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Chapter 38

Home Chapter 38

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Ben – In Moscow


Damn! This was great, Yelena was squeezing my arm and pressing her tits into it so hard it had to hurt her. The rat races started, then some damn drunk leaned over the track, lost his balance, fell on the track and broke the hell out of it. The damn rats didn't waste any time and started swarming into the room and biting the hell out of the patrons.


Yelena yelled, "Help me, save me!"


I tossed her over one shoulder, grabbed Masha over the other shoulder and ran like hell for the exit - kicking the fucking rats and other patrons out of my way. Nothing would ruin tonight's mood more than one of the girls getting bitten by a rat…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


I was impressed with Sgt. Blaine's physical prowess and ability to seize control of a terrible situation. When the drunken man destroyed the track, the rats were whipped into a frenzy. They tried to escape but thought any human was their enemy and started to inflict serious wounds on the patrons.


I was concerned I would have to take action which might jeopardize my role when Sgt. Blaine took control of matters. I looked across his back to Yelena and smiled and she smiled back. Yes she was going to get lucky tonight and I was going to do my duty for my country…  


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


Damn! I was just falling asleep when Banzai barged into the room making a hell of a noise and flipped on the light. I sat up in bed and quickly noticed he wasn't alone - he was with two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen! The blonde one was a little young for me but the other one…


They were speaking in Russian so I cleared my voice and questioned, "What the hell is going on?"


They all began talking at the same time, this time in English, but it was almost as bad as when they were speaking Russian.


Finally the older woman said, "Shhh! I will tell the story."


Banzai and the younger girl began making out (the lucky bastard) while the older woman said, "My name is Masha, we were at the local bar when a drunken person broke the rat track…"


I interrupted, "Rat track, what the hell is a rat track?"


She politely asked, "Do you mind if I sit on your bed while I explain everything?"


I thought, 'Hell yes you can sit on my bed, or even in my bed I don't care', but I answered, "Sure that's fine with me…"


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow the next morning


I never co-mingle saliva and relate the specifics, but shockingly I am in love! I lay in the perspiration soaked bed while Jack was at the stove (in the nude) preparing me breakfast and attempting to sing a song. I studied him and realized I had never encountered a man such as this before. He was the most tender, caring and concerned lover I had ever experienced and for once I was completely sated.


I was also thankful that Yelena escorted Sgt. Blaine back to 'our' room so Jack and I could enjoy the privacy we required.


However as I watched him, I had troubling thoughts…


He looked at me and asked…


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow the next morning


Damn! What a hell of a night! Masha was a hell of a woman and an incredible lover - I'd never had better. Now to impress her with my culinary and vocal skills. But I glance at her, see that she's frowning and asked, "What's wrong Masha?"


She started to answer when Banzai flew into the room and announced, "Dammit Jack, we're going to be late!"  


He took one look at me, another look at Masha in my bed, blushed and muttered a kind of apology, "Sorry I didn't know. Jack we need to change and get going."


I looked and Masha and made a quick decision, "Banzai, it's not like they really need me. Tell them I'm sick today…"


Flashback – Banzai – In Moscow the next morning


Wow! From the looks of things, Jack got real lucky and me, well Yelena was beautiful but she wasn't that good in the sack. It felt like she was only doing it because she had to, yeah like she was a prostitute or something; all the right moves but none of the emotion. Then when I woke up in the morning she was gone and left a note which said she needed to get to work.


I averted my eyes, grabbed the gear I needed and ran into the bathroom to change…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow the next morning


I looked at Jack and smiled; he looked at me, pointed to the bathroom and we both began to laugh. How could I have ever contemplated the prospect of preferring Sgt. Blaine? He is a mere boy and my Jack is all man. When I uncovered myself and motioned to him, he almost flew into the bed and we began again while I conveniently forgot about the problems which I now possess…


Flashback – Banzai – In Moscow the next morning


Damn it sounded like Jack and Masha… No it couldn't be, not while I'm here. I slip open the bathroom door and shit they are doing it. I slowly crept out of the apartment and headed to training. I sure didn't like having to lie for Jack. But he's right, they really don't need him to teach them spotting, they do it the same way, just not as well…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – in Israel


Yes, my observant sister noticed that our intended target was a deception! I slowly assessed the area and occulated many men on the roof tops. This was a trap and we almost actuated it. I looked at Mira and stated, "Sister, now is the time for our ploy."


We slowly slipped into burkas (which concealed not only our identities, it also concealed our weapons). We would escape, however this mission would be our first failure...


I was not joy-overed that we did not accomplish this mission. However I was thankful that we did not become food of worms. We slipped off the roof, down the stairs and I thought to question, "Irinka, if our target is not here and all these armed men who might defend him are located here…"


She finished, "Mirinka! You are correct. He persists at his primary location and remains lightly guarded."


We reached the street and departed post haste toward his previous location. Why I was hesitant to use the ploy before now seemed silly. With the burkas we could freely travel without attracting undue attention. However the compensation for free travel was the certainty of being overly hot, itchy and sweaty.


We arrived at his primary location, entered the building without problem and transversed to the target’s office. My katana eliminated the guard outside the office. We rapidly discarded our burkas, entered the office and our silenced .22 pistols terminated all inside occupants, including our target.


Ira smiled at me and declared, "It is my turn to mark the wall."


She expertly wrote in Hebrew, 'Angels of Death.'


We regained our burkas and slowly departed the building. The Angels of Death had struck again…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


I sat and seriously thought about my Sgt's. supposition and allegations and wondered if he could be right. There were a hell of a lot of questions that needed to be answered if he was correct. The biggest one was where the hell did Baskerville come from and then who the hell drove it? The Sgt. seemed to think that Sgt. Blaine could have modified an existing vehicle because he grew up on a ranch. I just happened to have the Sgt's. record on my desk (because I hoped to find some way to reverse the awkward situation they had me in) and I opened it. I hadn't spent much time on the early part of the record, so I flipped to the front…


Now that's interesting! Sgt. Blaine joined the Corps instead of going to prison. I decided to make some calls to see what I could find out…


An hour later I leaned back in my chair, looked at copies of the many traffic tickets Sgt. Blaine had for speeding (damn one of them was for over 140 mph). His family lawyer had kept him out of trouble. So Sgt. Blaine might have had the skills to pilot Baskerville. And he had to have some mechanical aptitude to be able to keep a high performance car like that one running. But still where the hell did Baskerville come from.


My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. I yelled, "Come in, and this had better be damn important."


My Sgt. walked in and stated, "Sir I think we figured it out…"