivan to bed, she sends some e-mails, then comes to bed and we… Well like I said before I sure don't kiss and tell!


Present – Jens – At the cabin


I look at the twins and Alexi and say, "Sharik and I are tired, we're going off to bed."


Alexi answers, "Yes Ms. Donaldson this has been a most entertaining evening however, we also need to retire."


Sharik and I head to our room and crawl into bed. We are almost asleep when I hear a hell of a racket…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – At the cabin


We retire to our room and Alexi questions, "Mira, did Ms. Donaldson forget that Mr. Blaine is unable to father children?"


I decide this will be an excellent teaching tool so I respond, "Alexi, Ms. Donaldson allowed her emotions to control her actions and when that happens…"


Ira finishes, "she careens out of control. This occasionally happens to us."


I was thankful for Ira including both of us but I still correct, "Alexi, Ira is supporting me by telling you we both have occasional emotional issues, however that is an incorrect association. I still have emotional attachments to Ben Blaine which sometimes create unfortunate issues."


Ira adds, "Yes these issues have been acknowledged to become problematic in the past."


Alexi questions, "Mira, did you destroy any televisions?"


I look at Ira and blush and Ira advises, "Alexi, no television appliances were terminated, however Mira did terminate some miscellaneous equipment with her lower bipedal unit and we did experience several physical altercations."


Alexi grows wide-eyed and states, "I am not sure I ever want to fall in love."


Ira explains, "Alexi, outside of the love within our family I have never experienced such an emotion."


I know it is my duty to respond, "Alexi, not because of your looks but because of your intelligence, you will have many women interested in you. It is inevitable that you will experience love."


He questions, "Why would women be more interested in me because of my intelligence than my looks. I assumed that women are always attracted to the best looking men."


I giggle and elucidate, "Alexi you do not fathom women. Young women who are in high school are certainly more concerned about a man's appearance. However they realize, as they mature, that an intelligent man will provide a more stable and rewarding home."


Ira adds, "And also be aware that attractive women can be a most formidable opponent. Many times the men we terminated did not notice the weapon in our hand until it was past time for action."


I concur, "Yes Alexi, beautiful women are a trap that should be avoided at all costs."


He looks wide-eyed at both of us and states, "I am glad I have two beautiful sisters who will protect me and I promise that I will help to keep my sister Mira from throwing bowls of cookies at the television. I do have one question I would like to proffer if possible."


Ira states, "Alexi, we are a family and you may proffer any question."


He looks at me and then Ira and asks, "Mira what do you think Mr. Blaine's response will be to you providing him with a child?"


I smile at him and expound, "Ben Blaine is an honorable man! I do hope that he will perform the proper task."


He looks at Ira and continues, "My sister Ira, I know the original plan called for you to also carry his child…"


Ira interrupts, "Alexi, that plan has changed because I do not want to steal Mira's lightning."


He corrects, "You mean Mira's thunder."


I look at Ira and question, "My sister this was not our agreement."


She smiles and states, "I modified the aforementioned agreement."


I became upset, "Irinka, you did not consult me first."


She rudely replied, "No, I most certainly did not."


I rise for battle, she rises to meet me and the Alexi surprises us when he hits us both with a pillow and declares, "I am the man of this family and I order you to stop this fight."


I look at Ira and grin, then we both acquire pillows and the battle begins…


Present – Zarika, Yasmeen and Evelyn – At the cabin


Life has become hell for me - but not as bad as the hell I faced with Ben. We are all sharing one room: Yasmeen, the mean Evelyn lady and me. No matter what I do, the Evelyn lady doesn't like me and she calls me a tomboy because I have modeled myself after the Jens lady. It is most curious to me that the Evelyn lady does not like her own daughter. This is strange and I do not understand it.


She treats Yasmeen like a little princess while I am treated like food for the dog.


The Evelyn lady is brushing Yasmeen's hair and says, "We need to brush this one-hundred times each night."


Yasmeen responds, "So I pretty look for Ben?"


