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Chapter 68

Home Chapter 68

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Flashback – Ben – Junior High School


While I felt sadness that I didn't blow up the school along with everyone in it (including myself), I accomplished one thing: School was closed for two glorious weeks! You might think that being around dad so much was a bad thing, but if I did what he ordered me to do he didn't beat me. While at school there was no way for me to escape the daily tortures received from the other students.


Things were a now little different between dad and me, I noticed it the same night I made my attempt to blow up the school. We were sitting at the dinner table and dad asked (it shocked me because we never talked at the dinner table), "Tell me shithead, how did you try to blow up the school?"


I looked at him blinked a couple times - this couldn't be my dad. He demanded, "What the hell is wrong with you! Do you have beans in your ears? Now answer my God damned question!"


I hesitantly replied, "I threw twice the normal amount of coal in the furnace and then put about fifty aerosol cans in it along with some chemicals that made it smell like rotten eggs."


He stared at me and I could tell he was thinking. He then asked, "So what happened?"


I played with my food a little and answered, "Well, the furnace belched out a lot of smoke and the foul smell of rotten eggs."


Dad laughed, "I bet it made some of the students sick as hell."


I laughed, "Yes Sir! Some of the girls even threw up."


He slapped his leg and laughed for about a minute, then said, "You should have known shithead that the aerosol cans wouldn't blow up the school. You should have gone to the old mine, found some of the old dynamite that's laying around there and used it."


I couldn't believe this was my dad, so I questioned, "Are you telling me I can try again?"


He glared at me and stated, "Hell no! Vern has your number and he will be watching you like a hawk."


That reminded me of something so I asked, "Dad, you implied that Vern and Erv had a relationship, is that true?"


He looked at me and replied, "Shithead remember Vern was in my class in school and it was well known he liked boys and not girls."


I felt brave so I asked one more question, "So why is it that Vern hates me so much."


Dad laughed again (it was really strange to hear him laugh), "Hell he doesn't hate you, he hates me and takes it out on you. You see I caught him one day when he was forcing a little boy to suck his cock, I beat the shit out of him for it and told him if he ever did it again I would cut his dick off."


Well that was news to me…


However the new found accolades from dad for trying to blow up the school didn't last. But that didn't matter since I had his praise for a few days.


The FBI and the sheriff's department never did discover it was me that tried to destroy the school. The case was closed and the end of our two glorious weeks of extra vacation also came to an end.


It was our first day back at school and the first thing we had was a school assembly. We trudged into the cold as heck gymnasium, took our seats and Stern Vern began the announcements, "First I'd like to welcome all the students back to school. Now while you might have thought you had an extra two weeks of vacation, you are wrong. We will extend the school year by two weeks to make up for the days missed."


Everyone in the gym moaned and complained until Stern Vern rapped his hand on the podium and continued, "The school cannot afford to replace the furnace, so we have been searching for replacement parts for our existing furnace. Until those are found we will have a very limited number of space heaters in the class rooms. I would suggest that you dress warmly until we can find the parts."


There were more complaints and murmuring. Stern Vern slammed his hand on the podium and continued, "While the FBI and sheriff's department couldn't discover who tried to blow up the school, they are convinced it was one of you - yes that's right one of the students. Just know that we will be watching and next time we will catch the culprit."


He looked directly at me and I didn't like it at all. He finished by saying, "Students, unfortunately we had to fire Ervin the janitor for incompetence. I'd like to introduce you to our new janitor, his name is Sam."


Hearing that Erv was fired made me feel a little sick to my stomach; I sure didn't want him to lose his job.


Later that day a group of us snuck back into the gym, went up on stage and discovered the peep hole into the girl's shower had vanished, just like Erv…


Then I heard, what the hell! "Clear?"


Flashback – Jens


I woke up very early and had a great idea on how to control Ben's Major, but this was going to take major work. I logged into my computer and worked like crazy. Finally I was able to do what I wanted to do. I crawled back into bed and fell asleep thinking 'Mess with the best, die like the rest'.


Flashback – Major M – Russia


We finally landed in Russia and I had talked the flight attendant into quite a few more little bottles of bourbon. I wasn't feeling any pain, in fact there was so much eye candy around I was beginning to think I might actually enjoy Russia.


That was until I walked down the jet way and saw what looked to be a small army. When they saw me, one of them in a suit stepped forward and ordered, "Major, do not resist us or we will shoot you. Now turn around and put your hands on your head."


I complained, "Look, I don't know what's going on but I have a diplomatic passport."


The man continued, "Which was revoked by your country while you were in flight because you are a known terrorist."


