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Chapter 36

Home Chapter 36

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow one week later


One lonely as hell week in Russia and it isn't anything like I thought it would be. Here I am alone again, like I have been every night. I never figured that I'd need to speak Russian since I assumed I would hang out with Banzai. But Banzai is out having a hell of a time with his new Spetsnaz friends and I'm stuck here without even a decent damn TV station to watch. I did venture out once at night and promptly got lost - it was embarrassing as hell that my FSB escorts had to take me back to the hotel.


Hell! Where are all the Russian women I thought I would meet? Oh well at least I have some damn good vodka. Even though it's still not yet winter, it's cold enough at night that I can keep my vodka cold outside. I open the window, pull it in off the sill, unscrew the cap and take a big swig…


Shit! I had such a dream on the flight over here of meeting a special woman and spending – well the rest of my life with her and I'm upset as hell because it seems like it was just another dream. I unscrew the lid, take another good swig and ponder in despair, 'at least I have the vodka'…


Flashback – Ben – In Moscow


What a hell of a great week, I'm in heaven! Russia is even better than I thought it would be! I made friends with the Spetsnaz immediately, we train like hell during the day then party like hell at night. I only wish Jack was here. I don't understand why he stays in the hotel room so much. Shit! He's turned into some kind of hermit. Wow, here comes a couple of new women…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


This mission has been more difficult than I imagined. I have observed the Sgts. training. However when the evening comes, I can only find Sgt. Blaine while Sgt. Reynolds is absent. So earlier in the day I hired some help (Yelena). We spent the afternoon reviewing our plan and I emphasized what would happen if she deviated from the plan. We've arrived at the bar Sgt. Blaine frequents, located him at his normal location and closed upon our prey.


The plan was working perfectly and I watched as Sgt. Blaine's eyes were mechanically attached to us. We were almost collocated with him when, as typically happened, the Spetsnaz intercepted us and started flirting with us. I leaned over, whispered in my hired help's ear and we began our deception.


She yelled, "Leave me alone you brutes."


I added to the commotion, "Someone please help!"


They laughed and began to call us vulgar names (typical Russian men) but it had the desired effect. Sgt. Blaine leapt from his bar stool, came up to us and questioned (in excellent Russian), "Are these men bothering you?"


I responded, "Thank you. Yes they are!"


He turned and yelled at the Spetsnaz, "Can't you tell these women are ladies! Leave them alone or you will have to answer to me."


I inwardly smirked because I knew he had already defeated the best of them in manual combat. They laughed, slapped him on the back and returned to their table.


Yelena played her part perfectly. She hugged his arm and said, "You are my hero! Let me buy you a drink."


I maneuvered us toward a free booth and we slid in with Sgt. Blaine between us as Yelena was pressed tightly against him. I alerted a waitress, ordered a round of vodka, then leaned over to pass her 1000 rubles and whispered, "Keep bringing drinks until I tell you to stop."


We were getting comfortable when the nightly entertainment began…


Flashback – Ben – In Moscow


Damn! I lucked out tonight and landed the hottest woman in the bar, Yelena and her almost as hot friend Masha. It was all I could do to keep from laughing since I and my new Spetsnaz friends worked out a plan where they would accost my target women, then I would 'save' them and the women would be grateful to me. I looked at my Spetsnaz friend's table, and they raised a toast to me…


Yelena couldn't keep her hands and body off me - if she was any closer I'd be inside her. But Masha was a bit more conservative. It was a little early to ask, but I thought Jack and I were going to get really lucky tonight. Yeah nothing like bagging a beauty for my best friend… I wondered how thankful he would be.


We had a great time drinking and laughing and I was getting ready to ask if they would like to come back to my place, when the nightly entertainment started – the rat races. Damn I loved Moscow! Some poor bastard caught some wild rats during the day and then each night they would race them on a special track and everyone bet on them!


The announcer stated, "We have spared no expense to bring you the biggest rats in Moscow…"


It was our cue and we all yelled, "Other than the politicians." Then we laughed.


The announcer continued, "So come up, pick your favorite rat and ladies and gentlemen place your bets."


Yelena musically suggested, "Let's go pick out a favorite rat." And we all headed toward the holding pens.


Tonight's group of rats was especially nasty looking - I swear some of them were almost as big as a cat. They seemed agitated, and bit at the cages. 


Yelena pointed to one medium sized brown rat and remarked, "That is my favorite rat, I will bet on him."


