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Chapter 49

Home Chapter 49

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jack – Firefight at the cabin


I'm thankful as hell Alexi grabbed Ivan and hauled ass into the cabin and I need to make sure to thank him and his two sisters. I check that Ivan and Masha are okay then I look out the window and declare, "Fuck! We have two of the team down I need to get back out there and fight!"


Masha comes over and threatens, "Jack don't you dare die or I will kill you!"


I fight back a laugh and reply, "Honey don't worry, I've fought bigger dogs than this and survived."


I grab a range bag full of mags at the front door and head out into the fray, but I'm worried as hell because these bastards mean business.


Present – Jens – Firefight at the cabin


Shit! I'm so busy making sure that Zarika doesn't die that I can't fight. The attackers are approaching my position and it's just a matter of time until they overrun… Then the most remarkable thing happens. I hear, "Yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi!" Yasmeen runs up, grabs a rifle and begins to fire like a wild woman!


She yells, "No one will hurt my Zarika and live!"


Well this is a big change! Even though she's firing she's not doing a very good job so I command, "Yasmeen, come on hold this shirt on Zarika's wound and I will take over.


We trade places then Jack runs up with a whole range bag full of spare mags and asks, "Who the hell are these fuckers and what the hell do they want?"


I change mags (because Yasmeen wasted the last mag) and reply, "I sure as hell don't know but they sure as hell picked the wrong woman to piss off. I don't get all PMSy but these fuckers attacking us have me pissed off! "


Jack replies, "It looks like one of the twins is down, I should go help…" Then he continues, "No it looks like they have help. Oh fuck no!"


I question, "Jack, what the hell is wrong?"


He points and simply explains, "Reinforcements are coming - look at the two black SUVs…"


Present – Alexi – Firefight at the cabin


I note from the window that my sister Ira has fallen. I look at Mrs. Reynolds and kindly interrogate, "My sister Ira has been injured and my primary mission was to protect Ivan. However…"


She interrupts, "Yes Alexi, I can protect Ivan and you must protect your sisters."


I ready myself to fly out the door when Mrs. Reynolds wonderfully reminds me, "Alexi, you might require more magazines." She then delivers a container full of replacement AR-15 magazines.


I reply, "Thank you Mrs. Reynolds for the extra magazines." I open the door and sprint in a random motion toward my sisters…


Present – Mira and Ira – Firefight at the cabin


I arrive adjacent to my sister Irinka's side and notice she is unconscious because a projectile impacted her cranial carapace protection and now I can produce an exhalation of easement (heave a sigh of relief). However, we are entirely too exposed in this location for continued combat. Then a most remarkable action occurs!!!!


Alexi arrives like the mounted cavalry in an antiquated western genre motion picture! He produces replacement magazines and suggests, "Mira, we must move Ira to safety before the adversarial reinforcements arrive. Her mass constitutes too many kilograms for me to translocate her, so you must convey her and I will provide fire of cover." Then he becomes a terrifying warrior while I acquire Ira and run toward the tree line.


I question, "Alexi what is the status the black utility of sport vehicles? They have arrived adjacent to the cabin but has their intent been revealed?"


He calmly replies, "I can only focus upon one problem at a time."


The doors of the black utility of sport vehicles open and…


Present – Stacy – At the truck stop


Finally the damn vet shows up. He says to the fucking bastard that shot Bo, "Move out of my way so I can work."


I continue to calm Bo and he questions, "What sort of dickhead shot this horse with a hollow point bullet? We need to do some serious surgery on him but we can't move him or he will die. It might just be better to put him down and out of his misery."


I frantically command, "Sir, I'm the billionaire Stacy Summers and I will pay whatever it takes to save this horse."


He looks at me and questions, "This could get very expensive!"


I order, "I don't fucking care if it is to save Bo's life."


I look up as the truckers close around Samantha and her damn husband….


Present – Samantha and Frank – At the truck stop


The truckers surround us, draw even closer and I start to worry! I look at Frank and I can tell for once he's worried too. I look at him reaching for some of his many weapons and decide he's done enough shooting for tonight. It's time for me to step up to the plate and cause a distraction. And what is always the best distraction a woman can use?


I begin to cry and sob, "I sure hope Bo survives…"


Stacy also begins to cry! I can tell it's fake but it has a positive effect on the truckers as one of them comes up, hugs her and comforts her, "Sorry we made you cry missy. But we sure as hell don't go for people shooting horses. Shooting each other is one thing but shooting a horse is something else."


