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Chapter 47

Home Chapter 47

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Stacy – At the truck stop


I commit a minor tactical error when I knock the skeletal skank and her husband to the ground. He pulls his pistol, gives me an evil grin, and yells, "I've had enough of your shit!" My short life begins to pass before my eyes as I hear his pistol bark and then…


Bo jumps in front of me, the bullet hits him and he crumples to the ground. I… I… I ignore everything else, jump off Patches and run to his side…


Present – Samantha – At the truck stop


I can't believe my loving husband was going to shoot the Prima Donna bitch! We are soooo going to have a talk about this later because that would have been a huge mistake; we were lucky because one of the horses jumped between the bullet and Stacy.


Frank roughly grabs me, shakes me and demands, "Honey we need to get into the van!"


I don't recognize the man that just manhandled me so I pull away, cry and demand, "Frank get the hell out of here and leave me the hell alone!"


I watch his mouth fall open with surprise and he declares, "I'm not leaving you alone!"


I stand up, put my hands on my hips and affirm, "I'm not leaving Stacy so you can either leave or stay with me and help!"


Frank makes his decision and yells, "Emanuel we're staying."


I finally take my eyes off Stacy and the wounded horse/hero and realize we are completely surrounded.


There's only one thing I can do…


Present – Stacy – At the truck stop


I am holding my hand over the wound in Bo's side but the blood keeps coming out. Then the most surprising thing happens! The skeletal skank… no, that's not right any longer… Samantha is beside me and she orders, "Someone call the best damn vet in the area!"


I look at her and see tears in her eyes as she apologizes, "Stacy, I'm so sorry this happened. I don't know what came over my husband. Please forgive me."


I shake my head and threaten, "Well your husband just shot Ben's horse that he loved more than he loved me. If this horse dies I would hate to be you, your husband or his family because Ben will take retribution."


The bastard that shot Bo rolls up and asks, "Is there anything that I can do?"


I glare at him and swear, "I think you've done more than enough by shooting Ben's horse."


I hear someone in the crowd yell, "We string up people that shoot horses in Texas…"


Someone else adds, "'Specially when it's the horse that belongs to our Trucker's Angel."


Present – Frank – At the truck stop


Shit! I made a hell of a tactical error! When Stacy knocked us out of my wheelchair, I overreacted and tried to shoot her. I know what the real problem is - even though I can't walk, when I'm in my chair I feel that I can handle most situations. It's probably because I have a bunch of weapons hidden in my chair (yeah never attack a man in a wheelchair).


Ben's damn horse jumped in front of the shot, which was a good thing because it would have been even worse if I had shot Stacy. But now I have an angry mob I need to deal with.


Even with all the weapons I have, many people including my wife might get hurt. So I make a decision. I hold up my hands and offer, "Listen if Ben's horse dies I will gladly let you string me up. But all this fighting right now is counterproductive. Someone go in the truck stop and bring me a bunch of damn diapers."


Someone smart mouths, "What happened? Did ya crap your pants?"


I state, "Hell no! I'm going to use them to help stop the bleeding! Now get the damn diapers and call the damn vet!"


I roll over to the horse and slide out of my chair beside the horse. I look at my wife and Stacy and order, "Give me some room and I will save his life."


Someone runs up and hands me the diapers. I rip open the package place one over the wound and press as hard as I can. The horse begins to move so I command, "Stacy, calm this damn horse so he doesn’t move."


She drops beside his head, begins talking to him, glares at me and states, "His name is Bo and he hates to be called a damn horse."


I continue pressing and say, "Come on Bo hold on."


Someone yells, "The vet is on his way…"


Present – Emmanuel – On the road


It is hard as hell leaving my brother Frank and his wife Sam, but I know my brother and I also know he is a survivor. Many lesser men would have given up and died with what he had already suffered. But he rose up above it, like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes and I know he will somehow survive this.


As we take off in the van, I order, "Let's go find the other team…"


Present – Linus


I wake up with a hell of a headache! This is worse than when I tried to drink myself to death after my sister's death. I open my eyes, look around and realize we're in a hell of a mess…


Present – Jens – PT the next morning at the cabin


We're in a hell of a firefight! How did these bastards get through the security system and who the hell are they? Thank God the twins knew something about this (I will need to talk to them later) and we geared up otherwise we would have been caught flatfooted. The twins took off after the assailants, everyone else has fallen back to the house (which is a fortress) then Zarika surprises the hell out of me. She yells, "Jens lady, I will attack these bad people! You go to the house!" and sprints towards the onslaught.


There's no way in hell I can leave here out here, so I lay down a hellacious covering fire, she safely reaches cover then begins to fire and I reluctantly head toward the conflagration.


Present – Zarika – PT the next morning at the cabin


As we fight I remember Ben told me the best de-fence is a good off-sense. I see the two nice same ladies run after the attackers and it makes me want to do the same to impress the Jens lady since I know she will tell Ben. So I decide to help them and fight!


I run up to a little well that I heard called the 'well of wishes' while the Jens lady gives me cover (but not as good as Ben does it). I reach there, rise up and begin to fire! I will not let these bad people ruin my Ben's cabin (even though the Jens lady lives here now, someday I will live here with Ben)!