Masha pointed at a huge, grotesque, and practically malformed rat and stated, "I like the one over there and I will bet on it."


I saw a white rat that looked confused, was running in circles chasing its tail and began to laugh, Yelena questioned, "Benchik why are you laughing."


I stated, "That rat… he reminds me of Major M, who is my superior officer."


Both of the ladies giggled. Have you ever noticed how sexy a giggle can be?


Yelena questioned, "So you will place your bet on him?"


I laughed, "Hell no! I want to win and anyone that bets on that rat is bound to lose."


Again the giggles erupted. I looked over the rats carefully. Having been exposed to many 'rats' in my life, I relied on my vast experience and finally picked one. Yelena boldly promised, "If your rat wins, you can have me as the prize."


That sounded good to me so I added, "And if your rat wins, you can have me as the prize."


We went up to the window and placed our bets…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


So far Yelena has been perfect and has performed her job magnificently. Sgt. Blaine and she have all but bonded and I am sure that is a foregone conclusion for later this evening. I had hoped to leave for the Sgts. Domicile earlier, but the rat race distracted us. The delay was fortunate because I needed to fortify myself with more vodka before I could attempt completion of this odious mission.


It wasn't that Sgt. Reynolds wasn't attractive, but he was old - much older than my normal assignments. I observed Sgt. Blaine and Yelena and secretly wished he was my assignment. But after Miranda's failure my superiors deemed Sgt. Blaine unassailable. I knew however if Miranda had been less forthright with Sgt. Blaine and pursued a more coy approach she could have captured him.


We collocated adjacent to the rat race track as the races commenced… At least I didn't need to worry about the Sedankina twins interrupting and so far I had glorious reports of their missions as they were extremely busy…


I was snapped out of my gathering of wool when something very unexpected and dangerous occurred!


Flashback – Ira and Mira – in Israel


Seven days in Israel and this was our seventh mission. The other missions were disappointingly easy and Mira applied an American euphemism to them when she complained, "Irinka our other missions were akin to firing at flounder in a firkin."


I retorted, "Mirinka, this mission provides a greater challenge. It appears as if our adversaries have cognated they are being pursued."


Mira grinned and responded with a different euphemism, "Irinka, the amount of time expended for them to cognate that fact shows their cable operated building ascension devices do not traverse to the highest floors."


I grinned at Mira and agreed, "Finally we will have some challenge. Is it time yet for our secret weapon?"


She countermanded, "Irinka, I know you desire to impart a valuable lesson to this 'golden hoard' in reference to their abusive treatment of their females. However now is not the time for that ploy. Look here comes our adversary now."


Yes our target slowly slipped out of the building as I softly giggled and stated, "He reminds me of a rat…"


Mirika finished, "…leaving it's abode."


We slowly raised our rifles and Mira whispered a warning, "Ira, this is a trap!"


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


After my Sgt. told me of his suspicions, I rose from my chair and started pacing around the room to think about the situation. I finally turned to him and challenged, "Those are damn big allegations, do you have any proof?"


He replied, "I have no direct proof, the sort you can take to the bank. But analyze it! How in the hell did Sgt. Reynolds and Sgt. Blaine just happen to show up where we were? And further why in the hell did the operators of Baskerville release us and the Sedankina Twins far enough apart so they couldn't catch us. I’m certain Sgt. Reynolds and Sgt. Blaine were the operators of Baskerville."


I paced some more and thought: The Sgt. could be right but there were some problems. I countered, "Sgt. If you are correct and Sgt. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds were the operators of Baskerville, where the hell did Baskerville come from? I'm damn sure the Iraqis couldn't have made anything like Baskerville, so that only leaves the Sgts. to build it. I'm not sure either of them has the mechanical aptitude to create a vehicle from scratch."


The Sgt. parried, "Well Sgt. Reynolds sure as hell doesn't but Sgt. Blaine grew up on a ranch and those ranch kids can do amazing things sometimes. He might have been able to modify an existing vehicle to create Baskerville."


I thought some more, made a decision and ordered, "Sgt. find the best damn photos we have of Baskerville and get the techs working on the possibility it was a modification of an existing vehicle in our database of vehicles in that God forsaken country."


The debriefing was over, he stood and left while I continued to pace and thought about his supposition. If he was correct and we could prove it, then the damn stranglehold the Sgts. had on me would be removed… In fact, I would have their asses over a barrel…