Evelyn answers, "Yes I think you and Ben would make a good couple."


I am sick of hearing this so I say, "Yasmeen, Ben will never make you his wife."


She yells, "Oh yeah, make me a sandwich slave bitch!"


I grin and continue, "He doesn't like spoiled little princesses. He likes strong women like the Jens lady and me."


She has not been practicing her English like I have and says, "Up yours crack ho."


I grin more widely and tease, "He loves the Jens lady and she is a strong woman not a spoiled bratty princess like you. Soon I will be even stronger than the Jens lady then he will only love me."


She yells, "Zarika the zit-faced! No one can love that face."


I stick out my tongue and respond, "He picked me before he picked you. You tricked him into taking you for his second wife."


Evelyn yells, "Girls behave!"


Yasmeen jumps up from the bed, shakes the brush at me and threatens, "I'm gonna stick this where the moon don't shine."


I laugh, "You can't even speak English - you are such a villager."


Her anger overcomes her and she launches herself toward me…


Present – Maria– At the cabin


Damn I miss Linus! I've become used to sleeping (and other things) with him and well – my battery operated boyfriend doesn't feel nearly as good. In fact, it's not even a close second.


I'm wearing his dirty t-shirts for the smell, hugging the hell out of his pillow and trying to get to sleep when I hear a hell of a noise!


Shit what's going on now!


I crawl out of bed ready to kick some ass…


Present – Linus, Matt and Jim– Somewhere in Texas


I look at Matt and Jim and ask, "How in the hell are we supposed to find Ben again?"


Jim asks, "Again? We haven't found him the first time yet."


Matt complains, "Don't ask me! I barely had enough time to say goodbye to Molly my wife."


Jim thinks and suggests, "I think we need to head to Bob's Country Bunker and do a little recon work. I still can't believe he wasn't there."


I reply, "Yeah, I'm damn sure he was there and that's why they were able to hold off the banditos for so long. But if that's the case then how are we going to get any information on him."


Matt adds, "Yeah, if he saved their asses they're not going to give him up."


Jim offers, "Since I'm the only single one here, let me handle this…"


Present – Ben – Somewhere in Texas


I round the corner of the road and there's just enough light that I can see the whole damn road is blocked. Now what the hell is going on? I move off to the side of the road, closer to the road block, carefully listen and hear, "I'm getting' tired of waitin' out here - when's a damn truck gonna show?"


Just what I thought! It's a bunch of bastards taking advantage of the current situation to hijack a semi. Bob had mentioned to me this was going on and figured it was the Mexicans, but it looks like these bastards are some 'good old boys.'


I think about this some and my blood begins to boil! I really can't stand seeing American's taking advantage of each other especially since Bob told me the drivers were usually killed. Most of the drivers were just normal guys trying to make a decent living for their families. Well, it was time these 'good old boys' got a taste of their own medicine.


I recon the hell out of the area and finally find a couple of trucks about a couple miles behind me. I knew they had to be there so they could block the escape route to the rear. They need to neutralized first but need to go silently so their buddies don't get a chance to leave. I hide my main pack, take my tactical pack and the M-16 Bob gave me and head toward the trucks behind me.


Oh, they’re easy to find and they don't seem that concerned because they are smoking and the red glow of their butts light up the night like angry fireflies. I slip up to the truck on the right side of the road, pull my Ka-Bar and tactical tomahawk and – well dead men tell no tails.


I'm careful as hell when I cross the road, sneak up on the second truck and find it’s even easier to take them out. It's a couple that are fucking like bunnies, but since she's as bad as the rest of them, she's also history.


I get ready to head to the road block when I hear a noise - shit it's a truck coming. I haul ass up the road to stop him before he reaches the road block. There's only one problem: How the hell does one man stop a semi in the middle of a deserted road when there are bandit gangs around? I can't lay in the middle of the road, he'd run me over (I know because I would sure as hell do the same if I was in his shoes). I run toward the truck and get a hopefully brilliant idea…