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Chapter 59

Home Chapter 59

Copyright 2012 - 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jens – Postop - Post firefight


We are just getting ready to go into the cabin and eat (yeah I know we should take care of the dead first, but fuck them - they attacked us), when we hear the sirens. I look at Jack, he looks at me and orders, "Okay anyone that has a possibly illegal weapon needs to ditch it."


And since most of us have "possibly illegal" weapons many of the men start to complain. I nip that bullshit in the bud and say, "Put your weapons on the ground and we will take them to a safe place. They will be returned later."


They set them on the ground, I look at Jack and whine, "I sure could use some help moving these."


He hands Ivan to Liz and picks up more than half of them…


Present – Jack – Post firefight


I pick up a shitload of illegal weapons, head into the house with Jennifer and question, "Isn't it ass backwards bringing these into the cabin?"


She laughs and replies, "Jack, I am about to blow your mind! When I had this cabin rebuilt after the fucking terrorist attack I added a few extra features."


We run into the basement, Jens pulls aside a bookcase, presses a few buttons and I jump back when a fucking hidden door opens. Lights come on and I see a downward sloping  underground tunnel.


Jennifer laughs and declares, "Welcome to Wonderland – Alice."


We walk inside and it reminds me of a fucking ICBM missile silo - only updated and not as nasty.


Jennifer runs down the hallway while I have a hard time keeping up with her. We pass a bunch of doors, finally she stops in front of a fucking vault door and explains, "This is the weapon room. Watch as I open the combination lock because I'm not showing you twice."


As she twists the hell out of the dial, I am able to get the numbers over her shoulder. Then she presses her right index finger on a touch pad and the door swings open. We walk into a room… And Oh my God… If these are all Banzai's weapons then he had well over two or three times as many as I ever dreamed! There were weapons here that…


Being a Marine, I want to touch them all but Jennifer interrupts my ogling when she orders, "Jack, drop the weapons in a pile on the floor and we will return for them later. We need to get back to the Sheriff."


I oblige, we head out the door, run down the corridor and walk outside where…


Present – Liz – Post love making Post whatever


Jens and Jack are gone as the sheriff's cars and one other black vehicle pull up. They begin to get out of their cars and walk toward us. I decide that since Jens isn't here I will intercept them. I walk toward them as Ivan says, "I see man bad!" I fight back a giggle - out of the mouth of babes…


He points and I notice the man from the black vehicle as he walks towards us. The man approaches me, flashes a badge and says, "Ma'am, I'm Special Agent Hotchner of the FBI. We had a report of multiple sounds of gunfire here today and we would like to know what happened."


They could clearly see the dead bodies and the hundreds of shell casings on the ground so I'm sure they suspected there was a battle. I start to say something when Bernie walks up, extends his hand to shake and says, "Sorry SA Hotchner, but my fiancée and I were very busy in the cabin and we're not sure what happened."


The way Bernie described it made it was plain we were making love. I blush, SA Hotchner looks around and questions, "Well I see dead bodies and shell cases, can anyone tell me what happened here today?"


Present – Jack – Post firefight


Jennifer and I get back outside just in time to see a shitload of deputies and a suit - I hate fucking suits! I walk toward him and demand, "Do you have a warrant to be on this private property?"


He gives me a funny look and responds, "We don't need a warrant when…"


I interrupt, "I know you have some latitude when you think there are criminal acts being performed on the property. However…"

Jennifer walks up and interrupts…


Present – Jens – Post firefight


Damn it's that fucking FBI agent who's been bothering Ben so I need to take care of this. I walk up and sarcastically interrupt, "Hello again SA Hotchner, if you were doing your fucking job then this wouldn't have happened."


He gives me a shocked look and answers, "Ms. Donaldson, I don't know what you mean."


I explain my thoughts, "Well, if the FBI wasn't setting on their collective asses and eating doughnuts, then perhaps they could have prevented the attack on us by this Colombian Drug cartel army."


Perhaps that wasn't the wisest thing to say as SA Hotchner gets upset and threatens, "Well, I think it would be better if we continue this conversation at the jail."


Everyone groans, then the most amazing thing happens…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – post firefight


When we see the police vehicles arrive we depart haste of post into the cabin because we are not compatriots with the police. The luck of the lady grins again in our direction as we occulate Ms. Donaldson and Mr. Reynolds open and enter a secret passage. Once they enter the passage, I look at my sister and brother and state, "We must investigate this."


So we slip into the subterranean passage after them and are amazed in fullness. There was no concept in our collective conscience of such a subterranean subterfuge.


Alexi says, "My sisters this reminds me of Alice Through the Looking Glass."


Irinka shushes in a whisper, "Alexi, your voice echoes within the confines of this tunnel.

We come to a doorway, open it, are delighted by what we occulate so we transverse into the room and close the door…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a special mission in Venezuela


We escape the opposing fields of fire by Byron fragging the hell out of one of them and using a smoke screen on the second nest. Then we take off running (I'm trying like hell to keep up with Byron and Inga). I see them run around a corner, hear weapons fire, see them drop and for once I'm glad I'm not as fast as Byron.


I pull out my knife, a mirror and take the gum out of my mouth. I use the gum to stick the mirror on the knife and slowly stick it around the corner and fuck me! I see what the hell has taken down Byron and Inga.


I drop my pack, rummage through it for the one special weapon I brought, find it and get ready to…


Present – Linus, Matt and Jim – Firefight at the Not OK corral


I can't fucking believe it. We thought we had come to an agreement with this damn Truth Network Mossad Death squad so I release my grip on the hostage then the mother fuckers attack us. Thank God it was only martial arts. But the fuckers use Krav Maga which is deadly as hell.


Fuck them and fuck the horse they rode in on! Matt, Jim (remember they were some of the highest ranked Marines in martial arts and I don't do too badly myself) and I begin to kick asses and take names as the van swerves all over the road.


Finally the worst thing that could possibly happen occurs…


Present – Maria – Behind the Truth News team van


What in the fucking hell! The Truth Network news van is swerving all over the road like a blind, crazy drunk is driving. I watch, say a prayer for my Linus then… fuck no!!! The van rolls over.


I slam on the brakes, slide to a stop, grab my rifle and jump out of my damn car…


Present – Stacy – At the vets


I'm crying like hell because I miss Ben. Shit, Samantha has the horse-shooting bastard Frank and I have… Well, I have no one. Patches must sense how upset I am because she comes over and nuzzles me. I stroke her hair and remember the wonderful times I had with Ben as I slowly fall asleep…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas – Night moves


I can't find the fucker! I run back upstairs, find the abused girl and ask, 'Where the hell did he go?"


She looks at me and explains, "I think he has a panic room in the basement."


I think for a moment and reply, "Okay you have ten minutes to clear you and everyone else out of this house."


For some reason almost all panic rooms are located in basements. Probably because they only have to protect the top and sides and not the bottom…


I run downstairs and sure-fucking-enough, I find the fucking panic room. I take one look at the door and know there's no fucking way I'm going to breech it. I study the walls, then I get a hell of an idea. Now if I only have enough time before the police arrive…