I sputtered, the men aimed their weapons at me, then I decided I'd better comply. I turned around and put my hands on my head. The man came up, handcuffed me and I was led away. How the hell did this happen? I bet it was the doing of the Old Man…


Flashback – Masha – Taking care of Jack


It was good to get my Jack out of the hospital. Every time he looked at Ben I could tell he blamed himself for the injured Marine’s injuries. Now I had different set of problems: I needed to find a good restaurant and then I needed to contact my office and determine what was occuring with the Sedankina Twins.


I stopped a person on the street and inquired, "Are there any good restaurants close to the hospital?"


The person informed me of one five blocks away so I took Jack's hand and announced, "I think I found us a good place to eat."


We reached the restaurant, walked inside and I was a little disappointed. But then, I should have known: This was a village restaurant, not a Moscow restaurant. It was however very clean and the food smelled good. We sat ourselves at a table, the waitress brought us some menus and I noticed as she flirted somewhat with Jack (thank God he didn't notice).


I asked, "Jack my love, what would you like to eat?"


He shook his head, "Masha, I'm not sure what I want, why don't you pick something good for us."


I looked over the menu, but even though it was breakfast time, I decided Jack needed something more substantial than blini. The waitress returned, I placed the order and she flirted even more with my Jack.


Jack asked, "Masha, do you think I could get a cup of coffee?"


I shook my head and replied, "Jack, you cannot drink the water in these small towns because it will make you sick. Unless I made it for you and boiled the water I wouldn't trust the coffee here. However the tea should be good and I ordered some for us."


Jack sighed, "I'm not much of a tea drinker, but I guess it will have to do."


The waitress brought the tea and the little suka actually put her hand on Jack's shoulder. I had a good mind to kick her rear. Then she brought out two big bowels of borscht. Jack looked at it and questioned, "Soup for breakfast?"


I answered…


Flashback – Jack – In the restaurant


I was surprised to have beet soup for breakfast and mentioned my concern to Masha. She replied, "Yes Jack, it has been a long time since we both consumed food so I wanted a more substantial meal. We are having Borscht and Meat in a Crock."


I lifted a spoonful up to my nose, sniffed it and it smelled really good. I put the spoon in my mouth and discovered it was damn good! I smiled at Masha and commented, "Thank you Masha, this is really good and you're right I haven't eaten in a while. With you making me sick, I need something more than those little pancakes."


She took my hand and it was like electricity shot through it. I brought her hand up to my lips and kissed it. Then Masha surprised the hell out of me when she said, "Jack do not do that again. There are many germs on the streets and in the hospital and I do not want you to become ill."


We finished the soup and the waitress brought out these tall urns. I wondered what the hell it was. I looked at Masha and she informed me, "Jack, this is Meat in a Crock, I hope you will like it. Make sure to put some sour cream in it."


I took the little lid off and a wonderful smell came out. Then I took a big dollop of sour cream put it on top and started to grab the crock. Masha's hand shot out like lightening and grabbed my hand. She warned, "Jack the crock is very hot, do not touch it or you will burn yourself."


I smiled and said, "Thanks Masha, you really take great care of me."


I stirred in the sour cream, took my first bite and I was almost in heaven.


Masha smiled and asked, "So Jack do you like this Russian food?"


I stopped between bites and said, "Hell yes it's great, but I know what I want for dessert!"


Masha asked, "Jack what would you like for dessert?"


I grinned at her and said, "I'd like you for dessert." Then I chuckled as Masha turned about ten shades of red.


Our breakfast was interrupted when my phone rang.   


Flashback – Tatiana – In the hospital


We started to move Ben from recovery to the ICU when his ECG went crazy - he was coding!!! I yelled, "Get the doctor and the crash cart!" Then I jumped on top of him and began to perform CPR.


The doctor and the crash cart arrived at the same time. He glared at Ben and demanded, "When did he start bleeding again?"


I replied, "Doctor, the blood is mine. It's from all the cuts on my hands."


The doctor had another nurse relieve me, then we started into the normal emergency routine used when someone crashes…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – in Israel


Mirinka was nice to me and allowed me to cleanse myself before she performed a similar action. While I can tolerate many adverse conditions, I cannot tolerate the prolonged presence of vermin on my body. Safia's refuge, combined with the Mossad torture house had left me feeling foul.


I stepped into the scalding shower and scoured my skin until it was practically raw. When the water began to cool, I stepped out of the shower and patted my skin dry.  I again perceived myself as a human being.


I walked out of the bathroom and my sister teased, "Irinka, please do not inform me you consumed all the heated water."


I uncharacteristically giggled, "Certainly Mirinka, I will not inform you of that factoid because you cognate that is my operandi of modus."


My olfactory senses detected a pleasing aroma so I questioned, "Mirinka did you prepare sustenance?"


She responded, "Yes Irinka, come and partake with us."


We began to consume our repast when our activity was rudely interrupted…