Stacy begins to talk and really saves our bacon when she says…


Present – Stacy – At the truck stop


I decide there's been enough shooting tonight. The doctor anesthetizes Bo so I'm no longer needed to calm him so I stand up and begin to tell the story about Ben and Bo - even though it hurts like hell being away from Ben. It does seem to calm the lynch mob. And it saves Sam and her damn horse-shooting husband's ass. But they are going to owe one hell of a lot to me…


Present – Linus


The last thing I remember, a semi rammed into us and ran us off the road. I slowly wake up and  look at the surrounding crowd pointing guns at us. I very slowly raise my hands in surrender, "I'm not sure what the fuck we did wrong, but we are your prisoners."


One of the truckers says, "Well whoever the fuck you are, you came in our truck stop armed and looking for our trucker's angel. That be reason enough right there to shoot you."


I try to calm the situation, "Look you fired first and when we returned fire we didn't shoot any of you and we could have. We just wanted to get out of their without getting hurt."


Another trucker remarks, "And our trucker angel showed Stinky Pete and Reckless Raymond a way for us to be safe while moving our loads. Now you want us to let you three take him away."


I counter, "Listen his real name is Bennie Blaine and because of his military training he's having a PTSD episode right now. All I want to do is to reunite him with his fiancée."


One of the truckers laughs and jokes, "Sheeit! She must not be much of a woman if she can't keep her man."


Then all hell breaks loose…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas – Eugene Onegin rehearsals


The conductor angrily raps his baton on the music stand, interrupts practice and yells, "Just what the hell is that infernal noise?"


And as if on cue, my stomach growls so loudly that some of the members of the orchestra chuckle. The conductor glares at me and demands, "There it is! That's the noise! Just what was that?"


I smile sheepishly and reply, "Sorry sir, that was my stomach. I'm hungry."


He gives me an exasperated look, then looks at his watch and laments, "Well, we certainly can't practice with that noise. Everyone take an hour for lunch."


That made me happy because I was hungry as hell. Shit, I couldn't remember when it was I last ate. The orchestra members start to either pull out their lunches or leave as I run to the back of the auditorium, grab my gear and head back to the stage.


I sit at a big table behind the stage with the other singers, pull out an MRE but then I notice no one else is eating. I question Tatiana, "Why aren't you eating?"


She looks down dejectedly and explains, "We do not have the money to eat more than once a day?"


I give her an incredulous look, shake my head and wonder aloud, "Wait. You're telling me that you don't get paid enough to eat! That just doesn't seem right."


One of the other singers adds, "We had a benefactor who brought us over from Russia and promised us many things. However, when we arrived we discovered that he mainly brought us to be his harem."


Tatiana interrupts, "That man was an animal and thought he had bought us like common prostitutes."


The singer that plays Lenski, (who is Yevgyéniy's friend in the play) spits on the stage and states, "The durok (rhymes with Barack and means fool) even thought he could include us men in his harem."


I continue to question, "So how do you all survive if no one pays you?"


Tatiana blushes and says, "We all have taken part time jobs after rehearsal."


I make a decision and pull the rest of my MRE's out of the pack. I instruct them all how to use the heaters, heat up my meal and take it with me to go find the fucking stage director…


I pull the stage director to the side, have a few choice words with him and get matters taken care of. I get back to the table and almost laugh - they are trying to figure out what to do with the 'extra' parts of the MREs. So I sit down and show them how to make 'Recon' cookies.


Lunch is over, we assemble to begin practice and the conductor announces, "Singers (why the hell do conductors always think singers aren't musicians too?) I have good news for you. Our stage director has just informed me that you have a new benefactor.


Tatiana, jumps up and down like a little girl, comes over hugs me and says, "Pavel, this is another miracle. Ever since you arrived my life has become better. I was too embarrassed to tell you, but my part time job was dancing in an unsavory bar and now I will never have to do that again."


I secretly smile because I know who the new benefactor is… But I also know my job isn't complete yet…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a chartered jet headed toward Venezuela


When Inga finishes with her tactical plan I give Byron a look that says, 'we're fucked'. Byron nods in agreement as I question, "So what are your contingency plans."


Inga replies, "We will not need a contingency plan because my plan will work."


If there's one thing I know, it's that plans never work right. I look at Byron and I'm glad as hell he's here to cover my six…