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Chapter 57

Home Chapter 57

Copyright 2012 - 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jens – Postop


My phone rings, I look at it and answer, "Maria, we picked a hell of a time for you to go find Linus!"


She replies, "Jens what the hell is wrong?"


I step outside in the midst of the crowd and reply, "We just had a hell of a firefight and almost had our asses handed to us."


Maria complains, "Damn I guess I missed all the fun! So who the hell was it that attacked you?"


I respond, "I have no idea who it was. I was busy helping Masha operate on Zarika."


Someone shouts, "I know who the hell it was! It was a drug cartel hit squad from Columbia. I could tell by their tats."


Suddenly everything clicks into place. Megan was working for the Columbian drug cartel and she had them… I stamp my foot and yell, "That bitch!"


Maria replies, "Jens what the fuck? Zarika was wounded and Masha operated?"


I'm too highly pissed off to answer so instead I swear, "That Megan bitch is going to rue the day she ever messed with me! I'm going to stick my foot so far up her ass that she's going to taste shoe leather for the rest of her life!"


Present – Maria – trying to find Linus


Shit! If it's not one thing, it's another. Here I am in Texas trying to find out about Linus and Jens gets attacked, figures out Megan was behind the attack and now is throwing a tantrum. I decide to try something different so I question, "Jens if you calm down I will relay some good news."


I hear some muttering under her breath until she finally says, "Well, I could sure as hell use some good news."


So I proceed to lie through my teeth to my Princess Boss, "Jens, I have a great lead on where Linus and the guys are. I also heard they are hot on Ben’s trail."


My lie has the desired calming effect on Jens and she says, "Maria, I could almost kiss you."


I again question, "You mentioned Zarika was wounded and Masha operated. I didn't know she could do that, did you?"


Jens continues in a subdued mood and tells me all about the surgery. And I thought I had good field surgery skills…


Present – Mira, Ira, Alexi and Todd – post firefight


I survey Alexi to notate when he will discover the fourth member of our party. After an exceptionally great length of time, he finally acknowledges the presence, turns and questions, "How long has the man named Todd been following us?"


I tousle his hair and respond, "For much too long my brother. You must learn to control your emotions and enhance your observation skills."


Irinka taunts, "That is like the pot calling the marijuana dope."


Alexi sighs and corrects her, "Ira you mean the pot calling the kettle black. When will you bother to learn the correct euphemisms for America?"


I catch the twinkle in Irinka's eyes as she winks at me. Yes, occasionally this is a little game we enjoy pursuing with Alexi.


Todd arrives beside us and signs, "Greetings Angels of Death. Am I to assume this is your brother? If so, what is the name of your team now?"


I occulate Ira, she returns my occulation and we are both confounded because we had never previously considered this issue. Alexi assumes responsibility and responds, "Mr. Todd, we are now called the Death Squad. But what pray tell is your nickname?"


Todd expressively signs, "Some like to call me Silent But Deadly."


Alexi gleefully emits a mirthful laughter. I consider Ira, she glances at me and then questions, "Alexi what is so mirthful?"


He gives us an astounded look and then explains, "Silent But Deadly is an euphemism for an excruciatingly noxious flatulence which is produced silently."


Ira and I comprehend the joke and giggle gleefully.


Alexi continues his questions, "Mr. Todd, I am fascinated by your bow. Why do you prefer that device over a more conventional weapon?"


Todd signs, "My little one, since you have not yet figured it out, I prefer stealth to noise. That was evident when I could slip up on you but not on your sisters. So for me the bow is the perfect weapon of choice, just as many times your sisters prefer to use their katanas."


I defend Alexi, "Todd, this was Alexi's first battle and subsequently his adrenal glands were over producing. And besides you are the master of stealth and even we barely detected you."


Alexi pleads, "Mr. Todd, would it be possible at some time in the future for you to provide me instruction in the proper use of the bow."


We arrive at the cabin as Todd signs, "It would be my pleasure and we can start training tomorrow."


I occulate Ms. Donaldson's rapid approach and postulate, "With the tempestuous expression on her face, I think the excrement…"


My sister finishes, "…Is going to impact the circular air distribution device."


Present – Liz – Post Firefight


The minute firing started, I took off for the cabin with Bernie. The last thing I wanted, after I had finally got my man, was to lose him. Truth be told we are both much better lovers than fighters! And speak of the devil, that was what we just finished doing.


We return outside and I see Jens heading toward the twins like a runaway locomotive. She's being followed by everyone else. I kiss Bernie and say, "I need to go take care of this."


I run up just as Jens confronts them, "Why in the hell didn't you warn us about the attack."


Ira responds, "Ms. Donaldson, the sharing of intelligence is not our primary duty." She looks at Alexi and directs, "Alexi please inform Ms. Donaldson of our primary duties on this mission."


Alexi recites, "My primary duty was Ivan's safety and because of my Mira's indelicate situation, her primary duty was Ms. Morgan's safety."


Mira interrupts, "And when Ms. Morgan and Bernie departed haste of post for the cabin that changed my duty to…"


Ira continues, "My duty, which was to outflank the attackers. However we must apologize. Our intelligence was insufficient and someone will pay an exorbitant fee for the oversight. We were informed there would only be ten attackers but instead there were close to one hundred."


