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Chapter 51

Home Chapter 51

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jens – Firefight at the cabin


The two black SUVs arrive at the cabin, I look at Jack and we both realize how bad this is. Not only are we cut off from the cabin, we are now trapped in opposing fields of fire. This sure as hell isn't the way I expected my life to end…


Present – Zarika – Firefight at the cabin


I look into Yasmeen's eyes and cry, "Yasmeen, if I die make sure to take good care of our Ben and tell him that I love him."


I see a tear travel across her cheek and she answers, "Zarika, you are Ben's first wife and you cannot die."


The pain in my arm is too great and I slowly go to sleep…


Present – Masha – Firefight at the cabin


I watch with great concern as two black SUVs pull up to the cabin. I know that my husband is now totally eliminated from the protection of the cabin and also that he will be exposed to fire from these reinforcements. I procure a rifle and prepare to defend my husband when…


Present – Mira and Ira – Firefight at the cabin


We wisely locomotivated to the trees which not only gave us concealment, it also prevented us from being captured in the open like Ms. Donaldson, Mr. Reynolds and the two girls. I train my rifle on the lead black utility of sport vehicle and wait for the door to open… The door opens and the most amazing thing occurs. Yes, there are reinforcements, but not for our adversaries! They are for us!


Men boil out of the vehicles, take up defensive positions and commence firing. I am particularly impressed with the man in the dress and his kick of side!


Present – Hammer – Firefight at the cabin


We arrived at th' cabin in th' middle ay a bleedin' single sided firefecht. It was a smashin' thingamajig - th' team 'at Jennifer hud watchin' us waur th' ones 'at transported us. They gae Todd an' Ah weapons an' 'en we jumped it ay th' lorry. Ah headed toward whaur Jennifer is pinned doon an' yelled, "Kill aw th' bludy bastards!"


Present – James – Firefight at the cabin


What the hell! I just get the guys out of the hospital, start to take them to Jennifer's cabin for further recuperation when we end up right in the middle of a firefight! Hammer takes off toward Jennifer's position and I follow right behind him. If he gets his crazy Scottish ass shot again, I'm not going to be his nursemaid.


Present – Todd – Firefight at the cabin


Well, isn't this a fine situation! Jennifer and her team are under attack, which would explain why the front gate was open. I had heard this place was like a fortress, now I understand the breach of security. I detest the noise of weapons so I grab my bow and race up the hill toward the enemy.


Part way there I slowly slip up on…


Present – Alexi – Firefight at the cabin


The black utility vehicles are helping us, but it is still my job to protect my sisters. Mira went back to ministering to Ira while I ensure no one advances on our position. Suddenly I notice a man stealthily slipping toward us from the vehicles. I command, "Halt and state your intentions!"


He raises his hands then begins to use sign language and explains, "I am a friend of Jennifer and request that you let me pass."


Mira orders, "Alexi, that man is a component of Thom's team and his name is Todd. Grant his wish."


I nod my head, then amazingly the man seems to vanish into the trees…


I continue to defend our position and watch with amazement!


Present – Jens – Firefight at the cabin


Two dead men start rolling down the hill with arrows in them - it has to be Todd from Thom's team. I'd learned he had been some sort of spook assassin and that by the time you saw him, if you saw him, it was usually too late.


I command, "Everyone make sure of your shots because we have a team member close to the action."


Hammer the crazy Scot replies, "Och aye 'at woods be Todd an' aam nae lettin' heem hae aw th' fin!" Then he jumps up and runs toward the enemies.


James takes off after him yelling, "You crazy bastard don't you dare get shot again."


Jack and I lay down a hellacious cover fire until our M4's are smoking. Finally the bastards have had enough and begin to retreat!


I look at Jack and he questions, "Just who the hell attacked us?"


I reply, "Jack we have bigger problems than this. I need to get Zarika to the hospital but I can't leave you here alone. So where the hell did the rest of the team go?


Present – Stacy – At the truck stop


I finish the story of my life with Ben and I even see a few of the truckers wiping their eyes. One of them says, "Miss Stacy, that was beeeutifulll."


Samantha comes close to me and wistfully agrees, "Stacy, I sure wish I could tell that story to the world."


I question, "Don't you think it might piss your boss off?"


She admits with a laugh, "Yeah it probably would, but I think the world needs to hear things like this no matter who they piss off. So if you're willing to tell it again in front of the camera, I will make sure it gets on the air."


I reluctantly wonder if I've possibly found a new friend, then the vet stands up and says, "Well I've done all I can. It's getting late and we need to see if we can get this horse to my hospital."


That lights a fire under the truckers and they are all volunteering to help. We get Bo onto a trailer, put Patches into a horse trailer and get ready to travel to the vet's hospital. Samantha requests, "Stacy do you mind if Frank and I tag along?"


And I suddenly realize the problem with married friends - you have to include their husbands, even if they are horse-shooting bastards…


Present – Linus


The truckers have lined all of us up, are menacing us with their weapons and I'm sure this is the end. Then the Truth Network News van comes screeching to a stop, men fly out of it and begin to fire at the truckers.


I yell at Matt and Jim, "It's time to duck and run for cover!" We run like our asses are on fire toward the news van…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas – Eugene Onegin rehearsals


Rehearsal is finished and I'm fucking worn the hell out!!! First I hardly slept last night, then… Well the singing wasn't hard, but the damn acting was one of the biggest pieces of shit I've ever had to do! Who would have thought walking across the stage, 'hitting your marks', and doing it with the proper timing would be so difficult!


I slump to the floor after the last scene as the conductor comes over and announces, "Well sir, I don't know your name yet, but you are the new Eugene."


I smack my head! This is the last fucking thing I want! But then Tatiana runs over, smiles at me and gushes, "Pavel, you were wonderful! Please tell me you will perform with us?"


I see the anticipation and hope on her face (and who the hell can really say no to a woman) and consent, "Yes Tatiana I will play Yevgyéniy for you!"


I can see her excitement as she demands, "Where are you staying tonight?'


I reply, "I don't know since I just arrived into town today."


She orders, "Then Pavel, you will stay with me."


I reluctantly left with the Tatiana whose real name I didn’t even know… Yet…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a special mission in Venezuela


We meet the rest of the team, and I give Byron a knowing look as he nods his head so at least I know we're on the same page.


The SUV drops Inga, Byron and me a short distance from the compound. Then the SUV continues and breeches the perimeter fence of the drug compound. All fucking hell breaks loose and Inga's plan flies out of the window when an RPG takes out the SUV and her entire team.


Byron, Inga and I hunker down behind some dumpsters and I order, "Inga your plan has gone to hell, we need to get the hell out of here."


The only problem with that is we have been spotted and the bastards are firing at us. Byron suggests, "Thom let's use this dumpster as rolling cover."


That sounds like the best plan I've heard all day so we slowly move the dumpster, using it as a mobile shield. Things are looking better until…