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Chapter 62

Home Chapter 62

Copyright 2012 - 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia 


Flashback – Jens


I had been thinking about Ben's pet Major, all the problems he had caused for Ben, and I came up with a brilliant idea. Yes this would take care of him once and for all!


I had my special bot on his computer so I started it and gave it a new set of instructions. Then I leaned back in my chair and giggled. Yes: Mess with the best and get your rear kicked like the rest…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


I decided I needed to redo the report which would implicate Sgt. Reynolds. I knew the Old Man was going to need to see me soon so I needed some protection. The words literally flew off my fingers and in no time not only was I finished, I believed it was one of the best pieces of work I had ever done! Hell, I should write novels for a living. I saved it just as the Old Man's aide walked in and stated, "Sir the General would like to see you immediately."


I replied, "Let me print this report for him, then we can leave."


I had a hard time keeping from laughing as I printed the report. I was going to get off Scot free.


Flashback – General Glen – Undisclosed base


My aide fetched the damn Major but I still made him wait in the outer office as a matter of principle. After fifteen minutes I called him into my office and he had a damn grin on his face; something was up.


I started, "Major, we have a serious international incident brewing. It appears that Sgt. Blaine disobeyed orders, entered the Beslan School and was consequently wounded."


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed base


Damn! How did the Old man get his information? I needed to figure this out – and quickly. But I had my ass covered with the report. I smiled and stated, "Sir! This report should clarify everything."


I handed it to him and leaned back in my chair as he read it.


He read it. I tried to read his face but he had the best damn poker face I'd ever seen. He did flip back and forth several times, made a couple of notes on the report, then he finally looked up and said, "Major, I must say I didn't expect to see a report like this." I smiled (believing my plan had worked) but then he continued, "It takes a brave as hell man to admit to his mistakes like you have done with this report."


My chin about hit the floor and I stuttered, "Mmm-y mmm-istakes? I don't understand."


He smiled at me and explained, "Yes, it says in this report that you are responsible for not supervising Sgt. Blaine adequately and that you take complete responsibility for the results."


I gulped and asked, "Sir! Might I review that report?"


He laughed and answered, "Hell no! It's the most honest report you've ever given me and I plan on keeping it. Now Major, since this is your fault, I expect you to fix it before it gets out of hand. Pack your bags because you're going to Russia."


I question, "And my mission?"


He laughed, "It's all right here in the report. You are to put out any fires using any possible means. Now you are dismissed, I want you in Russia yesterday."


I stood up, left the office in a daze. What the fuck just happened?


Flashback – Jack – In the hospital


I had been waiting forever to hear more about Banzai and I was concerned as hell. I knew he was tough, but there's a limit to everything. The women kept praying, I even said a few more prayers myself and was just getting ready to start making deals with God when a surgeon walked into the waiting room. Even speaking Russian I could tell he said Banzai's name. The three of us leapt off the chairs and made a semi-circle around him. He began to speak in Russian so I pleaded, "Please can you speak in English?"


He cleared his throat and said with a Russian accent, "Ben Blaine has survived the surgeries even though he died thrice on the operating table, however we were able to resuscitate him each time. He had four gunshot wounds in the back plus the additional injuries from the ceramic body armor. If he lives through the night then it will be a good sign. However there are other complications."


I questioned, "What are the other complications."


The surgeon stated, "Well his eyes have flash burns and we can not tell if he will ever see again…"


He paused and I urged him to continue, "There's more you haven't told us."


He shook his head, "One of the rounds hit his lower spinal column, we will not know until later if he will ever walk again." The surgeon was still shaking his head as he turned to leave.


Fuck me! I can't believe that Banzai might not ever see or walk again! Masha hugs me and pleads, "Jack my love, this isn't your fault."


Tatiana hugs me and states, "Jack, Ben is a strong young man and he has the best care in Russia. You need to stay positive for him so he does not lose hope."


Before the surgeon gets through the door I add a request, "Sir, might we be able to see Banzai and possibly sleep in his room?"


The surgeon turned, looked at us and promised, "I will write orders as you request, but he needs his rest."


I profusely thanked the doctor as he continued through the doors. Damn what a fucking mess I've gotten us into!!!


Flashback – Ben – Junior High School – One month later


Thank God I made it back to the classroom before the furnace bomb went off. I was sitting in my desk and fidgeted with anticipation until it began…


We first heard this low, moaning rumbling sound. The teacher stopped teaching, looked at the furnace vent and remarked, "That's a peculiar sound I've never heard before."


Next, the furnace vent belched and sent a massive amount of coal dust and sulfur dioxide gas (it smells like concentrated rotten eggs and that was what I learned in chemistry class) into the room. Instantaneously we all began to cough like crazy, the girls started puking (which made the room smell even worse) and the fire alarm went off.


We were supposed to march outside like good little robots, you know like we did during fire drills. However this was not a fire drill! It was the real thing and we did not behave like robots. We stormed the outside door of the class room: It was everyone for themselves.


The sweet mountain air never tasted as good as it did that day. I stood there and watched but, unfortunately the school wasn't destroyed. It didn't even burn down.


However, some good did come out of it…


Flashback – Mira – in Israel


We acquire the nunnery costumes for myself, Ira and Safia. Fortunately the uniforms were sufficiently rotund (and yes my vain sister Irinka complained) that we could adequately conceal our weapons. We walked toward the front door of our Catholic sanctuary when we heard, "Sisters, where do you think you are going this time of night?"


We turned and occulated the superior mother. I decided to engage in some mirth so I duplicitously stated, "Superior mother, we are going to traverse the streets to encounter numerous males with whom we will have multiple erotic liaisons."


She sputtered, "Well, I never!"


Safia joined in the mirth and added, "That's right, you shriveled old bitch!"


We traversed the doorway and exited onto the street which had multiple IDF forces in attendance. They viewed us in our disguises and permitted our planned egress.


We moved haste of post toward our house of safety…