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Chapter 63

Home Chapter 63

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Present – Jens – Outside Dinner


I'm savoring this beef stew and wondering how Mabel does it: Everything that she prepares is incredible! I need to thank Thom again for finding her because she has become an essential part of our team.


I think about our situation and ask, "Jack, is Ivan going to be okay with Masha being gone?"


He answers, "He's a great kid and will miss her, but he won't cause any problems."


What the hell! A piercing siren sounds and I recognize that someone has set off the alarm system for the tunnels.


Jack looks at me and complains, "Don't tell me they're back?"


I lean over and whisper, "Not unless they were able to get into the tunnels."


I jump up and grab a legal rifle when fucking SA Hotchner comes up and demands, "What the hell is that about!"


I don't much like him so I smart mouth my reply, "It's my egg timer, the eggs are done."


He asks, "Can I come into the cabin and see this egg timer? And why do you need a rifle to check the eggs?"


I shake my head and declare, "Hell no, you're not coming into my cabin without a search warrant. And since you allowed the Columbians to attack us, I'm not going anywhere without a rifle."


I look at Jack and say, "Come on old fart, let's check on the eggs."


He complains, "But the beef stew?"


Mabel winks at us and promises, "Don't worry you two, you go check on the eggs and I will make sure there's plenty of stew for when you get back."


Present – Jack – Outside Dinner


Damn I can't believe I'm missing dinner! I haven't had beef stew like that – well forever. Masha is a hell of a cook but all she really knows how to cook is Russian food. Now don't get me wrong, Russian food is great, but sometimes this red-blooded American wants American food.


I sure as hell hope Mabel keeps the stew warm – hell who am I kidding - I'd eat it even if it was frozen.


We get inside and run into the basement. Jens opens the door, walks up to a security panel, checks it and comments, "Well now we know where the twins and their bratty brother were. They somehow got into the tunnels and were messing with one of the panels. Come on, we need to have a talk with them."


Knowing Jens I figure she's still a little sore at the twin so I suggest, "Jens it might be better if we have Liz here too."


Jens agrees, "Yeah, that's a great idea. After all they are her responsibility."


We exit the tunnels, Jens closes the door and announces, "I'm setting the alarm." She pauses and questions, "That reminds me, I wonder who the hell turned off the alarm system and let the damn Columbian drug army in here without warning."


I watch her press some more buttons on the panel. Yasmeen's face pops up and Jens swears, "That sneaky little bitch!"


I attempt to defuse the situation, "Look Jens she's a kid and having Ivan I know he likes to play with computers. I'll bet she didn't know what she was doing so cut her some slack. When you and Banzai have kids you'll understand. The little farts get into everything."


She smiles and replies, "Yeah, I can't wait to have Ben's babies. And you're right, but I do need to have a long talk with everyone when they get back because this can't be allowed to happen again."


I remind her, "And remember, if it wasn't for the twins and their brother coming out ready for battle…"


Jens waves her hand and interrupts, "Yeah, I know, we would have been caught flat footed."


I add one more thought to try to calm Jens, "And remember when you're talking to them Mira is knocked up so she might be a little unstable."


I can almost see the wheels turning in Jens head, then she surprises the hell out of me by saying, "You know I wonder whose baby she's carrying. I know she was madly in love with my Ben when you three were together at the spy school. You don't think that somehow…"


I nip this in the bud, "Jens, there's no way in hell she's carrying Bens' baby so get the thought out of your mind."


Jens pulls out her phone and makes a call…


Present – Liz – Outside Dinner


Bernie and I can't get enough of this delectable beef stew. It's so good it shouldn't even be called beef stew, I know! I will call it ragoût de bœuf. It's amazing how the French language makes almost anything sound better.


Then the damn phone rings and interrupts this wonderful meal. For a moment I think about ignoring it, but then I pick it up. I notice it's Jens so I answer and say, "It's your dime."


She says, "Liz, I need to talk to the twins about something and it's probably better if you're here when I do it."


