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Chapter 43

Home Chapter 43

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Samantha – The next morning and the search for Linus' team


It took most of the rest of the night to get to the truck stop where Linus and his team had a shootout. The place is still crawling with police and truckers. I look at Frank and suggest, "It might be better for right now if only you accompany me."


My loving husband argues, "I don't know about that."


I explain, "I think that Linus's team has this place stirred up like an angry hornets nest. They got in a shootout and I sure don't want that happening to us."


Emanuel offers a plan, "Sam, we will drop you and Frank here and then we will head up the road and drop some men who will sneak back here to cover you."


I liked the sound of that so I smile and answer, "That's a great idea."


I look over and notice Miss Prima Donna is throwing a huge fit. I ask, "If we take your gag out, do you promise not to scream?"


When she nods her head, Emanuel removes the gag and the bitch complains, "I need to pee and check on the horses."


I glare at her and demand, "Didn't you just get done peeing?"


She swears, "Look I'm pregnant and I have to pee all the fucking time!"


I feel a little sorry for her and relent, "Emanuel when you drop the men off, let her out so she can pee."


She annoyingly reminds me, "And check the horses."


I glare and add, "Yes, and let her check the horses."


She pushes my damn buttons one more time, "I thought you were going to let me go once you got here."


I angrily reply, "I said we'd let you go when we found our team. Does it fucking look like we've found our team yet?"


She complains some more, "This is fucking kidnapping!"


My loving husband Frank intervenes before I slap the shit out of her. He again explains, "As I said before that's your word against all of ours. Come on honey lets go."


Frank and I leave for the truck stop to see if we can get any information without making things worse…


Present – Stacy – In the news van


I can't fucking believe that after all I've been through, I'm being kidnapped by the damn fucking Truth Network! I should have capped that boney bitch's ass when I had the chance. That's okay  because they sure as hell don't know who they're messing with.


We continue up the road, they pull over to the side and Emanuel orders, "Untie her, let her check on the horses and then pee. But make sure you watch her."


I've rubbed my wrists raw trying to escape, but he tied me too well for me to get away. It does feel great when my arms are finally loose. He leads me to the back of the horse trailer, I open the door step inside, and question, "It's pretty small in here but you're welcome to come in and watch me. But I won't be responsible if one of the horses steps on your foot."


He looks at me, then answers, "I'll just wait out here." Which is exactly what I hoped he would do…


Present – Samantha – At the truck stop


We gradually start building some rapport with the deputies and the truckers when all hell breaks loose…


Present – Jens – PT the next morning at the cabin


What a hell of a terrible night! We never did hear back from Sam or Linus' team. I know I didn't sleep worth shit, and when I look at Maria. Everyone is here for PT except for…


The twins and their bastard brother - shit! If it's not one group it's another! I begin to return to the house and gather them for PT when they walk out the door and my mouth practically hits the floor. I look at them and question, "What are you three wearing?"


Liz turns, sees them and questions, "Mira and Ira, should I be wearing my body armor?"


One of the twins responds, "Affirmative Ms. Morgan, that might be prudent." Liz takes off running back into the house and I remember Liz telling me about this high-tech body armor of theirs, but what really has me worried are the number of weapons they are carrying.


I continue my questions to the twins, "Is there something we should know?"


One of them responds, "We can not cognate what is currently contained in your cranial carapace so that question has no relevancy."


I motion to Jack, he comes over and I ask his advice, "Jack what's your take on this?"


He looks at the twins and their mini-brother Alexi and declares, "Well I don't know about you, but I'm getting a rifle." He looks at his family and revises his statement, "Hell I'm getting two rifles."


I order, "Okay everyone other than Yasmeen and Zarika, fall out, get a rifle and meet back here in five minutes."


Zarika runs up and asks, "Nice Jens lady, I know well how to shoot rifle - Ben taught me. Please might I carry a rifle too?"


I glare at her and demand, "Only if you promise not to shoot Yasmeen with it."


She looks frightened and promises, "Oh no nice Jens lady, I never play game with guns."


I grab her hand and we head inside where I find rifles for both of us. We grab our rifles and head back outside.


I look at everyone and except for Yasmeen, we look like a small army. Oh well I always wanted to add carrying weapons to our PT. I begin our exercises…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – PT the next morning at the cabin


Ms. Donaldson very wisely decides the group should be armed. We commence our exercises and Alexi states, "My sisters, you perceived that when we arrived at PT with combat equipment then Ms. Donaldson would surmise everyone required combat equipment."


I reply, "Yes Alexi that is correct. However she does not yet perceive the real danger and still did not adequately prepare."


Ira interjects, "Just remember our assignments today. Alexi after today you will have…"


She never completes her vocalization because all hades commences earlier than anticipated! And we accordingly hurdle into the engagement!


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


After the hell of a night I had, fatigue set in and I start drifting off when the janitor comes by and asks, "What are you doing here?"


I yawn and answer, "I just got into town from the Dallas area and thought I would listen to the rehearsals before I find someplace to stay."


He looks at me, notices all my gear and questions, "Are you the one that shot the hell out of all the roadblocks?"


I reply with a question, "How did you hear about that?"


He laughs, "Shit! It was you! I can tell by your answer. I have a police scanner and heard about how you handed those bastards their asses. Your welcome to stay here, but I doubt you will like the rehearsals?"


He piqued my curiosity, "Why's that?"


He answers, "Oh you'll see."


He leaves and I wonder what the hell could go wrong with these rehearsals…


Present – Byron, Thom and Inga – on a chartered jet headed towards Venezuela the next day


I finish my morning duties, come out of the head and almost laugh my ass off! Inga has Thom all but cornered in the back of the plane. I stop and admire the view: After all it's not every day I get to see a sexy as hell woman in just her panties.


Thom notices I'm out of the head, flies past her, returns to the head, slams the door and locks it. Inga turns toward me, I get and eyeful and she states, "Well Mr. Byron perhaps you would like to…?"


I interrupt, "Inga, I'm sorry but I'm too old for you."


The pilot announces the plane is landing, Inga finds her cloths and puts them on while Thom stays locked in the head.


I lean back in my seat with a big smile. so far this trip has been great fun for me…