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Chapter 65

Home Chapter 65

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Present – Mira – In their room


We perceive a knock on the door and we all gather our weapons. I nod at Alexi, he stands to the side, opens the door and Ms. Morgan, Ms. Donaldson and Mr. Reynolds enter our room. I deduce that Ms. Donaldson is extremely agitated about something so my hand signal communicates a situation of alertness to the others.


We are shocked at what Ms. Donaldson says next! She elucidates, "I have had my damn fill of you three, even if you are Liz's body guards. You are as of right now on probation and if you three cause any more problems you will be asked to leave. Now how in the hell did you get into the tunnels?"


I prepare to respond when Ms. Donaldson's mobile phone interrupts…


Ms. Morgan attempts to add additional information but her mobile phone also interrupts.


I visually communicate with Irinka and Alexi while I continue to consume my 'Meal Refusing to Exit.' My behavior is dictated by Ben Blaine's prodigy's need for sustenance…


Present – Jens – Sedankina's room


I deliver an ultimatum to the twins and Alexi! As I get ready to continue my rant, my phone rings. I look, note it's Thom so I answer it, "Thom, what's happening?"


He complains (usually I would ignore it because he complains all the time, but this time I sense it's serious), "Jennifer, things have gone to hell in a hand basket down here. Inga's team was killed trying to get into the drug compound and we barely escaped with our lives. I hate to say this but the damn mission is a bust and we're going to head back home."


I'm not sure I like this idea so I advise, "Listen Thom, we spent all damn day fighting a Columbian drug army that I'm sure Megan sent after us. I wish like hell you had captured her. I'm sorry about the loses but we need to regroup and discuss this as a team. Let me gather the forces while you make sure you're in a safe place and call the conference phone in thirty mikes."


I hang up the phone and begin to tell Jack what's going on.


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a special mission in Venezuela


Jennifer hangs up the phone and I'm almost dumbfounded. Byron nudges me and asks, "Thom what the hell just happened?"


I shake my head and explain, "I don't have all the details, but Megan had her boss send a Columbian drug army after Jennifer. It sounds like it was a hell of a battle because it lasted all day. Jennifer is going to gather everyone and we are supposed to talk to them in thirty. Then we will all decide how to proceed. So, do you both think we are safe staying here while we wait for the conference call?"


Byron answers, "We're about as safe here as anywhere."


Inga doesn't answer but takes out her phone, makes a call, seems to wait forever, then hangs up and says, "That is most strange, I could not reach Masha to receive her orders."


Present – Liz – Sedankina's room


Jens lays into the twins and Alexi (not the wisest thing to do) while I try to defuse the situation when my phone rings. It's Samantha so I answer it and she starts, "Liz I'm not sure of all the details but we need another News van…"


I yell, "Samantha, what the hell is going on down there? We can't give you an unlimited supply of news vans. Those things are damn expensive!"


The phone gets quiet and then I finally hear, "I'm sorry Liz, Frank and I are with Stacy Summers at the vet because Frank accidentally shot Ben's horse, so we don't know any details. All I know is I got a call from Emanuel telling me the van was wrecked and giving me the location to send a new van."


I question, "What about Linus and his team?"


Jens is done with her phone call, nudges my shoulder and whispers, "Yeah, find out about them because Maria said they were hot on Ben’s trail."


I repeat the request, "Jens wants to know about Linus and his team."


There's another uncomfortably long pause and Samantha answers, "Liz, I've really let you down on this because Emanuel didn't say anything about Linus and his team. I promise I will find out as much as I can about everything."


Jens is motioning that we need to wrap things up so I respond, "Okay Samantha, you get your ass busy and get me some damn information, otherwise these news vans are coming out of your pay!"


Present – Jens – Sedankina's room


Liz hangs up the phone after ripping Samantha a new one. I'd like to continue to rip into the twins and their bratty brother, but there are more important things to deal with right now. I order, "We have a major decision to make so let's round up the troops and meet in the conference room in ten minutes."


One of the twins annoys me with a question, "Ms. Donaldson, should we attend?"


I glare at her, but realize they might be a big help so I fight back my anger and answer, "Yes it would be good if you attended."


Jack questions, "What about the beef stew? I haven't finished dinner yet."


I laugh and answer, "Please ask Mabel to bring those of us that didn't finish dinner some beef stew. And while you're at it, thank our extra friends for their help and send them on their way. Tell them to come back tomorrow after the deputies are gone to collect their weapons."


Alexi interrupts, "Ms. Donaldson, I would much prefer Chef Mabel's stew of beef to my Meal Refusing to Exit."


I laugh because he has correctly identified the problem with MRE's! I then look at Jack, shrug my shoulders and order, "Jack please ask Mabel to bring a hell of a lot of 'stew of beef' in the conference room. Now let's get moving!"


Present – Jack – Sedankina's room


After I finish all my tasks, I head toward the conference room, pull out my phone and call Masha because she needs to be in on this. I let it ring until it goes to voicemail and leave her a message, "Masha, I love you and I need you to call me as soon as possible."


I hang up and wonder what the hell is going on since it's not like Masha to not answer her phone. In fact I can't even remember the last time she didn't answer.


I arrive in the conference room, Jens looks at me and questions, "Jack, what's wrong?"


I look at her and answer, "Masha didn't answer her phone."


Jens remarks, "Jack, don't worry. There are places in these mountains that mobile phones don't work."


I hope she's right, but somehow I feel…


Present – Maria – Taking care of her man


My phone rings and interrupts - well, something that I don't want interrupted. I look, note that it's my Princess Boss so I ignore the call. I have more important things to make that man to do!!!!


Present – Ben – Austin Texas – Night moves


I walk into the damn bar and have the hell scared out of me! I hear, "Hey, it's the trucker's angel!"


Now how the hell did they know that! I look and see one of the trucker's I'd helped and then I understood. After that, hell I couldn't pay for any drink. I'm not sure how many boilermakers I had but I sure wasn't feeling any pain…


A news report came on about the fucking bastard who was supposed to be the dance group benefactor’s house blowing up and taking him with it. The whole damn bar cheered and I heard, "He was one fucking pervert and deserved a much worse death than that." Then another report came on about the three SOB's I shot trying to screw the woman and another cheer went up as I heard, "Damn it's about time someone took care of business in Austin."


I get up to leave but my trucker buddy offers, "Hell, let me drive you where you need to go."


Now that was a problem - I forgot to ask Tatiana (no wait, Margarita) what the hell her address was. I think for a minute and respond, "Take me to the theater."


He drives me to the theater and I get out. I beat the hell out of the door until the janitor opens the door, takes one smell of me and comments, "Damn you actors sure like to tie one on. Come on, I have an extra cot set up."


He hauls me into the theater where I sleep like a log until I hear a screech, "PavErast where the hell…" I cover my head with a pillow to block out the pain…