Then I feel a terrible pain in my arm. It is like the bite of a thousand sand flies!!!


Present – Jens – PT the next morning at the cabin


Shit! Zarika falls to the ground and begins to squirm! That can only mean she's been hit! I run up beside her, look down and see blood squirting out of her arm!!! Son of a bitch, they hit an artery! I need to make a decision: I can fight or take care of Zarika. I yank off my shirt, press it to her arm with all my might and pray the attackers don't overrun us!


Then something incredible happens…


Present – Mira and Ira – PT the next morning at the cabin


Projectiles pepper and pop off my body armor! Someone's cranial carapace is going to depart in a rollicking rotating motion. Should my sister Ira and I survive this onslaught our vengeance will be historic. The only thing worse than inferior intelligence is a total absence of intelligence and our source had led us into a devious deception! They cognized we would encounter ten adversaries and we now faced a number close to ten times that numerical value. But the smaller the saluki, the finer the fight! I aim my weapon, return fire and two more adversaries succumb.


My sister Mira and I are separated and I need to contact her. She should not be in this conflagration considering her delicate disorder! Yes my sister Mira is fertilized and with child at this moment. I need to force her to return to the safety of the domicile. The quantity of assailants is markedly larger than our intelligence indicated, but battle is no place for a young mother-to-be. I jump up run toward Mira and son of a female saluki, something has…


I occulate that my sister Ira has fallen - this is particularly peculiar. The assailants must have intelligence concerning our armor and have taken corrective measures with their projectiles. I stand, fire a long burst then locomote toward my fallen sister.


Just when I assume things can not become more troubled, I occulate two black utility of sport vehicles headed up the road… The adversarial reinforcements have arrived…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas – Eugene Onegin rehearsals


Call me a fool, but I can never ignore a damsel in distress, especially when I'm the cause of the distress. I am talking to Tatiana after I insulted Yevgyéniy (after he insulted Tatiana) and he stormed off the stage. The conductor comes over and yells, "Just who the hell are you and why are you in a closed practice? You know you've cost me a whole day of practice!."


I look at him, glance at Tatiana and I make a decision. I simply reply, "I will fill in for Yevgyéniy until you can either get him back or find a replacement." (In hindsight, this is probably not my wisest decision!)


The conductor glares at me and snips, "Just what makes you think you can replace Eugene?"


I grin at him and counter, "If I can't fill in for him today I will reimburse you the entire cost of the day."


Tatiana pleads, "Please sir, give this man a chance."


The conductor looks at me and says, "Whatever! Give this… this… this ruffian the music."


I grin at him and declare, "Give me a few minutes to remember things and I won't need the music."


He gives me a quizzical look and questions, "What are you some sort of musical idiot savant?"


I laugh and reply, "Well many people think I'm an idiot, but I actually have eidetic memory for music. I hear a piece once and can either play it or sing it."


The conductor scoffs, "Well we will see about that! Now come up on the stage and please let us know when you are ready."


I take the stage, Tatiana takes my hand and whispers, "What is your real name my shining knight?"


I know the Erast persona won't hold water with a real Russian so I say the first name that pops into my head, "I'm Pavel Andreievich Chekov." (Again probably not my wisest choice but I was under duress!)


She gives me a silly grin and declares, "Come Pavel, we need to take our places."


 The music starts and my mind travels back to St. Petersburg Russia, the Marinski Theater and one very special night with a very different and special Tatiana…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a chartered jet headed towards Venezuela


I can't fucking believe it! Inga has totally changed personas in the car. She's no longer the femme-fatale seductress! She throws a bag to me and Byron and orders, "Get changed because we are going to war." Then she begins to peel off her clothes as my eyes travel over her luscious body. She notices and reprimands, "Thom you had your opportunity last night and did not avail yourself. It is much too late now so keep your lust filled eyes to yourself!"


I am laughing my ass off! As Inga has become all business, Thom's interest in her has magnified exponentially. Yes the proverbial shoe is on the other foot. I gear up with what is some of the best gear I've ever used and question, "Inga how did you…"


She interrupts, "Byron it is my job to know what your sizes are and to make sure you have the correct equipment before we go into battle."


I question, "Well, since you seem to know so much, tell us about this upcoming battle."


She and I have already changed so I take the weapons that were in the bag and make sure they are prepped as she states, "This is the only mission briefing you will receive so pay attention and we might survive. Megan has linked up with Daniel (Crazy) Barrara who is the head of the largest drug cartel in Columbia. He has expanded his operations into Venezuela because things were becoming too difficult in Columbia. She has been adding highly addictive psychotropic drugs to the normal cocaine with deleterious results."


Thom questions, "What results are we talking about?"


Inga glares at him and orders, "Thom do not interrupt me again! The laced cocaine is more addictive that anything, even crack cocaine. One dose and the user is addicted and needs ever increasing doses of the drug. We and several other that are already in place will perform a forced entry, capture Megan and return her to Ms. Donaldson."


I question, "Just how are we to capture her without killing her?"


Inga states, "Unlike Thom's question, yours is a valid question. The shotgun barrel on your M4 is loaded with Taser rounds and there are extra cartridges in the shotgun bandoleers of your tactical vests. Make sure to use those on Megan."


Inga continued with the tactical plan…