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Chapter 44

Home Chapter 44

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia  


Flashback – Ben – With team Vympel


The plane started its descent when the Captain motioned to Yuri. He walked over and as they talked they glanced at me and without hearing I could tell it was about me… Yuri regained his seat beside me and I asked, "Yuri, what did the Captain want."


Yuri shook his head and replied, "At first he wanted to leave you on the plane, but I persuaded him to let you come observe, but you have to remain with me."


I thought to myself that there is no fucking way they were going to keep me on this plane. I smiled at Yuri and thanked him, "Thank you for standing up for me."


He answered, "We all agree with the way you feel, but we cannot say anything about it."


The plane landed at Vladikavkaz airport and we jumped into action…


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


Masha was a hell of a woman and did a great job distracting me, but I knew it was time to 'pay the piper'.


I got up, grabbed my computer and Masha immediately questioned, "Jack my love, what are you doing?"


I smiled at her and said, "Well I need to let the Major know I missed getting deployed with team Vympel."


She got a concerned look on her face and asked, "What will you tell him?"


I dejectedly shook my head, "I was going to tell him I was sick but I don't have any proof."


She smiled and offered, "Jack, do not contact him until I return. I will obtain a report from the hospital which states you had a severe case of food poisoning. We will scan the report and include it in your transmission."


She jumped up started to dress. (God I loved to watch her move) She pecked me on the cheek as she left. I looked around but was concerned about Banzai. I called his phone twice more without an answer so I made a quick decision…


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


We arrived at the school and things were not running like a well-oiled machine - in fact they were royally fucked! If this was how they responded to a crisis, then I could see how the Moscow theater hostage crisis in 2002 at the Dubrovka Theater had ended up being such a huge cluster fuck (129 hostages died). It was the typical case of too many officers and not enough intelligence (I have often wondered whether when you get more officers together it has a decreasing effect on intelligence).


I stood and listened to the officers arguing with each other for about 10 minutes without being distracted by the cries coming from the school. How the hell could they ignore the cries?


Yuri was by my side. I looked at him and stated, "Fuck this shit Yuri, I'm going to see what the hell is going on in the school."


Yuri grabbed my arm, "Ben do not get me in trouble."


I snatched my arm away and argued, "Yuri, I have to do something! You can either follow me or report me."


He wisely stated, "I will follow you unless you do something totally foolish."


We moved closer to the school, and I swore, "Yuri, look at the bodies outside of the school! Those fuckers have already killed people and your officers aren't doing anything about it."


Yuri answered, "What can we do?"


I went into my go bag, pulled out my periscope and said, "I'm going to recon to see what's going on. How about letting me have your AK?"


Yuri stated, "Ben you cannot do this, you will be caught. And I cannot let you have a weapon, you are only an observer."


I laughed, "Yuri, the day I can't sneak up on a school like this is the day I turn in my HOGs tooth and become a REMF. Since you won't give me a weapon, at least cover me."


I didn't wait for a reply and headed toward the school…


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


I found the way back to my old apartment, went in but it was dark. There was Banzai's cell phone on the table along with dirty dishes. This wasn't like him at all – he always cleaned up after himself. I went into his room and checked, noticed his go bag was gone and my heart sank. Yes, he deployed without me.


I walked out of his room, cleaned up the mess he left and headed back to my new apartment. I felt like shit for not being there for Banzai…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


I experienced no problems obtaining the medical report I needed since the doctor owed me a favor plus I expended some additional currency. However I still had the issues of my feelings toward Jack. My superiors were going to commence asking for information soon and I had decided that Jack was more important than – well, anything else. There was no way I could ever ask him about any secrets. In fact I required some method to resign my job. But that is an even larger problem - how do you resign from a position as a spy?


I pondered this almost insurmountable problem as I returned to our apartment…  


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


Good, I beat Masha back to the apartment. I fired up the laptop, looked at the report Banzai sent and – shit! He fucked up! I could tell he tried to make it sound like me, but he didn't do a very good job. I was sure the Major would figure this out since he was damn smart for an officer.


As I waited for Masha to get back, an encoded message arrived from the Major. I started the decryption program (which took fucking forever!) and waited for Masha. I was concerned that if the Major found out I missed being deployed he might bring me back to the States and that's the last place I wanted to go right now.


Masha came in, smiled at me, ran into my arms and kissed the hell out of me.


She said, "Jack, I have the medical report."


I swatted her sexy bottom and said, "Good girl, now let me hook up the scanner, make a file of it and send it to the Major."


I finished hooking up the scanner, started scanning the document while the encryption program finished. I read it, gulped and said, "The Major is asking if we were deployed with team Vympel and also why my part of the report was so strange tonight."


Masha smiled and stated, "Jack this is not an immense issue. I will assist you…"


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


I was anxious as hell! I sent the message to the Sgts. in Moscow and hoped to not hear back from them. Because that would mean they had deployed with their team. In the mean time I decided to watch the reports from Russia – which were scattered, inconclusive and chaotic. This looked like it was going to be a huge mess and wondered what the hell our government would do if this happened in America. Yeah I'd read all the action plans we had for situations like this, but the results were always pretty damn bleak.


My computer dinged. SHIT! A reply to my e-mail to the Sgts. was being decrypted… I sure as hell didn't want to tell the Old Man that the Sgts. didn't deploy with their team…


While I waited for it to decrypt an email came in from my Mossad contact and it was more bad news: The Sedankina bitches had told him to tell me to put Baskerville up my "alimentary canal" and then almost killed him.


SHIT! When it rains it pours…


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


I crept up to the school through the mass of dead bodies, slipped my periscope up to the window and couldn't see jack shit! Suddenly I was thankful as all hell the bastards had the shades pulled. Yes, I was thankful because the noises I heard were bad enough - you can't disguise the sound of women and girls being raped. The fucking sick bastards!


I dropped back against the building and tried to decide what the hell to do. I didn't have a weapon so rushing them would be certain suicide so I decided to see if I could beat some fucking sense into the officers.


I crawled back to Yuri and said, "Yuri, the bastards killed what looks to be all the able bodied men and are raping the women and girls. We need to do something quickly."


He said, "Ben, we need to go and talk to the officers, but let me do that talking."


We headed over to talk with the officers…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – in Israel


We quickly traversed into a side street with many markets and disoriented potential followers by dispersing ourselves in the throng. I whispered, "Mirinka, we need to find someone approximately my size."


She replied, "Irinka, there is a suitable candidate."


I kvetched, "Mirinka, my derriere is not that rotund!"


Mira giggled, "Irinka, when we acquire our burkas no one will be able to determine the magnitude of our derrieres."


We approached the target, threats were enunciated and she was more than happy to comply with our wishes. She and Mira left under the cover of the Burkas while I occulated their departure. Ah yes I was correct…