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Chapter 33

Home Chapter 33

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Thom – At Houston Intercontinental Airport


Byron looks at me and asks, "So when are we headed back to the cabin and Mabel's cooking?"


I shake my head and reply, "Weren't you listening? We're not headed back - they want us to go after Megan."


Byron looks sheepish and states, "I was distracted because I think we're being followed and didn't hear anything you said. Wait! You mean we're supposed to actually enter that damn country?"


I know if Byron thinks we're being followed, then we are in all likelihood being followed. I begin to question, "We're being followed? Who the hell are they and where the hell are they?"


He coolly answers…


Present – Byron – At Houston Intercontinental Airport


I answer Thom, "Yeah there's a couple of suits that I've seen one too many times looking in our direction. Now, are you telling me we're going to Venezuela?"


Thom replies, "Shit! We need to shake those suits. And hell yes we're going to Venezuela!"


I answer, "How about we use the normal 'bathroom ruse' on them, apprehend them and see who the hell they are?"


Thom grins, "I like that idea even better than grabbing a cup of coffee."


So we head to the nearest bathroom, prepare and wait…


Damn! We've waited in this bathroom for what seems like forever and the suits never followed us in. Thom finally says, "Well Byron, either you were wrong this time or the suits have gotten smarter."


I complain, "Wrong my ass! I know when we're being followed. Let's get out of here and see if we can figure out what happened."


We head out the door, recon the area but the suits are gone.


Then we're both stunned as this lovely sexy blonde lady who looks like a supermodel slinks toward us, walks right up to Thom, grabs him and gives him a hell of a kiss on the lips. At first he fights, then he begins to get into it…


Present – Thom – At Houston Intercontinental Airport


Damn! I never knew the women in Houston were this friendly! If I had I would have moved down here years ago. A sexy as hell woman walks up to me, doesn't say a word, and begins to play tonsil hockey with me. At first I struggle then I begin to enjoy it, finally I hear Byron clear his throat so I pull away.


She grins at me and announces with a slight European accent, "I am Inga, Masha asked me to come here and assist the two of you."


Byron holds out his hand and says, "Pleased to meet you Inga, are you the one that took care of the suits who were following us?"


She hugs Byron and in the traditional European fashion kisses him on both cheeks. Then answers, "Yes Byron, they were from a three letter branch of your government and would have presented some problems for our upcoming trip."


I question, "Our upcoming trip? I thought it was only for Byron and me and that I needed to arrange the trip."


She gives us a devastating smile and replies, "I am going to assist you and your arrangement is no longer necessary - I have already arranged the flight for us. Now we must leave because time is deteriorating."


She turns and sexily slinks away, in a way that only sexy as hell women know how to walk. My eyes are riveted on her ass when Byron leans over and interrupts my fantasies, "Thom are you sure about this?"


I look at him and admit, "Byron, I wish we had a woman with looks like this on our team. She could walk right up to the target and eliminate them without them suspecting a thing."


She turns, grins and confirms, "Thom, you are correct and would be wise to follow your own guidance. You never should have let me approach you in the manner which I did. If you were my target, you would have been terminated. As it is I liberated your wallet."


I pat my pockets and – sure enough it's gone. She holds it up, I snatch it out of her hands and Byron begins to laugh, "Damn Thom, you must be getting old."


I counter, "Oh yeah? I would have loved to see you resist Inga."


She drops back, takes my arm and says, "Thom, Byron is much more impervious to my feminine charms so that is why I chose you. You were the easier target. However Byron should also check for his wallet."


Byron begins to pat his pockets and gripes, "Hell! My wallet's gone too."


Inga giggles, hold up his wallet and challenges, "Byron, sometimes you are too easily distracted."


He grabs his wallet and complains, "Damn sneaky women."


Inga gives us another smile and replies, "Thank you for the compliment."


Inga leads us away and I wonder just what the hell we've gotten ourselves into…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


There's a hell of a noise in the hallway! It sounds like a fight so I decide I need to get up and see what's going on. I walk out into the hallway, see Maria looking at me and question, "What the hell is all that noise."


