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Chapter 66

Home Chapter 66

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia 


Flashback – Ben – Junior High School – One month later


Things were going crazy here! Something like this doesn't happen in a small town (shit nothing ever happens in any small town) like Leadville without everyone quickly knowing about it. Parents were roaring into the parking lot in their cars, the deputies weren't letting them take their kids home and it was pandemonium. Parents were yelling at the deputies, the deputies were yelling back and then it was made worse because it started to snow. I looked over at Erv and felt sorry for him because he was getting his ass royally chewed by Stern Vern.


We heard a peculiar sound and finally figured out it was a chopper - you see Leadville was so high in altitude we didn't get choppers up here often. We watched as it got closer - it was one of those military twin rotor choppers that sort of looked like two palm trees attached to a dumpster. It landed close enough to us that it stirred up the snow and made the cold even worse. By now I couldn't keep my teeth from chattering and regretted giving Erv my jacket.


A couple guys in suits jumped out and headed toward the sheriff. Stern Vern saw them and lit out like he was being chased like a swarm of bees. I watched as they had an animated discussion with lots of arm waving. Then I saw something I didn't like - Stern Vern pointed toward me. Son of a gun, how did he know?


They shook their heads and he continued to point my way. I was shocked when I felt a hand on my shoulder. As I turned and saw my dad I was even more shocked! I asked, "Dad, why are you here?"


He answered, "Shit I heard someone tried to blow up the damn school and thought I would see for myself. By the way, where's your damn coat?"


I pointed and explained, "I gave it to Erv."


He nodded, "Yeah, that was the right thing to do. Let me get you a blanket out of the truck."


He left and Stern Vern, the sheriff and the two men in the suits walked toward me. I was sure my goose was cooked.


They walk up and Stern Vern declared, "Just look at the guilty look on his face!"


The two men in the suits interrupted, "Principal Totten, just let us handle the investigation. Son, we are from the FBI and have some questions for you."


I kicked my foot at the snow, looked down and said, "Okay."


They continued, "It seems that Principal Totten feels like you might have tried to blow up the school today. Now son, you need to tell us the truth."


I was about ready to buckle and confess to everything when dad walked up, put a blanket around my shoulders and demanded, "Just what the hell is going on here?"


Stern Vern said, "We think your son tried to blow up the school today."


Dad just laughed, "Shit Vern, stop riding my son's ass and go back to banging your sailor buddy in the basement."


He blushed and the FBI agents questioned, "Sir, are you telling us that you will vouch for your son?"


Dad continued laughing, "I sure as hell do! If my son would have wanted to blow up the school, he sure as hell would have done it. Shit, I bet that damn old coal fired furnace, that has been here since I was a kid and went to this fucking school, finally blew its top. Probably because the janitor Erv and Vern were busy playing hide the sausage."


I was shocked! Vern took a swing at dad, dad stepped out of the way and then decked him. He glared at the FBI agents and said, "Well that's enough of this bullshit. Look, unless you all are going to charge my son, I'm leaving and taking him with me." Then he opened up his coat and let them plainly see his Colt revolvers."


The FBI agents started to say something and the sheriff stated, "You boys better let him take his son home. He's a Nam vet and doesn't put up with much crap."


My dad took my hand and we headed toward the truck. I was in shock, my dad stood up for me!  


When we got out of earshot he said, "I know you did that you little shithead. I hated that school as much as you do and only wish I would have had the balls to try it when I went there."


He cuffed me on the ear and added, "But you'd better not do that again or I will beat you until you can't walk."


What a long strange day this had been and I was completely worn out from all the different emotions…


Flashback – Jens


I was up early the next morning, went downstairs and Daddy was in a great mood. Mom was still in bed getting her 'beauty sleep' so I offered, "Daddy, would you like for me to make you some breakfast?"


He smiled at me and answered, "Sure honey how about a couple eggs, some bacon, hash browns and toast?"


I stamped my foot and scolded, "Daddy, you know you can't have bacon!"


He grinned and whined, "Hey, you can't blame me for trying."


I smiled and relented, "Well okay, I will make you two slices but that's it."


I began to make breakfast, and questioned, "So Daddy, you sure seem happy today. What's the occasion?"


