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Chapter 52

Home Chapter 52


Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia 


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


I just started moving to recon the school and locate that side room when... What the fuck!!!


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


I was finally awake and wished like hell I was back asleep. My God was I ever sick! It was coming out of both ends and they had me in isolation because they didn't know what the hell was wrong with me. Shit! I didn't know what the fuck Masha gave me but she was going to have not only some explaining to do, she was going to owe me big time. In fact that's the only thing that was keeping me going, knowing what I was going to make her do to pay for this fucking bullshit!


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


I finally received an email from Israel but it was not from either of the Sedankinas, it was from the Mossad and wondered what sort of team I sent them. I had no concept of what they were upset about so I queried for clarification and sent another e-mail to the Sedankinas.


Then I worried about my Jack because he had been under the influence of the drugs I gave him for much too long…


Flashback – Ira – in Israel


The street urchin found her acquaintance who, after some bartering, took us to the location the male offspring of a female saluki had taken my sister. The acquaintance departed, I prepared to breech the domicile when Safia queried, "Could I help you?"


I responded, "The greatest assistance you could provide would be to stand watch and alert me if anyone approached."


I breeched the door, ignited a bang flash and flew into the room just in time to unbelievably occulate!!! My oculatory units could not believe what they observed!!! I raised my rifle and dispensed multiple death sentences!!!


Flashback – Mira – in Israel


My sister arrived in the time of nick, just as the male offspring of a female saluki and several of his friends were prepared to violate my corporeal being. Yes the reprehensible brute had invited others to help humiliate me! And Mira had timely terminated all of them. She rushed over and queried, "Irinka are you…?"


I interrupted, "Mirinka, only my pride is wounded."


The street urchin ran in and warned, "Many men with guns are coming."


That applied flaming matter to my sister's derriere! She quickly released my bonds, handed me her extra (but inferior) weapon then commanded the street urchin, "Safia, locomotivate adjacent to our position and conceal your corporeal self."


Then the proverbial excrement encountered the multiple-bladed air circulator!


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


Something smelled foully in the Danish country! I received a response to my query and apparently the Sedankina twins were now fighting not only the Muslim hoard they were also fighting the Mossad! And from what I ascertained the Mossad were on the losing end. I secretly smiled: Causing problems with the Sedankina twins was not conducive to extended longevity!


This was not like them so something unseemly must have provoked them! I sent them another e-mail…


Flashback – Mira – in Israel


I admonished the Mossad for their attempt to train my sister! I terminated the three assailants as I entered the room and we continued to exterminate others as they attempted entrance to the room. Their bodies piled by the doorway like firewood in a cord.


My sister Ira stated over the din of our guns, "Mirinka, I am obligated to you for arriving in the time of nick!"


I briefly turned my head, smiled and returned, "My sister it was a thing of none." Then we continued our extermination activities.


The street urchin declared, "Perhaps we should leave before we are trapped."


Her words had wisdom as Ira and I were enjoyably engaged in the elimination of the Mossad. I questioned, "To where should we extricate ourselves?"


She replied, "Follow me!" And we henceforth complied.


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


Well, it looked like all hell broke loose in Beslan! Something happened, the school was on fire and you could hear the report of guns everywhere. We watched in awe and I wondered if this was another huge Mongolian cluster fuck like the Dubrovski Theater. I couldn't wait to get the report from Sgt. Blaine on this when it was over. Shit the Old Man might even give me a promotion for this one!


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


Excrement! Things went from worse to unbearable! Not only did I have the situation with the Sedankina twins, now all Hades was occurring in Beslan! The school appeared to be engulfed in flame!


For now the Sedankina twins would have to fend for themselves as I had larger trout to cook! I needed to contact our operatives at the Beslan school and order them on the offensive! This never should have occurred! Someone made a huge mistake!


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


The whole fucking school shook! At first I thought the fucking terrorists detonated one of the IEDs hanging from the cable above the auditorium. The time for stealth was now gone! I jumped up, looked and determined it wasn't an IED. Some bastard had fired… oh my God no, not that… a RPO-A Shemel into the roof of the school…! We were thoroughly fucked! Liquid fiery napalm on the roof of the school - that fucker would burn through… Shit it already has… The roof of the auditorium was already on fire and all hell was breaking out in the auditorium! If I lived through this I was going to find the bastard with the happy trigger finger and kick his ass all the way back to Moscow!


I pulled up the Dragunov, and began firing at the wires leading to the IEDs. The last fucking thing I wanted was those bastards going off! I had disarmed, eight of the ten when… Son of a fucking bitch! Someone from the outside shot the bastard that had his foot on the deadman trigger and as he tumbled to the floor, the last two IEDs exploded and killed Lord only knew how many hostages! By now the roof was a flaming inferno and the hostages were in a state of panic!


I kicked out the damn window and began taking out the fucking terrorists, but it wasn't good enough! The terrorists panicked and started firing into the hostages! I needed to do something now! I saw one of the bastard terrorists below me, yelled, "Geronimo!" I jumped out the window, landed on him and smashed him to shit! It hurt like hell but I ignored the pain. I positioned myself between the terrorists and a group of hostages, began to move sideways, fire like hell and yelled, "Everyone out the door behind me!"


I depleted the Dragunov ammo, threw the fucker at the terrorists and clocked the hell out of one of them, then whipped the AK-74 around and let it rip on fully auto as I backed towards the door!


Through the doorway I turned and ran after my group of about twenty hostages, then I felt the first of many…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


Damn what a fucking mess! The school was on fire, the terrorists had moved the hostages out of the auditorium and now had them standing in many of the blown out classroom windows using them as human shields. I didn't know who the fuck was in charge, if anyone was, but occasionally someone would shoot one of the hostages. I wasn't sure if it was the terrorists or the Russians but this had turned into one huge fucking disaster!!!


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


There would be time to mourn the dead later! We had infiltrated three operatives into the school, two were terminated by the terrorists when they used their bodies as human shields for the hostages. However one was able to extricate herself with ten hostages and there were reports that one brave man had secured a large group of hostages in a room but not without being himself injured.


Who was that man, could it possibly be???


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


Son of a bitch! The TV was on and all hell was going on in Beslan and I was sure (knowing Banzai) he was right in the middle of the whole thing. I tried to get up to help him but I was too damn sick! Damn Masha! She was going to owe me BIG TIME!


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


I secured the twenty plus hostages in a room and stood guard at the doorway… By the way, Russian body armor sucks - it doesn't protect worth shit! Yeah, one of the fucking terrorists had nailed me in the back when we retreated to this room. Well it's better getting hit in the fucking back than in the front. You always bleed less from the back. My only hope was now to…


 Flashback – Jens


I was shocked! It looked like things were going very bad in Beslan… And yes, I knew my Ben was in Beslan and knowing my Ben I also knew he would be right in the middle of things. I watched the video of more of the school burning, then I turned it off, crawled into my bed and prayed for my Ben. That's all I could do except for worry…