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Chapter 50

Home Chapter 50

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia  


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


Two days of this fucking bullshit and nothing has been done! I still hear the screams in the school! The fucking rat bastard terrorists are doing God knows what to the hostages. At least it's finally night and I can get the hell out of this sniper's hide and find the access door to the roof.


I grabbed the suppressed Dragonov SVD1 and the three extra 10 round mags. That gave me a total of 38 rounds of 7.62x54R ammo along with the AK 742 and the three mags I took from Yuri. I was seriously under supplied with ammo for what I needed to do! Shit fighting a whole battle with 148 rounds of ammo didn't bode well for me because this wasn't a sniper mission, this was a 'kill all the fuckers and hope you live' mission which usually requires at least 500 rounds. Yeah, I was seriously fucked…


1 Previously defined https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragunov_sniper_rifle


2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-74


I slipped out of the sniper's hide and began the search for the access hatch…


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


I woke up a little, recognized I was in the hospital but was too fucking sick to die! Oh my God whatever did my loving Masha give me… Shit! I had to puke again… She made me more sick than I had ever been in my whole life… I'm so damn sleepy too…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


I hated to leave my Jack in the hospital because I know he would be very sick until I administered the antidote. However, I needed to resolve the situation with the Sedankinas and Jack would be an unplanned obstacle.


I sent many messages to Miranda but didn't yet have any replies; I hoped I would not have to travel to her location to rectify the situation.


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


I was not happy at all about Sgt. Reynolds being sick and in the hospital. Via e-mail, I asked the ambassador to send someone to the hospital to check on the Sgt’s condition.


Then I went back to preparing my report for the Old Man. I sure as hell hoped my assumptions weren't wrong! Otherwise…


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


I found the roof hatch, but as I began to slowly raise it, there was a hell of a noise! So, I bent over and spit on the hinges to lubricate them. I tried the hatch again and this time there was no loud noise but I was concerned they might have a guard waiting for me. I opened the hatch and...


Thank God no one was there! I slowly slipped into the school - now to find my way to the gym. I did find a window that overlooked the gym, pulled out my periscope and… The mother fuckers! They had the gym packed with hostages so it was standing room only. There must have been over 1000 people in the gym! I also saw a wire running across the ceiling with what looked to be multiple IEDs hanging off it.


Some of the fucking terrorists were taking some of the girls and women to a different room. That must be where the fuckers are raping them.


I needed to do some more recon because I had no idea what the layout of the school was. I also wanted to get into that side room and take care of troubling matters…


Flashback – Ira – in Israel


My abductor commented, "It's about time you awakened. I have many questions for you and then there will be time for some fun and games"


That voice! I know that voice, it was… Male offspring of a female saluki - our Mossad handler.


I heard him walk closer and I struggled but he had me restricted too tightly. Then I felt his hands start moving across my body, up to my face then he removed the gag. I spat, "When I extricate myself I will torture you to expiration so slowly you will believe it is your new career.


He laughed, "Those are big words for a small woman. So tell me, do you like it when Kostia makes love to you?"


I fought my restraints and corrected his misconception, "The Beast does not make love to us because it is forced!"


He mocked, "Then you should be used to what I'm going to do to you. Of course that will be after you have answered my questions. So tell me, which twin are you Miranda or Irina?"


I exclaimed, "Copulate with your corporeal self!"


His vile hands wandered over my body then he roughly abused one of my mammary units. I winced in pain. Then he laughed, "Now here's the situation: My hands can give you pleasure." He roughly put his hands between my lower bipedal units then he continued, "Or they can inflict pain." He abused my other mammary unit. "The choice is yours."


Flashback – Mira – in Israel


I was locomotivating to escape from the approaching klaxons, when I noted a young street ragamuffin watching me from an entryway. If there was one factoid of which I was certain it was that street urchins occulate many things.


I started to approach him but he rapidly attempted escape. I gave chase but my burka prohibited sufficient locomotion so I cast it aside, gained on the ruffian and detained him.


He struggled and begged, "Please kind lady do not beat me! Let me go!"


I decided to show kindness to this boy that might have never known kindness. I replied, "Boy, if you noticed a man disable and take a woman like me out of the alley, I would be very grateful for information."


He struggled to escape and scolded me, "Who are you calling a boy?"


Ah, I cognated this ragamuffin was a female! Life on the street for a young female would be terrible so that is why she disguised herself as a male. I knelt down to meet her glare and promised, "Girl, please inform me if you saw someone take that other woman. She was my sister and my only family left in the world. If you know where she is I will attempt to acquire a protected domicile for you."

I saw a glimmer of moisture as it escaped from one of her nasolacrimal ducts while she sputtered as she replied, "I had a sister too, and when she began to develop bad men took her away."


I promised, "If you help me extricate my sister from her captors I will make sure that never happens to you."


She bargained, "Will you also help me to try to find my sister?"


I consummated a second promise, "Yes I will little one. Now what is your name?"


She replied, "My name is Safia and I did see a man take your sister."


I continued, "Do you know where he took her?"


Safia answered, "No, however one of my friends followed him."


Safia acquired my hand and we locomotivated toward Ira's presumed location…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


I finished my report just in time, hopped in my car and headed to the base for my meeting with the Old Man. This time, when I arrived in the office I was let right in. I handed him the report, he looked at it and questioned, "I find it strange that Sgt. Reynolds became so sick so quickly. What do you think the cause is Major?"


I wanted to say that I thought he was goldbricking but instead stated, "Well Sgt. Reynolds has been in remarkably good health for his age."


The General looked at me and continued, "Do you think it's time we bring in another spotter."


There was nothing I would like better than to separate the two of them, but I knew it would seriously compromise my plans for them so I answered, "No Sir! They work very well together."


He stared at me and declared, "As long as you keep them out of my hair, that's the most important thing."


Flashback – Jens – Computer club


The picture with the implanted virus worked better than I hoped! We had data coming in from so many computers it was hard to catalog it all. One came in from a computer and I gasped! It was Daddy's computer! Why in the world would Daddy be looking at that sort of picture… Then I remembered how he and mom fought and it suddenly made sense to me. I sure hoped that my Ben wouldn't open the picture - that would make me very angry!