She confirms my suspicion when she says, "It sounds like a cat fight in your mom and the girl's room."


I add, "But something doesn't sound quite right."


Maria suggests, "Why don't I go see what's going on."


She heads down the hallway, opens the door, begins to laugh and says, "Jens, you need to come and see this..."


I get to the room and almost bust a gut holding back my laughter. Mabel is in there and is shaking her spoon at Evelyn and Yasmeen. Zarika, has blood on her face and is crying. Mabel demands, "Just who do you think you are making so much noise and waking me out of a good dream? I should wallop both of you."


Evelyn challenges, "I'd love to see you try to hit me with that spoon."


It wasn't the wisest thing Evelyn had ever said or done. Mabel heads toward Evelyn but Yasmeen steps in her way and threatens, "Leave my mother alone Nubian cooking slave and go make me a sandwich bitch."


That was even less wise than Evelyn's comment! Mabel spouts, "I'll teach you to be mouthy with me!" Then she begins to wallop Yasmeen with the spoon. Yasmeen soon wises up and runs into the bathroom for protection.


Mabel looks at Evelyn and growls, "Now it's your turn!" Evelyn drops back in a classic oriental defensive stance and Maria questions, "Jens, does your mom know martial arts?"


I giggle, "Not at all - she's sooo going to get walloped."


Maria continues, "Aren't you worried Evelyn will get hurt?"


I giggle and answer, "Maria, that's your problem."


I turn, leave the room and head back to my bedroom. Yeah it's nice being the one in charge…


Present – Maria – At the cabin


What the hell! When did this bullshit become my problem? I decide to take a page out of Jens' playbook, pull out an air horn and let go with a long blast. It gets their attention so I look at them and order, "That's enough of this bullshit! Now Mabel tell me what has you so fired up since it’s normal for Yasmeen and Zarika to fight all the time."


Mabel answers, "If it was just the girls fighting I wouldn't be so upset. But the young mouthy girl was holding Zarika while this…this… this woman was beating her! Now where I come from that's called child abuse."


I look at Zarika and question, "Is Mabel telling the truth?"


Zarika, continues to cry and just nods her head.


I glare at Evelyn and demand, "Where I come from that's child abuse! You have ten minutes to pack and get the hell out of here before I kick your ass, and I promise you won't like it!"


Evelyn complains, "But this is my daughter's house, you can't throw me out. Glen do something about this."


I turn and see Glen behind me and wonder if I've overstepped my boundaries. He glares at her and says, "Evelyn dammit! I'm doing something now that I should have done years ago. You already fucked up Jennifer's life and I'm not going to let you mess up these two girl's lives. Forget packing your clothes because where I'm taking you they provide the clothes for you."


Evelyn nags, "Glen, like hell you're taking me out of here!"


If stares could kill, Evelyn would die a hundred times over. A smile rises at the corner of Glen's mouth and he states, "Evelyn you have two choices: You can come with me and we will get you into a clinic, or you can stay here and I will call the police and report the child abuse so you can go to jail."


Evelyn thinks for about a minute and finally concedes, "Okay Glen have it your way, but you're making a big mistake."


Glen escorts Evelyn out of the room and requests, "Please tell Jennifer what I'm doing and that I will call her tomorrow."


When they're gone, I look at Mabel and she comments, "How in the world did that nice man end up with a wife like her?"


I shake my head, "I certainly don't understand it and what amazes me even more is how my Princess Boss grew up in that family and remained relatively normal."


Mabel immediately questions, "Princess Boss?"


I laugh, "Yeah, that's my pet name for Jens. But don't ever let her hear you calling her that. She hates being called a princess and will kick your ass. Will you please take care of getting Zarika cleaned up and Yasmeen out of the bathroom and into bed, I need to go and report all this to Jens."


Mabel replies, "I'm going to let Zarika sleep in my room tonight so they don't fight anymore. You go and tell your Princess Boss what happened."


I head out the door and think - I need a fucking drink! Hell I need a whole fucking bottle! I sure hope Linus isn't having as much trouble as I am.


