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Chapter 67

Home Chapter 67

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Present – Mira – In their room


The ill-tempered triumvirate depart haste of post from our domicile and I continue to acquire sustenance until Alexi complains, "Mira, why must you continue consuming the Meal Refusing to Exit? We could instead partake of Chef Mabel's excellent stew of beef."


I smile at him and elucidate, "Alexi, because of my indelicate condition I must constantly provide sustenance to support Ben Blaine's ward."


Irinka adds, "Sister I feel Alexi is correct in this situation. Ben Blaine's ward would certainly prefer stew of beef to an MRE. And I would prefer it to having your MRE's silent but deadly disruption of my sleep tonight."


I capitulate immediately, "Perhaps you are correct. However, I am conveying my MRE with me. You must remember I am now consuming victuals for both of us. Remember, want not waste not!


Alexi corrects, "Mira, it is 'waste not want not'."


Irinka comments, "The situation with Ms. Donaldson needs defusing, we cannot lose sight of our primary mission to Ms. Morgan."


I add and question, "Yes I concur. Alexi, how do you feel we can rectify the situation?"


Alexi responds, "Well we could eliminate her, but that would cause too many unintended issues."


Irinka expounds, "Alexi, provide me your analysis of what precipitated her anger toward us."


He thinks for a moment and foolishly postulates, "Well, she is a woman, so therefore she is mentally unstable."


We both stop, glare at him until he laughs, "My sisters, I am teasing."


I decide to not continue to flagellate this expired equine and change tactics.


I wink at Irinka and commence my retribution planning as I continue to consume the MRE in route to the room of conference, "My brother I do not think you have experienced times of hunger. My sister Ira, perhaps now would be a good time to start this portion of his training."


Ira recognizes this game and contributes, "Mira, yes perhaps he should continue to consume his MRE while we partake of Chef Mabel's stew of beef."


Unfortunately, Alexi occulates our ill-concealed smiles and uncovers the ruse. He laughs and explains, "Your facial expressions have betrayed your actual intentions. I will not be fooled by my two sneaky sisters."


Then Ira seriously says, "Yes Alexi, we were teasing you, however Mira is correct so we will in the near future need to test you by removing sustenance for some period."


Alexi brags, "I am not concerned that I can overcome that test."


I tease, "In view of your confidence, shall we commence tonight?"


He pedals in reverse, "Uh, I would prefer if we could commence it another day."


We arrive, take our places and I continue to consume my MRE. Chef Mabel queries, "Mira, why are you eating that… that… that poor excuse for a meal."


I crimson as Alexi informs her, "Chef Mabel, Mira possesses the delicate condition of impending motherhood and must acquire sustenance for two." The revelation further crimsons my face and appears to apply flames to Chef Mabel's derriere.


She rapidly fills a large eating vessel and orders, "Mira give me that MRE and here is a big bowl of my beef stew. Now if I ever see you eating pig slop like that again I will spank you with my spoon."


Alexi laughs, "Chef Mabel, I would like to see that."


She shakes her spoon at Alexi and teases, "Young man, if you don't behave there will be no beef stew for you."


Alexi bows his head in contrition, "I am sorry Chef Mabel, please accept my humble apologies."


Chef Mabel smiles at him and hands him a bowl, then she looks at me, shakes her spoon and scolds, "Miranda, why aren't you eating my beef stew?"


At her insistence I consume a small portion, discover it is delectable and smile, "Chef Mabel, this is wonderful stew of beef."


Chef Mabel calls, "Sharik, here boy. You can have the rest of this MRE."


Sharik locomotivates rapidly, Chef Mabel sets the MRE on the floor and we are stricken with mirth at the next occurrence…


Present – Jens – Conference room


Mabel tries to feed Sharik the rest of Mira's MRE, Sharik takes one smell of it, howls and runs away. We all begin to laugh and Alexi comments, "See Mira, Meals Refusing to Exit are not even fit for a Canis lupus familiari to consume."