He laughed, "Well, one of my Majors finally made a mistake." It took all my control to not jump up and down for joy. Daddy continued, "He admitted to doing something he shouldn't have so I'm sending him to fix the problem."


And suddenly I was not so happy: Ben's nasty Major, the one that was responsible for Ben getting wounded, was going to head to Russia. I didn't like this at all since he could really mess things up.


Then I had a great idea and questioned, "I thought you liked to send people to… what's that resort up in Greenland?"


Daddy choked on his coffee and laughed, "What you called a resort in Greenland is about as far from a resort as possible and it's called Thule. And no he needs to fix the mess he made out of things."


I sat the food down in front of Daddy and his eyes lit up with delight, "Honey, you gave me three slices of bacon."


I twirled my hair, giggled, and said, "Gee I guess I forgot how to count. Now if you don't mind I'm going upstairs and do some work on the computer."


He was busy with the bacon so I waved and ran upstairs to my computer. I logged on and rats! I still didn't have a connection to Ben's Major's computer!


Double Rats! I needed to figure out some way to keep that dang Major under control…


Flashback – Major M – Flying to Russia


I still couldn't believe it, I read the report I gave the Old Man and it implicated the hell out of me! I wracked my brain, how the hell did this happen. Then it hit me and I wished like hell I hadn't destroyed my computer! Someone had installed some sort of sneaky assed virus on it that changed every place where I typed Sgt. Reynolds to my name.


I pulled out my mobile phone to call the techs and have them save the hard drive for analysis just as a flight attendant walked by and ordered, "Don't even think about turning on your phone. You should know better than that."


I glared at her and ordered, "Well if I can’t get any work done, then bring me a couple of those little bottles of bourbon." I added 'bitch' under my breath as she walked away.


She came back with them, I looked at them and laughed. It was Bulleit bourbon which wasn't half bad. I twisted the top off one and bit the Bulleit.


This was going to be one long damn flight...


Flashback – Jack – In the hospital


Masha and I cuddled the best we could tonight but didn't get much sleep. That's the fucking thing about hospitals, the damn nurses repeatedly came into the room all night long and woke us up. One tried to give Tatiana crap (at least I think that's what she was doing) until Tatiana said something to her and after that she was left alone.


There was a hell of a noise that woke us up and I thought Banzai was dying. Tatiana was out of his bed directing things so I woke Masha and asked, "What the hell is going on?"


Tatiana replied, "They are moving Ben out of recovery into the intensive care unit."


I questioned, "Does this mean he's doing better?"


Tatiana replied, "It only means he didn't die last night but he is still not out of the trees."


Masha stated. "Jack we need to go find some good food for you to eat."


As if on cue, my stomach growled but I complained, "I need to be here for Banzai in case he wakes up."


Tatiana countered, "Jack you will not be any good to Ben if you are not at your best. Go and get some food and I promise I will call you if he wakes up."


Masha and I headed out to get some food. It was damn nice getting out of the hospital and smelling some fresh air - the damn air in a hospital always smells like death to me…


Flashback – Tatiana – In the hospital


I was glad that Masha and Jack left. Jack wasn't bad, but being around Masha made me nervous. She was a good but hard boss and I wasn't sure how she would react to my feelings for Ben; the feelings which I so foolishly revealed.


We began to move Ben to the ICU then something terrible happened…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – in Israel


We finally arrived at the house of safety and commenced to reconnoiter the house. It appeared to be vacant, however it was better to not be sorry but to be safe. Once we were convinced the abode was not a trap, we approached the house, perambulated to the place the key was concealed, retrieved the key and slipped into the house.


Then Ira and I drew our katanas and swept the house for intruders. It was indeed vacant. We located the communication equipment, dispatched a report to Masha and waited for a response.


I suggested, "Irinka, why don't you cleanse yourself (I knew she was bothered by the filth of Safia's domicle) while I stand watch. Afterward, I can cleanse myself.


Ira smiled, "Thank you my sister, I promise not to consume on overly large amount of time."


She headed to the bathroom and I secretly smiled. I knew that Ira would consume all the hot water, but when you love your sister you must make sacrifices….