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Chapter 40

Home Chapter 40

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia





Flashback – Ben – In Moscow


This has been a hell of a day and Jack picked the perfect day to play hooky! The Spetsnaz decided this was the day when they were going to break this American! They tried their best but I was like a fucking Timex watch: I took a licking and kept on ticking. But my ass was dragging so all I wanted to do tonight was eat some chow, file my reports to M and hit the rack. I was almost to the apartment when… Shit! I forgot about that.


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


This has been a hell of a day! I picked the perfect day to blow off this Spetsnaz crap and get better acquainted with Masha. Damn what a woman! After spending all day 'getting to know each other better', we were both tired as hell. I held her close to me in the bathtub and gently washed her back. She practically purred, "Jack, that feels so wonderful."


I answered, "Not as wonderful as you are."


She snuggled closer and said, "The water is chilled so let's depart the bathtub and I will prepare you some dinner."


I questioned, "You know how to cook?"


She laughed as she stood up and replied, "Of course I know, don't all women?"


I thought immediately, 'hell no - not in America.' But then that was one of the great things about Masha, she wasn't a normal self-absorbed female that felt she was entitled to everything in the world. She stepped out of the tub, I watched her dry off and then she headed out of the bathroom - in the nude.


I jumped out of the tub and dried off quickly so I could watch her. When she walked it was almost magical…


Flashback – Ben – In Moscow


Yeah, I forgot about Jack and Masha. I sure hope to hell they're not going at it like they were this morning because that was embarrassing. I decided I better make a hell of a lot of noise because I didn't want to walk in on anything.


I banged around on the door, opened it, walked in and the place was… empty. Where the hell is Jack? I set my stuff down walked over to the table and picked up a note that said:




I've decided to move into Masha's place so we could have a little more privacy…


Then it listed the address and Masha's phone number.


Shit! This was all I needed. Who the hell was going to do Jack's half of the report.


I pulled out my phone and dialed her number…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


I was happy that Jack moved in with me, however I still had one gigantic problem which I was uncertain how to handle. I was making dinner when my phone rang so I picked it up and heard, "Masha this is Ben let me talk to Jack."


I smiled at my love and said, "Jack, it's Ben and he sounds upset."


Jack came over, took the phone from me after giving me a kiss and fondling my derriere and he said, "Okay Banzai what the hell is wrong?"


Flashback – Ben – In Moscow


I complained, "Jack what the hell are you doing moving out?"


Jack laughed, "I'm doing what the hell I want to do. Shit it's not like I'm really needed."


I continued, "Jack you're a hell of a lot better spotter than anyone they have. Besides what about your half of the report to M."


He stated, "Well thanks for the vote of confidence in me, but it will do you some good to work with other spotters because I'm not going to be in the Corps forever. And as far as my half of the report, just fake something for me."


I started hearing some noise over the phone and… Oh Hell not again! Thank God the phone went dead…


I'd known Jack forever and this just wasn't like him. If I wasn't so damn tired tonight I'd head over to Masha's place and kick his ass all the way back here.


I rummaged around in the fridge, found some bread, cold cuts, cheese and leftover soup. I made myself five damn sandwiches and started eating them and the soup while working on the report for M.


I finished the report and my meal when there was a knock on my door just as all hell broke loose!


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


My Sgt. walked in while I was trying to figure out if Sgt. Blaine could have made Baskerville and stated, "Sir I think we figured it out. As near as we can tell Baskerville was a highly modified Kamaz truck."


I looked at him and questioned, "Wasn't that a Kamaz truck the Sgts. liberated from the missile site?"


He replied, "Affirmative. They liberated it right before the missile was destroyed." Then he went on to detail what they thought the modifications were. This sounded very promising until I questioned, "Okay what proof do we have that the Sgts. actually created and operated Baskerville?"


My Sgt. frowned with his answer, "Sir! That's the problem. With Baskerville being totally destroyed there is no proof."


I added, "And knowing the Sgts. the way I do, there's no way to trip them up so they would give me the proof."


My computer dinged so I dismissed the Sgt., looked and noticed the report from the Sgt. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds had come into crypto and I would have it in a few minutes. I have to say that they were doing a bang up job, the intel I was getting was invaluable.


I sent off an email request to my Mossad friend to see if he was able to debrief the Sedankina twins about Baskerville because I heard they were back in Israel raising hell - which was fine with me as long as they weren't chasing my ass.


The report came in, I looked at it and stated to myself, "Wait a minute, something doesn't look right."


The Sgt. burst into my office and said, "Sorry to interrupt Sir, but you need to see this. All hell is breaking loose in Russia."


I jumped up from my chair and headed into the main room where I could tell right away things weren't just bad, they were fucked!


Flashback – Ira and Mira – in Israel


We were relaxing at our domicile having just completed our mission reports and adding today's terminations to our records. I smiled since I was currently in the termination lead! This would incessantly aggravate my sister Mira. A rapping at the door interrupted us - this was a massively uncommon occurrence and our awareness of situation became intense and our superlative training activated.


We quickly acquired many weapons. Mirinka located herself on the far side of the bed with a fully automatic Uzi aimed at the door and I fell to the floor and crawled to the side of the doorway. This was operations of standard procedures.


Upon arrival at the doorway, I fixated on my sister's eyes to ascertain she was prepared, slipped our snake camera under the door and recognized our Israeli contact. I scanned the entirety of the hall many times but could not ascertain any additional visitors. I slowly rose, snatched open the door, rapidly place my pistol adjacent to his temple and announced, "Do not ever come to our domicile again. It is a serious breach of protocol."


I secretly smiled as he visibly quivered but responded, "I had a request to debrief you on Baskerville."


I succinctly communicated, "You can inform Major M he can put Baskerville up his alimentary canal doubly folded. We are not here to answer his or even your interrogations. So unless you would prefer to be added to our termination list, depart post-haste and send us our next assignment through proper channels."


His face blanched white as he departed. I once again barricaded the door and stated to my sister, "We must now relocate our position because it has been compromised." I stood watch as she packed our materials…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


Jack was sleeping. I guess he was finally tired and it was the perfect time for me to check my e-mail. I logged into my computer and checked the daily reports from the Sedankina twins. I smiled since they caught the trap, that was normal for them. It was impressive that in spite of the trap they still discovered and eliminated the target.


I wrote my daily report to my superiors (which I had to falsify because of my preoccupation with Jack), sent it then a new urgent e-mail arrived. I opened it and my stomach fell to the floor and tears flowed from my eyes…


I yelled for Jack, "Jack honey, wake up."


He wandered over and asked, "Masha is something wrong?"


Even then I knew I had to pretend, "Honey you told me you were working with the Spetsnaz. What was the name of your team."


He replied, "Team Vympel, why do you ask?"


I conveyed my worry, "Jack my love, you might be in trouble…"