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Chapter 39

Home Chapter 39

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Stacy – In the bushes


The little bitch's husband leaves the camera and rolls over to her unconscious body. I quickly remove the damn tape from the camera, gather my pants and put them on. I'm tired of giving these fucking bastards a show! Then I see that Bo and Patches have obliterated the tiger and I call, "Bo, Patches come on we're leaving."


Emanuel declares, "You can't go anywhere - we're stranded because the news van was stolen."


I question, "Did they leave the horse trailer?"


He replies, "Yes they did."


I smile and inform him, "Well, you may be stranded but I still have my horses and their tack. So I'm leaving."


The nosy little bitch wakes up and yells…


Present – Samantha – In the bushes


I'm pissed as hell that fat prima donna bitch got in a lucky punch and knocked me out! I have a hell of a headache, but my reporter's blood kicks in when I hear Stacy say she's leaving and I can't let that happen. I loudly complain, "Hey what about our agreement! We transport you and you give us exclusive interviews."


She rudely laughs (I hate that bitch) and answers with a question (which I also hate), "Well how the hell can you transport me if you don't have a van?"


I counter, "Well we've taken you this far so…"


My damn phone rings and interrupts our discussion…


Present – Liz – At the cabin


I get Jens settled down and find out that Ben probably took out a roadblock, is probably traveling on a semi and that Linus' team needs more information on finding him. So I decide to call Sam and see if she's weaseled anything out of Stacy.


Sam answers the phone in a hell of a pissed off mood, "What the hell do you want?"


I react naturally in my bitchiest manner, "Excuse the hell out of me, but just who the hell is who's boss here?"


There's a short pause and she says, "Sorry Liz, you're the boss it's just that things have gone to hell here and I need someone to blame."


I finally put the phone on speaker and order, "Okay Samantha tell us what's happened."


She replies, "Well Liz I hate to tell you this, but the new news van was stolen and Stacy's taking off on her horses."


Jack complains, "Tell that damn crew they're a bunch of morons for not leaving someone standing watch."


Sam counters, "We normally do but the tiger attacked Stacy when she was… she was indisposed and she shot and killed it…"


I could tell Sam was going to say more but stopped so I queried, "Sam is there more to this story that you didn't tell us?"


She complains, "Dammit Liz how did you know?"


I laugh, "My reporter's instinct - so spill it."


Samantha pauses and says, "Well I guess you would find out anyway." The she recounts the whole story, tells us their current location and when she gets to the fight Jens interrupts, "I hope you kicked that fat ass of hers!"


Sam was quiet for almost half a minute then starts talking crazy…


Present – Samantha – In the bushes


I notice that damn Stacy bitch has been listening closely to my conversation with Liz while she was saddling her damn horses. She smirks when I get to the part about the fight, and I have a hell of an idea so I quickly say to Liz and everyone else there, "You don't say! That does sound like an excellent lead on where Ben is. When the new news van gets here we will leave immediately…"


Present – Frank – In the bushes


I pull my brother Emanuel aside, discuss my idea, he likes the hell out of it and goes and talks to the rest of the men. I listen to my sexy young wife talking on the phone and it sounds like they have some idea where Ben might be so I head return to Emanuel and give him the good news…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


I question, "Samantha have you gone fucking crazy? Now answer my question did you kick that fat bitch's ass?"


Samantha confuses me even more, "Yes that's right I'm sure with the information you just gave me we will find Ben in no time at all…"


I start to complain but Liz cuts me off by saying, "Jens, I think Stacy is listening in and Sam might be pulling a fast one on her. Sam please tell me if I'm correct."


Sam replies, "Yes Liz you are. We will take off as soon as the new van gets here." Then she hangs up the phone.


Jens complains, "Damn! I wish I was there. I would have kicked that…" She looks around and sees Ivan and changes in mid stream, "I would have made her sorry for the day she was born."


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – At the cabin


This has been most entertaining: Ms. Donaldson has been occupied with Ms. Summers and has totally ignored the threat which I pose. My sister Ira's phone and my phone both indicate we have messages. We simultaneously retrieve them, then study each other and our shared glances inform us more completely than mere vocalizations.


My sister Irinka states, "I perceive our presence is no longer necessary so we are retiring to our quarters."


We re-initiate our bipedal units, turn and depart - making certain we maintain our corporeal selves between Alexi and the highly volatile Ms. Donaldson…


We acquire the hallway, dislocated from prying auditory units, and Ira inquires, "Mirika, do you fathom the importance of the communique?"


I reply, "Affirmative! We will initiate protective shifts tonight."


Alexi observantly questions, "My sisters, I perceive the phone notification you received has great importance."


I tussle his hair and respond, "Yes my brother, we have much preparation tonight then you must sleep well for tomorrow your training begins in earnest."


We acquire our room, I help my sister prepare many weapons and packs and question what is happening. Finally my sister Ira instructs…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


The twisted sisters leave taking that bastard boy with them. Once I'm sure they are gone I complain, "Liz that little Alexi SOB was the one that pranked me. If those two are your body guards you need to do something about keeping them and their damn brother under control, because nobody pranks me in my house!"


Liz tries to calm me, "Jens, come on it's not even as bad as the things Ben did to us."


Jack adds, "Yeah, sorry about my little prank but I was upset that all the noise you made woke Vanya. But if you remember you're the one that started the pranks with that damn horn of yours."