I pass by the door of the twisted sister's room and hear a hell of a noise coming from their room - now what the hell is going on? I pound on the door and shout, "Get the hell to sleep!" And thankfully, the noise stops.


Present – Jim, Matt and Linus– Bob's Country Bunker


I've been chatting up one of the whores at the bar, buying her drinks and while she wasn't looking switching drinks with her because I could tell the bartender was watering hers down. I ask her, "Tell me some more about this Russian man and his sister."


She giggles and says, "I'd love to but it's a big secret."


Now I'm getting somewhere so I add some more BS to the pile, "Hell I'm as good as anyone at keeping a secret. You can tell me."


She leans over, I lean in close and I suddenly feel a hand on my shoulder. I start to jump but I can't move. I turn and see it's Bob and one of the biggest damn bouncers I've ever seen in my life! Bob announces, "Sorry pardner, but we's gonna ask you to leave."


One look at the bouncer tells me it's not going to be wise to argue with him. I nod my head and say, "Well sir, thank you for letting me in to have a drink or two."


They escort me to the door, I walk outside, thankful to escape with my life, and head toward our truck. I get to the truck, hop inside and Linus grills me, "Well Jim what did you find out."


I shake my head and hold up a hand with two fingers almost touching, "Damn I was this close to finding out when Bob threw me out of the place. But I can tell you this, I'm more sure than ever it was Ben and Stacy that saved this place. Come on, let's get out of here."


Present – Ben – Somewhere in Texas


I figure the only way I'm going to stop this semi is if I do something fucking crazy - anything else will get me run over. I remember a scene from the movie Blazing Saddles as I draw my pistol and put it to the side of my head. Yeah I'm going to hold myself hostage and hope like hell it works like it did in the movie…


And thank God it does - the semi begins to slow. I set my pistol and rifle on the ground and raise my hands while he drives closer then stops about ten yards away from me, The driver yells, "Are you fucking crazy? What the hell do you want?"


Keeping my hands raised I walk to the driver's door and explain, "There's a group of men blocking the road ahead just waiting for a truck like yours. If you give me about fifteen minutes, I'll take care of them for you."


He questions, "And how much is this gonna cost me?"


I shake my head, "How about a ride to the next town."


He says, "So you're doing this out of the goodness of your own heart?"


I laugh, "Hell no! There's not much goodness left in my black heart! I'm doing this for myself. I'm sick and damn tired of seeing Americans taking advantage of other Americans."


The trucker guesses, "You sound like you spent some time in the military."


I reply, "Yeah a bit of time but I don't want to talk about it. Now give me about fifteen minutes to do the voodoo I do so well."


I pick up my weapons and get ready to take out the trash…


Present – Linus, Matt and Jim – Somewhere in Texas


We're glad to 'escape' Bob's Country Bunker with our lives. After Jim goes in and gets the owner all riled up toward us, they watch the truck as we leave the honkytonk and head south. Jim says, "Damn that was like opening up a bee hive."


Matt adds, "Yeah Jim but I do think you're right about Ben and Stacy being the Russians. Otherwise why would they be so protective of them?"


I'm driving, see something unusual and caution, "Guys, weapons ready."


And that's like opening up a bee hive of our own in the truck as Matt and Jim scramble for their rifles. Matt asks, "What's going on Linus?"


I reply, "Well, there's a couple of vehicles beside the road and it doesn't feel right - it could be an ambush."


I stop on the shoulder of the road, about a hundred yards from the vehicles, grab my rifle and order, "Jim, you jump out and take the right flank, making sure to stay in the bushes. Matt once he's in position we'll both exit and I’ll keep you covered until you cross the road and take the left flank. Then we will advance together."


Jim does as ordered. Once I see he's in position I nod and Matt and I jump out of the car, I crouch behind the car door, not that it would really stop a bullet if someone fired at me. Matt is in position and we slowly advance toward the vehicles.


We get close and Jim announces, "Guys there are three bodies here." Matt adds, "I have four more here."


I order, "Okay you two stand watch while I examine the bodies."