Alexi added, "And once Ivan was verified safe by Ms. Reynolds, that released me to join both my sisters in battle."


Listening to these three talk is like being on a carousel. Jens gets ready to say something (probably the wrong thing) and I interrupt, "What the hell is Mira's indelicate situation?"


Mira blushes, looks down and responds, "Yes, it is true. I am with child."


That takes the wind out of Jens' sails and everyone starts congratulating Mira.


We hear, "Who's the lucky guy." Then, "When are you due?"


Hammer laughs and spouts, "Eh'd fancy tae try tae ride th' other twin." Which sets Ira off and she lunges for Hammer! Mira and Alexi restrain her as she glares at Hammer and threatens in her best Scottish impression, "Th' day ye ride me is th' day th’ highlands turn to dust."


We start to laugh until we hear an approaching chopper which puts everyone on edge until Masha and Jack leave the cabin with Zarika on a litter. Yasmeen is walking right beside them carrying the IV bags and holding Ivan's hand. The chopper lands, we form two lines as Masha and Jack carry the litter between us and all wish Zarika a quick recovery.


The flight nurse runs over, looks at Zarika's repaired arm and questions, "Who performed the surgery?"


Masha answers, "I did."


She looks at Masha  and requests, "If you don't mind, I'd like for you to accompany us to the hospital."


That riles Jack up and he argues, "Look, my wife was performing a medically necessary procedure to save this young girl so she'd better not be in trouble!"


The flight nurse backpedals quickly, "Oh no, she's not in trouble. It's just having someone with her skills along for the ride would make me feel better. Besides we can use the trip for her to detail what procedures have been done and that will save time at the hospital."


Masha defuses the situation, "Jack it will be fine and I will return home tomorrow."


Zarika is loaded into the chopper, Masha and even Yasmeen hop in and the chopper is gone.


Ivan waves and says, "Gopper take mama!"


Jack says, "Don't worry son, she will be back tomorrow." He looks around and adds, "Well, I don't know about the rest of you but I'm hungry as hell."


We get ready to head inside, hear something going on and are suddenly certain it's going to be a long time before we get any food…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a special mission in Venezuela


Perhaps going on the offensive wasn't the wisest move. We get caught between targets and are caught in opposing fields of fire.


Well, Thom's plan just went further south than Inga's plan! Once again it's up to the Marine to save the day. I grab a couple items out of my pack, pull the pins on both of them, throw them and yell, "Frag out." They take out one of the emplacements. Then I pull two smoke canisters out of my pack, pull the pins and throw one short the other long on our new escape route.


I yell, "Follow me and try not to get shot."


Thom smart mouths, "I thought that was your job."


Yeah, someday his luck is going to run out and his tongue is going to get run over by a truck!


We run around a corner and I wonder if today is that day…


Present – Linus, Matt and Jim – Firefight at the Not OK corral


We're getting the hell out of Dodge in the Truth News team van and everyone is glaring at me as I still hold one of the News team hostage. Then the obvious leader orders, "Okay guys, Linus is right. We need to stand down."


I look at him and declare, "You have me at a disadvantage, you know my name and I don't know yours."


He holds out his hand and answers, "Emanuel, ex-IDF Mossad."


I shake his and reply, "Linus, ex Navy Seal."


He laughs, "I heard you bastards were tough but you easily took one of my team by surprise."


I relax and apologize, "Sorry about that."


Then all hell again breaks loose…


Present – Maria – Behind the Truth News team van


I finally catch up to the Truth News van just to see it swerving like some drunk as hell bastard was driving it.


What the fuck is going on inside that van???


Present – Stacy – At the vets


Samantha tells me this great story about how she met her damn horse-shooting husband and it makes me miss the hell out of Ben. I look at her as she snuggles with him and wished like hell Ben would have done that with me.


I turn away, lay my head on Bo's chest and say, "I don't know about you two but I'm going to sleep."


But I don't really sleep. Instead I cry and wish for something that never happened…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas – Night moves


I hop a cab and have them drop me off close, but not too close, to the address I need. Then I use all my Recon skills to slip up on the house. And what a fucking house it is! Yeah, it's a damn mansion.  


I pull out my NV scope, mount it on the front rail of my 300 Blackout1 and scan the area. Hell yeah, just like I expected - armed guards and surveillance. I make sure my brass catcher and suppressor are in place and "blackie" spits her first silent round of death.


1 300 AAC Blackout (7.62x35) Supersedes the 300 Whisper discussed in an earlier book and article I wrote. It is a SAAMI approved round and many manufactures make weapons and ammo for it. It is slightly larger than the 300 Whisper so you can fire 300 Whisper ammo in a 300 Blackout but not vis-versa. My favorite sub-sonic round is a 225 grain Hornady BHTP with 7.8 grains of N110 powder for a velocity of about 1025 fps.


My first rounds take out the security cameras. Then, even though I figure they have a backup generator, I take out the power transformers. The mansion compound plunges into darkness, I jump up, vault over the wall and begin to work on the security guards. By the time the generator kicks in I've already breeched the house.


Now the mission is to clear each room, one room at a time, making sure to pie the doorways, using my suppressed sidearm as needed and making sure not to get careless.


I open one door and can't even believe what I see! Death is too good for this bastard…