Rats! Double Rats! And TRIPLE RATS! I hate it when Jack's right! Yeah, I did start the whole idea of pranking, So I strategically decide to change the subject, "Has anyone heard from Thom and Byron?"


Masha replies, "They and one of my acquaintances are en route to Aruba using a personal aircraft. I will receive and relay a report when they acquire land."


I look around the room and state, "Well, I still need to get cleaned up and go to bed. O-dark-thirty comes early in the morning."


We all leave the library but I still wonder how I can pull off retribution on Alexi and Jack without having to fight the twins and Masha…


Present – Stacy – In the bushes


I've been listening to that damn nosy news reporter Samantha bitch and while at first I enjoyed her describing to her boss (and I hope that damn Jennifer bitch) about the fight, I sure as hell don't like what I just heard: It sounds like they have a good lead on finding Ben.


I remember my promise to Ben and the many times he saved my ass and feel guilty. I swallow part of my pride (hey I did knock her ass out) and because of my promise to Ben I walk to her, extend my hand and hope, "Samantha? No hard feelings?"


Present – Samantha – In the bushes


Damn! My thoughts were right! Stacy's trying to keep us from finding Ben and I was able to pull a fast on one her. As she holds out her hand, I give her my best pissed look and say, "What the hell were you thinking by putting a gun to my head. You're lucky the team didn't kill you."


She gives me a funny look and gives a backhanded apology, "Well, without Ben life isn't much worth living anyway."


Now what the hell sort of shit is she trying to feed me? I look around and question, "So when are you leaving?"


Stacy smiles and answers, "Well I've decided to honor our agreement and I will stay here with you until you can transport me and my horses to the closest large city."


I smile and push a little, "Well we still have a camera here, how about an interview?"


Present – Stacy – In the bushes


Yes I tricked the damn nosy news reporter bitch. I will keep leading her on in the interviews so they don't go after my Ben…


Hey, I have a hell-of-an-idea…


Present – Linus, Matt and Jim – Somewhere in Texas


We walk into the truck stop restaurant but stop short as we see everyone in the damn place has a weapon pointed as us. Damn! We've been caught flat footed!


Someone yells, "Don't make any sudden moves and reach for the sky."


I raise my hands, Matt and Jim follow and I question, "Listen we aren't here to cause any problems. We're looking for a friend of ours."


Someone else yells, "I doubt that! Not with the guns you're carrying. I bet you're one of those roadside gangs looking for your next victim."


I counter, "No actually we're looking for a friend of ours who just defeated one of the roadside gangs…"


Someone else yells, "Yeah we've heard of him! He's our 'trucker's angel' and if you're looking for him you're not welcome here! So if I was you I would get those damn nosy noses of yours out the door before we shoot your asses."


I whisper to Matt and Jim, "Back slowly toward the door."


We're almost to the door when someone touches off a round. Then we're in a hell of a firefight…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a chartered jet headed towards Venezuela


Because Inga was cheating I refuse to take off my pants. Instead, I gather my clothes, begin to get back into them and declare, "I don't know about the rest of you but I'm going to catch some sleep."


Byron agrees, "Yeah it's too damn late for me."


Inga questions, "Mr. Thom, perhaps we could share a row of seats."


Normally I would have jumped all over this (I mean jumped her bones) but I'm damn pissed right now about her cheating so I decline, "Not tonight Inga, I have a headache."


What the hell? Did I just hear Thom refuse a woman? I start to verify, "Thom are you sick?"


Thom responds, "Byron shut the fuck up!"


I flip him off and counter, "I liked you much better when you were a man-whore." Then I crawled off for some shuteye.


Mr. Thom is not going to resist my advances that easily! I do not re-apply the dress which I purposefully lost in the poker game to distract him. I reach behind my back, remove my bra and explain, "I sleep in only my panties."


I observe as Mr. Thom's eyes practically depart their orbital cavities. Yes I will have my way with him tonight…


Present – Ben – outside Dallas in a truck stop


As I walk into the truck stop behind Stinky Pete, everyone looks at me and I notice they all have weapons. I quickly move my hands to my weapons then something amazing happens. They all stand to start clapping and cheering. I am confused as hell!


Stinky Pete and I take a table when a rough as hell looking old man walks up and states, "I want to shake your hand mister."


I shake his hand and this continues until all the truckers have welcomed me. The last one asks, "Ya mind if I pull up a seat?"


I'm still a bit dazed so Stinky Pete offers, "Help yourself Reckless Raymond."


I look at him and ask, "What the hell just happened?"


Reckless Raymond laughs, "Shit son, Stinky Pete got on the CB and told everyone how you saved his ass from the roadblock. As far as all of us is concerned you're now our Trucker's Angel. I heared you want to head to Austin, well I'm headed that way and would love to have you ride 'shotgun' for me."


Three other guys walk up to the table and start a discussion:


"Shit Reckless, don't hog him all to yourself!"


"Ya know we's all headed to Austin."


"Why don't you take lead with our Trucker's Angel ridin' with you and we will have a convoy."


I state, "Well I do need a ride to Austin."


Reckless Raymond states, "Good it's settled. By the way eat whatever the hell you want - it's already been paid for and if'n you fancy a little time with Millie the waitress she'd love to clean your pipes."


I reply, "Thanks Reckless but I would really like to just eat and get moving."


Millie brings me a huge amount of food. She's not half bad looking and if I wasn't so fucked in the head I'd tap her. She sashays away as I dig in…