I rap on the table to get everyone's attention and begin, "You may can continue to eat, but please stop the slurping and moaning. I called this meeting because we need to make some decisions. Everyone here knows that we were attacked today by a Columbian drug cartel army. We can assume Megan had her boss send them after us. What most of you don't know is that Inga's team which went to apprehend Megan was lost except for Thom, Byron and Inga."


I watch as Ira appears upset, stands up and leaves the room. Now where was she going?


Jack questioned, "Do you know anything about their plan of attack?"


Mira states (and how she knew about it I have no idea), "They used a direct frontal attack assuming the element of surprise would provide them the hand of upper."


Alexi corrects, "My sister means the upper hand."


I continue, "So we need to make a decision on how to deal with this threat because it doesn't look like it's going away. Now, I am open for suggestions."


Jack puts his spoon down and begins, "We were lucky as hell we got through this today with just Zarika being injured. And from the little I know about the history between Jens and Megan, we can't assume this is going away. So we can either hunker down here and make sure the security system is on, or we can take the fight to them. I personally feel we need to take the fight to them."


Todd signs and I translate, "I would concur with Jack, however since we know a direct frontal attack will not work. I would suggest a small infiltration team approach the compound from the air. The question becomes do you still wish for Megan's capture or shall we terminate her?"


Hammer says, "At huir needs tae die."


That gets agreement from everyone at the table. I rap the table again, look at Todd and question, "Well Todd do you feel like leading this mission?"


Todd signs, "I would consider it if I could choose my team."


I look at everyone and question, "Does anyone have any problems with this?"


No one objects so I continue, "So who do you want for your team?"


Todd signs, "Myself and the Terrible Triumvirate."


I demand, "Who the hell is that?"


He smiles, "Well they wanted to use the name Death Squad, but I personally like the Terrible Triumvirate better. It's Mira, Ira and Alexi."


Alexi excitedly agrees, "Yes that is a better name for us and would you really consider letting me participate on this mission?"


Mira gets ready to say something when Ira walks into the room and shocks us by saying, "Ms. Reynolds has not been taking her phone calls so I did some investigating and determined she has been abducted."


Jack leaps to his feet and yells, "What the hell! Who took her?"


Somehow Ivan figures out what we were saying and begins crying, "Mama, mama."


Mira and Alexi walk over to comfort Ivan as the rest of us question the hell out of Ira…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a special mission in Venezuela


Dammit to hell, it's been an hour and Jennifer hasn't called us back. Byron is standing watch and Inga keeps trying to call someone with no luck. Finally I make a decision (even though I don't like boats), "Listen I don't know what the hell is going on, but we can't wait around here forever. Inga, let's haul ass to the boat. Once were there we can shove off, enjoy the additional safety and be more mobile."


Byron agrees, "That's a great idea! I haven't been on a boat in forever. I hope it's a sailboat."


Inga responds, "Well Byron you will have your wish since she is a very nice sailboat. Do you know how to sail?"


Dammit, that's a question you never ask Byron because he will now flap his mouth about sailing for hours…


We take off for the docks…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


I slept like a log at the theater while four more faces got red Xes and went away forever. Suddenly I heard a screech, "PavErast where the hell…" I cover my head with a pillow to block out the pain…


Margarita yanks the pillow off my head and complains, "I waited up for you and you never came home - I was so worried about you." I heard her sniff and she accuses me, "PavErast, you were out drinking last night I should…"


Thank God the conductor interrupted her by announcing, "Could everyone please gather around? I have some sad news. It appears our benefactor's house was destroyed last night by a massive gas leak and explosion. They are still looking for him but they don't feel anyone could have survived the blast. This will be a blow to our orchestra but we need to overcome this tragedy."


I shake my head and can’t believe they feel it is a tragedy. If they had seen what I saw in the fat bastard's house they would have lynched him… Ah wait, no this is Austin which isn't really part of Texas at all…


The conductor continues, "We will start in ten minutes so get warmed up."


Shit, I don't need to be warmed up! What I really need is a cup of strong black coffee. I look around and spot my friend the janitor as he is bringing me a big steaming mug. He says, "You look like you need this."


I take it from him in gratitude, "You're right, I really need this."


I slowly sip it and watch Margarita glare at me. This is going to be one long assed day…