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Chapter 42

Home Chapter 42

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


I had some issues tonight with the report from Russia. It didn't seem like Sgt. Reynolds wrote his part since the style was different. But, there were bigger fish to fry right now because it looked like all hell was breaking loose in Russia. Troop transports were headed out of Moscow at an alarming rate.


I ordered, "Get me a news feed and a translator." It looked like a major deployment of troops was underway, I only hoped my two Sgts. were invited. I barked another order, "Plot the path of those transport planes."


The plots appeared on the monitors. I watched and wondered noticed they are headed slightly southeast into the Caucus region. Shit that's been a hotbed of contention forever in Russia.


The news feed was on and it looked like chaos. I rubbed my chin and yelled, "Where's that damn translator!"


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


I was sleeping great until Masha yelled, "Jack honey, wake up!"


I wandered over, noticed Masha was shaking and crying and asked, "Masha is something wrong?"


Masha questioned, "Honey, you told me you were working with the Spetsnaz, what was the name of your team."


I replied, "Team Vympel, why do you ask?"


She turned, had a very sad look on her face and stated, "Jack my love, you might be in trouble…"


Not sure what I had done other than play hooky with her all day I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and asked, "Masha I don't know what has you all worked up so tell me…"


She states, "Oh Jack it's terrible. Your team has been sent into the field."


I exclaim, "What! Team Vympel has been deployed?"


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


I needed to be strong to support my Jack and advised, "Jack we need to turn on the television and I will try to explain to you what happened. But first we must dress."


I turned on the television, found my clothes, Jack found his and we sat on the couch. Jack asked, "Masha, what are they talking about?"


I tried to explain, "My love, today is the first day of September. In Russia this is called 'First Bell' or 'Knowledge Day'. It is the start of the school year and all the children and many of the parents look forward to this day all summer long."


He interrupted me, "Masha are you telling me the children in Russia like to go to school?"


I patted his hand and continued, "Yes Jack, most of them do. In Russia education is very important for our future, now please do not interrupt. It looks like something very bad has happened in the small town of Beslan which is located in North Ossetia. We do not have any details yet however they are sending many troops there…"


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


I remembered the maps of Russia I studied and realized that North Ossetia is in the Caucus region, I look at Masha and interrupted, "It must be the Chechens."


I'm shocked when she mocks spiting on the floor and declares, "Jack, your assumptions are probably correct. They have many Islamic suicide groups that have even attacked innocent people here in Moscow."


I look at Masha and state, "Dammit Masha, I need to find out if they took Banzai with them."


I pull out my mobile phone, call his phone but I don't get an answer…


Flashback – Ben – on flight


I finished my crappy dinner while completing my report to Major M (I thought I did a great job faking Jack's part). I hadn't cleaned up when there was a knock on my door, and Yuri (my Spetsnaz contact) yelled, "Ben! Come immediately! We have a mission."


I ran to the door, threw it open and he walked in. I went after my bug out bag and asked, "What's going on?"


He stated, "That is not for me to know, but it must be big. Where is Sgt. Reynolds?"


I lied through my teeth (damn him), "He's sick and I think he's at the hospital."


Yuri replied, "We do not have time to wait for him."


With my bag in hand we ran down the stairs to a waiting truck. The driver drove worse than the normal Moscow maniacs so I knew this had to be important. I glanced around: No one was talking and in typical Russian fashion, no one smiled. I followed their lead…


We arrived at the airfield, loaded into a transport and I was shocked at the sheer number of weapons and supplies aboard.


Finally the Captain stood up and gave a mission briefing. "Today at 0930 hours an armed group of unknown size from the Riyad-us Saliheen brigade of martyrs seized control and are occupying School Number One in Beslan, North Ossetia. Because today is the first day of school many parents were there with their children."


Yuri swore, "Bсэ заебало! Пиздэ'ц на кхуи бляд!"


          Fuck it all! Fucking load of bullshit!"


The Captain continued, "There have already been casualties. Our job is to secure the perimeter while we try to negotiate with them."


What the FUCK! Negotiate with them? Who's fucking moronic idea was this? These were some of the worst fucking terrorists in the world and you don't fucking negotiate with terrorists - you kill the bastards! I stood up and shouted, "Excuse me! You can't negotiate with these fuckers! They are terrorists and we need to kill all the bastards we can as soon as we can before they kill all the hostages."


All the men shouted in agreement. It made me feel good!