I flip on my tactical light, scan the bodies and state, "Well guys, I think we just missed Ben or someone like him. These guys have all been shot in the head."


Matt states, "I think they had some sort of road block setup."


Jim concurs, "Yeah I'd heard something like this was happening down here. But if it was Ben where did he go and why did he bother to kill these guys?"


That's the sixty-four million dollar question. I order, "Okay I think we've seen all we need to see, let's get the hell out of here and see if we can catch the person that did this."


We head back to the truck and I order, "Jim, you drive while I phone home."


We take off, I pull out my mobile phone and curse, "Damn! I don't have any signal here."


Present – Stacy – In the Truth Network news van


Well, my plan to get the news team off Ben's back worked! But I sure didn't count on missing Ben as much as I do. I'd spent my whole life traveling with Grandmamma and having one adventure after another, but none of them came close to the adventure I had with Ben. Oh yeah, there were some bad times, times I thought we were going to die, and then there was my stupid fucking mistake with the fat fuck Guy, but the short time I spent with Ben could not be compared with anything else I'd done. And now that it's over, life seems empty. A tear trickles down my cheek.


Samantha interrupts my thoughts, "Stacy, I was wondering if we could interview you some more."


I wipe my nose, look at her and smile, "Sure but let me freshen my makeup."


Yeah I need to prolong this trip to give Ben as much time as possible. My last gift to a great man.


I add, "Samantha, if you don't mind I would like to stop, check on the horses and do the interview outside of the van."


She looks at Frank and asks, "Honey, you think we can find a place to pull over."


He answers, "Yeah, it would be good to take a little break." He then orders the driver to find someplace to stop. We pull into a deserted gas station and Emmanuel orders, "You two stay in the van until we secure the area. So I watch as the guys fly out of the van and secure the area, but watching them reminds me of Ben.


I question Samantha, "You guys didn't by any chance take my cell phone out of my pack?"


She answers…


Present – Samantha – In the Truth Network news van


I answer Stacy, "No we did look through your pack and saw the cell phone but we didn't take it."


I watch as Stacy gets a strange look on her face, I wish I knew her better. I do know I'm not going to let her take control of my interview this time.


Frank gives me a signal and I say, "It looks like things are clear so we can get out of the van now."


Stacy takes her golden rifle as we exit the van. Then she checks it and her revolvers and questions, "Your team looks like they're IDF?"


I boast, "They're not just IDF they're Mossad."


She nods her head and says, "Yeah that's what Ben thought when he saw them."


I see my opening and immediately question, "Stacy, what was it like traveling with Ben?"


She gives me a dirty look and answers, "Samantha, I've already told you any discussion about Ben is off the table."


I smile and reply, "Sorry about that. You seemed sad and I thought since we weren't recording you, you might want to talk about it."


We head to the trailer as Stacy responds, "Samantha I may be blonde but I'm sure as hell not stupid. I know why you're trying to find out about Ben, You're hoping that I will give you clues so your boss Jennifer Donaldson can find him. She needs to get her head out of the sand and realize that Ben doesn't want to be found."


I counter, "Stacy, my boss in Liz Morgan…"


She interrupts (I hate that about her), "Yeah who is best friends with Jennifer Donaldson, who just happens to be one of the owners of the Truth Network. Like I said before I'm not stupid."


I think to myself, yeah you aren't stupid but sooner or later you're going to mess up and when you do I'm going to be there to catch you…


Present – Stacy – In the Truth Network news van


Yeah, my plan to delay the news team is going perfectly. I sure the hell hope Ben's long gone by now.


Samantha asks, "If the horses are fine, could we start the interview?"


I smile at her and ask, "First I need to visit the bushes."


She adds, "Well make sure you take one of the guys to stand watch."


I pat my rifle and state, "I can take care of myself." and head toward the bushes.


Frank questions, "Where are you going?"


I reply, "Damn! Can't a woman take a pee without announcing it to the whole world?"


I find a good looking bush, begin my business when I hear something behind me… I twist around and suddenly understand way too well the phrase about getting caught with your pants down…