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Chapter 46

Home Chapter 46

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia  


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


I was still waiting for the message from the Sgts. to decode when I received another e-mail from my Mossad contact - and I about crapped my pants. He informed me that one of our communication devices had been "found" by the Sedankina bitches. They turned it over to their handler who was almost killed by the auto-destruct mechanism. It was too bad it wasn't the Sedankina monsters who were injured.


The e-mail from the Sgts. finally showed up. At least it was somewhat good news - Sgt. Reynolds was sick and didn't deploy but since he couldn't find Sgt. Blaine, he assumed Blaine deployed with his team.


I called a translator in to make sense of what looked to be a medical report…


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


Masha was a great help with falsifying my report; she even suggested I use the illness to cover the fact that my part of the report didn't sound 'normal'. We were lying together holding each other and I worried since she appeared to be a better liar than most women. I sure as hell hoped she wasn't lying to me!


Shit! What was I doing? I think I was actually falling…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


It was wonderful lying in Jack's arms, but I could tell he was somewhat troubled. I noticed it right after the report was submitted and I wondered if he knew I had lied to him. I was really caught in the middle of a stone and a rigid structure. Once lying commenced one had to prolong the lies or things frayed like inexpensive cloth.


I slowly slipped off to sleep and considered how I might extricate myself from this problem…


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


Damn I hated nights like this! Some thoughts flooded through my mind. First was the woman in my arms - yeah I was in love with her. I didn't want to leave her but I knew what that meant! Life was going to get complicated, - no very complicated for me.


Next were thoughts of Banzai - I should have been with him to help keep him in line.


Third I considered the Major - I was sure he was going to be a Major pain over all of this.


While tried to manage my thoughts, I snuggled closer to Masha and slowly drifted off to sleep…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


The translator confirmed the records were medical reports and they stated that Sgt. Reynolds had a severe case of food poisoning. Then I went back to try and determine what was happening in Russia.  Despite my efforts, nothing firm seemed to make itself known.


I leaned back in my chair and once again thought about the whole Baskerville quandary. If my staff Sgt. was right and Sgts. Reynolds and Blaine were knee deep in whole affair, and since Sgt. Reynolds didn't deploy, I could bring him back to America to grill him about it. I replied to Sgt. Reynolds’ e-mail and grinned - he wasn't going to like it…


Flashback – Jens


OMG! I figured out what was going on in Russia. Terrorists (not separatists like the lying news liked to call them) had taken over a school and were holding everyone hostage. I sure didn't like the sound of this and was very worried for my Ben. I needed to go on the offensive and find out exactly where my Ben was and what he was doing. I sent an e-mail to all my computer friends. There were computers to be hacked!


Then I pulled a picture of Britney's cat off the net, added a payload to the alternate data stream, renamed the file Britney’s_pussy.jpg, sent another e-mail to my hacker friends and told them not to open the picture but to upload it to as many sites as they could and sent them the doctored picture.


Then I sat back and waited. Sooner or later we would have the access we needed…


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


Dammit all! It sucked! I was being held in detention on the plane. Oh, Yuri and I went to the officers and told them what I heard and once again I was sold down the river. Yuri pussyfooted around and finally I had enough of that, got in the General's face called him a bunch of names and then clocked him.


I was hauled off in shackles to the plane and Yuri was banished to be my keeper.


Yuri sat on the bench across from me, shook his head and said, "Well Ben this is a fine mess that you've gotten both of us in."


I responded, "Come on Yuri, you know what I wanted to do was right. We need to storm the school and kill all the fuckers."


He shook his head, "This country cannot afford another Dubrovka theater. I was there and more hostages were killed by the gas than by the terrorists."


I complained, "So we sit idly by while the terrorists have their way? That isn't right."


Yuri shrugged and answered dejectedly, "And my friend what are we to do, we are only two men."


I prodded, "Well at least I'm a man, you sold us out to the officers."


He stood up and yelled, "Take that back or I will beat you senseless."


I grinned and taunted, "I'm your huckleberry."


He stood, walked toward me, raised his rifle to beat me with it, I did a leg sweep and knocked his ass to the deck of the plane. His head bounced so hard for a moment I thought I had killed him, but then he moved and moaned a little.


Time was of the essence so I worked my hands around to my pockets, pulled out a paper clip, opened up one end, inserted it halfway into the key slot of the cuffs, bent the end of the paper clip slightly towards the cuffs. Then I inserted it into the keyhole vertically, twisted it and the cuff popped open. I searched Yuri, found the key and unlocked the other cuff. Then I cuffed him to the side of the plane and covered his mouth with some tape.


I grabbed his AK74, an extra mag, my bug out bag and slipped out of the plane into the night. Yes I was going to do something - I just wasn't sure what yet…



Flashback – Mira and Ira – in Israel


I acquired my Burka and lead our forced cohort along through the streets. I did not like being the bait in this rodent trap, however I cognated that Ira's special skills were the ones which were presently required.


We turned purposefully down an alley with no exit and then slowed our progress…


Yes my sister Mira did precisely what I wanted. They moved to a dark alley, away from the throng and then slowed. I watched as the assassins approached my sister and our unwilling accomplice and knew it was time to act. What in Hades!!!


Where was my sister Ira? Why didn't she attack? I heard the familiar sound of a pistol being cocked, grabbed my unwilling accomplice around the neck, rotated with her person between us and the assassins just as they commenced fire. I felt the bullets impact her body. I withdrew my pistol, returned fire and unfortunately for them, they did not have a human shield…


But where was my sister Ira?


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


Shit! I couldn't believe what a huge cluster fuck this was! I put on my Ghillie suit, modified it with some of the local vegetation and because the perimeter was so porous I slipped right past the sentries and headed toward the school.


I knew the fucking terrorists had rigged the school with bombs (bunch of self-righteous cowards) so breeching the school was out of the question. What I needed was a vantage point as close to the school as possible. I began to circle the perimeter and finally I saw a tree that should have been cut down years ago. I inched my way closer and…


Flashback – Ben – Beslan, minutes later


I couldn't believe it! The Major was going to shit his pants when I told him how I breeched the perimeter, and climbed up into a tree without being seen. But I was still fucked because even from here I couldn't see into the school. In fact it was even worse, because I could hear the cries of the children as they were being abused.


This didn't work at all! I was no better up this tree than I was when I was beside the school. Hey that gave me an idea…