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Chapter 54

Home Chapter 54

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia  


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


Yeah, I was more than fucked! I had been hit in the back (By the way Russian body armor doesn't work worth shit! It didn't stop the round and made things worse by peppering the wound with ceramic fragments!!!), I had depleted the Dragonov ammo and one mag of the AK-74 ammo. So I was down to 60 rounds of ammo in a war that should have required… Well, a fuck of a lot more. I only had one hope and that would require… We only have our honor and today was a good day to die…


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


I was aware of the TV somewhat, it was in Russian but it looked like… Fuck me! It looked like all hell was breaking lose in Beslan!!! Oh hell no! Banzai was there!!!! I tried to call the nurse but…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


I was torn like inexpensive fabric in a hurricane! I should take care of the issues with the Sedankina twins, however it appeared that Jack's partner, Ben, had many problems in Beslan!!! I directed the one last operative to help him and I completed some very serious prayers….


Then I began to work on the Sedankina issues!!!


Flashback – Mira – in Israel


I occulated my sister whom I had saved, we acquired Safia's hand and sprinted toward the posterior door. Yes, Safia was correct! We must depart this torture center, post haste, before extrication was no longer an option. The Mossad sons-of-a-female-saluki would be swarming over this location like hymenoptera from a destroyed hive and our extrication was of primary importance. Retribution would occur when time permitted. And trust me, retribution would occur - many times over!!! No one attempted the corporeal insult of my sister without acquiring an exorbitant personal debt!!!!


We acquired the streets and Safia directed us through an exhaustive number of byways until I was totally confused and confounded! We finally entered a flea-infested domicile which I would not even wish upon Kostia.


I questioned, "Safia, is this where we are to locate for safety?"


She replied, "Yes my friend, this is the best housing I have."


I made my sister Ira as comfortable as possible and contemplated how many baths it would take to rid myself of the vermin here but especially the vermin at our last encounter…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


Holy FUCK! What the hell was going on in Beslan! It looked like it was WWIII! The school was on fire, there were multiple reports of gunshots and where the fucking hell was Sgt. Blaine! I bugged the hell out of the translator but he was less than worthless!!


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


I was still not sure what happened with the Sedankinas, other than they were fine and the Mossad were not!!! In fact the Mossad had suffered serious loses at the hands of my twins. I had many messages from the Mossad that questioned my control of the girls. I was upset and decided to fight fire with immolation. I sent a scathing e-mail to the Mossad and directly confronted them…


I then turned my attention on Beslan and my one surviving operative. I questioned if she could tell me who the mystery man was… Then I waited anxiously for the response and continually worried about my Jack…


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


The fuckers kept trying to breech the perimeter to this room, attempting to get to the hostages I'd saved. I kept holding them at bay, but the ammo supply was limited and soon would be depleted. I racked my brain! What the hell would Jack do in this situation? After all, he was my mentor and he always had an answer for every situation, even a situation as dire as this one.


Ah yes! There was one overwhelming issue and that controlled all action. I needed to follow that solution…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


I had accomplished all I could do with the Sedankina twins and I had all available resources headed toward them to assist. Now I must see to my only love Jack. Oh how I worried because he had been under the influence of the drug for a prolonged time and…


I left directions with my subordinates to inform me if there were more issues with the girls and then took a taxi to the hospital where my one true love was interned. I needed to apply the antidote post haste, and then I would pay whatever price my love required. Unfortunately it was a necessary evil which I visited upon him.


The taxi arrived at the hospital and…


Flashback – Jack – In Moscow


Masha finally arrived at the hospital and I watched her in the corridor as she donned the isolation gear - which seemed to take fucking forever! She then came into my room, took a vial out of her purse, mixed some drops of fluid in my water and ordered, "Jack my only love, please drink this."


I was in no fucking mind to follow her orders and argued, "I've had my fill of drinking whatever the hell you give me! You fucking drink it first and then, if you don't get sick, I might drink it!"


She gives me a look that I sure as hell didn't understand and then… She drinks the water, pulls out the bottle, prepares another dose while promising, "Jack, if you love me you will drink this and get well!"


I watch her like a hawk eyeing a rabbit but she sure as hell doesn't look any worse for the wear. Then I decide what the hell, I'm already too fucking sick to die so I drink her concoction.


Almost fucking immediately…


Flashback – Jens


I have more information than I ever hoped! I guess there are more perverts in the world than I ever dreamed!


I sift through all the chaff, find the information I'm interested in from the stupid pain in the rear Major and…


I can't believe it, Ben's been… Oh my God! I need to pray for him…


Flashback – Ben – Beslan


Yeah the time has come for me to do what I need to do. I looked at the many hostages I've saved (it's grown since we've escaped the auditorium and is now almost 40) and ordered, "We cannot survive here! It's time for us to try to escape the building, I will provide cover fire while you leave down the hallway and then I will follow you."


The hostages understood. Shit they've been through hell and back already and I knew my hell is still coming. They get ready, I opened the door, jumped into the hallway and began to fire as they ran down the hallway behind me to safety.


I depleted the first mag of the AK-74, reloaded, depleted the last mag of the AK -74, and threw the rifle at the terrorists, then turned and ran after the hostages… You know the second bullet that entered your body wasn't nearly as painful as the first and the third or fourth or… Well  c'est la guerre! The last shot spun me around, then there was this bright flash… Yes, today was…


Flashback – Masha – In Moscow


My mobile phone alerted me, I checked it and it appeared my operative in Beslan has secured Ben however he is severely injured… I ordered her to perform whatever functions required… And, I did not inform my Jack while I performed even more prayers under my breath…