Yeah she's still upset with the twins and Alexi for pranking her, so I know her analysis is right. I reply, "Okay, I'll be right in."


I walk by Mabel and ask, "Will you please save me some ragoût de bœuf?"


Mabel laughs, "Land sakes honey, it's just beef stew."


I head inside and think - like hell it's just beef stew…


Present – Todd – Outside dinner


I watch and notice SA Hotchner get up from the table and slowly slip away. I don't like this at all as I believe he has concocted some nefarious scheme…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – In their room


After Alexi triggered the klaxon, we exfiltrated haste of post to our room and I began to prepare our MRE sustenance. It was regrettable that we would not partake in one of the Nubian Chef Mabel's meals as they are all delightfully tasty. We are particularly enthused when she prepares Russian food for us.


Alexi complains, "I do not want to consume these Meals Refusing to Exit. I prefer to go outside and partake Chef Mabel's food."


Ira giggles and corrects her brother, "Alexi, they are Meals Ready to Eat."


He disagrees, "I prefer my name for them because it is more accurate."


In truth, he is correct: The 'Meals Refusing to Exit' do have a predilection for remaining in the digestive tract.


We perceive a knock on the door and we all retrieve our weapons. I nod at Alexi, he stands to the side, opens the door and Ms. Morgan, Ms. Donaldson and Mr. Reynolds enter our room. I occulate that Ms. Donaldson is extremely agitated about something so my hand signal alerts the others to be in readiness.


We are shocked at what Ms. Donaldson says next, but then her mobile phone interrupts…


And then Ms. Morgan's phone interrupts our conference…


We visually confer with each other and continue to consume our 'Meals Refusing to Exit…'


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a special mission in Venezuela


We haul ass away from the damn tank and finally we seem to arrive someplace where we aren't being fired upon. Byron runs up on one side of me, Inga on the other and I declare, "Damn that was a fucking mess."


Byron responds, "So how the hell do we get out of this country?"


Inga answers, "If we can complete our escape to the harbor, we have a boat awaiting us."


I think for a moment and advise, "You know, we need to touch base with Jennifer first so let's find a building to duck into so I can give her a call…"


Present – Samantha – At the vets


I finally work up the courage to call Liz, I dial her number and apologize, "Liz I'm not sure of all the details but we need another news van…"


I wait for the expected eruption and hear, "Samantha what the hell…"


Present – Maria – Taking care of her man


Well I'm satisfied, these fuckers aren't going to mess with Linus again. I look at Matt, Jim and Linus and announce, "Well, let's all hop in the car and find someplace to eat. A good fight always makes me hungry."


One of the bastards who I just whipped complains, "Hey, what about us?"


I laugh and reply, "Sorry boys, but my car only seats four. You could always try hitchhiking."


I look at Jim and suggest, "You're driving and Matt's upfront with you. I need to spend some time with Linus."


They both reply with, "Yes ma'am!" And take off like their asses were on fire! I look at Linus and question, "Honey, what's going on with those two."


He laughs and promises, "Maria, I will tell you later…"


We get in the back seat, Jim begins to drive, but one thing leads to another and Linus doesn't tell me…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas – Night moves


Has all of Austin gone fucking insane!


I'm headed to a dive of a bar to get a beer, round the corner and three guys have a woman pushed up against a car and are feeling her up. She's screaming bloody murder but as usual, when you need a cop they are never around.


I walk closer to them and ask, "Ma'am do you need some help."


One of the bastards turns around and orders, "Get the fuck out of here before we kick your ass."


I simply respond, "I'm your Huckleberry."


They all three turn around, the now released woman takes off and the bastards threaten, "We're going to kick your ass." Then they all pull knives.


Even though it might be a waste of ammunition, I'm tired and don't want to fuck with them. I draw my pistol and shoot them. Then I find the cartridge cases and put them in my pocket. They learned the hard way of the old adage about not bringing a knife to a gunfight.


Now that beer is going to taste even better…