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Chapter 61

Home Chapter 61

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Present – Jens – Post firefight


I made a tactical mistake when I insulted SA Hotchner and he responds as only a government stooge would, "Well, I think it would be better if we continue this conversation at our holding facility."


Sharik doesn't help the situation as he runs up and begins growling and snapping at SA Hotchner. He gets ready to pull his gun and I get ready to take him out when the most amazing thing happens…


Present – Todd – Post firefight


I have been observing the altercation with SA Hotchner from the back of the crowd but he hadn't observed me. When he threatened to take all of us to jail and then started going for his pistol to shoot Jennifer's dog I knew I had to do something.


I step to where I have a clear shot, take and arrow and bury it right between SA Hotchner's feet. He jumps and yells, "Okay who's the wise guy!"


I work my way through the crowd and grin widely as SA Hotchner's face turns white. Yes he recognizes me and he also knows that I outrank him – or at least I used to.


I walk up, begin to sign and he apologizes, "Sorry Sir, but I never learned sign language."


I turn, smile at Jennifer and sign, "Jennifer would you please translate for me?"


I make sure they both can see me and sign, "SA Hotchner, your actions here today have been heavy-handed and disappointing. It's obvious when you examine the casualties you will see that we were attacked by a Columbian drug cartel hit squad. Now isn't this something the FBI is supposed to investigate and protect us from?"


Present – Jack – Post firefight


Damn, Todd is giving the damn suit the shit he deserves! It makes me wonder who the hell and what the hell Todd is or was. I continue to listen.


SA Hotchner whines, "But Sir!"


Todd interrupts with furious signing, "There are no buts here. I will be informing your superiors of your actions. Now we're tired and hungry so why don't you get the deputies to collect the bodies for transport to the morgue in Denver. I want you to supervise a full autopsy on each of them with a full drug panel and then I want a written report from you including how such a large armed force could enter this country undetected. You are dismissed."


SA Hotchner turns away, starts to order the deputies when Mabel comes out and announces, "It's dinnertime. If some of you could help setup the temporary tables and help bring the food out, I have enough food for everyone, even the deputies."


We cheer and practically stumble over each other to help with the tables and the food.


Soon we all set down and get ready to dig in when Jens interrupts, "Oh no you don't! We don't eat at my house until we pray first."


Mabel reminds, "And there will be no vulgar language at my table, we have a little one present."


Jens bows her head and we all pray.


Afterwards, I lean over and question, "Jens where are the twins and Alexi."


She complains, "Jack are you trying to make me lose my appetite?"


I answer, "Hell no, I was hoping that Alexi could watch Ivan while I ate."


Mabel saves the day when she comes over and offers, "Can I hold the little one?"


I hand Ivan off to Mabel and dig into one of the best damn beef stews I have ever had."


And with the lack of conversation around the table, I know I wasn't the only one that felt that way…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – post firefight


Alexi states with a grin, "My sisters this reminds me of Bilbo Baggins hobbit hole in the Lord Of The Rings." We both giggle at his representation.


Our auditory units detect Ms. Donaldson and Mr. Reynolds departure and we exfiltrate the sleeping abode to reconnoiter this subterranean subterfuge. First we determine that while it takes a code to infiltrate the hobbit hole, no code is required to exfiltrate.


As we traverse the hobbit hole, the lights progressively function to illuminate our way. We find many more sleeping abodes, a food preparation abode and an expansive food storage abode replete with a tremendous amount of available sustenance. We encounter a mystery abode with an all steel door and a combination lock. There is large cavern which is for meetings, and a long side tunnel. We traverse up the side tunnel and approach an exit. Alexi commences to open the door while I caution, "Alexi, we do not know what is behind the door."


He opens it, we shine our lights and discover we have arrived at the vehicle storage building which we had occulated when we previously reconnoitered the property. As we close the door, Alexi turns and states, "Mira, when you and Mr. Blaine are wed, all this will be yours."


I touch my lower abdomen, smile at him and respond, "Yes Alexi you are correct. However first he must marry me."


Every ten meters throughout the tunnel there are communication panels on the wall. Alexi touches one and it springs to life. He begins to manipulate it and we exercise the surveillance cameras outside. We notate everyone is eating around tables and I declare, "I need sustenance for the infant."


Alexi continues to manipulate the information panel, then something terrible happens…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a special mission in Venezuela


Byron and Inga are trapped under cover and I need to take out the fucking tank that has them pinned down. I rummage through my pack, finally find the weapon I was looking for, extend the tube, flip up the sight, step around the corner and launch the LAW1 at the fucking tank.


1 LAW – Light Anti-tank Weapon. Early weapon used to defeat enemy tanks which has been replaced by the AT4 which is better and more powerful.


We were in luck! Because this was a damn old tank with practically no armor, The LAW punched a hole in the tank. Then all hell broke loose as the ammunition detonated inside the tank.


I yell, "We need to get the hell out of here."


I take off down a different alley with Byron and Inga hot on my tail…


Present – Maria – Behind the Truth News team van


I can't fucking believe it! As I follow the Truth Network news van, it swerves all over the road and finally tips over! My Linus is in there!


I slam on the brakes, jump out of the car and haul ass to the van, open the doors and yell, "Linus are you okay."


Linus, Matt and Jim boil out of the van and Linus yells, "Those crazy fuckers were shooting at civilians. We tried to stop them but then they were going to shoot us."


Well that's the last fucking straw! I dive into the van and begin kicking ass!


Present – Linus, Matt and Jim – Van wreak


I tell Maria what happened and she goes bat shit crazy! She dives into the van and starts kicking major ass. She tosses one of the Mossad out - he's a bloody mess. Jim looks at me and says, "Damn I'm not sure she's safe to be around. If you ever piss her off she might kick your ass."


Matt laughs, "I would agree with that."


Finally I hear, "Stop! We surrender!"


Maria yells, "Then get your sorry asses out of this van before I beat on you some more."


The Mossad slowly get out of the van, I take one look at them and fight back laughter. They look like they have been through the ringer. Not a one of them isn't bleeding from the face. Maria steps out behind them, her gun is trained on them, she grins and declares, "Now that was fun."


I look at the van and question, "Who's going to call Liz and tell her they wrecked the van?"


Everyone looks at each other until the leader says, "I'll call Samantha and let her do that."


Present – Stacy – At the vets


I finally cry myself to sleep but a damn phone rings and wakes me up. Samantha answers it and I hear, "What the hell happened?"


I listen but I can't hear the other side of the conversation. She hangs up the phone and says, "Well that's just great."


I sit up and question, "What's wrong?"


She answers, "Liz is going to kill me! The team just destroyed another news van."


I lay back down and secretly smile. If there's no news van, then there's no way they can chase Ben. I hear her calling Liz as I slowly drift off to sleep…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas – Night moves


I figure what the hell! If I can't blow the panic room, I’ll just have to blow the whole house. I take all the det cord I have, use all the C4 available and mold it to the wall of the panic room. I place the detonator on the end of the det cord then take off to find the furnace room.


I bust the gas line off the furnace, head upstairs to the kitchen where I bust the gas line off the stove then haul ass outside. I can hear the sirens approaching so I run as far as I can from the house, crouch under a bush and light it up…


The ground shakes and the house erupts in a huge fireball. When the dust clears, nothing is left except a smoking hole in the ground where the house and panic room used to be.


I check my watch but it's too early to head back to Margarita's. I decide that after a good night's work I deserve a beer so I head toward a bar. I'm almost there when… Fuck no!!!