The Captain, held up his hands, glared at me, realized who I was and ordered, "Sgt. Serikov (Yuri), sit our visitor down and inform him he is only here as an observer! Any further outbursts by him and he will be left on the aircraft!"


Yuri pulled me down in my seat as the Captain continued. I looked at Yuri and asked, "What sort of fucked up plan is this, negotiating with terrorists?"


He shushed me, "Ben in the Russian army we do not question our superiors."


I stated, "Well your fucking superiors are as fucked in the head as our superiors. They are making a huge fucking mistake and someone needs to tell them…"


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


I didn't get an answer on Banzai's phone so I tried it again but still no answer. I looked at Masha and said, "Masha I think Banzai is with them. I need to get my ass to Beslan."


She sadly shook her head and said, "Jack my only love, this is Russia and there is no way we can get you to Beslan. Not now, not with what is happening there."


I complained, "Shit Masha I really fucked up this time. Banzai might need me…"


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


Jack, my Jack, was extremely upset. There was no way to get him to Beslan, but I did know a doctor that for a quantity of Rubles would give him a certificate that proved he was sick. But primarily I needed to compose my man. I began to kiss him and it had the desired effect of distracting his attention from his problems. However this time I could not concentrate because of the television reports. Finally we rolled on top of the remote and the television went dead. Now I could concentrate on relaxation techniques…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


The damn translator showed up, listened for a couple minutes and stated, "Sir! Terrorists have seized a school in Beslan, North Ossetia but so far there is very little in the way of details."


I ordered, "I want updates as more information is supplied. Sgt., with me in my office."


The translator answered, "Sir this is Russia and I doubt we will receive any more updates."


We got to my office and sat. I rubbed my hands and hoped, "Sgt. this could really help me get back in the Old Man's good graces."


He added, "Yes Sir, but how do you know Sgt. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds are with their Spetsnaz team?"


I looked at the Sgt. That was the 64 million dollar question! But with these Sgts., I was sure they were a big enough pain in the ass they deployed with their team. I decided it was time to call the Old Man and deliver what I hoped wasn't premature good news. First I needed to get my Sgt. to do something. I ordered, "Sgt. I'm going to be on the phone. Go see if the translator has any new news…"


Flashback – Young Jens – At home


I was walking through the living room when the phone rang and I answered it, "Donaldson residence, Jennifer speaking."


My heart skipped a little when I heard, "Miss Donaldson, this is the Major might I please speak with the General?"


Yes it was the mean Major that worked for Ben. I was upset that Daddy assigned Ben to him because he was strange and did strange things. I stated, "Daddy, the Major is on the phone for you."


He questioned, "The Major, which damn Major there must be several hundred Majors in the Corps."


I stamped my foot a little (not so much as to get Daddy angry) and replied, "You know the Major." Doh Daddy could be so dense sometimes…


He got out of his chair, walked over, took the phone and waved his hand at me at me to leave. There was no way in heck I wasn't listening in on this phone call! Not only did I leave, I made a beeline for my room and when I ran past mom she yelled, "Jennifer! Young ladies do not run in the house!" I sassed under my breath, "Good thing I'm not a young lady!"


I got to my room, slowly and carefully picked up my camo (you all do remember I painted my phone don't you?) princess phone just in time to hear the Major. He crowed like a rooster to Daddy, "Yes Sir! It looks like there's a hostage situation in Russia and while I can't be one hundred percent certain, I think Sgt. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds are with their Spetsnaz team."


Daddy answered, "Okay Major if they were deployed with their team this will be an excellent opportunity for us to observe Russian Spec Op troops in action. I expect a full report from you tomorrow concerning this."


Now this sounded peculiar. Something happened in Russia (I majorly hated the Major for sending my Ben there to be tempted by all those beautiful Russian women) and it sounded like Ben was going to be right in the middle of it. That made me happy since he would at least be away from the female-dog Russian women…


I slowly hung up the phone as Daddy hung up the phone, went to my computer and tried to figure out what was happening in Russia.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – in Israel


While re-locating our domicile I could not alleviate the awareness things were not copasetic. I glanced at Mira and questioned, "Mirinka do you…"


She completed, "Yes Irinka I cognate the equivalent consciousness."


Yes someone occulated us! I cursed, "Male offspring of a female-saluki! Our handler performed a grievous error and was followed to our previous domicile. I will terminate his remorseful derriere for his imprudence."


Mira reminded, "But first my sister we must escape."


Yes my sister was correct…


Then I developed a devastating conclusion…