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Chapter 32

Home Chapter 32

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Jack – On the way to Russia


Now this totally sucked! After a nice as hell trip back stateside, during which Banzai 'took many for the team', everything turned ugly. We had just touched down when the Major became a major prick. He gave us our briefing, (Banzai was remarkably accurate in his WAG of the situation) then we barely had time to clean up, get into uniform and grab our gear when we were headed to Russia - only this time it was on a fucking commercial airliner.


I squirmed in my seat, tried to get comfortable and complained, "This is worse than flying on a C-one-thirty."


Banzai was distracted by a cute flight attendant and replied, "Oh I don't know, things could be interesting."


I elbowed him and said, "Look you don't have to 'take this one for the team'."


He smiled and volunteered, "Oh I wouldn't mind, but I am a little tired."


I teased, "Yeah I wonder why? We could hear her yelling all the way in the back of the Rear Admiral's plane. The way she kept shouting 'Oh God' I thought she was having a religious experience."


Banzai grinned, "Yeah she sure was noisy, my ears are still a little sore."


I teased some more, "Was that because she using them to steer your mouth where she wanted it?"


He punched me in the arm and said, "Jack you know I don't kiss and tell! Now I'm tired and I'm going to sleep."


He tried his best to get comfortable but the bastard behind us kicked his seat when he reclined it. He stood up gave the guy an evil eye and I thought the guy was going to shit his pants. It wasn't long till he fell asleep and I thought about the dream of Russia I had on the Rear Admiral's plane - it was a strange one and bothered me…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


I couldn't wait to get Sgt. Reynolds and Sgt. Blaine out of my hair. I never did determine a way to get out of the bind they had me in so I figured the next best thing was to ship their asses to Russia. Then I could have some peace and quiet and figure out how to undo what they'd done.


I made a quick stop by my office, grabbed something that caught my eye, then headed to see the Old Man.


I got to his office and his aide said, "Take a seat Major, he will be with you when he can."


I thought, 'Oh great, it's never good when he makes someone wait'.


I was almost napping (damn Sgt. Blaine and the bitch that made so much noise on the flight I couldn't get to sleep) when the aide announced, "The General will see you now."


I steeled myself, entered his office and stood at attention. The bastard ignored me for about five minutes, finally looked up and said, "Take a seat Major and tell me how in the hell you lost Baskerville but found the two missing and presumed dead Sgts."


I replied, "Sir we were ambushed by some enemy agents and were lucky to make it out of there with our lives." Then I went on to describe a greatly glorified version of 'the truth' (If the General knew it was only the Sedankina bitches, he would have chewed my ass even more) and finished with, "It looks like Baskerville was a total loss."


He gave me the evil eye and questioned, "Major explain yourself."


I slid the classified folder across his desk and stated, "Sir! You can see from this series of images that the person piloting Baskerville finally lost control of it and it crashed into the ocean."


He perused the images, closed the folder and questioned, "Should we mount a recovery operation?"


The last thing I wanted to do was head back to that God forsaken country so I truthfully stated, "Sir! That would be ill-advised. As you remember, the depth of the water in that location is such that we would need a submersible and it's support ship to salvage Baskerville."


He looked at me and questioned, "So Baskerville is lost."


I responded, "Yes Sir, totally lost."


He continued, "Major I'm not happy with this mission. However the recovery of the two Sgts. makes up for the loss of Baskerville. I do expect a full written report on this including the whereabouts of the L.Cpl. You are dismissed."


I stood, felt lucky to have dodged several bullets, turned and left the office. Now to make sure the L.Cpl. was so far underground no one would ever find him again…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed base


The Beast had terribly tortured us. My sister Ira was still recovering when the door opened and I anticipated his return. Instead a lady unknown to us stepped into the room and questioned, "Miranda, how are you and your sister Irina?"


I had not occulated this person before so I warily replied, "We will survive. Might I inquire as to your identity?"


She turned on the light and I observed intense anger in her eyes and grew concerned. I stopped my ministrations to Ira and rose to confront her.


She shook her head and stated, "He truly is an animal for what he's done to both of you. Kostia was injured when the American communication device which you brought back self-destructed."


I became extremely concerned and declared, "That was not something we anticipated or executed."


She smiled and replied, "Do not worry, we are all aware of that. Apparently it was designed in such a manner that multiple attempts to operate the device triggered an explosive device housed within the unit."


Ira unwisely laughed and said, "Too bad he was not terminated."


I shushed her but it was too late. I was incredibly concerned until the new lady shared Ira's mirth and added, "Yes that would have made both your lives much happier. Now let's get both of you cleaned up before your next mission."


I repeated my earlier question, "Might I inquire as to your identity?"


She smiled, "Yes I am your temporary handler and my name is Maria, but I prefer to be called Masha."


She came over and assisted me with Ira, then she helped us into the showers where I assisted Ira. The water could not wash off the shame and it only increased the pain of the injuries.


Ira looked at me and smiled, "Mirinka, the Beast is not impervious to injury."


I returned her smile and answered, "Yes Irinka, if he could be fooled by the American communications device then…"


She grinned and finished, "He can be fooled by other devices."


We stepped out of the shower dried off and found the new cloths which Masha provided. I looked at our garments and grinned, "Irinka, we are headed back to Israel."


She complained, "Mirinka, why? There is no further instruction which we need from them."


I replied, "It is far from the Beast and he cannot comfortably travel to that region."


Ira spat on the floor and stated, "Not since he killed that little girl with his training tortures."


Masha came in and said, "Miranda and Irina, shall we discuss your mission in Israel."


She turned and traversed out of the room while we followed her.


Flashback – Masha – Undisclosed base


I was angry that Kostia had inflicted such indignities on the Sedankina girls. He was an animal and deserved to die a long and painful death. But first I needed to make sure the Sedankina girls were out of the way of harm and I knew there was no place better for them than back in Israel. He knew if he stepped foot in that country, even with diplomatic immunity he was not safe.


Kostia at first blamed them for his injuries until our technicians informed him that he should have brought the American communication device directly to them instead of showing it off to all his friends. Now he was bathing in scalding water for losing the device. His injuries would keep him in the hospital for many months so I volunteered to become the Sedankina twins handler.


It was also good for my upcoming mission because I needed to make sure that Miranda did not try to find Ben Blaine - that would have been disastrous…